Bye-Bye, Angelina, Don't Let the Door Hit You...

Bye-Bye, Angelina, Don't Let the Door Hit You...

The moment not only Jen lovers, but women lovers, have been patiently waiting for for years. We all knew it was coming because Brad can't keep his attention on one woman very well, though he did so well for a long time with her. But since the early 90's it just isn't him. Shame on Brad but I think he'll soon find he isn't the man he was circa Interview with a Vampire.

He openly states Jolie is hard-pressed for female friends and doomed her own relationship by acting crazy. Since being married, he's known she was the tempest and now he's in Jen's shoes only with less nice breasts. This is on her, not Brad. She's never been that levelheaded.

But I'm with Chelsea Handler:

“She seems like a demon,” she said of Jolie in a 2013 appearance on Watch What Happens Live. “It has nothing to do with Jennifer. As a woman, I know when you see somebody walking across the room that’s a bad girl. I just don’t like Angelina Jolie. I don’t think she’s a girl’s girl. I like girl’s girls!”

Bye-Bye, Angelina, Don't Let the Door Hit You...

Jolie sees herself as an equal amongst men and irrelevant among women. You don't register on her radar as a person if you are a woman, not even if you are Julia (fucking) Roberts. If Julia loves your husband and not you, there's a problem. Brad likes hot women strong independent and that's it.

Angelina got married and crumbled as she can't stand being the wife who, her Dad taught her, gets cheated on. I'd feel sorry for her if only I didn't watch her say she wasn't the other woman and would never be what her dad was only to in fact be the other woman.

You reap what you sow. Thanks for the best vindication ever. Jen is in a good place and Jolie is exposed for the weak person she really is: Jealous, controlling and insecure.

Bye-Bye, Angelina, Don't Let the Door Hit You...
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  • Whaaaaa
  • Righttobeararms83
    All Brad has to do is pull the trigger on her incestuous relationship with her brother.
  • Dragons_Den
    so ugly

    also old
    • Anonymous

      Wow GAG is controlling and won't let me even comment to correct their edits but almost everywhere it says 'he' I wrote 'she'. So when implied for Brad I meant Angie and they added new photos in 2 minutes flat. Go plagiarism this is why I went anon. But my comment are BS at this point.

    • ya pitt is also hella old