3 Things I've Learned in 2016: Take Offense, Women Rule, and Don't Talk to Anyone

3 Things I've Learned in 2016: Take Offense, Women Rule, and Don't Talk to Anyone

Here are a few things I've gathered from 2016 so far. Feel free to add what you've learned.

Don't Talk to Anyone Ever

2016 has taught me to never make conversation with anyone.

Dont talk with strangers they might not wanna be talked to.

Dont talk with friends/family they might not wanna be talked to.

Dont talk to strangers you might offend them.

Don't talk to anyone you might offend them.



3 Things I've Learned in 2016: Take Offense, Women Rule, and Don't Talk to Anyone

Take Offense

Did someone say something that mildly bothered you? Don't hesitate to blow it WAYYY out of proportion.


[I got nothing for you men. You're not allowed to complain when we ladies hit on you]

Women Rule

Men drool. Are men are evil scum pigs out to control you.

That little baby boy? Scum.

That toddler? Scum.

Has a dick? SCUM.


3 Things I've Learned in 2016: Take Offense, Women Rule, and Don't Talk to Anyone

How do you not pay us equally even tho we are doing totally different types of jobs. A receptionist deserves as much a constriction worker who risks injury on a daily.

How dare you hold me back from entering this sciencey field even tho I'm legally allowed to enter this field. Because I can't handle a few idiotic comments and that means you're holding me back.

Dumb man. How dare you get upset when I'm insulting you? Deal with it. Because equality means I can insult you and abuse you but you can't do the same to me.

I can dress overly sexy and shake my goodies everywhere because it's freeing; a pro feminism thing, but hey, other females: HOW DARE YOU DRESS LIKE THAT? YOU'RE DEGRADING FEMALES BY DRESSING LIKE THAT! How dare you work as a stripper as last resort to help your kids but YOU GO MILEY CYRUS FREE THOSE NIPPLES.


I mean this basically sums up 2016.

I'm kinda ashamed to be a human young female who is a part of the generation who made all this possible.

3 Things I've Learned in 2016: Take Offense, Women Rule, and Don't Talk to Anyone
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  • EnglishArtsteacher
    I completely agree with every word of this "MyTake", but I didn't "learn" this from 2016. I've noticed this since the 2010's began (give or take).

    I remember back in the late 1990's, and early-to-mid 2000's, life was great. Granted, this could solely be nostalgia (Since I was a kid, and early teen), but it just seemed like nobody got offended, most people got along, but most importantly: We can all talk to people without hesitation, and there wasn't this big racial divide. For instance, when Barry Bonds broke the MLB Home Run record in 2007, most people I came across were outraged, regardless of race. If he were to break that record these days, I feel like Whites would be angry, and SOME minorities would try to turn it into a race issue, instead of admitting the obvious fact he cheated. This is just one example, but you get the jist.

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    • I agree, shit his the fan once 2010 rolled around.
      I wonder what party took control in 2010 and has maintained it ever since...

    • @NedfromtheNed I know people like to blame political parties, but keep in mind, the 1990's had very good racial relations, and Democrats ran the seven out of the ten years in that decade. I don't think this is a political thing to be honest.

    • Very good point. So what do you think it could be?
      I know, recently, there has been an increase in the fad that it is "cool" to hate on America and reinforce your ethnicity. I see and read about early 20th century America and I think one of the important differences is, back in those days, people genuinely wanted to be Americans. Although the first half of the 20th century wasn't exactly a bowl of cherries for some people, it did see a general positive growth. Many black communities were developing strongly with increases in education and church attendance (as an indicator of greater community strength). In addition, the "new immigrants" from Europe were, like I said, hard working and looking to be Americans.

      I would say it all began to hit the fan more in the 1950s, now that I think about it. You had the destruction of many black communities as they were pushed into the poorer parts of cities. in addition, you had an increase in anti-american themes among the youth which, in some

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Most Helpful Girl

  • lizziepooh03
    This is one of the reasons I am thankful I do not have kids.

    People are at their dumbest today and only getting dumber. We actually teach them to act/think like this. Sad.

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    yeah, i agree
  • FullOfMyself
    See, something else that bothers me about the whole "equal pay" thing. Nothing says that you should get paid for the SAME EXACT job either.

    What if I'm better at the job than you are?
    What if I work 40 hours a week, and you work 35 hours a week?
    What if I have worked at the job longer than you?
    What if I involve myself with all the extracurricular company functions that you can't be bothered with?
    • Anonymous

      Yea. But like 90% of the time you likely get paid for the same job so..
      Why are woman complaining

    • It is illegal to pay anyone less because of their sex, since the 60s. The so called "Equal Rights" amendment just give women more rights to sue if they "feel" discriminated against. What I didn't get the promotion? SUE!

  • Girly1710
    Yeah that pretty much sums it up.

    It's like in parks and rec where everyone in Pawnee gets upset no matter what Leslie does to help and they're never pleased and they overreact to the smallest stuff and on the show it looks ridiculous but that's actually how people are now. Annoying little shits left and right.
  • bobbyxx
    You are right. Women aged 18-24 are the worst group of people to have ever lived. Personally, I blame feminism.
    • Anonymous

      Except me!
      I'm cool right?

    • bobbyxx

      Yeah your cool. Great take.

  • legs_n_sheets
    "Did someone say something that mildly bothered you? Don't hesitate to blow it WAYYY out of proportion."

    Happens a lot in here, lol

    Cool take.
  • skykidx1
    Wow this is the best take from a girl i seen in awhile or from anyone really tbh
  • funny_strange_man
    Basically you are saying do not communicate to anyone. Let's see how long that would last to not talk in anyway which includes: verbal, body language, sign language, social media, texting, Morse code, typing it out, handwriting, smoke signal etc.
    You say all men are scum bease you think rvery git is exactly the same. What do we say and or do that makes every single guy scum? You put what some guys sat and or do but didn't metion what every guy says and does.
    • Anonymous

      Your head

  • ThisDudeHere
  • serious
    Ok, I am not sure what has led you to come to this conclusion, personally speaking I won't say that this would be the best way to lead your life, but then I don't know what happened so I guess you have good reasons for coming to this decision.

    Hence I wish you best of luck young lady.
    • Anonymous

      Your head

    • serious

      What does that mean?

  • idiotmanchild
    Amen, I know too many women that actually think like that...
  • gotc147
    Pretty much.

    My generation royally screwed the pooch, I'm not even sure if it's possible to return to sanity at this point.
  • FallOutBoy2001
    Yeah, I'm pretty ashamed as well. I don't see this happen a lot (the headphones article just pissed me off because I have headphones in for a reason, and it was more of a "talking down to everyone involved" article") but yeah this was pretty spot on
  • blustar
    Feminism will cause the end of civilization as we know it
  • Browneye57
    Love it. Very intuitive. Are you're sure you're not a guy? LOL
    • Anonymous

      Pretty sure.

    • zanderp

      Well then that's very impressive

  • SleepingSnorlax
    Lol this made me laugh
    Kts funny cause its true
    Lets put a cherry on top of this Sunday #Trump v Clinton
  • Words_and_Wisdom
  • PG1997
    Free The Nipple was one of the most retarded things I've come across. Was astounded people are that retarded, and I'm rarely astounded.
  • CasaNorba
  • tony1988
    This is great satire, that shows how insane feminism is. All it does is just drive men and women apart. Good to see there are still girls like you left!!
  • Ladyslipper
    The only part I didn't agree with was calling baby boys and toddlers scum.. I love all babies :( however the rest is pretty true, I rule and don't talk to me.
  • Library
    Is there anything good and useful that you did learn?
    • Anonymous

      During this year?
      Not yet.

      But there's still like 4 more months so maybe it'll change

    • Anonymous

      Oh wait. I lied...

      I'm learning a new language

  • TheEnd2
    The left liberal democrats are a cancer that will bring western civilization to it's knees. The left is the enemy of freedom and humanity.
  • YellowCactus
    This world more and more is going down the hill. That would sum up everything from your take.
  • feminismisnarcissism
    great post. and feminism is behind most of it... *gag*
  • Unit1
    Looks like it's that time of the month again for you.
    • Unit1

      And for the downvoters too!

  • lacorine197
    I agree with number one, ironically I have been so desensitized that I'm not offended by what someone says, rather what they do...
  • Bobbyhill1
    how funny, Just the other day I posted a question about this subject and the moderators removed it!
  • YourFutureEx
    Control your hormones, woman.
  • Relentless_Hippie
    Omg yes yes a thousand times YES!
  • 10dsw
    I <3 this chick!
  • John_Doesnt
    I think Daniel Tosh already did this.
  • anonman32
    cool mytake
  • Djaaaaaay
    That's all your worth.. ?
  • objectivetruth
    too lame
  • Xwtxx
    It seems that reverse diversity is the answer.
  • Anonymous
    You are a rare hope for a female in the younger generation. Don't change you are probably on a short list of individuals who might be able to salvage mankind.
    • Anonymous

      Thanks my dude

  • Anonymous
    Guys rarely hit on girls until long into knowing them anymore because of all this. Good luck finding a boyfriend ladies
  • Anonymous
    2016 has taught me that racism and misogyny still exist. GAG is proof of this!
    • TheEnd2

      It exists on all sides and always will.

    • Mrwoo99

      Am not a misogynist like everyone on here makes me out to be... am just a realist.

  • Anonymous
    If you are ashamed, youve got to at least try to do something about it. Even if you can only lead by example.
    • Anonymous

      I'm trying my dude.
      But the SJWs be overpowering me

    • Anonymous

      It just seems that way sometimes. People who think like us are meant to feel that way especially on social media. Social media has become a haven for radical bloggers you describe. But it is specifically designed to give you a false sense that they are a bigger opinion than they are. I read somewhere 1 in 5 bloggers are paid professionally by certain groups to just drown out all other voices in certain media. We need people like you to continue to be a voice of sanity! Even if you think no one hears you, remember we do!

    • Anonymous

      I mean just look at all the upvotes and positive feed back :D

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  • Anonymous
    You are way badass! I love you, marry me! lol
    • Anonymous

      I dont think my boyfriend would like that

  • Anonymous
    Yes don't talk to women
  • Anonymous
    I seriously don't talk to women at work anymore unless I absolutely have to.
  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous