What "Political Correctness" Is Supposed to Mean vs. How the Term is Actually Used

What "Political Correctness" Is Supposed to Mean vs. How the Term is Actually Used

The term gets thrown around so loosely, especially on this site. I had a completely different opinion about it before I joined, considering that people here like to label anything as PC. Let me just explain what I mean.

What it used to mean

What "Political Correctness" Is Supposed to Mean vs. How the Term is Actually Used

Pretty much when people try to give their opinions without trying to offend others. Now I'm very liberal myself but even I don't like political correctness. I have my own opinions and try to be nice while saying them, but I'm also respectful of other people's views. Even if I don't agree with them, I don't shut them down by calling them names and force them to stay quiet. I'm all for free speech.

Unfortunately, that's not what the word has come to mean in recent years.

What it means on internet forums

What "Political Correctness" Is Supposed to Mean vs. How the Term is Actually Used

Now before people get offended, the example given above was supposed to be a joke. But I think the point is pretty clear. It's used by a bunch of radical conservatives (with more emphasis on the radical part) to describe any opinions that they disagree with. I've been called PC for a bunch of ridiculous reasons that include

• Not having a racial preference while dating.

• Not caring about a guy's size.

• Being dominant in bed.

• Having crushed on a gay guy before.

• ^ And a girl too.

Basically, some people like to think that everyone feels the same way as them and whenever someone has an opinion that's different, they accuse others of lying and say "You're just saying that to be PC. That's not what you really think." It doesn't matter how honest you are because these imbeciles are convinced that they know you better than you know yourself.

In other words, they say that you're being PC even though they're the ones shutting down your freedom of speech. Your opinion just doesn't matter just because it's not what they wanted to hear.

But political correctness does exist, right?

Yes. I said that in the start of the take, but the problem here is that no one ever bothers to call others out on it. When people use this term, it's usually to pick on others with differing viewpoints.

What "Political Correctness" Is Supposed to Mean vs. How the Term is Actually Used

Frankly, the term gets thrown around so loosely on this site that I'm starting to take people less seriously when they complain about being PC. I'm just glad people in real life aren't as sensitive.

What "Political Correctness" Is Supposed to Mean vs. How the Term is Actually Used
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  • peachblossomluck
    Some people have no sense of social decorum. There needs to be a balance between honest feelings and expressing yourself in a way that is not going to alienate others. Some people have impulse control problems, alcoholism, blabbermouth.. some people just weren't raised to be considerate towards others.
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  • Waffles731
    I agree people cry political correctness when they act like an ass too oftej
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  • Library
    My definition of political correctness is "not telling the truth about how you feel/think because you don't want to offend people"
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    • Library

      But yeah it's annoying if a person says Im being political correct when I'm just being honest.

    • LadyTerror

      Yeah I feel the same way

    • That is the best definition I have seen. It only silences polite people. Actual racist and sexist people are not going to be politically correct.

  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    There's 4.5 levels
    1- a person saying shit that's offensive based on no fact is a dick and a racist... Or any group, I guess
    2- stating an unpopular statement and opinion backed by actual facts is just being real with a rational opinion
    3- saying shit to not offend anyone based on no facts is simply a pussy shit PC person
    4- saying racist shit that's meant to be funny and is is just being funny
    5- saying racist shit to be funny and isn't funny, see #1
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  • englisc
    I think the reason they say that so often is because they've been guilty of the same in the past so they just assume the same of you. I'm guilty of this myself I must admit.
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  • Nothanks700
    Being PC is not a bad thing; you SHOULD try not to offend people, but within reason. Here's the difference: Saying "all immigrants are rapists, or at least most" is not PC because it is obviously incredibly offensive, ignorant, and uninformed. Saying "Mexican immigrants make great tacos" albeit slightly stereotypical, is pretty innocent and should not hurt anyone's feelings unless they are over sensitive. Our society has drifted toward the latter on the left, and the former on the right, instead of thinking like rational human beings. I think the right has more or less reacted to over sensitivity with voiding all thought of trying to be civil and respectful.
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    • NatashaJ

      I agree people don't get mad at the shit they should be mad at. Like saying all women needs to get rape I barely see that much people getting offend at that. Or other things but will get mad at something small.

    • LadyTerror

      I actually agree with you. Well I don't think being PC is a bad thing and I usually try not to offend people, but I don't force others to act the same way. Depending on what they say, I might form an opinion about them in my head but that's it.

    • The actual quote was: "“When do we beat Mexico at the border? They’re laughing at us, at our stupidity. […] When Mexico sends its people they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you; they’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists, and some, I assume, are good people. But I speak to border guards and they tell us what we’re getting.”

      Notice nowhere does he say "all immigrants are rapists or at least most". You should really learn to do some research instead of believing biased press releases. Notice how all the people who misquoted him are the same ones pushing "PC" because all this "hate" is so "rampant"? This is not by accident, and one of the many reasons people don't like the PC nazis. Anything they don't like is either labeled "offensive" or they simply lie and commit slander and/or libel.


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  • BellePepper

    People call someone saying please and thank you a PC SJW feminanazi and I'm just sitting here like "have they seen tumblr?" XD
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    • LadyTerror

      Lol maybe you should link it next time

    • They act like tumblr burns them so I'd have to use tiny URL and that's just a hassle XD

  • TheEnd2
    Pc is about government power. Free speech means people will be offended. The left uses pc to prevent people from expressing their ideas and to control the debate. Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely. Liberals want to give a corrupt government more power and responsibilities and think that will be good for the people. When you can't speak the truth everything is lost.
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  • PrincessofNohr
    I agree with you 100%. A way I see people use it is when they are called out for saying something nasty. They may call a girl a "fat butterflies slut", but if someone says that they're wrong for saying it, they go "PC culture is so oppressive" and the typical free speech schtick. Just because we have free speech isn't license to be an asshole to everyone, as some people think it means. Yes, you can say what you want, but don't get upset if someone call you out on it.
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  • anonman32
    Lol if people dont want to be offended why are they even partaking in society? Should they not be internalzed in their asigned safe spaces or something?
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  • Noxifer626
    I think caring for the feelings of others when you speak is a noble thing, and somebody who doesn't care for the feelings of others while talking should rightfully suffer social alienation as well as being branded an asshole. Because that's what you are if you constantly offend other people on purpose.
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  • legs_n_sheets
    I don't know where it really came from, since liberals have made pretty good use of it by blocking/ignoring several topics. For example, lgbt liberals dodge people who succesfully critize logically and respectfully their claims of "transgenders" transforming into the opposite sex. Or for example, when someone objectively defend there are only two genders based on two sexes... etc.

    What pc has done is block logical arguments based on facts, giving the idea that all of them are just "opinions", and as such they can't be based on facts, even though you use science, common sense and natural laws to defend your argument.

    So basically they're taking opinions with no fundaments, with factual arguments, and throwing them in a bowl. Mix them so everyone's opinion is legit and relevant, and any person can take any of these opinions to heart and use it as a general consensous, producing more and more socially accepted myths.

    It's very dangerous what pc has done to society.
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    • LadyTerror

      Possibly true, but that's not what this take was about.

    • The title is "' What 'Polical Correctness' is Supposed to Mean vs How the Term is Actually Used", it is pretty apparent what the article is supposed to be about.
      What @legs_n_sheets has stated is a perfectly fitting explanation and, in my personal beliefs, accurate definition.
      The points you expressed here were, also in my personal beliefs, completely inaccurate.

    • LadyTerror

      @NedfromtheNed "The points you expressed here"
      Which part are you referring to exactly? This is based on my personal experience but majority of the times I've been called PC, it was not during a political/social debate but to shame me for my dating preferences instead. I honestly never tell others who to date. I don't even have to tell them anything since they'll just call me PC because they don't agree with my preference.

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  • zagor
    None of those things you mentioned in bullet points are PC. PC is insisting on being called a womyn.
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  • fenixx0083
    You were labeled PC for crushing on a girl? How does that even work?
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  • YourFutureEx
    Personally, when I use PC, I don't lie but I just censor the truth.
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  • Skadouchebag
  • willix
    people hold every right to be racist or bigoted it's how it is.
  • AlwaysBelieving
    People just need to remove the stick
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  • Anonymous
    I belive "Political correctness" is a term created by weak people who get offended easily, or are "do gooders" that are apologists to groups they believe some other group has offended, and want to "protest them" "for their own good".

    There is a difference between rudeness and political correctness. It is a matter of common sense. Many politically correct terms aren't even truly "correct", as they are created by persons with an agenda.


    Rude term: "the N word"
    Polite term: Black person
    Politically correct version: African American (also, incorrect, as an African American is any person BORN in Africa, who moves to the USA and becomes a naturalized citizen. A white person born in the African continent, who becomes a US citizen, is an African American. A black person born in the USA is a "black person")

    People are becoming "squids", in other words, people without backbones. (Term taken from the movie "trancers", referring to weak willed people).

    Persons involved in the political correct movement try to limit thought and behavior by attacking and shaming those who do not believe the way they do.

    It is my belief, that the majority of people in the USA are strongly opposed to political correctness, however, they are afraid of speaking their minds, for fear of public humiliation.

    The politiczal correct movement desires to create a form of"newspeak" (Taken from George Orwell's "1984") where the government is actively eliminating words from the vocabulary. The extreme liberals are adopting the role of the "thought Police", the Orwellian organization that seeks to eliminate those with ideas contrary to government policy.

    Donald Trump's popularity largely stems from the hopes that he will abolish political correctness, due to the fact he speaks his mind without fear. This fact alone, could get him elected, REGARDLESS of how foolish he may act, or whether or not he would even make a good president.

    Sooner or later, the line will be crossed, and people will have had enough.
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  • Anonymous
    (If you get that you rule (y))
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  • Anonymous
    Excellent take.
    I'd add "The political correctness you liberal fucktards forced on me stops me from insulting you or anyone else the way my old granddad does when he's drunk. M old granddad served in the army and was a hero of course.
    Thus you're censoring me and our army vets and heroes! That's disrepecting our country."
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  • Anonymous
    I don't take issue with 'political correctness' in and of the term itself. It's when people take it to loony extremes when I do have a problem with it.

    But that can apply to some conservative views as well as some liberal ones, so it's not "just the Democrats" like it's commonly said to be.
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  • Anonymous
    What I hate about PC is the constant exchange of words by others with the same meaning. Because of my work I regularly come to different groups of people which need special treatment like assistence in living for example when they are blind or can't use their legs. The greatest problem is, to find out what the current political correct terms are in this group. And even many of them themself hate it when you force yourself to use the current pc word because they want to be treated like normal people and when you treat them differently they aren't normal. When meeting one of them it is a minefield which term to use because they can be offended by any.
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  • Anonymous
    It gets thrown around "loosely" as you call it because that is how the people who institute these idiotic policies. They are called "PC" because they are PC.
    • LadyTerror

      Except this has nothing to do with policies. I suggest you actually read the take

    • Anonymous

      "When people use this term, it's usually to pick on others with differing viewpoints." It is used to pick on others with differing viewpoints BY PC PEOPLE. Anything they disagree with even if it is not at all offensive becomes "offensive" the person saying it becomes "sexist/racist/rapist" whatever is the worst most hyperbole evil name the PC nazis can think of at the moment. If that fails they simply put words in the other's mouth to justify the bullying they are doing. All you have to do is disagree with them. Say "I don't think traditional values bad, in fact I think they are good." You will be harassed, called a "rapist" "wife beater" "ignorant" all from people who "intend not to offend" what a load of crap!

      It has everything to do with policies. Did you not even read the definition you posted? They use it to justify anything from banning any religion to rigging the courts and schools so women get the upper hand.

    • LadyTerror

      Lol you clearly didn't read the take because you're basically going off topic. That's not what the take was about AT ALL. I already mentioned what you said in the take so you just repeated everything I said.

      Know what else I mentioned? When people call others PC, they don't use it because they were called sexist, racist, or even rapists. Majority of the times that I've been called PC, it was to shame me for my dating/sexual preference. I don't even have to say anything to them because I frankly don't know or care about them. They'll just call me PC because they don't agree with my preference. So really, the people who complain about "PC nazis" the most are usually the ones that are trying to shut down freedom of speech.

      "It has everything to do with policies. Did you not even read the definition you posted?"
      EXACTLY. That's not what the definition has come to mean now. Perhaps you should read the take before you embarrass yourself next time.

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  • Anonymous
    Do you like black men?

    It relates to your take.
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