Shut The **** Up About All Lives Matter!


I haven't experienced racism but I think my oppressed upbringing has turned me into the liberal white boy writing this. I'm so sorry if any of this is offensive to you gaggers. "All lives matter" annoys me and I'll tell you why.

All lives matter is a useless phrase.

Do you realize how generic that statement sounds? It's just a slogan that has been used to undermine the importance of black lives. NO ONE said that phrase before "black lives matter" existed... It's been commonplace how whenever someone brings up "black lives matter," someone else says "all lives matter." It shows that you don't really support black lives matter because if you really did then you wouldn't have to say "all lives matter." I seriously doubt that the people who say "all lives matter" really support "black lives matter." How can you support the statement "all lives matter" when you don't support "black lives matter?"

Shut The **** Up About All Lives Matter!

Do all lives really matter to you?

Do the lives of the people in the death row matter? Do criminal lives matter to you? Do you really think your worst enemy's life matters? Does the animal, you eat, life's matter? So if you honestly say "all lives matter" then you are a liar.

Shut The **** Up About All Lives Matter!

If you say all lives matter then you are racist

People who are not racist don't need to say things like "all lives matter" whenever "black lives matter" show up. You are just a colorblind racist if you say that because colorblind racism is when people think the way to end discrimination is by treating individuals as equally as possible, without regard to racial issues, which is what "all lives matter" entails.

Shut The **** Up About All Lives Matter!

In Conclusion

@RedThread has answered someone's question with this opinion:

"Okay. Can I explain it to you in the form of an analogy? Women are very prone to breast cancer in my family unfortunately. We tend to take part in events to raise awareness and raise money for the cause. Pay very close attention from here on out because it gets a little tricky. Does my family's support of breast cancer causes mean we don't think all forms of cancer matter? Do you think that we only believe breast cancer matters? Of course not, but due to our life experiences and what we've had to go through, breast cancer effects our lives more. We've lost family members who we love due to the disease. We've been disadvantaged due to that particular form of cancer. My mother is a survivor. To us #BreastCancerMatters. Should people get upset and protest us by proclaiming #AllCancerMatters or is that shit common sense? What if the media suddenly decided to be like 'fuck you breast cancer fundraisers! You should be funding ALL cancer!' Wouldn't that be complete bullshit?"

Me: I'm sorry about the women in your family and I totally respect you dude.

Shut The **** Up About All Lives Matter!
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