Women Don't Care About Men: The Harsh Reality

Women Don't Care About Men: The Harsh Reality

When I say women don't care about men, what I really mean is that women care very little about men compared to how much men care about women. The other day a woman said on a radio interview that the harsh truth is that women don't care about anyone but themselves and their children. It might sound harsh, but it's the truth.

The truth is, women are not hard wired to love men the same way that men love women. Think about it: men have crossed seas, have climbed mountains, and have fought in battles, just to get access to women. Women are not attracted to men the same way that men are attracted to women. There are some stupid people who say that both men and women have the same level of attraction to each other and that women are as perverted as men, but we all know deep down that this is utter drivel. Next these stupid people will say that there's no difference in physical strength between men and women.

In the past I have experimented on dating websites. Once I pretended to be an attractive woman, just to see how much attention these women truly get. I must have received 50-100 messages every day from men who were so desperate to either get me into bed or just go on a date with me. However, when I went on a dating website as an attractive man, I was lucky to get 1 or 2 messages a week. The fact is that women just don't have the same desire for men as what men have for women.

Women Don't Care About Men: The Harsh Reality

I think it comes down to physical attraction. Men mostly go by looks. If a woman is good looking, that's usually enough to get a man interested. But with women, they seem more attracted to how a man makes them feel: is he exciting, is he confident, can he make a woman laugh, etc. That's why you often see hot women with unattractive men. Women seem to care more about a man's character than his looks. Looks are just a bonus. But most women would rather date an unattractive man who is really exciting and confident, than a good looking man who is boring and has no confidence.

I think it's so frustrating when you see a hot woman that you really want, but you know she can choose from so many other men. I also find it frustrating knowing that as soon as she gets bored of me, she can easily get another man ready to take her away. I wish both men and women had the same level of desire and attraction for each other. Life would be so much easier, in my opinion.

Women Don't Care About Men: The Harsh Reality
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  • IceCubedude
    while i believe some women are keepers and truly do their best for their man the majority seem happy buying stuff, driving new cars and going on vacations and really dont care much how long or hard the man has to work to bring enough money, i see it happen in real life, a man works hard for his family and his wife complains about her iphone 6 cause its outdated and she needs the newsest version, i dont think women undertand the struggles of men and they assume the lack of periods and need to remove body hair magically makes a man problems-free.
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  • Anonymous
    Straw man argument. 😛
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    • RedHood7

      How so?

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  • feminismisnarcissism
    meh. If men don't care about women in return, they do just fine.

    women are only special in the mind of a simp. they ain't special, there's 3.5 billion of them.
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  • somebodysaycheese
    Lol. This is 100 percent your emotions 100 percent logic.
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  • ayylamo
    I heard that being narcissistic actually puts women at an evolutionary advantage.
    • RedHood7

      Yes, but only in the sense that if they dont accept anything but some of the "best", their offspring will have higher chances of survival.