Can we all just shut the Hell up for a while?

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Can we all just shut the Hell up for a while?

If any of you are not already aware of this, I am a conservative. I am a card-carrying, life long, Christian, previously-worked-for-the-Republican-party, death-penalty-supporting, conservative. I am proud of my views as I believe that my politics represents what is best for this country. I wish everyone else would agree with me so we could get on with the business of fixing this country.

However, I understand that my liberal friends also believe that their views represent what is best for this country. They sincerely hold their beliefs and I respect them, even though I think they are wrong. I have been dating my current girlfriend for 1 1/2 years, she is a staunch liberal, and she and I respect each other. It can happen!

As a conservative, I hear liberals - primarily younger liberals - become very acerbic in painting the distinctions between liberals and conservatives. They want to portray conservatives as genuinely bad people and liberals as worthy of praise and glory. Liberals all support such worthy and noble causes while conservatives are just a bunch of rich,white, selfish bastards. Somehow, liberals act as if this never ending liberal PR campaign will actually convince others to adopt liberal political views. After all, conservatives are just a bunch of hypocrites, right? (While liberals are quite adamant about opposing "slut shaming," they have no hesitation to engage in "conservative shaming." Neither group has an exclusive franchise on hypocrisy.)

A few of the labels that I hear liberals use to distinguish liberals and conservatives are "love" and "tolerance." The notions advanced by liberals are that they are motivated by love for their fellow humans, that they truly embody the Great Commandment to "Love Thy Neighbor." (And I know that many liberals would never express the concept in these precise terms, since "love thy neighbor" is a part of the Christianity for which many of them have disdain.)

Can we all just shut the Hell up for a while?

Liberals scoff at the idea of a conservative being compassionate and suggest - at least sub silentio - that conservatives are filled with hate instead of love. Similarly, liberals consider themselves as tolerant of others who are different from themselves while the also believe that "conservative" and "xenophobe" are practically synonymous.

I am writing because of my concern for the political tensions in the US which are so incredibly heightened. While many are bemoaning the divisiveness in this country, no one is actually doing anything about it. Instead, the morning after the election, one of my liberal Facebook "friends" wrote that anyone who voted for Trump was an "asshole." It is difficult to see that tactic leading any of us towards reconciliation.

Liberals, us conservatives are not stupid and calling us names like "asshole" and "dumb shits" accomplishes nothing. We are not filled with hate. I participate in volunteer activities and charitable endeavors for the benefit of others who need some assistance and many other conservatives do the same. When Portland Press Herald columnist Michael D. Harmon, an ardent supporter of Second Amendment rights, recently died as a result of the accidental discharge of his handgun, many liberals posted gleeful messages on Facebook and twitter. "Gun rights advocate killed in gun accident. Whoopsie," posted #TrumpIsATraitor on Twitter.

Can we all just shut the Hell up for a while?

Is this an example of the love and tolerance which you profess to hold in abundance?

Conservatives, you are not off the hook! Liberals are not stupid simply because they disagree with you. Many of them are very well educated and are true patriots in their zeal for this country. Most of them are not seeking "free stuff" for themselves. They abide by and accept the political process in this country and most liberals are not exemplified by the likes of Michael Moore and Al Franken. If you want liberals to turn it down a notch, you need to set the example and do the same thing towards them.

If you are still under age 18, it is understandable that you might still talk like a child. But, if you are over the age of 18 . . . let's all act like grownups!

P.S. If you want to reply to point out that conservatives also do some hypocritical things . . . I already know that. The point is not to build lists of complaints which we can use to criticize each other. The point is to say "can't we mutually exist without constantly bashing each other?"

Can we all just shut the Hell up for a while?
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  • hellionthesagereborn
    Actually I think liberals fake caring, its a way of showing they are better then others because they are more "moral" then every one else which is why they are the least tolerant people out their (in my experience). Also its ironic that they mention that conservatives are rich white men when in reality most liberals are now the educated (as they have taken over academia) and rich. Meanwhile if you look at red states they are in rural areas so in fact one has a much better argument that liberals are the rich white people party. The problem is that liberals own the media, they own academia and they now are using this authority to silence opposition (which has been quite affective up until recently). Before all you had to do is claim some one was racist and that was enough to destroy their careers and keep others from speaking out (not unlike the mcarthy era accusations of communism). I think the elitism has created the corruption. I think its true that not all liberals are intentionally doing wrong (which is actually statistically provable) but I think that since they have no outside opinion, have the educational system (which not only indoctrinates people early into their ideology until they are unable to distinguish it from themselves thus making it incredibly difficult to question as you are essentially asking them to question the very foundation of themselves) which gives them significant leverage with spreading their view of the world (not to mention as I have seen them arguing that since more educated people are liberal they must be smarter and better then conservatives or other ideological groups). I think for the most part it is specific groups of liberals who are as you say they are not i. e. that they are using the ideology for personal gain and are infact trying to increase friction or keep issues unresolved because it benefits them to do so (hence why after all of these years of liberal policies most black communities, especially in areas run by liberals, are still in terrible shape, because they won't vote democrat if the problems get resolved). However I would agree that it is not the majority, I think the majority are just misguided and being manipulated. I have issues with conservatives of course but since liberals dominate at the moment its hard to point out conservative hypocrisies. Personally I think instead of ideologies we should go by facts.
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    • goaded

      From the left side of the aisle, it looks the opposite of what you just wrote.

      The idea that the media is left wing has been ridiculous for decades, now. MSNBC, which I expect you consider particularly left wing, are hiring ex-Fox presenters now, they have a Republican congressman on for hours every day, and almost nothing negative is ever said about their advertisers or parent companies.

      "The Liberals" don't own academia, either, but critical thinking does exclude some particularly right-wing ideas like creationism. John Yoo, author of the so-called Torture Memos in the Bush adminstration is a Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley. If he's not excluded because of right-wing views, who would be?

      You talk of the education system being indoctrination, but it's republicans forcing anti-scientific and historically inaccurate ideas into textbooks.

    • @goaded Well of course because you are liberal you will not see the media that is telling you what you want to hear as being liberal. I don't have a particular ideology and I can say that CNN the owners of which contributed massive amounts of money to hillary, who admited to editing footage to make clinton look good and Trump to look bad, when studies show that journalist are almost all liberal and donate to liberal candidates over and over again by multiple studies, while they like CNN and MSNBC which has cut off and/or "lost their feed" in the middle of an interview but only when it was a conservative who was starting to criticise Clinton, I think its fairly obvious that the media is incredibaly liberal. Its really not something I think that can be argued, its fairly obvious to most people even many liberals have admitted to this.

    • @goaded As for education, yes liberals do own education thats kind of strange that you would say otherwise, when the majority of all educators and directors of educational centers are liberal, when their is explicit bias against conservatives in schools thats really pretty solid evidence that education is dominated by liberals. As for creationism, thats not conservative thats religious and only about 14% of people stated they didn't believe in evolution. Liberals try to use the almost 50% of people are "creationist" but that is an intentional misrepresentation as creationism simply means god created the world which is not mutually exclusive to evolutionary theory. Again all of this is really not something that can be argued against based upon the massive amount of evidence we have showing it to be true:

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  • fabiolaaa
    Well as a Christian conservative Hispanic woman, I have been disrespected by liberals the most when it comes to my political beliefs. They just cannot accept that I am not a liberal and that I do not believe in the victim narrative. They also have an issue with me not blaming the heterosexual white male for my problems. This robs people of their agency!

    I voted for Trump and he had my support after he announced that he was running for the Republican ticket back in June of 2015. I liked that he was not being politically correct when discussing some of the many issues in this country. He is a native New Yorker with bravado who came from a time period where feelings did not matter rather logic. Some are bothered that he was so direct with his approach and that he was not a trained politician. Due to my beliefs I have lost a lot of friends and acquaintances.

    As a resident of New York City, I can honestly say that the liberals have been the most intolerant and disrespectful. I have been disrespected, humiliated and even attacked (physically) by Hillary Clinton supporters.

    It is interesting when liberals, who are good friends of mine, ask me why I would support Trump and I tell them my reasons. Most of them have said that they never knew such issues existed in the country and across the globe. I think that there needs to be discussions and debates with no insults. Next time I get insulted or attacked by a liberal, I am going to walk away.
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  • madhatters4
    i appreciate what seems to be the general sentiment but it is still slanted. you say you didn't post this to bash liberals but you dedicated a paragraph to excoriating an example of liberals who are intolerant, and yet don't do so in the same vain regarding conservatives.

    the simple fact i think is there are intolerant, ignorant, self-righteous members of both ideologies. i don't think we can say one has more than the other, and invariably when one person says one ideology has more of those negative members they are a believer in the other ideology...

    but i agree that we need to can the conservative / liberal banter. ideology shouldn't define us to the point that we can see that we're all humans. conservative doesn't mean intolerant, liberal doesn't mean tolerant. in fact tolerance is really not a trait of political ideology at all.
    • You are right, this was a bit slanted because I see the problem from a conservative perspective. But I do know that there are a bunch of condescending, arrogant conservatives.

  • Red_Arrow
    Trump spent his whole campaign insulting anybody and everybody that did not feel the same as he does. He did it live at his rallies, and he does it in his tweets. He recently made a sarcastic tweet referring to those against him as his enemies. And the people at those rallies and those who worship his tweets, repeat the same insults and denigrations ad infinitum.
    As for the people who are saying that it is wrong to say "he is not my president", people have been saying that about Obama for eight years. They are still saying he was not born in America (his birth certificate is all over the internet and many officials in Hawaii have made the point that he was born there). They insist he is a Muslim (He is definitely Christian). And these stories and many like them were started or promoted by Trump and his followers love it!
    Trump has made clear that he will continue his insults on twitter. That he will make many instantaneous changes on day one, many of which are legally impossible, but he is not smart enough to realize that. His own party (that he adopted so he could run) is torn apart by him and his antics. He has also ignored the experts (the scientists, the intelligence specialists, etc.) and claims he knows better than them. He is scaring people with his intent to run against science, intelligence, and reasoning.
    There is the reason for all the hate still boiling over. Until someone finds his off switch, he will continue to foment all the hatred, name calling, distrust, etc. There is no "love and tolerance" in that man, so don't expect to see it from either side while he is in control.
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    • The hate from liberals started long before Trump announced his candidacy. Back up and try again OR get the point. All this hate is not going to accomplish anything. It is not a matter of who started it or hos justified you feel. People saying that a guy deserved to die because he was a gun rights advocate is just insane!

    • Red_Arrow

      Perhaps you should back up and read what you wrote. You spent several paragraphs criticizing liberals: They say this; they do that; etc. As an afterthought you add a short paragraph suggesting that conservatives do a few of those things, too.

      And you are right that all this hate is not going to accomplish anything. I am pointing out that Trump himself stirred up so much and is now making it clear he is going to continue. You cannot expect liberals to tone it down when Trump is still tweeting. He continues to pass out misinformation and roil people up. How can you expect the nation to calm down with the president-elect stirring it up? See
      As for the hate starting before his candidacy, I pointed out that Trump was behind the Obama not a citizen thing 8 years ago, and has kept that and other things going. YOU need to get the point and see that regardless of hate not accomplishing anything, Trump is keeping it going. Tell him to tone it down, not us.

    • fabiolaaa

      Donald Trump does have enemies and he is not just referring tot the snowflakes. He is referring to bankers who control the worlds finances. George Soros is one of them. Soros made his fortune off of toppling democratically elected officials in various countries around the world. He started the Occupy Wall Street Movement, Black Lives Matter and the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Europe. Soros wanted Hillary to win because he wanted the US to have a war with Russia over Syria which to be honest the war would have been about ISIS. Hillary Clinton is a liar as the WikiLeaks emails have demonstrated, she is sponsored by Soros and Goldman Sachs etc. Trump has been hated against by the MSM because it is controlled by the elitists and because he was not a puppet. If this election demonstrated anything, it is that
      Americans are tired of the establishment and of government officials giving in to lobbyists, special interest groups before the needs of American people.

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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    This is my issue... and I agree with you (ok, to some extent). The point of politics and having different ideas, parties, etc, is to propose and come up with solutions to governmental and societal issues. The point or purpose was to take all sides and come up with the most successful and competent solution. That's the idea, anyways

    What has happened and turned into (pretty much since the inception of the party system, which dates back to debates with Jefferson and Hamilton primarily, if I'm not mistaken) is this idea of supremacy and taking credit for their own ideals and imposing their will to see who is right. Either liberals are right or conservatives are right. There's no in between and the winner gets credit for it with minimal compromise. As with basically anything in the existence of human history, the further it goes along, the longer it lingers and the greater the divide. Obviously not on this level (ok, maybe arguably), but Sunni/Shiite, USA/USSR, England/France/Germany, etc...

    My issue is we are so far removed from it that it's virtually undoable. What does that mean? I'll give you a quick anecdote: I think we red blooded Americans believe fascism and naziism is bad, right? It's been engrained; us good/hitler bad. So, about a day ago, there was a question on here about whether children in school should be forced to stand and solute for the pledge of allegiance. Not to my surprise, some notable people (who I'll keep nameless who are very pro American) said yes... for those who don't know, fascism and nazis were partially founded on the idea of the state is above the individual and the "greater good". The point not being their beliefs. There are countless. The point that we can manipulate our own beliefs to believe what is good and what is bad, but can't see when and where we're being hypocritical no matter how obvious it seems

    I don't have a political agenda, really. I mean I have my beliefs, obviously, but they aren't based on anyone's rhetoric. I agree with a bunch of things both liberals and conservatives believe. There's a time and place for everything. The world doesn't work black and white. That's where my issue lies. People seem to do so and my point it's grander than that. But too many people wanna treat it as right vs wrong, good vs bad. And that's where I draw the line on the stupidity and have no problem calling people out on it... Left/right, pro/anti gun, gay/straight, black/white, skinny/fat

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    • All this to say I'm fine with most things people agree with (there are a few that aren't ok), but if people are talking politics and want to have an opinion and play armchair qb, I expect them to know what the hell theyre talking about and not simply throw around words without knowing what they mean or what happens, like economics... I was a business major and blew too much money to not understand macro and micro. I learned too much from political classes and had a mom that worked for congressmen and a bunch of family that work in government from library of congress to military to CIA and FBI to not have some semblance of governmental operations

    • Yes, but. . . in partisanship, everyone feels justified in criticizing the other side. So it really doesn't matter whether you think your feelings are justified. What matters is "where is this hate getting us?"

    • I agree. Which is why I said in the beginning is the original point in parties, ideologies, whatever was and is to use different sides to come to the best overall solution, not competing to who is right and wrong

      and if you're curious, I'm pretty well aware that my response is probably all over the place. I was too lazy to look it over 😂 So if you have any questions, fire away 👍 I'll warn you, though, that I might be watching Netflix now so I might take a while to respond 😬

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  • CheerGirl38139
    Just curious how this fits with your insistence on keeping the word "slut" in your personal vocabulary?
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    • Jordan_93

      He probably just does this for up votes

    • @Jordan_93 no. He's genuine, and a good guy.

      But I find that we can all find some duplicity in ourselves if we are honest about it. ✌

    • Jordan_93

      A good guy who uses the slut frequently, hmm okay if you say so

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  • Bandit74
    Yeah, they only isolate people who might be on the fence. I kinda like to pick and choose which issues I support and avoid identifying with either party. I have noticed that liberals are the most condescending people you will ever meet and they are quick to label anyone who thinks differently. They give off this vibe "I am right and you are wrong and if you have a problem with that then kiss my ass" and "you either 100% agree with me or you're 100% against me" there no middle ground with them.

    (While liberals are quite adamant about opposing "slut shaming," they have no hesitation to engage in "conservative shaming.")

    Not only that, but a lot of the girls who are firmly against slut shaming have no problem with condescendingly virgin shaming guys who post opinions they disagree with. They say things like "OP is probably a pathetic virgin" or "I bet you never get laid" even when the person's sexual history wasn't even mentioned and wasn't even relevent to the discussion. It's like they want to believe that anyone who has views they consider offensive is a virgin.

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  • es20490446e
    If we study history, we will see what conservative means: advocating for society not to change, give powers to emperors and rich people, distrust science, and everyone must believe in god because it's written in a book. Arabs, Jews and Niggas are wrong.

    How shall I perceive it? It's simply the creed of not thinking.
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    • Rissyanne

      That thinking you have there... is the exact reason Trump was elected. Liberals love to insult and name call.

    • This is the problem. "I am right so they are wrong. Therefore, they must be idiots. Perhaps if I call them names, they will be ashamed and change the way that they think. It may not be a nice thing to do but I am SO right that it is justified."

    • That said I never call names to anybody.

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  • John_Doesnt
    I don't get it. You say "Can't we all shut the hell up?", but then you go on a rant about liberals. I also don't get why you would point out how you have a liberal girlfriend, respect her views then start generalizing liberals in a rant.
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    • Of course I see things from my bias and my illustration of the problem reflects that. But I did not engage in any name calling, did I? I also tried to show that conservatives are also guilty of contributing to the problem and that none of them is helping us. In case you missed it, "the point is to say 'can't we mutually exist without constantly bashing each other?'"

    • You did name call, multiple times"As a conservative, I hear liberals - primarily younger liberals - become very acerbic in painting the distinctions between liberals and conservatives." Sarcasm is still name calling, even if you want to sound mature by not using specific names. And your statement of "the point is to say 'can't we mutually exist without constantly bashing each other?'" completely contradicts everything you just said, because you're bashing liberals and some conservatives in this rant.

    • John Doesn't Get It.

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  • Jordan_93
    I'm not from America so I don't know anything about the ongoing discussion about liberals and conservatives but what I got from your essay is that we should just all let everyone think for themselves and there aren't any wrong or good opinions nice take nonetheless
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  • LittleSally
    I agree with the overall message - just stop wasting your time with negativity... But many people just don't want to do that - which is sad.

    Admittedly - sometimes it's just funny - not because it's annoying but because it's SO ABSURD!

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  • HauteBrilliance
    tbh i don't understand how "don't be a pussy" is offensive? it just means stop being scared, get over yourself, don't be scared, etc. like, don't get me wrong, when people say "that's so gay" n shit like that, ya that's offensive but some of y'all get butt hurt for the stupidest things.
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  • LogicBomber
    How about people just stop looking for ways to become offended. Offence can only be taken, not given. SJW bullshit needs to die.

    Man up... Legit phrase. Men are biologically stronger than women, men also generally DIE because of the amount of things which make our lives harder than women's. So manning up simply means to toughen up. It's verifiable.
    Regardless of how much women want to claim to be "Strong and independent"... the constant need for society to "protect them" and "assist them", push campaigns to support them or protect their egos... MAN UP is a legit phrase.

    Don't be a pussy... Is no different than calling someone a dick or a prick for being mean. No one seems to have issue with that. (Mainly because men are not as easily offended as women)

    Bitch... a female dog (which later was used to mean a disagreeable woman because "an angry female would bark at you like a "bitch") so if someone is barking at you like a female dog... then the title is valid.

    No homo... If you appreciate your own sex but not in a sexual way. This is an accurate sentence. It doesn't mean that homo is "bad" it simply means the speaker is not homosexual but is admiring something of the same sex.

    That's so GAY... Gay means stupid now, it used to be a slur for homosexual, but before that it meant happy. When it started to mean homosexual, it was meant as a slur. "That guy over there is a little to 'happy' if you know what I mean" became "That guy is a little to "gay". But then the homosexual community chose to "own" it.
    But words evolve and you can't steal a bike and then get upset if that bike is then stolen from you.
    Gay now means something stupid or lame. So does retarded. It no longer means what it did.
    A person's CHOICE to be offended is their own issue and it is not the responsibility of the rest of society to kid glove you from the world.
    Get over yourselves and your need to play the victim.
  • peachblossomluck
    Very well stated. Thank you:) By the way, I'm a Liberal. I think we can all stop taking digs at each other.
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  • MaiNameIsSunshine
    Agreed, while I agree with the left I try not to call myself "liberal", the hypocrisy in the liberal side is the same as that hypocrisy in the conservative side (perhaps even worse, since they preach tolerance for everyone but white straight males). I don't agree with liberals who try to make literally everything PC, but don't appreciate conservatives who are flat out disrespectful because they are against being totally PC. I don't agree with calling all conservatives evil or ignorant because of their beliefs, nor do I agree with being called a libtard because I have liberal views. I could just go on forever really... American politics have really just got to the crapper. It should be taken out to the back of the barn and shot along with Mexico's government.
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  • SeraBarton
    Conservative and liberal describe practically nothing specific. If I disagree with people it's on a specific topic like gay marriage or death penalty, not "oh you're conservative? Fuck you!" That's the opposite of having a discussion people.
  • Idonthaveausername
    Someone once said that all liberals think conservatives are evil and all conservatives think liberals are stupid. I tend to agree with this for the most part once you look at the consistent arguments from either side.

    But political affiliation doesn't inherently make you a good or bad, smart or stupid person. And political affiliation a d different views is no reason to yell at someone or shun them. I have friends on both sides who are decent people and my parents (who are on opposing sides) are terrible people

    I agree people should stop insulting and discrediting people for different views. I get that a lot of people are upset about Trump, but there were just as many people upset about Obama and Obamacare. Seriously just give it 4-8 years and we'll probably have a Liberal president again... and then another 4-8 years and we'll have another Conservative. It's not like we live in a dictatorship
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  • ShortCircuit
    I think one of the biggest problems these days is that people are associating certain traits exclusively to one party or the other (that are not necessarily representative of that arty). Not all liberals are tolerant. Not all conservatives are disciplined. Not all liberals are undisciplined. Not all conservatives are intolerant.

    To me it seems that at the most basic level, the two parties stand for the concepts of "safety" and "freedom". If we are all honest, every single person here (as a human being) probably believes in both of those ideals.

    Conservatives and liberals aren't much different in terms of our beliefs - rather, the difference lies in which beliefs we prioritize over others. Conservatives tend to prioritize safety over freedom, while liberals tend to prioritize freedom over safety. That's all there is to it.
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    I don't care anymore. If you want us all to shut up, just 1. Don't invalidate us. 2. Don't disrespect us 3. Don't infringe our rights. 4. Don't interfere with our lives and our decisions...

    And we won't have a problem...
  • Waffles731
    "Michael D. Harmon,"
    Well if he'd have kept it on safe he'd still be alive, really anyone who doesn't practice proper gun safety is really asking for that.
    My favorite saying, don't mind those who ignore procedure as you'll outlive them
    • Why are liberals, who profess to be motivated by love and tolerance, gleefully rejoicing at the death of another human being?

    • Waffles731

      People are dicks, conservative, liberal doesn't matter people get hypocritcal and get assholish.
      me, I'm a liberal and honestly all I can say is, follow gun safety and this wouldn't have happened.
      This is why gun safety is a thing, because if you don't follow it, shit like this happens

    • But that is not a reason to celebrate the death of another person.

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  • Lightspeed-Lemon
    It's all identity politics now and no one thinks for themselves. They just follow the ideology of their party as if it were their religion. In this way, they are like religious fundamentalists, believing there is only one right way of doing things -- their own -- while everyone else is 100% wrong. There's no middle ground anymore, no desire to build bridges. People just want to say, "My team is the best! My tribe is superior!" and prefer to beat the other tribes into submission rather than cooperate with them.
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  • kilowatt04
    Finally something written by an admitted political partisan that I can respect. I'm a staunch non-partisan, libertarian leaning, and believe in and reject a lot of principles that both sides of the isle adopt as defining, because I think both parties have adopted contradicting beliefs. I wish a lot more of us would be like you, on all sides, and realize that the other side isn't bent on destruction of the country, doesn't just consist of a bunch of awful stereotypes, etc. It takes all sorts to run this world!
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  • echoaj
    I'm a liberal and you are the type of Conservative I like. A traditional conservative who is not into name calling and will have a decent civil debate not an Alt-righter who bases their arguments on memes, division, trolling. etc..

    Both sides have people that are there to fill their ego and paint one side as the devil.

    I like Michael Moore tho. He is a good guy, very genuine and I think really cares for the American people. He just has solutions you don't agree with. He has good documentaries.
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  • bloodmountain1990
    You can be a decent person and not hateful regardless of your political views
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  • YourFutureEx
    But then.. what's the point in politics if there's no polarity?
    • I never suggested that we should try to agree on everything. I am only suggesting that the bitter name calling stop.

    • Humans don't have any other way to oppose than scorning and disdaining. You have to provoke the society.

  • skeptic002
    Matthew 10:22
    And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved
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  • Idonotgivearatsass
    I tend to disagree, it would be unhealthy for everyone to get along... conflict is good for you, if you know how to manage it, just as a certain amount of hate is good. Of course, I'm impossible to pigeon hold, because I'll decide each individual issue on it's own merits... some need a conservative approach, others liberal and then there are those that fall in the middle, however, the vast majority of people in this country are incapable of looking at each issue on it's own, instead lumping everything into one giant cesspool and then deciding whether or not a liberal or conservative approach is the best.
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  • SuccessfulHornDog
    I say whatever I please and don't try to censor me asshats
  • ColinHarvey
    This is gay.
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    • I have a sense of humor and appreciate that in others!

  • Rissyanne
    Great take!!!
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  • Luci92
    I like this message.
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  • SinghSong
    Disagree 2 People
  • SheDevilxx
    I love this post, specially on 'bitch'
  • babeeeone
  • Thrifty
    I say all of these. Bitches.
  • Anonymous
    Agreed, unfortunately our country is severely divided and until we can all really truly listen to each other and figure stuff out it would be awesome and ideal. It's unfortunate that there has been so much negativity on all sides of the spectrum that it has come to broken friendships and relationships and violence. It's pretty sad, really.
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  • Anonymous
    I believe you have earnestly tried your best to write something that would be party neutral though there is still a slant in what you've written, but what is agreeing to disagree going to do? We've been agreeing to disagree for years, and we've had an inept congress that has done nothing in six years because no one: dems, republicans, liberals, conservatives, etc., will agree to anything with one another. It is the parties themselves who have drawn such firm lines in the sand and painted this picture of our nation that you can only be one thing and not the other and as a result any time a political conversation is had, it turns into screaming name calling matches online or otherwise.

    No one from the top down wants to give in because now that is apparently some sign of weakness to agree that another party or another view point can actually be respected enough to encourage it into law or even critical thought. So here we are with this stuck in the mud us against them mentality. Simply shutting the hell up, or agreeing to disagree is still no solution...