Shut up and stop complaining!


Do you ever feel like telling people to shut their traps and stop belly aching? I am going to do something that I don't do normally do. I am going to do some complaining.

I am going to complain about complaining.

I just got back from visiting some people that I know that I have not seen in a while and holy shit do these people bitch and moan about everything under the sun. An hour with these people felt like a day - every comment that came from their mouth was a negative put down or a complaint about something.

They would bitch about :

- money and everything is so expensive.

- how they have an ache here and there and everywhere.

- about how now body ever helps them out with anything.

- about how busy they are and all the stuff they have to do.

- about how life is so hard.

Holy fuck. I don't think have ever been happier to be back at my place - where all I hear is the wind and the crickets.

I wonder if it has every occurred to them that their constant bitching will never solve anything.

Do you thin that if I have say, bad eyesight , that bitching about it means that I am going to magically wake up with 20/20 vision the next.

It's funny to see how they moan about money yet they spend so much more than they make. Some of them have 3-4 cars, two houses , multiple furniture sets , and what not. Hmm....maybe if I bitch enough about money I will magically have 10 million dollars in my bank account? Just puff!!! I am a millionaire !!!

So there. My little bitch session is over and I got that off my chest.

Shut up and stop complaining!
Shut up and stop complaining!
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  • shygurl19
    I totally feel like people do over calm because it can sometimes show signs of being ungrateful and not appreciating what you have. However, I feel they could've just felt comfortable to you to complain about their inner demons they have been facing and just wanted to let it all out. Some people just want someone to listen to their troubles. But If that isn't the case with them I feel yeah you should surround yourself with other people because that type of energy can rub off on you.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • adolescentswede
    I try to keep my complaining brief and only if asked about.

    Sometime i will go in gossip mode and absorb intrigue around complainning, but mostly i will take closest route to a quiet place
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    • Unless you're dying of something or in constant pain from a chronic illness, don't make or have enough money to live, why bitch? A roof, some clothes, some food, bills paid, some money, some friends. Sounds like your friends aren't appreciative of their situations in life. There are billions of people who are barely scraping by. No toilet. Dirt floors. Subsistence living. Three or four CARS? My car is almost 21. It runs. I'd limit my time with such whiners. Your blood pressure will thank you.

  • ROCKS128
    I can't disagree.
    Some are good at making things bad to worse.
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  • purplepoppy
    Moaning about stuff is a great social binder. You can put people together with nothing in common and within minutes they'll be enjoying a moan about something together.
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  • BestUserName100

    Shut up and stop complaining!
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  • Poormanscomedian
    You are describing Liberals that won't be happy until Trump dies. I mean from day one they were after him. They were scared they would lose their gov't handout.
  • valentine74
    Yes sounds right to me we can all use our gratefulness a bit more
  • IceCastles
    You may need some new people to hang with. Perhaps you've outgrown this group?
  • GideonG
    How be it don't complain about the complainers except it be said to them directly for their change
  • Joker_
    I will shut up and stop complaining
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    • Texaskid1

      What is there to complain about? I just might live in a closet in some seedy love motel... a la Joker.

    • Joker_

      I love you

    • Texaskid1

      You forget to say no homo.

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  • LtJackass
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  • ImBigGeorge
    They're probably brats.. But I don't know
  • finster777
    Uhhhh well don't get so bothered by it? I guess xD
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  • Gedaria
  • namelessyoungold
    It's being human, good morning!
    • Texaskid1

      How so?

    • It's a normal human behaviour. Instead of being bitter about these little things, brag about world hunger. Paradoxical.