Roasting Women and Religion: Because Turnabout is Fair Play (SATIRE)


Ready for some more fun? Set your triggers to go off at a sneeze you whiny bitches and get ready for an avalanche.

Roasting Women and Religion: Because Turnabout is Fair Play (SATIRE)

So let's get started! Look ladies, you're just as garbage as men when it comes to double standards. First you want to be treated like royalty, demanding all this chivalry and gentlemanly attitude, then hand you a shitty erotic novel and you're begging for Christian gray to make you his little fuck toy. Face it, women are a bunch of gold diggers cause what you really his money.

Roasting Women and Religion: Because Turnabout is Fair Play (SATIRE)

Am I right? Of course I am.

there are other double standards that women exploit, but what about the biggest cop-out of them all?

Sorry, I'm on my period☺️

Get mad at your friends? Blame the period. Eat a whole tub of ice cream? You're not a fat bitch your just on the rag. Punch your boyfriend in the face? That pesky crimson tide. Reenact the purge movie and Hannibal Lecter someone's liver? Just tell the cops,

Roasting Women and Religion: Because Turnabout is Fair Play (SATIRE)

Its the go to excuse. The trump card of any argument. One need only mention "that time of the month" and everyone takes a step back, all because of a trickle of blood and a few cramps. I guess I just don't know what circle of hell you're equating periods to because Dante didn't include one that was only mildly annoying.

Speaking of hell and periods, why have these things been placed together in religions? Muslims and Christians alike can refer to their "holy" books and see examples of how obsessed they are with period blood and how it makes women unclean in body and spirit.

Roasting Women and Religion: Because Turnabout is Fair Play (SATIRE)

I guess it's not suprising😒 What do you expect from ignorant, volcano worshiping, Bronze Age desert dwellers ? They don't know that period blood is part of a natural biological process so They make up whatever nonsense that fits their pathetically narrow experience and bam they turn it into a religion. The only good that came of that was us being able to extract information from terrorists by soaking a Quran in period blood😂.......also water boarding, yeah we did that too😐

But honestly would we even have these terrorists if not for religion?

Roasting Women and Religion: Because Turnabout is Fair Play (SATIRE)

Yeah yeah, Islam means peace and all that shit right? Oh wait no, it actually means submit. And I'm not just joking for the sake of the roast that's a literal translation. And Muslim means "one who SUBMITS to God"

but it what's worse than that? The muslimahs who defend Islam as if it has no problems. Seriously I know men can be stubborn but they have nothing on women. The ones who straight up lie and say "Islams not misogynistic, I'm wearing a black wool bag in the middle of desert because I WANT to"

no, you can suck my ass with that bullshit. Why are these women so stubborn they can't bother to admit that Islam could use a makeover in the human rights department? It's like when mix XX chromosomes and religious zeal, you get...ultra mega stupid😒 And it's not just Muslims ok? You Christians have Kim Davis and that Becky fisher cuntasaurus so don't think I'm not being evenhanded when I meat out the criticism.

Roasting Women and Religion: Because Turnabout is Fair Play (SATIRE)

How can I not be fair about it? Religion is our dumbest invention in all of history and I've seen the shit that comes out of Japan.

Roasting Women and Religion: Because Turnabout is Fair Play (SATIRE)

Religion. It's still worse than this.

Well I had fun😊 Was it good for you too? Let me know what you think and if you liked the roast be sure to 👍🏼

Roasting Women and Religion: Because Turnabout is Fair Play (SATIRE)
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  • Unit1
    Haha, another brilliant job well done here =) I enjoyed this just as much as your other roast with men and religion.
    This is all too true! You got me especially in the 50 shades of raep thing: Of course hypergamous women are turned on by the statement alone, that Chris is a rich man. LMAO! There are 150 million copies of that book, that were sold, which means at least the same amount of women are, who enjoyed that book are addressed! I can not agree more than 100% on this one =)
    You burned these kinds of women good ^^

    Damn, keep up the brilliant work :D You entertain me with these takes!

    And of course we cannot forget the butthurt comments too (: 2hot4them.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure the next erotic novel will be about a brusk blue collar werewolf with a secret heart of gold.

    Bitches. They're so desperate for some goo sex they'll buy anything TITillating.

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  • paxamor
    Funny and on point I think just like the men's one except for the comment about periods only being mildly annoying. That is probably true for most women but for me at least and some of my friends and family, that time of month is literally crippling unless we're on BC. Physically, not emotionally. I imagine your comment holds true for most women, though. Great take.
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  • QuestionMan
    The difference between the Christian woman and the Muslim woman is that the former is practising her second amendment right to bare arms and is not trying to force her religion on you she just wants you to leave her alone. The later however is a Hamas militant that hates Jews and believes in establishing shariah law.
    All religions are bullshit but some are worse than others.
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    • Dipsy

      Muslim women don't force religion on you as far as I know? A real muslim doesn't hate anyone, so not jews

    • @Dipsy That's a no real Scotsman fallacy.
      Radical Muslims are still Muslims.

  • AleDeEurope
    May Allah have mercy on your soul.
    • KHaskins

      His name was Muath al-Kaseasbeh. Jordanian. Promoted to Captain posthumously. His wife learned what happened to him through Facebook before the government could inform her. A little respect would not be out of place.

  • iCroissant
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  • Jackblue
    Are you trying to make a point or did you just want to rant and rave?
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    • Anonymous

      Whatever you take away from it, that's what I made it for. Bask in it and let your mind make its own conclusions😊

  • SovereignessofVamps
    This sounds like a guy pretending to be a girl, dead srs.
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    • NatashaJ

      Lol I know right? like women don't know these things about us.

    • @NatashaJ and just how he wrote... it's just comes off like how guys write.

    • Jersey2

      Yep, he posting a lot about being an atheist, which seems like such a waste of time for someone who has so little to look forward to.

  • Relentless_Hippie
    If you're talking about fair play your other target should've been atheists not people who believe in god for the second time.
  • TacosRAwesome
    I honestly think that if 50 shades was made more criminal, where the same things happened but instead of a happy ever after, Ana died, it would have been much better.
  • Rissyanne
    I think you are really a guy just wanting to bitch about women.
    • Jeeevan

      It's a girl, she did the same for men too.

  • Phoenix98
    The difference between the Christian girl and the Muslim girl is.

    The Muslim girl is a terrorist militant who murders people who don't follow her religion, terrorizes anyone who don't see her same view.

    The Christian girl is just using her natural born right to own a weapon and does not use that weapon to go around killing people she uses it for recreational, hunting and personal defense purposes. She does not force her religion on others at gunpoint and does not denounce, threaten or terrorize those who do not follow Christianity.

    Kind of a big difference and thank you for showing us who what you are ^^.
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  • datgirl
    Lmao this is a dewd. Nice try man. But you posing as a girl and bitching isn't gonna make anything any better.
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    • Jeeevan

      Its a girl lol, she did the same for men too

    • datgirl

      @Jeeevan it's not a girl.

    • Jeeevan

      I'm telling you it's a girl, just because this myTake is bashing women doesn't mean it's a man.

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  • Intraluminal
    I never had a period, so no PMS, but otherwise? 5/5 stars. Religions can suck my...
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    • SS-rated

      you're rude and disgusting

    • @SS-rated
      Such well thought out, cutting response. Wow! I'm hurt.

    • SS-rated

      well, this is not an insulting anyway i was just describing you

  • PT1911
    One again.

    I'm not sexist.

    Sexism is wrong,

    And being wrong is for women

    Like you
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  • SS-rated
    wow so disgusting.. i honestly don't understand how angry and pathetic you are, you are a gold digger and that's fine be what you want but put us other women on the same level and oh well wasn't hitler an atheist? he was one of the worst dictators and killed like 6 000 000 jews but no one blames it on atheism right? because why would anyone if it was just an asshole who hated jews. You are the reason why this planet is so damn shitty and honestly i am a kindhearted girl who lives peacefully on this planet and guess what? i'm a christian! shut your rude mouth and keep this to yourself. I have seen far more worse atheists who are violent than christians or muslims don't blame it on religion you are the worst here, just look at your post and you already admitted yourself that you're a freaking gold digger do I need to explain myself that you are honestly the worst?
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  • Coolerthanyourmom
    A Christian that follows God's word would not have a gun like that, the bible speaks against it even in "self defense" its wrong Matthew 5:29 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

    Anyway why are you trying to diss God you can't diss a perfect being. Your argument against the bible is invalid since the girl in the picture obviously doesn't follow what it she claims to follow. She is a hypocrite. I can guarantee you would NEVER find Jesus Christ with a weapon so you might as well diss her not Christianity.

    ... I don't know what the quran teaches...
  • somebodysaycheese
    Still not funny
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  • Queen_naki5
    I'd admit that the period one was hilarious.
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  • LunaLawliet
    I liked the stuff about periods.
  • ShaeNielson
    You had me at "whiney bitches"..
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  • Jeeevan
    Great myTake lol
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  • WhaChaChaKing
    The 50 shades guy is also very attractive.
  • Anonymous
    Witchcraft is the worst religion on the planet... They put needles in the heads of babies and sacrifice them at the altar. They worship a female goddess and listen to the stories that evil spirits have to tell. They will even catch and sacrifice old men to please demons.

    They are truly perverse and deserve to be burned to death.