Why Should We Excuse A**hole Behavior?


Lately, the internet makes me realize there are a group of people just want to excuse any asshole behavior and its been getting on my nerves. Nowadays you see everywhere on statues, posts, even gaming there will be that one person who has to excuse behavior. This mytake is about possible reasons why people defend this shit.

They really don't care for the situation at hand and just being pricks on purpose

Recently what's been happening on WoW (World of Warcraft) a lot of people on my server (pvp) are getting fed up with what been happening. I see constant complaining about other players being assholes. Then you see the "excusers" coming and saying things like "switch servers then". "Don't play then if your not going to fight" and what ever they have to say. Look people understand what a pvp server is all about. It's player vs player, but there a big difference of someone just being a asshole and being petty then real pvp. If you're constantly going in one area everyday and harassing low levels who can't even fight or defend themselves your a asshole petty because you can't even handle fighting lvl 100s. Or constantly ganking one person over and over again for no reason. Its petty. I truly believe now WoW players who are excusing this do not care for the situation they just talking smack because they can behind a computer screen.

Why Should We Excuse A**hole Behavior?

They really don't have self respect

I remember I was on the website meetme and a guy who posted up a status that caused outrage. He was being very disrespectful to overweight girls. I remember I was arguing with him and he was being very rude to me. Then out of no where a overweight girl came on the status defending how its his opinion. Okay that's true but who the hell is he to come online and except respect when he wasn't giving any to anyone. In this example I truly believe this chick didn't have any self respect for herself or else she wouldn't defend him she would had gave him a big F you.

They just plain believe in what being said

Like someone condoning rape or whatever it is you find people who are too scared to admit what they truly feel. So they instead defend the people who represent their beliefs. Look you can have any beliefs you want but people do also have the right to call you out on it. If for example you say all women should get raped, don't be surprised when people come and call you out for your crap.

Why Should We Excuse A**hole Behavior?

Why Should We Excuse A**hole Behavior?
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  • ginny_weasley
    I totally agree with you. Especially on this site, GAG members are so easily triggered. If I was to make a rant about some guy who was a total stranger but was acting like a douchebag to me in public, GAG users think you mean all guys are rude douchebags.
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    • NatashaJ

      Right or someone got triggered because I said first world problems to care about what people on GAG say about you. He was saying I was so rude and blah blah. The only thing that was really about what I said was it was a first world problem other then that it wasn't bad.

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  • Waffles731
    its WoW is that not normal?
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  • zagor
    Unfortunately the internet has made it much easier to be an asshole. Anonymity means you can be an ass with no repercussions. Some people seem to get off on it and say things solely to get a reaction.
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    • NatashaJ

      Unless its gets to the point where the companies of these sites/games whatever start dealing with because they losing people. I know town of salem is been really tracking people on there since it got mad with the rude assholes and the cheaters. Which made people not want to play at all. So it really does depends and look at twitter banning that guy who was harassing that chick from ghost busters.

    • zagor

      Some people just are weird about the whole thing. Like the Gabby Douglas haters during the Olympics. I always stand at attention during the anthem; the hand over the heart is for the pledge of allegiance.

    • NatashaJ

      Right but when a company doesn't deal with this shit they lose people. I don't doubt in my mind that me and other people are going to leave gag for good if they don't with the assholes on here.

  • Mixedd-Statuss
    Well I mean u kinda sign up for some assholes to fly ur way when u log into a video game ANYBODY can go on. But some people's skin isn't as thick as others. Personally I get irritated easily and have anger issues but I can laugh stuff off. Sooooo I stay away from shit like that.
    • NatashaJ

      I don't let it get to me but here the thing video games companies are now dealing with these assholes because they are ruining their game. For example town of salem is trying hard to get rid of the assholes, and cheaters because it ruining their game where people are leaving. Its getting ridiculous these people need to be dealt with.

  • Library
    I hate all assholes and I don't see a reason why their behavior should be excused.
    • NatashaJ

      Well you see it online all the time now its getting ridiculous.

  • mikemx55
    I disagree with you

    "Let the games begin, muhhahahahaha"