What is Rape Culture in America? (Trigger Warning for Victims)


Please note that this take is purely commentary on what I personally believe is rape culture. I understand that this term is something that is defined differently by everyone and like most things, cannot operate under a black and white glass.

This Take is prompted by Brock Turner's release from prison today. For those of you who have not heard of the incident, Brock Turner was a 20 year old swimmer who swam for Stanford University in California CA before his arrest. He was found guilty of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman, with intent to commit rape of an intoxicated or unconscious person; penetrating an intoxicated person with a foreign object; and penetrating an unconscious person with a foreign object. Even without a rape charge (which in California is specifically defined as penetration with a penis) these hold a maximum jail sentence of 14 years, but he was sentenced to 6 months, and released in 3.

Brock Turner was defended by his father saying that 20 minutes of "action" should not define the rest of his life and that a full jail sentence would impact his progression and future opportunities. With no indication or recognition of the impact on the victim and how those 20 minutes for her, likely will affect the rest of her life. That is rape culture, that even in this confirmed case of sexual assault, more consideration and pardons were given to the perpetrator than to the victim. Even in his statements in court, there was no recognition of wrongdoing aside from admittance that he was drunk. An unconscious woman cannot give consent.

What is Rape Culture in America? (Trigger Warning for Victims)

So what is rape culture exactly? The best definition I've come across, is: Rape Culture is an environment in which rape is prevalent and in which sexual violence against women is normalized and excused in the media and popular culture. Rape culture includes jokes, TV, music, advertising, legal jargon, laws, words and imagery, that make violence against women and sexual coercion seem so normal that people believe that rape is inevitable. A quick google search brings up pages and pages of memes that make a joke of rape.

What is Rape Culture in America? (Trigger Warning for Victims)

To me, this is what rape culture is:

Rape culture is when a man expects his wife to have sex with him whenever he wants because they're married, and he's entitled to it regardless of whether or not she wants it.

Rape culture is when a victim is asked whether or not he or she wore anything or said anything that could have been construed as an invitation rather than understanding that they had explicitly said no, or never actually agreed in any way or form to sexual activities.

Rape culture is when a partner in a relationship is coerced into losing their virginity early or having sex with their partner unwillingly because that's how "relationships should be" and are pressured into sex in order to "save their relationship".

Rape culture is when girls in schools are sent home for wearing leggings or shorts/skirts that don't go past their knees because it can be "distracting" for boys.

Rape culture is when society is more focused on teaching women how not to get raped rather than teaching men not to rape.

Rape culture is assuming that men cannot get raped. For me, any unwanted and forced sexual acts are considered rape. Whether a man or a woman commits it, is completely irrelevant.

Rape culture is when more than half of real rape cases are not reported because of fear of the process the victim will be put through, the interrogation, the ridicule, the distrust of the system.

Rape culture is when people use "raped" as a term of achieving significant victory in video games or sports.

What is Rape Culture in America? (Trigger Warning for Victims)

Rape culture is when people refuse to date victims and see them as "broken goods", perpetuating the idea that there is something inherently wrong with them. Victims did not chose to be victims.

Rape culture is defining “manliness” as dominant and sexually aggressive and “womanliness” as submissive and sexually passive.

Rape culture is turning a blind eye and conditioning ourselves to acceptance because in other cultures "it's normal".

Rape culture is assuming when you go out that every nicely dressed guy or girl is looking for a hookup or someone to go home with at the end of the night. Rape culture is what I've personally seen going out in New York, at the end of the night, at 3am, when all the guys who didn't get a girl in the club mill around outside and chat up every single girl that walks out trying to take them home.

Rape culture was when I was called a bitch for turning down a man's sexual advances after I had said NICELY that I was not interested and I had a boyfriend and I was out only to celebrate a friend's birthday, and also having him tell me that I've probably never been fucked right but he could show me what it'd be like.

Rape culture is when I'm dancing with a guy and on multiple occasions and with multiple people, they've tried to finger me under my dress and pull me back when I walked away.

Rape culture is all of these things and more, and needs to change. How? That's a discussion I welcome in comments.


What is Rape Culture in America? (Trigger Warning for Victims)
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  • legs_n_sheets
    There is NO such thing as rape culture. No healthy men are going around in the streets looking for women to rape. Do you even know how ridiculous is that?

    Rape is a horrible thing, and I'm not denying that. But that 6% of people who are actual rapists, and potential rapists are sick. They have a mental illness, and you can't put the fault of twisted fucks on top of every other men in the world. Men aren't sociopaths and psychopaths, and men do not care about forcing someone for sex. It contradicts biology, and male validation. You are projecting your fear towards a whole gender, instead of the 6% of perpetrators.

    By saying there's something like "rape culture" you are openly being a misandrist.

    Also, your concept of rape is absolutely WRONG, rape is to force someone physically to the act of sex, that's what rape is. The act of coercion towards someone to have coitus. These concepts you're throwing here are ignorant and ridiculous. You're being too fucking ridiculous here.

    If you want to take an actual strong pose against rape, and legal treatment towards it blame the system, not a whole gender. Teach other girls to be careful whenever they go out. To be in company of big groups, with other responsible people. Do not go out drinking as a habit, but rather a once-in-a while-thing, specially if they have predisposition to substance abuse.

    There's no such thing as "rape culture". Being rape/molested is one of the risks people take when going out to partying. Car accidents, being mugged, being assaulted with knife or handguns, etc. All are risks of walking/driving around while abusing substance. There is NO such thing as rape culture.

    Rape culture is another of the many myths feminism has brought into society, and just as we have been successful to STOP the "Gender wage gap" myth, we need to stop this one. We need to cut the bullshit and stop anyone who even mentions these things right at the spot. We cannot let these lies be "generally accepted" by other people.

    YOUR mentality, and your ignorant claims have made society this way. This is the modern woman, and it's a disgrace and a shame:


    You know, We DO live in a rape culture...

    Innocent men are getting raped by double standards and devilish women accusing them of crimes they didn't commit.
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    • Lmfao was dying at Hue Mungus.

    • @Fearless_banana "he's pointing at his privates!"

    • jacquesvol


      "Being rape/molested is one of the risks people take when going out to partying."
      You correctly described rape culture.

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  • Anonymous
    Here's what I feel. Rape is a crime. Rapists are criminals.
    With that being established, since when have you known laws, education, or punishment to stop all or even the majority of criminals?

    People really need to start seeing rapists for what they really are: CRIMINALS, not just general men who haven't been taught right by their mothers.

    It's not your job to somehow teach rapists to not rape. To somehow teach men who view women as nothing more than sexual objects to be respectful gentlemen. As a citizen, your job is to PROTECT YOURSELF. You protect your house by locking its doors and windows, don't you? You lock your car, don't you? You're cautious when out at night or when at an outdoor ATM, aren't you? Then why, oh why, OH WHY, do you feel like it's not your responsibility to protect yourself from sexual harassment or abuse?

    If rape is a crime, the rapists need to be treated like criminals, and the potential victims need to take the necessary precautions to prevent the crime from happening. PERIOD.
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    • Anonymous

      Because no amount of laws, educational programs, or punishment stops real criminal activity.

    • mikemx55

      WoW, why doesn't this get more upvotes?
      Right on point... just saying..

    • lumos

      Except that the problem is that a lot of people don't understand consent. Ever seen the video Tea Consent? If people understood consent perfectly, that video would have never existed. If people understood that consent can be given AND taken away at any point, your opinion would make sense. But it doesn't make sense, because there are plenty of aspects to consent that PLENTY of guys don't understand. Seemingly normal, healthy, happy and fun guys. Not all rapists are evil monsters who lurk in dark alleways. They can be your next door neighbor or childhood friend.
      Teaching people the importance of consent (i. e. "not to rape") is just as important as teaching people how to defend themselves.

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    men who want to have sex with unconscious women are terrible
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  • Fearless_banana
    So you took the actual definition of rape culture, disregarded it, and then you made up your own definition of rape culture to say it's prevalent. There is no rape culture in America for there are no social institutions that allow rape or promote it. Rapist are dealt with to the highest extent of the law.

    This misconstrued American definition of "Rape culture" has absolutely nothing to do with rape and absolutely everything to do with a third-wave femininst agenda. Wearing skimpy outfits and getting catcalled does not constitute as rape culture. Here we have Amber Rose promoting her slut walk.

    Women are pushing their promiscuity and sexuality in your face and saying that if you act on your sexuality as a man then you wrong. Why is that women can act upon their sexuality yet men are shamed to do so?

    Feminist propaganda like this is absolutely ridiculous..

    Yes let's wear clothing specifically designed to accentuate a woman's sexuality and walk around bad areas in NYC.

    But again.. That's not rape culture

    Men don't need to be taught not to rape for there only a very small fraction of men who are rapist, and again they are dealt with to the highest extent of the law. Assuming that all men need to be taught to not rape is actually sexist.


    Let's talk about the real issue, which is women making false accusations of rape on a frequent occurrence.

    Women are not fragile creatures. and are more than capable of saying no. They are more than capable of taking care of themselves without a victim entitlement.

    Women are acting like sluts throwing their sexuality in your face and these same sluts are shutting men down.. demonizing men who act on their sexuality. That's the agenda of this 'rape culture' .. just third wave feminist propaganda. Equality over supremacy and entitlements.

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    • I actually wanted to add in that regret is not rape. Women have more than enough self control over themselves to not get blackout drunk with a guy they just met. Funny thing is that in a lot of these cases the guy will be just as drunk. Yet she wakes up in the morning say "fuck I regret this".. That's not rape, that's irresponsible behavior.

    • Banana you really should do a take on abortion.

    • jacquesvol

      @Fearless_Banana And there we start again about the false accusation myth. Yes, you'll be able o quote me a few cases where the girl retracted (usually after meeting the rich guys lawyer).
      That false accusation myth on the internet is part of the rape culture.

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  • Brokenheartedx
    Men get raped too... rape isn't about sex it's about power and to control the victim

    Most rapes are done by people the victim knows

    Rape can happen to anyone whether it's a young girl/boy or old lady/man.. even transsexuals aren't immune to being raped

    It's not what someone wears that the rapist chooses to assault..

    But know what they all have in common? They have the right to live without unwanted sexual attention..

    Do I think it's a culture? No but it will steadily get that way as long as rapists get away with it... and many don't even get reported in fear they aren't believed

    But out of all that know what Sickens me the most women who pretend to be raped to destroy a persons life.. it's happened many times and it mocks real victims and what they've been through.. and the false allegations these women are never brought to justice... and it's mostly women who do that.. few instances a woman puts an ad up for rough sex.. they have rough sex but to explain the bruises she claimed she was raped so her boyfriend didn't find out she was cheating..

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    • FatherJack

      Well said !! Malicious false accusers should be imprisoned for a similar term to a convicted rapist , as she intended to destroy the accused man's life. Even if cleared , a man is always assumed to be guilty & is at risk of serious violence.

    • @FatherJack You follow this case

      To me a false accuser is the rapist- though pyschological as she has the power to ruin a mans life through lies... hats the difference between pyhiscal and mental rape? on my opinion none both are damaging

    • FatherJack

      @Brokenheartedx Yes agreed , both physical & mental violations should be severely punished , there is great overlap between both. Many men are coming to the conclusion that even LOOKING at a woman is considered offensive & even that is a risk for a man , you may find this blog post interesting , some bitter comments though !!


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  • gobsmacked3
    I am old :( meaning I have a differing definition of 'rape culture'

    It has always been a term of great shame but it has evolved.

    Growing up, the shame used to revolve around the male made out to be the victim due to the male dominance in society. The woman always 'wanting it' or 'she deserved it', or 'it was her duty' etc etc etc

    That has gladly now been for the most been put in the past with the Woman getting greater protection and rights. As well as Society treating it with the respect this terrible crime demands.

    Sadly, it has gone full circle to now when it is thrown around flippantly for everything and anything which takes away from the gravity of the crime. You have the term 'Rape' used openly in language relating to sporting contests, games, debates etc etc etc which is perverse. It has created a culture where people attach it for anything and everything sexual taking away from its gravity b/c they can't understand it fully. As well as making it so very hard for real victims to attain justice

    it is a Global shame all of our own making :(
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    • jesshkah

      Thank you for sharing your perspective, it is interesting to know the difference has towards different generations. I agree that it is to be lamented, the state of affairs now, hopefully there will be change again soon, for the better.

  • HorrorFan
    Brock Turner barely serving jail time for rape isn't rape culture. It's people deemed 'important' getting preferential treatment, which is it's own, but still separate bullshit problem. This and similar stories like it are about money and influence. Not rape tolerance. Seriously, find people that are actually okay with his tiny jail sentence.

    There is no rape culture.

    I'm going to pick one snippit of your argument that annoys me to no end.

    "Rape culture is when society is more focused on teaching women how not to get raped rather than teaching men not to rape."

    This is you taking a giant, steaming turd on reality.

    This is the equivalent of saying that instead of locking our doors at night, we should just teach men not to steal.

    NOWHERE IN WESTERN SOCIETY IS RAPE TOLERATED. Rape is a crime. Rape is not tolerated AT ALL.

    Human beings are directly and indirectly told and taught not to do deplorable things. They will still do it anyways. Murder is objectively worse than rape and yet it still happens all the time. We have no direct control over it. Bad people that don't care about rules exist.

    Which is exactly why it makes way more sense to focus on what you DO have control over to some extent. Which is being more cautious with where you go, whether or not you are alone, being around drugs/alcohol, whether or not you can potentially defend yourself, etc.
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    • jesshkah

      Brock Turner's situation is a part of the rape culture I'm trying to define. The whole partying, entitlement, no consent, treatment of the victim, etc. parts of the situation that lead to it actually happening is what the "culture" is.

      I have not absolved women of the responsibility of learning preventative measures from that statement. I'm remarking on the fact that society has taken a more reactive measure towards this. Instead of trying to make sure things happen less, it's more focused on teaching people how to react after it has happened.

    • HorrorFan

      Trying to lump it into 'rape culture' just feeds into the feminist agenda, whereas properly identifying such things more about entitlement of the rich/famous/powerful/'deemed important' keeps it gender neutral and actually shines a spotlight on the real issue. This goes beyond rape. This extends to things like getting people off on murder/manslaughter charges, etc.

      I mean hell, this doesn't even shine a spotlight on all the studies that have shown that women are sentenced to shorter prison terms than men when committing the same crimes. There is a blatant societal bias at work to keep women out of jail as much as possible.

      You can't 'make sure things happen less', though. Human beings have free will and extreme anger or mental illness can manifest seemingly out of nowhere. People get emotional and make massive, life changing mistakes. Bad people exist and rape and murder is going to happen. People need to learn to avoid potentially bad situations as much as they can.

  • PT1911
    Unlike a lot of people, I'm going to give you a level headed, calm response, and that trigger warning be damned, seriously, people need to learn how to deal with controversial topics and keep their feelings in check.

    The fact of the matter is, rape is a crime here. And a crime in the west in general. In other parts of the world, it is not-(more on that later).

    Here in the west, bad people will always do bad things. Brock turner's dad was a bad guy (a la 20 minutes of action). Mr. Turner is supposed to be the role model to his son on how a man is supposed to act, how he is supposed to treat women etc. With phrasing like "20 min of action" does it really surprise you why brock did what he did? If I did what Brock did, my father would have said "double the usual sentence" The main point is, brock was tried, and convicted. Yes the punishment in no way matched the crime, in fact the punishment was a joke, but in western culture, rape is a crime. End of story

    In other parts of the world... its acceptable, evening actually being a part of the culture.

    A buddy of mine who is about to get deployed to Afghanistan told me how his boss who went before him witnessed afghani officers raping little kids, and was told not to intervene because its the "cultural norm".

    So while rape is indeed a problem in the west (shitty people being shitty people) its is ultimately a social stigma, it is a crime.

    Now of course i could delve deeper into why it appears there is a rape culture (hollywood-sex scenes everywhere, porn industry) etc, but i really don't want to open that can of worms.

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    • jesshkah

      Thank you, I do appreciate the way you've approached your response. However, I don't believe that just because it is recognized as a crime by the government means that it is not a "culture" in the way that society views it. I understand your point though, thank you for sharing.

    • PT1911

      And that's where I believe we open up the can of worms regarding hollywood, media, music, even video games etc.

  • Maik567
    I mean you do realize that the first meme you posted is literally called "scumbag steve" the whole point is that he is a huge scumbag so the whole point of the meme is to say that only a scumbag would think like that.

    "Rape culture is when a man expects his wife to have sex with him whenever he wants because they're married, and he's entitled to it regardless of whether or not she wants it."

    No, that's just him being a horrible person. Rape culture would be if most men thought like that and I can guarantee you that most men do not think like that.

    And anyone who isn't socially retarded will ask a rape victim what she was wearing instead of comforting her.

    And if someone is pressuring you for sex, you should instantly leave them. That has nothing to do with "rape culture" that has to do with someone being a selfish asshole.

    "Rape culture is when girls in schools are sent home for wearing leggings or shorts/skirts that don't go past their knees because it can be "distracting" for boys."

    No, that's just sexist and old fashioned. Has literally nothing to do with rape.

    "Rape culture is when society is more focused on teaching women how not to get raped rather than teaching men not to rape."

    Do you honestly fucking think that boys aren't taught that rape is bad? Everyone knows rape is bad unless they are mentally ill, even rapists know that rape is bad. Do you really think its as simple as "just teach criminals that the crime they are committing is bad" You are ridiculous.

    And considering that men can't be raped is just incredibly sexist, but again only a crazy minority thinks like that so it has nothing to do with our culture.

    Honestly I could continue doing this with all of your points, the truth is that you are trying to define sexism or individual douche baggery as "rape culture." In an actual rape culture, rape is not seen as something necessarily bad, (for example "corrective rape" in africa that is supposed to turn gay people straight) That is actual rape culture. We live in a culture where the HUGE majority understand how horrible rape is, so it's completely ridiculous for anyone to even try to call it a rape culture.
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    • jesshkah

      I do know the meme, but memes are inherently jokes. I've never said that boys are not taught that it's bad though I'm not sure about you, but that's never been an explicit topic in any class I've taken. I've also never assumed men cannot be raped, I've made a specific point saying that it's WRONG to assume men cannot be raped.

      I'm not comparing our culture to any other's. Just because it is worse elsewhere does not make it non-existent in a different country.

    • Maik567

      Yes and making fun of bad things is apparently rape culture? And have you seen people taught not to murder in any class? Or that they shouldn't steal? Saying that "just teach men not to rape" is equally patronizing and discriminatory as saying "just teach muslims to not be terrorists" or "just teach black people not to steal" Men know not to rape, do you honestly fucking think that a rapist doesn't realize that what he's doing is wrong? And in which class have you been taught to not get raped? Cause I'm calling bullshit on that one.

      "Just because it is worse elsewhere does not make it non-existent in a different country."

      You are right, rape isn't non-existent in America, but you are talking about rape culture. Rape is definitely an issue in America but you can't call America a rape culture when most people understand that rape is wrong and that its horrible. Rape culture is where rape is a part of society, and America isn't that.

    Rape culture is the result of rampant promiscuity and irresponsibility. You cannot promote an anything-goes culture and then expect certain things not to go. If the entire feminist platform is built upon crossing lines in the sand, what makes them think that people are not just going to cross their line in the sand? Namely, "consent."
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    • Gommers

      Shhh. Didn't you know, women can't ever be at fault. Parading around in clothes that are specifically designed to spark the interest of men they have interest in should never attract the interest of men they aren't. Making themselves sexually easy shouldn't be seen as her fault either. It's not her fault for having sex with so many men that she's no able to have sex without any emotional connection. It's only more than sex if she doesn't want it.

      Don't worry dude, women will eventually get as much power as they want, end up fucking up in a really major way, and the men will be back in power. There's a reason that female led civilizations crumble in near instant times in relation to the rest of human life. I mean look at the female led countries right now, all struggling to stay afloat because they built their raft out of concrete because male engineers said it couldn't be done.

    • Djaaaaaay

      @Gommers Very true , I'm impressed that someone else knows this too. Every civilization has done this since the dawn of mankind , and revolves just like that primarily

    • lumos

      So you're justifying rape because... feminism?

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  • LittleSally

    I'm thinking the exact same thing as you. Well put together!
    How can these things change? Well... I don't think it can be changed short of every human being wearing a small camera with them at all times...
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  • TesticleMonster
    Alright a few things.
    A.) There is no rape culture.
    B.) all the things women quote that supposedly guys say as their excuse for believing there IS a rape culture, are bullshit and no guy in the history of guys has actually said that.
    C.) the closest thing that exists to a rape culture, exists on the site modelmayhem, and it exists purely in a state of denial. you see, rape is actually a huge problem with that site, there have been several lawsuits against it and more than one of the models i've shot with has been groped or touched inappropriately. and its not that these kind of people aren't condemned like they are in the real world, its that the very stereotypes that exist to condemn them allow them to flourish. there is a epithet called "GWC" or "guy with camera" that basically exists to shame a guy who's just trying to get his rocks off with a camera. which is why porn exists and there's nothing wrong with it if you do that in your own time and both parties agree to that type of relationship. but the whole slur itself is used almost exclusively by the catty moderators who are the EXACT culprits of the behavior they're describing, its just that all the wrong people are in charge, and they can brig you in an instant if you argue with them so they're allowed to roam and grope freely without consequence as long as they're tight with a moderator. and the models are guilty of this pretentious little clique just as much as the men, because of course they are. thats what allows this to happen. not glorification or the inability to shun people but the lengths to which they go to exploit the words that are meant to shun for their own selfish ends.
    D.) this also means any woman who has ever called a guy a creep because she felt uncomfortable, called a guy a perv for expressing his sexuality in any way, said people were "raping her" with their eyes or their words or that various things that aren't rape equate to rape. it also means you criticizing dress codes with the word, or your ex boyfriends for not wanting to deal with your fragile psyche, or people who just want to hook up. THEY are not rape culture. you are. every time someone does that, it robs the meaning from those words so that when they're actually used correctly, either no one can distinguish the difference or they just don't give a shit because you've cried wolf so many times. this is why the absolute #1 most important thing to stop real rape, is to stop false accusations of rape.
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    • So E.) YOU, NOW, and other women like you need to stop devaluing the process for rape by using it as a scapegoat to solve every grievance you have in your life. come to the bargaining table, negotiate with them, or stop throwing temper tantrums and calling people rapists every time you don't get your way. no one will ever want to be in a relationship with you if you call them a rapist or accuse them of supporting rapists every time they have a problem with your behavior or expect you to adhere to a moral standard. And no one will save you when you're getting your clothes torn off in an alley because they don't owe you anything and you've never been respectful to them. And if you seriously want to breed a culture where you can protect against rape, you need to encourage your fellow woman to take self defense classes. Be competent in the face of danger.

    • and finally
      F.) i was meeting with a woman at a non profit organization i'm currently working with that tries to prevent human rights abuses, and specifically covers the problem of sex trafficking in Las Vegas. they're making another documentary, conversation got to the point where we started discussing whether it was a lack of awareness that was really the problem, or a lack of an effective strategy, i mentioned komen for the cure raking in about a billion dollars despite never donating a cent to the guy who actually found the cure. And we started talking about feminists hijacking this issue and how they're a real problem not just because they dilute the effort to solve these issues but because they create the demand that even makes a market for sex trafficking. When they treat men terribly, those men turn to other alternatives for satisfaction and rather than rape, they turn to prostitution, how are they supposed to know if she's 18, or consenting? they're already ashamed as it is.

    • jesshkah

      Rape culture is something that exists within SOCIETY. I as an individual cannot "be rape culture". I agree that false accusations are just as bad and should be justly punished as well.

      I have never called anyone a rapist just because I haven't gotten my way. Wherever you seemed to have gotten that idea is absolutely not something that has come from my Take. I am in a long term, healthy relationship, and also personally kickbox, practice MMA and lift. I am "competent" in the face of danger, but there are certain situations that are completely out of my control.

  • RedHood7
    "Rape culture is when society is more focused on teaching women how not to get raped rather than teaching men not to rape."

    Im pretty sure you can educate your children, but if he's already a man, it ain't gonna work. At least teaching women how to fight produces results. That's where we may disagree. Otherwise this is a great myTake.
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    • jesshkah

      Thank you for your comment. I understand what you're saying, though I do believe that lessons can still be reinforced.

    • RedHood7

      Lessons were learned. A rapist obviously hasn't learn his/her lesson. Just saying...

    • men don't need education on not raping anymore than mothers need education on not murdering their kids.

  • cth96190
    There is no rape culture in the West, with the exception of the Islamic invaders.
    If you want to find a rape culture, go to the Islamic world.
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    • jacquesvol

      @cth96190 posts a collection of alleged rapists but forgets the white rapists.

    • jacquesvol


    • jacquesvol

      That link failed...

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  • markscott
    I'm a manager in a place where there are lots of professional female employees, so over time, I have gotten to know many of them fairly well. I have also hired many women. One of the things about working with women, that really surprised me, was how many of them have been raped. Of course, I don't know how many of the women I worked with were actually raped, I only know of those who trusted me enough to say something to me. It was shocking to me to find that so many of my female friends were raped, or almost raped. And of course, there were the patients who had been raped, or had histories of being raped. It was nothing unusual to find a female patient who had been raped multiple times. I did run across the occasional situation where a woman claimed she had been sexually assaulted, and even named the person who supposedly assaulted her, but he had not done so. So we must always be careful, as not everyone accused of rape has actually raped someone. However, again, the main theme I saw, was the surprising number of women who had been raped.
  • hellionthesagereborn
    First, he didn't commit rape, he was also heavily intoxicated and the girl was going with him to have sex before she passed out. Does that make what he did acceptable? No, but if your ignoring all of that, your not being just. Yes he should be punished, no it shouldn't be for over a decade of his life. Now we can argue at how long that time should have been, but the fact is it is an over reach to destroy his life for one screw up that was a combination of his drunken idiocy and quite frankly her drunken idiocy. Again, not acceptable, but he does not deserve to have his entire existence defined by one mistake no more then any other human being should.

    That stated, what your describing doesn't exist in the US. You have one case and one case alone. Meanwhile in the united states women rape men at comparable rates yet NO ONE says anything about it. You want to know what rape culture is? Its the culture that created the court ruling hermsman vs seyer where a 12 year old boy was told by the court that he had to pay child support to his rapist, his babysitter, for the next 18 years of his life. Rape culture is when we ignore the fact that men are raped at the same rates as women and disregard their well being in such cases. Its the culture where when a man gets raped he is accused of wanting it, is told he should be happy that he got it and that he was "gay" for not wanting it. Rape culture is Amy Schumer going on stage at a feminist dinner event and laughing at the man she raped because he was so blacked out drunk had not consented and didn't even know what was going on and she raped him then talked about how pathetic in bed he was to the laughter and applause of all the women present. Rape culture is women actively fighting gender neutral rape laws.

    How accepted and "funny" is it in our society for women to be raped? Well lets see. . . "believe all women". Kavanuagh was falsely accused of rape and had is life ripped apart because of it, we where told that he had to be a rapist even though all evidence showed she was lying and that of both parties only he had evidence to prove his side of the story, never the less he was and still is slandered as being a rapist. In fact we have seen this happen more then once, many men have gone to prison due to false accusations, having their lives destroyed FOREVER because we ALWAYS take it so seriously that we simply presume she could never be lying about it. Rapist get killed in prison so our most degenerate members of our society see it as taboo. Also according to data rape, if we presume all age groups are equally likely (they are not) all regions of the country (they are not) and all behaviors are equally probable (they are not) to result in rape a woman has the life time chance of 3% of getting raped I. e. not a "culture", not a "epidemic" not a "high occurrence" in fact its incredibly rare (and considering this is the life time chance of a man being raped by a woman which we also ignore we can state that the claims made by you are false. Stop with the ancedotes, stop with the sexism. Your not a victim, your the least victimized group in the WORLD. Their is no class more protected, more privileged then women and that is a statistical fact.
  • Blobb
    "Rape culture is when a man expects his wife to have sex with him whenever he wants because they're married, and he's entitled to it regardless of whether or not she wants it." -> Agreed. That's not ok, people are individuals and free to do as they wish with their lives and bodies.

    "Rape culture is when a victim is asked whether or not he or she wore anything or said anything that could have been construed as an invitation rather than understanding that they had explicitly said no, or never actually agreed in any way or form to sexual activities." -> You do realise rape is a very serious allegation, and if you make that allegation you're sending someone to jail for a very long time. You're ending their life. I'm happy we live in a culture where there needs to be an investigation before sentencing a criminal based on someone's accusation...

    "Rape culture is when a partner in a relationship is coerced into losing their virginity early or having sex with their partner unwillingly because that's how "relationships should be" and are pressured into sex in order to "save their relationship"." -> Coercion and stating unhappiness are two very different things. If you love someone and they're never intimate with you it can actually hurt a lot and make you feel unwanted, and unhappy. A guy has a right to voice his unhappiness in a relationship, just like a girl does. And each one has the right to leave if they so choose. You can't force a guy to stay with a girl in a relationship that makes him unhappy. The girl has the choice to try and make him happy sexually or to move on to a relationship better suited to her...

    "Rape culture is when girls in schools are sent home for wearing leggings or shorts/skirts that don't go past their knees because it can be "distracting" for boys." -> Rape culture is when I can't show up to a funeral in my shorts and wife beater because it's not "appropriate"... Yeah, I think you get it. Some places require some decorum...

    "Rape culture is when society is more focused on teaching women how not to get raped rather than teaching men not to rape." -> Terrorism culture is when society is more focused on teaching people basic safety measures in high risk areas than teaching people not to blow themselves up in crowds. You live in a terrorism culture!
    • Blobb

      "Rape culture is assuming that men cannot get raped. For me, any unwanted and forced sexual acts are considered rape. Whether a man or a woman commits it, is completely irrelevant. " -> For you and for everyone, that's the definition of rape.

      "Rape culture is when more than half of real rape cases are not reported because of fear of the process the victim will be put through, the interrogation, the ridicule, the distrust of the system." -> Yes, that is a feature of rape cultures. Acceptance because "nothing is gonna be done about it" or worse they'll get ridiculed or raped again at the police station (maybe not in the US though).

      "Rape culture is when people use "raped" as a term of achieving significant victory in video games or sports." -> This refers to guys more than girls. Predominantly video gamers are male, so when you say "team B got raped", it's "these guys got raped" which is seen as a joke in our societies because they're guys and that's somehow ridiculous... Agreed.

    • Blobb

      "Rape culture is when people refuse to date victims and see them as "broken goods", perpetuating the idea that there is something inherently wrong with them. Victims did not chose to be victims." -> You can't blame someone for refusing to date another person with serious emotional issues. It's quite a burden to take on. A lot of girls won't take guys with serious issues either. Don't think this belongs in the "rape culture" dialog.

      "Rape culture is defining “manliness” as dominant and sexually aggressive and “womanliness” as submissive and sexually passive." -> Well it's factually mostly like that, and that's whats attractive to a majotiry of people. I don't see how this makes it a rape culture. Everyone is into different things, I really don't see this one...

      "Rape culture is turning a blind eye and conditioning ourselves to acceptance because in other cultures "it's normal"." -> Really? You hear a lot of people saying there's tons of rape in India so it's ok here?

    • Blobb

      "Rape culture is assuming when you go out that every nicely dressed guy or girl is looking for a hookup or someone to go home with at the end of the night. Rape culture is what I've personally seen going out in New York, at the end of the night, at 3am, when all the guys who didn't get a girl in the club mill around outside and chat up every single girl that walks out trying to take them home." -> Chatting up, talking is a far cry from rape. Even grabbing your arm is still a long way away from rape. A lot of people going to clubs are looking to hook up, I don't think you'll find the same happening outside of your local starbucks at midday.

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    There is a difference between rape and regret. Real rape culture is this:

    - A man who is on a football team, is a dream ace performer for the school, whose dad is rich, gets only six months of probation for tying up a woman behind a dumpster and raping her - including with a rusty steel rod. The judge fears the man will be "severely impacted" if sent to 20 years in prison like anyone else. The father calls it "just 20 minutes of action." Nobody is tossing father and son into a volcano. Nobody is taking a power drill to their left eyes, chopping off their right hands, slicing off their genitals, then lighting them on fire. Nope. Just six months of probation. As for the victim? The judge couldn't give less of a rat's ass how she went to the hospital and could be disfigured for life.

    Rape culture is if a girl assaults another girl and breaks her nose in school simply for refusing to accept a sexual advance, then the victim of assault gets suspended for "homophobia" for simply not being interested, but the assailant is coddled by the school. (This already happened!)

    Rape culture is if you say you are a Muslim, you have carte blanche to terrorize your neighbors and even rape their puppies. And if one of those afflicted dares so much as sneeze on Facebook about how they're scared, the SWAT team arrives to arrest - or assassinate - the complainer! That's Merckel's Germany. That's Sweden.

    Rape culture is that Somali pirates can cut to the front of the immigration line in Minnesota, and kidnap blonde 7-year-olds to their hearts' content. And if you point out that proven pirates shouldn't even be in line at all, Obama goes after *you* for being "a racist." (But *somehow*, there is nothing racist at all about him banning Syrian Christians from the immigration line, nor about him sending South Korean business geniuses to the back of the line!)

    Rape culture is India. Say yes, you're a slut and they stone you. Say no, they rape you and your family burns you alive as though it were your fault. Because India thumbed its nose long ago at Deuteronomy 22:26.

    As for the other scumbags: Women should avoid excessively revealing clothes and learn how to have fun without getting drunk. And get a conceal carry permit. Poof! 90% of the gutterslime is gone!
    • jacquesvol

      @ObscuredBeyond, tell me those hings don't happen in the good old USA, please!

    • jesshkah

      Thank you for your comment! I agree that all of these are a part of the culture too, I was focused more on the less tangible parts of it that affect the mentality and approach that many people have towards relationships and what could be constituted as rape. Of course, reactions by society after the fact are just as much a part of the culture as well.

  • AleDeEurope
    Rape culture is bullshit.

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  • YourName123
    "Rape culture is assuming when you go out that every nicely dressed guy or girl is looking for a hookup or someone to go home with at the end of the night. Rape culture is what I've personally seen going out in New York, at the end of the night, at 3am, when all the guys who didn't get a girl in the club mill around outside and chat up every single girl that walks out trying to take them home."

    REALLY, I call this freedom of speech but I guess chatting is rape if your totally nuts
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    • jesshkah

      I'm not sure if you've seen the type of "chatting" that happens at 3am after a night of drinking and partying. It's not a "hello how was your night" type of chat, it's aggressive, arm grabbing, pulling, "hey you should come with us" chats.

    • I'm well versed in it. Done it a thousand times (many times successfully BTW). I can be fairly convincing apparently. but arm grabbing and pulling is not chatting. The quote says chatting not pulling, grabbing, etc.

      And most of the other quotes are BS too by the way. I could have picked many

  • ginny_weasley
    Honestly the fact that Brock Turner got 6 months for raping a woman, is exactly why the United States needs feminism. Not only that but the fact that Brock Turner got more time than 97% of convicted rapists, is bullshit. Yeah go on and bring the downvotes, you pathetic basement dwellers, who think rape victims ask for it.
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    • bullshit. Brock Turner is a rare case-the case of a CELEBRITY or WELL-CONNECTED male. yet how he was handled IS THE NORM for female rapists and pedophiles-they almost always get away with it. We "need feminism" so female criminals can get away with it... so women can falsely accuse rape and not be punished. so women can be above the law. it's disgusting. so is your opinion.


    • @feminismisnarcissism I don't feel like arguing. So I am just going to agree. However you do have google at your disposal. So if you don't look it up and see how right I am, I will just say you are choosing to be stupid. Oh goody. Did I piss you off? Is that what the downvoted is for?

    • no, i didn't say "angry". I said "disgusted". And google can't give you life experience. With your entitlement, you'll find feminism will disempower you, more and more as your life progresses.

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  • ADFSDF1996
    People hate this term because it's used by the feminists to label men as rapists, which is misandry. It's abhorent how misandrists believe men are always the perpetrators and that women never do this atrocity to males.
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    • jesshkah

      I understand why people hate it, this is a touchy subject and I do have huge problems with women who just accuse men to be rapists based on nothing. That's a part of it too.

  • dudeman
    we live in an anti rape culture where men are taught to protect women and where rape is seen as one of the despicable crimes a person can commit
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    • jesshkah

      Right, but just because there is an anti-rape culture does not mean that a subsequent coexisting rape culture DOES exist.

    • dudeman

      lol if it does exist its to small to care about. especially in western civilization. how about you fight something that really needs to be stopped like putting an end to abortion because thats the largest killing in human history and you feminist seem to not give a damn.

    • dudeman

      also rape is fairly rare and its a small amount of men that do it. so thats like saying we live in a I don't know plummer culture or a nudist culture. you see how dumb that is? when you say we live in a rape culture you're insinuating that all of us live there. we dont however all of us do live in an anti rape culture. sure rapist live in a rape culture but that will never change because they are rapist. none of what you consider to be rape culture is what i consider to be anything. thats just stuff.

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  • takumii
    Half of the points are 😑
    Men chatting up women is rape culture?
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    • Men get raped to yet no mention of this... I hate a rapist as much as anyone else but not only women are victims.. the. There is men who have been accused of rape as well because the girl they were with got a guilt complex and ruined an innocent mans life- that is becomin common as well when they admit they lied the victims are the men who were innocent all along- I class that as pyschological rape as it destroys a mans family and career.. why not start a discussion up on that an see what asker has to say for herself... I usually don't have a lot of time for men as it is but this is one thing I will be with them on... rape comes in many forms but it's not always men who are the rapists

    • scooogy

      @Brokenheartedx what do you think about female gangs raping men?

    • @scooogy Same as what I think about men gang raping women.. scumbags that need putting down.. it's hard for women to rape men normally but not hard for women to use objects on a man anally for sole purpose of control and humiliation...

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  • Mixedd-Statuss
    In class today we discussed the most recent rape story on the swimmer from Harvard or whatever and of course the word combo "rape culture" came up. Personally the first thing that came to my mind was "Who the hell made that up?" Let me say y. Senior year in high school we had to do a big research project in one of my English classes based on gender stereotypes. I wanted to do something diff from everyone so I did "Women as the victim". through ALL of my research, and there was plenty of shit to shuffle through, and obviously rape and sexual assualt/harassment came up. NEVER EVER did "rape culture" come up. This person named Heise (I forgot wether it was a chick or a guy) developed this ecological framework on y there's violence against women, it consists of: indiviual (as the root, involving race, gender, wistnessing abuse, being abused), then relationships (thats obvious), then community (who u grew up with, church, living in poverty), lastly of course society. All of that stuff makes sense too me, during my research men being raped came up too. I think it's fucked up when it's laughed at about a guy being raped. "Rape culture" isn't a thing, rape happening in different cultures is. People thinking rape is normal because it happens in their culture is a thing. I've been "cat called" and followed somewhere out in public, for me I Don't think about it and I don't go around sitting "he sexually harassed/assaulted me!" It could've been worse honestly, u can't hide from that shit forever, u build thick enough skin to deal with it and move on. There shouldn't be double standards, violence shouldn't be promoted, but who can hide from all these negative influences without moving to an island without internet. And I'm bothered by this whole pointing the finger at guys. Some people just grow up screwed up in the head and/or aren't properly taught morals. I'm not gonna say this shit bores me because it doesn't, it's important, but this shit is irritating. #sorrynotsorry
    • jesshkah

      Rape happening isn't the definition of "rape culture".

  • Splintercell
    Wait seriously the last paragraph guys do that while dancing with you? If so, I am shocked to even read that! I guess you run into more jerks than gentleman.
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    • Sara413

      That is precisely the reason I never liked going to clubs... sucks because I enjoy dancing but I could never have any fun at typically clubs because so many guys assume if you're in a club you're far game and they'll put their hands all over you without even saying hi first or giving you a chance to say no. It's super disgusting.

    • @Sara413 why not go swing dancing? I know it's a more respectful atmosphere, and you can have fun with a good conversation.

    • jesshkah

      Yea it happens a lot lol. At this point I've gotten pretty good at determining a respectful guy from one that isn't, but it's not uncommon at all.

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  • kelvinmed
    So many people choose to say there is no prevalent rape culture but even saying that there are a lot of false rape claims and any small excuses just proves it even more
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    • jesshkah

      thank you, I should have definitely put that point in my Take as well. I agree.

    • ScottieO

      I've always hated this "point". You're basically saying "I'm right, and if you say I'm wrong, that just proves how right I am" So if I agree, it supports your claim, and if i disagree, it supports your claim. Hell of a way to set up a debate, isn't it?

    • kelvinmed

      @ScottieO OK if you need me to describe it and prove it take for example the many rape cases where people suspect it's a false claim or the case about that swimmer who raped an unconscious woman. His father and many people argued that he still had a bright future as opposed to considering the future of the victim and how she felt. There are instances where people say a girl could be crying rape for attention or to get money out of the case. That makes it hard af to prove that there was a rape and makes it even hard for women to testify.

      If you don't understand what I'm trying to say or don't get the meaning behind the words then honestly I don't know what to do, I don't got the time to explain every one of my thoughts or opinions

  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    Your take was like a piss. Starts off strong, but faded towards he end. I agree with the rape problem thing. Part of what turned me off (poor choice of words?) is the lack of disconnect between actual rape and jokes or statements that aren't emphatically talking about rape and supporting or condoning it. Yes, rape is bad, but you bring up the videogame... Most people can discern the difference. That's not rape culture. It's just a joke. I don't think most people, because they say it, will get the impression they can actually go out and rape people... Hopefully. Some will, obviously, but you get the drift

    And a lot of what you said is rape, however, but doesn't speak to anything. We, and most people know it's rape. We know it's not ok to coercing your partner to partake in sex. But acknowledging what is rape doesn't say there is rape culture. I hate to use this, but it's like saying gun culture is mass murdering people. Yes, it's gun culture, but doesn't speak to the prevalence of mass shootings

    Moreover, I think if you wanted to take it further, you could've spoken about corruption in the court system, like how the judge went to Stanford as well and, I think, knew the father
    • jesshkah

      Lol can't say I appreciate the analogy though the rest of the comments I do. I see what you're saying, I knew the video game comment would get some flack. I think for me I meant it more because I felt like using the term to signify dominance and winning and taking something over kinda takes away from the real experiences victims have who have actually been raped. Rape culture isn't so much about the prevalence of it actually happen, it's about the mindset of society towards it. The bottom part of listing things out was meant to show how so many things in life are a part of that, but sometimes if you don't call it out it's not recognized as such. Sure it's "bad" but it's not usually thought of as a part of something bigger than its individual relationship and instances.

    • I mean if you put the video game thing that way, that only helps my point... In fact, it's something you agree with as rape is essentially domination of another person, physically, emotionally and mentally. So if you use it in that context, it makes sense... Also being pretty funny as long as you don't actually think about it. Kinda like calling someone an asshole without having the visual image of a giant asshole walking around... Unless you're into that sort of thing 😂. Most people can and do make the distinction, hence the dissacociation and more candid nature of the word. I think you need to give people credit (I know that's hard) for knowing when it's appropriate and inappropriate to make a rape joke. Someone said something about grammar nazis

      to be continued

    • As for the part where you said rape culture isn't so much about the prevalence so much about the mindset, those are kind of intertwined. You used the case of that Standord kid as an example of pure corruption and disregard for rape... That is what I see rape culture as and not just a mindset, cause most people know that was fucked up (minus him, the dad and judge). So it's kinda sending mixed messages in a way in that case. To me, it's definitely a problem. Maybe a bit overblown and very gray in a lot of instances, but acknowledging and knowing what constitutes as rape is 1/4 of the battle. Understanding what is and isn't appropriate in certain circumstances and common fucking sense are the other and not victim shaming is the other 75%

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  • HonestWhiteGuy
    There is no rape culture if you look at the actual stats the cases like the one you mentioned are extremely rare. Other places like South Africa do have a real rape epidemic here we dont, we just have feminists greatly exaggerating things
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    • lost_alice

      only people that have never been close to a situation like that say this

    • @lost_alice Alice I've known girls that got raped that doesn't change my point there's no culture for it in America. It's a feminist culture and any guy that does is punished severely.

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  • Kirah
    There is no rape culture in the West.

    It's alive and well in places like the Middle-East, though.
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    • jesshkah

      I understand that there is an extreme difference in degree of this "culture" but I do believe that Western culture has parts of it too. And to dismiss it as non-existent in the Western world demeans victims who have actually experienced it.

    • Kirah

      @jesshkah rape does happen in the West, but it's nowhere near a "rape culture". RAINN is misleading, the "1 in 5 women will be raped" statistic is false.

  • abundantlyrich
    Trigger warnings for pig headed people too. 😂☺️😏😔😢😜😡😉😅😀
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    • jesshkah


    • But technology is opening up opportunities for potential rape but guys do it subtlely. They even have the stupidity to pass those pictures around school.

    • jesshkah

      SEE that's a part of "rape culture" too, at least by how I define it, but I'm sure half the other commenters won't agree.

  • nerms123
    I have zero formal education on the subject, but after traveling abroad I just find that in the US everything is so oversexualized. So many ads are just naked women, even when it has nothing to do with the product. I feel like people are obsessed with using women's bodies in a sexual context. It's fine to have consensual sex in private, but if that's all people think about 24 hrs a day I'd say there's something wrong.
  • feminismisnarcissism
    on the bright side, women teachers get away with rape all the time

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  • ThisDudeHere
    Why the need for trigger warnings? Wouldn't people be smart enough to just not read it?
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  • John_Doesnt
    Whine, whine, whine. You didn't once mention male victims in prison and how it's 100% normal to hear the joke "don't drop the soap" which is basically saying "you're gonna get raped in jail".
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    • jesshkah

      I haven't whined about anything lol. And I'm sorry if I didn't mention every single thing in society that would constitute as such, but that statement is very much included in what I would consider a part of the culture.

  • Ozanne
    I've never heard of rape culture. Didn't know there was such a thing. But thanks to this MyTake I can go investigate it further. I'm the camp with others who believe that people should learn what consent is, know the consequences, and that those who are concerned about their safety should take extra precaution if they live in a high-crime area, or they themselves could be mistaken for being a victim before it even happens.

    I never think that this is always so one-sided, that men are to blame just because a victim says something. There are so many flaws in the system whereby victims take advantage of it and get away with it. Everyone involved needs to take responsibility judging by their surroundings or who they take up with socially.
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    • Hello Auntie! Nice to see you again :)

    • Ozanne

      @YourFutureEx Hi Ex! :)

    • Hope everything is fine :)

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  • AhGojira
    It's a feminist fashion trend. They've got all sorts of shirts and accessory signs with all sorts of hilarious and ludicrous shit written on them.
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    • jesshkah

      This "trend" arose as a response to a real issue which needed awareness.

    • AhGojira

      Rapes do occur and that sucks, but they don't create a culture... The culture of rape was created by feminists...

  • QuestionMan
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    • What a load of horeshit. He's looking into Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Mexico and everywhere else but America. And what's wrong with the Black people, last time I checked they were as American as the White ones. Things people do to justify rape culture. Smh

    • dudeman

      @Tombstone1000100 we dont have a rape culture.

    • @Tombstone1000100 Rape culture is where rape is prevalent and acceptable. White Americans are far less likely to rape unless they're in prison.

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  • Josht13
    A cherrypicked case is hardly good proof for rape culture nice that you focused on the women's side as well if we want to go down that road I'd be interested how often a woman who sexually assaulted a guy is even sentenced to jail. Maybe you could say there's a rape culture if the vast majority of society was like: " yeah raping you wife that's cool bro" and "If she's sleeping I can't say no" the thing is though when this is said it's often a joke and no joking about things isn't supporting them comedy oftens comes from sadness and misery and comedians try to make it something funny no one but retards actually take it seriously and there are tons of murder jokes I guess everyone must think murder is okay. The comments are all just some bullshit from people it's hardly a rape culture though you want to see a real one go to Saudi arabia.
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    • jesshkah

      It's quite indicative of the overall mindset. I kind of only have the woman's perspective on rape as I am a woman, and admittedly women are less likely to be sentenced then men. I recognize and also made a point about how an issue is that many people don't think men can be raped, which is a part of this culture. I've also explicitly mentioned that these are my opinions on what is considered rape culture IN AMERICA. I know and understand that certain cultures experiences way worse than then US.

    • Josht13

      I just think it's disingenuous to label it a rape culture when it's not an insane epidemic and the consensus is that it's bad

  • IceCubedude
    when everything is okay and no one gets to critcize anyone like in americas case , then such things are bound to happen, you either ban certain things and control the society you live in or you just let people do whatever they feel like and then fix their mistakes later.
    • the funny thing though is that the moment the my take owners' boyfriend demands a bj she will get on her knees with no questiosn asked and suck his lolip with passion.

    • jacquesvol

      Explain, please

    • @jacquesvol explain what

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  • YourFutureEx


    "Rape culture is when people use "raped" as a term of achieving significant victory in video games or sports."
    Is your problem that you don't like the word "rape" to be used alongside "victory", or you just hate that word to be used at all? Because that is utterly defensive. People correcting others' grammar are called "Grammar Nazi", what is it? Neo-Nazism?

    "Rape culture is when people refuse to date victims and see them as "broken goods", perpetuating the idea that there is something inherently wrong with them. Victims did not chose to be victims."
    Not fully disagree, but everyone has one's own choices. You cannot force them to like such people.

    "Rape culture is defining “manliness” as dominant and sexually aggressive and “womanliness” as submissive and sexually passive."
    Isn't it really true?
    Disagree 1 Person
    • jesshkah

      No, regarding video games it's more about how the term is used as a way to indicate dominance and power and I feel that using it to describe something like a game is hugely taking away from the severity of the action to victims of real rape.

      Yep, agree with your 2nd point. It's unfortunate but I know that's a thing and like the whole wanting to date virgins thing, not something people really will change their minds about.

      3rd one, I wouldn't say so. I know plenty of guys who love it when a woman takes charge in the bedroom lol. I guess that part was a little restrictive sounding, it was meant more in the way that it sometimes promotes aggression from men in terms of getting sex, and women having to be the providers of it.

    • I think that's "thinking too much". The more comfortable we will be with using things, the more confident and educated the victims will be.
      Look, in conservative societies, it's kind off profane to use the word rape even in general (positive) conversations. Consequently, the victims find it hard to report it because they're afraid that they'd not show their face in the society anymore. They just accept their misfortune which is totally wrong.

    • The more comfortable we will be with using those* words*

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  • Riggers
    Do people actually have their head so far up their own arse they actually believe there is a rape culture in the west? smh.
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  • blondfrog
    Its just some stupid shit pussy ass social justice warriors made up to get attention and use as a power trip to others by making them feel bad for not believing in the same exact things they do. Liberals are the new conservatives what I don't get though is that these people believe rape is also if even after when a woman consents to sex that even like 1 year later she can take that consent back and call it rape.
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  • EmoKate97
    I totally agree with this list, that's exactly why Islam is thee number 1 threat to women's rights and for that Islam needs to be stopped!

  • NajemEddine
    rape is bad thats sure
    but if u had sex with guy and u dont remember the details because u here drunk ot high
    does that give u the right to accuse of rape without proof
    ofc no
    does revrse rape have the smae standard or rverything become more important when a vagina is in the case
    • jesshkah

      I am in no way promoting false accusations of rape.

    • no one said that
      but it seems that when tend to believe the women everytime

    • but false accusations are not punished at all... so that's a bigger problem than rape which at least has a punishment.

  • lazermazer
    One of the very few , great take coming out of this battle.
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  • BruceJender
    People like you make sick - almost as sick as rapists who get a 6 month sentence.

    "Sociologists define society as the people who interact in such a way as to share a common culture. The cultural bond may be ethnic or racial, based on gender, or due to shared beliefs, values, and activities."

    If you commit rape, you're sentenced to jail. Rape is rightly vilified in Western society and it's a CRIME - in some occasions worse than murder.

    If we lived in a 'rape culture' we'd accept rape and we'd condone it.

    Just because one guy got let off a rape case, doesn't mean we live in a rape culture lol... it just means your justice system is fundamentally flawed.
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    • jacquesvol

      Only a small % of all rapists see jail for their crime.
      Thousands of rape kits are just stocked and later destroyed.

    • Regulatus

      6 months in jail is WAY too long for rape. Even if it was legitimately rape, which we all know 99% of the time it isn't.

    • jacquesvol

      "6 months in jail is WAY too long for rape."
      Let's see, if your fiancee, wife or sister were raped, which punishment would you consider adequate?
      "Even if it was legitimately rape, which we all know 99% of the time it isn't."
      You must be joking!
      Or do you REALLY pretend that 99% of raped girls who file a complaint subject themselves to police, rape kit examination and DA interrogation and lawyer counter interrogation, in front of a jury, just because they like that? Or because they want to hurt males that way?

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  • ChineseMillitary
    Didn't know about the rape culture. Their men are really horny comparing to my home country though, many of them creep on anything with a vagina.
    That's disgusting.
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  • Chico_brah
    Did you happen to remove my old opinion on this one? I don't see why it would of gotten removed. Was educational and valid AF. Wasn't trolling or antagonizing.
    • jesshkah

      I didn't remove anything, someone else might have reported it or an admin did? But promise it wasn't me.

  • Library
    You know, that stuff scares me. I admit it, I despise other dudes.
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  • OpenWine
    rape culture is what's happening in germany, not some shitty feminist shoutout
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  • nog6422
    Rape is not socially acceptable anywhere, it's not normalized in any way. Rape culture doesn't exist by your definition.
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    • jacquesvol

      @nog642 WE never have or had a rape culture. Our enemies always had and have a rape culture. That's evident!

    • nog6422

      @jacquesvol Who is "Our enemies"?

    • jacquesvol

      The ones our media and govt say is the enemy, of course. Isn't that evident?

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