Why American Health Care is CRAP

Why American Health Care is CRAP

Americas health care system is the absolute worst in the new world, and one of the worst, period. Anybody who says otherwise is an inbred southerner stuck in the past. And here's is why.

In my country of Australia, which by the way only has just over 200 years of civilized history compared to the USA's 600, all official citizens[becoming one isn't even that hard either] have access to medicare, which covers all bare essentials. Sure, if you don't have ambulance insurance, you could charged hundreds or thousand just for THAT, but the insurance is dirt cheap.

I was once committed to the mental hospital[for s suicide attempt] for a whole fortnight, got fed reasonably well, and had a nurse accompany me throughout, save for toilet time. It didn't cost me a fucking dime! Not even for the ambulance that transported me from my semi-rural town an hour from the mental ward. And at age ten i fell on a picket fence and ended up with a big bleeding hole just bellow my armpit, needed 8 stitches. Guess what? DIDN'T COST ME!

Why American Health Care is CRAP

Now think from that how much better OUR system is, a country supposedly inferior to the USA.

But in America even the best insurance schemes would only cover the bare, life-saving essentials, and only a third of the costs of everything else. And insurance is NOT even remotely cheap there.

And you know what they would do if you don't have insurance and you were missing and arm and bleeding out, clinging desperately to life?!...nine times out of ten, they will literally boot you out of the ER, or have you arrested.

But in my country, we have this NEW THING called Duty of Care. If somebody's life or even freedom is in danger, they must take action or risk being sued or loosing their job and/or medical license. I know this because while in the mental ward, I confessed to having a sexual fetish for female horses. They said they could not let me go until they found a way to cure me of this sexuality, because it's illegal, and my freedom was at risk as well as my life because of suicidal thoughts.

So now you know. The USA's delusion that they have the best healthcare and that they are the best country in the world, is just that, a delusion.

Why American Health Care is CRAP
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  • Anonymous
    The US does have the best Doctors and healthcare. The catch is IF you are rich enough to afford it, because insurance companies won't pay for a lot of shit. Just FYI though all medical professionals are legally bound to help someone even without insurance if their life is in immediate danger. They simply charge them an insane amount of money and garnish their wages and they will spend the next ten or twenty years paying it off. They even passed a law saying you can't declare bankruptcy if you have unpaid medical bills. I mean you aren't wrong about the overarching principle, about how the US pays (or more accurately doesn't pay) for healthcare is crap, but you got a lot of the details just plain wrong.

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  • Fathoms77
    Uh... I don't think anybody in this country thinks the healthcare system is superior to anything. Just about everyone knows it's broken.

    And the whole "everyone pays for everyone else" thing only works if the majority of the populace isn't deplorably unhealthy; trying such a system with such an ill populace is destined to fail.
  • Saoirse_Nua
    I agree - I don't know the stats but my inkling is to blame the medical providers and the health insurance companies who are keeping prices artificially high which keeps a lot of people prized out of healthcare.
  • legalboxers
    read mytakes about it you will see my point!

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