Stop Arguing And Walk Away!

Stop Arguing And Walk Away!

Both of our tempers are flaring.
Composure, articulation, and words have gone far beyond our control.
I want to be right!
He wants to be right!
Both of us are dominant forces, neither of us refuses to back down.
Body language of aggression, we both don't fail to stand our ground.
What has happened?
Our emotions has grabbed full control of us.
We know longer remember what has erupted this volcano.
We both just know, that it will not calm until one of us reaches victory.
"What's our victory?"
It lies in knowing that the other person "cannot prove themselves to be right".
When this occurs, the self satisfication one feels is similar to winning a crown.
"Why is that?"
Because "I am so mighty and strong", this person did not have the power to bring me down.
But is that really winning?
Isn't that perception deceived?

Instead of looking to the truth of the matter, we allow ourselves to become consumed,
by fabrications we choose to believe.
When you argue with someone, in fact you have lost all of your power.
The words that hold most effective are those that can teach a lesson,
and do not hold aggression.

When you begin to argue, you have reached an all time low.
Instead of keeping track of what you are disputing, your message becomes
lost in the words of hurt you choose to say.
Your anger and contempt, now works as a trigger to fuel the other parties
The both of you begin firing back and forth, this has now become a competition
of who can present the most hurt.
You have now entered into a zone where all you want to do
is "feel right" instead of actually "doing what is right".
The feeling of victory that you have won, will be short-lived.
You didn't accomplish anything, but hurting the person you care about.
The person you argue against, will hardly remember what sparked the initial argument,
instead the only thing that will become attached to their mind, is how you took every opportunity
to tear their character down.

The next time you feel yourself about to lose control in a disagreement,
I want you to ask yourself, "What message am I really trying to deliver?",
"Is it one of hurt?" or "Is it one with the intent to have the other person see your view?"

If the other person is fueling with rage walk away from the situation and come back when their
temper has calmed.
When someone is highly emotional, nothing you say will be heard.
If you take the "bait of detrimental words" being thrown at you, and respond back in the same manner,
both of your messages will fall mute to each others ears.
The only thing that will be heard are words that are meant to diminish.
The true victory lies in delivering a calm, and effective message that has the ability to be heard, when all tensions are down.
That is when your message will be delivered successfully.
That is when you truly obtain victory.
Do not allow yourself to fall victim to words that will work as a set back.

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What Guys Said 14

  • These are very wise words!

    As a corollary to this message, I often say that there are three little words which can make a relationship work like magic: "I was wrong." Admitting error is the mark of a wise person, a person who is truly in love, and a person who understands the long term consequences of silly arguments and foolish pride.

  • I live by the rule... arguing is futile. It just takes far too much effort and often somebody takes it to far and says something hurtful.

    I am a calm, cool, collective type so I would rather discuss it without all of the emotion. If she comes at me with a temper, I normally suggest we cool down and talk about it later once we have time to think about it.

  • Funny, how only anons attack you. Great Take. Everyone, anyone, can use a lesson in maturity.

  • Good point, and a really great Take :)

  • walk away from a fight. if you dont like a comment or opinion, just like the television, it is up to you to respond or tune it out!

  • Good point, nice Mytake.

  • The greatest lesson with maturity is to know which battles to involve yourself in :)

  • But... my.. Ego.. xD

  • You've never lived if you've never gotten into a furious argument with a girl and you end up hate-fucking each other.

  • you think people will agree with you if you be nice to them you think people are equal or they will treat you like an equal but you're incorrect thats because women are valued higher then men. men usually won't gangup or attack women but men will gang up and attack other men and single men all the time and women will join in because women are mentally weaker. there's a reason women are the beta sex.

    women usually always advocate communication and there's a reason for that. its historically and genetically that women are weaker then men and for the majority of human evolution are at the mercy of men. their only defense is communication. women who physically fight back are killed or injured and die easily. evolution has favored women who are biased for an aversion to conflict and doormating men in order to ensure their own survival. civilized society MODERN society is VERY NEW. women frequrntly make their men into doormatts. thats because its become genetic.

    women are highly aversive to conflcit it makes them adept diplomacy but also overly permissive
    men are not aversive to conflict which makes them adept at conflict and prone to fighting for social heirarchy.

    women dont understand

    men are designed to fight to dominate and get their way that is nature.
    thats how it must be in order for there to be order.
    its not pretty but this is biology and to avoid biology means abandonment of natural duty and law and you will be punished.

    the idea that fighting is bad is a idea pushed from feminism but not just feminism its also an idea that pushed by special interest groups like spy agencies and in general governments and any organizations or groups or single people who are looking for an excuse to quell violence. violence is what movies the world. not equality. equality unbalances the world stops it from moving and when things dont move they die.

    its crabs in a bucket the bucket is the jungle and now its a concrete jungle

    • arguing with a women you really care about is reckless but males fighting is normal. whther you walk away or not depends on what your goals are.

      walk away and you might win later
      walk away and you might lose
      walk away and you might win

      fight and you might win
      fight and you might lose

  • Arguments with men are fine.

    Arguments with women on the other hand... We are sick of always being the bad guys and being treated like shit. There will be NO ARGUMENTS since men are walking away from women altogether.

    Nagging & arguments kill men. Women are NOT for company.

  • I honestly don't even bother anymore with the fighting. If being right is the most important to a woman she can prove it to someone else but good take.

  • Funny how you're basically telling everyone to handle fights and arguments like men typically do in relationships.
    Hurrah for us!

    • I'm not telling anyone how to handle anything.
      I'm simply voicing opinions cannot be heard when both people have lost their cool.
      If yelling profanity and curse words is a method that works for you in arguing (as spoken about here) , then by all means feel free to do it and see how far it gets you.

  • Typical modern women. Have a couple of arguments, and instead of trying to work things out, "This will never work out. I am going to leave you heartbroken and go fuck some asshole I met at work. Bye."

    • Where is this even coming from? Its clear to see you read only the title rather than the take itself.
      I can always tell who read based on the answers I receive. It's actually pretty sad. Why comment only to fly off into a topic of infidelity you have received in your life , which has absolutely nothing to do with my take?

What Girls Said 7

  • Oh! I agree!

    The funny thing is - some men on here have attacked lots and lots of women because they do this. They see the pointlessness of constant counterproductive arguing and they give up, but those dudes see it as weakness and not common sense. xD
    Some people just can't see their own stupidity.

  • Very true. The second you argue with someone. Is the second you lose to them.

    Though in a relationship the second you win an argument is when you lose a part of the relationship. Since you just basically hurt the other person. Which ends up with you not gaining anything. Just losing some happiness.

  • *Applause*

    I have been saying this for ages but you really solidified it into something fruitful for people to consider. Good work.

  • Nice take! Walking away from a fight is a good thing as long as the people come back together and solve whatever was going on. My husband always walked away and that was his way of solving problems, snd he would sorry the resentment for days on end. I recently I walked away from him for good. Life is too short for everyone to stay bitter.

  • Walking away is what I do. So much better than resorting to violence or saying something I will more than likely regret.

  • It's important to know when to walk away. It's okay to go to sleep angry, but after you get some sleep its important to figure things or the next day

  • this is good !

    • i did want to mention that when i argue it's almost always to prevent the other person from making that same (or similar) rude, offensive and/or false remark especially when it's about me or someone i care about.
      to nip it in the bud. if you don't stand up for yourself and let people talk down to you about something false about you, they will do it again and again, sensing their power.
      i care most about the truth being out in the open.

    • Yes. You are right. There comes a time for everyone to pick and choose their battles.