5 Signs You Have a Weak Personality


In our modern world, we constantly live under the social pressure we call the "norm". From our childhood, we are conditioned and programmed by the society to believe certain things, do certain things, and think in a certain way that makes us lose our identity over time and turn into someone that society considers to be "normal", so basically we forget who we are to please others.

Here are the main five signs that show you have a weak personality :

5. You have no real opinion on life

5 Signs You Have a Weak Personality

If you find that you are living your life, and you have never really thought about what's happening, what you want to do with your life,what's your objective, then chances are you don't have a very strong personality, because people with a sense individuality are often confident people who know what they want, and how to do it, and have an opinion about everything because that shows that you're someone who thinks before he acts, and that you have a sense of direction in your life.

4. You allow others to put you down

5 Signs You Have a Weak Personality

If you notice that people always criticize you, put you down, and mistreat you but you never stand up for yourself, then you certainly have a fragile identity.

3. You have self-limiting beliefs

5 Signs You Have a Weak Personality

We talked about how you let people put you down, but that's because you have an internal problem within you, which is that you can't actually believe you can or are worthy of success, happiness, and peace of mind. You always think you can't do something, that you lack the ability, but that's all in your head, start believing in yourself and others will too.

2. You always feel inferior to other people

5 Signs You Have a Weak Personality

When you lack personality, it's the result of low self-esteem, low self-confidence, low self-reliance, which will lead you to a constant feeling of inferiority compared to other people, who always seem to be good at everything, but you always seem to mess up everything you do.

1. You have no self-respect

5 Signs You Have a Weak Personality

Self-respect:the knowledge of one's own worth, value one's self; pride. Self-respect is a part of self-esteem, which is part of the self-image, which is your own perception of yourself; who you think you are. So, if you don't respect yourself, you'll always feel like you have no worth, that you are good at anything, which will lead you to a negative attitude that is hard to get rid of.

When you lack self-respect, every small mistake becomes a big deal, you feel like that small mistake is a proof that you're a failure, which is totally false.

That's all i have, post me you comments, I'd love to see the feedback.

5 Signs You Have a Weak Personality
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  • Anonymous
    Great take. I can definitely say I've been like this before where I felt super insecure and inferior to others where I'd have social anxiety but I overcame it. Sometimes you gotta go through failure to succeed aka trial and error.

    Another thing I'd like to add to this list is reading into everything and over analyzing everything. That causes a lot of stress and can take a toll on your self esteem and mental health. I've definitely over analyzed in dating and been on the receiving end of someone who over analyzed and was insecure.
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    • Galaxy21

      That's true

    • Anonymous

      Though I think mind games that some people play can cause people to over analyze and read into shit

    • Galaxy21

      People don't realize that others can feel negative emotions as well

  • Browneye57
    Sure. Can't hurt.
    There's more to it, but at least you've found those.

    On people putting you down - this isn't something you can control, but YOU get to decide if and how it will affect you. I like to tell people not to give over power over themselves to anyone else. Know what you know, be confident in that. You don't have to give them any influence over you unless you want it.
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    • Galaxy21

      Yes, people can't put you down unless you allow them

Most Helpful Girls

  • btbc92
    Actually, these are not about weak personalities. This is about a weak willed person who has an underdeveloped personality, who is not healthy and has weak character. Simply because they never bothered to develop that as children growing up into adulthood, and relied on the persona of somebody else to get by. In a world where we get judged by any and everything we do, our very existence becomes a hinderance to other people's lifestyle and lives.

    Overall love the MyTake, and you've brought up some very good points.
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    • Galaxy21

      Thank you, what you're saying is somewhat true, but a weak personality comes from not developing yourself and just being satisfied in a bad way, meaning that you never seek to be better, you should always improve.

    • btbc92

      @Galaxy21 Of course, but now were talking about character. And how many people actually what to change and improve?

  • Blonde401
    Well I got 4 out of 5 on that list. I've never been told I have a weak personality, the opposite really because I'm headstrong and mouthy. But I don't know, guess I've got a weak personality. Would have been useful if you'd added some guidance in how to change.
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    • I think just about everybody can relate to those few points, but does not necessarily mean you have a week personality. Nobody said being human was easy. Things will bother us and get to us, and there are times where you will feel down and limited.

    • Blonde401

      @FashionQueen86 I've felt down and limited for a very long while :(

    • It's alright. I've been there too. Sometimes it really depends on the circumstances, especially the ones where you have no control over.

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  • CoffeeWC
    Thank you. This describes me exactly. You have no idea how helpful this is.
  • legs_n_sheets
    I agree with this take. Short and sweet.

    It doesn't really matter that people criticize you or talk behind your back, though. That shouldn't affect you because it will always happen no matter what, or who you are. But I thinl of letting others putting you down through confrontation, that's where you stand your ground. Always.
  • EllieLexis513
    None of these things have anything to do with someone's personality. This sounds more like will power, and those two things don't have much to do with each other.
    • Galaxy21

      Yes they do, can you really expect someone with no will power to have a strong personality? that's almost impossible.

    • Lol, you're asking the wrong person. I teach high school and a lot of students don't have will power for most things but they have the loudest personalities.

    • Galaxy21

      loudest doesn't mean strong, loud people are often weak inside because they often crave and need attention and validation from others.

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  • IsabellaIII
    I think people who bully other people are always the weakest in character. People who feel the need to put down other people all the time for whatever reason. Examples: On here, putting down the opposite gender or unattractive people to them.
  • SovereignessofVamps
    So where does the weakness come from? I have friends who were even abused and they're still social...
  • Alex88F
    i dont have any of those traits and im fucking glad
  • legalboxers
    I disagree, its from being beaten down, trying and failing and not caring anymore sums it up
    • Galaxy21

      can you explain?

    • check your inbox

    • Please explain it to him... he's all of 19 and thinks he knows about what life can do to a person.

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  • AmberRose82
    I wouldn't say I'm weak willed. I just know I'll be punished for showing angry or upset emotions. Sometimes it can't be helped but a lot of the time I find it uncomfortable to be in the presence of explosive emotions.
  • Johnjohnny
    Is your personality not who you are not who one might portent to be! Like I don't mind any personality! Just hate condescending selfcentered ass hole!
  • singlebee
    Nice take... I was like that even I was younger... But not anymore :-)
  • HulkkSmash
    I love how most women put this down because they themselves have weak personalities.
  • lime_rampljuset
    There are no weak personalities.
    • Galaxy21

      What are they?

    • NotTooLong

      just another personality maybe?

    • Galaxy21

      @NotTooLong Yes there are weak personalities, they are characterized by submission and have no will to fight against the difficulties of life, and always feel bad about themseves

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  • phil2
    thanks i needed this
  • SinisterS
    And what if you have opinion about life and everything that negates everything you listed after? Opinion that think view of world and all like your is limited big time. Standards that society set and everyone thing is right are far from it. What if you think every thing is twisted, worthless and ruined. What life is big joke, insisting that life is precious is even bigger joke and prolonging pain and suffering (cos majority of human kind only know that) is evil? What if everything is cheep and for sale and there is no real value. What if every thing is fake and just there to brag and pump your ego. What if you think its pointless to tell your opinion and everyone thing your without opinion cos of that?
  • peachblossomluck
    Interesting pointsβ˜†
    • Galaxy21

      Glad you like it :)

    • I do. There is always the theory of "learned helplessness " too which supports your take.

  • Callieeee
    What if I only do those things some of the time?
    • Keyspirit

      Mind if we do them together? 🌹😚

    • Callieeee

      @Keyspirit lolπŸ˜„ Thanks I love roses😍

    • Keyspirit

      Together with the Powa of LUV anything is possible baby Callie πŸ’

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  • alan_stark
    This has nothing to do with weak personalities. A person's personality can be heavily dependant on how they grew up and the experiences they had. As for myself I could say I associate with 4/5 on this list, and it's due to the fact that I was heavily bullied during my early childhood, in combination with being a naturally anxious person since a young age. The people who will often experience these thoughts and will associate with them may need someone to show them what they actually are and that they are actually worth something. Sometimes it's not the persons fault that their personality is the way it is.
  • adrianalima0
    So in other words be a narcissist. Cool.
    • Galaxy21

      narcissist : a person who is overly self-involved, and often vain and selfish.
      I'm not asking anyone to be self-involved, or selfish.
      I don't know where that came from

    • Harpesian

      Huh? How'd you get that from this take?

    • Narcissism is a whole other sickness.

  • Phoenix98
    Sounds about right.
  • Aliencolorfulchic85
    i always voice.:)
  • TheTruthHurtsImSorry
    Sign #6: You read and believe articles like this.
  • Pilulu
    Describes m pretty well.
  • ThatBritishLad
    I have no personality then. Poopie.
  • nubianqueen704
    This has nothing to do with weak personalities.
  • Secretgardenblood
    Really good take
  • Anonymous
    Ok, now tell us how to fix this?
  • Anonymous
    Fortunately you are able to strengthen those signs working on your mind over the time.
    • Galaxy21

      Yeah, that's the beauty of it

  • Anonymous
    Sorry but point 4 is wrong. If you allow others to get to you through putting you down which ends up making you take action THEN you have a weak personality. Stop caring what others think.
    • Galaxy21

      You say it's wrong, but you end up agreeing with me?

    • Anonymous

      If you truly don't care what other people think then you allow them to put you down all they want. Again you don't care. By making the effort to make them stop you do care which means you allow their opinion of you to affect you.

    • Galaxy21

      You have to not care about their opinion, but at the same time stand up for yourself when necessary so that you can stop them and be yourself.