13 Ridiculously Cruel Things Humans Used to Do


There were many cruel things humans used to do. Thankfully, these cruel actions are no longer committed. Even though this Take is "PG"/ toned down, it's not for the faint of heart. Most of the devices mentioned were used during the medieval ages and all the info is from books and the Internet, while the pictures are also from the internet.

13 Ridiculously Cruel Things Humans Used to Do

1.) Judas Cradle

A torture device that was built like a pointy chair. The victim would be forced to sit on it and it's said that some women would be forced to sit on it with their genitals. The victim's orifice would be ruptured and the victim would die of either impalement or infection since the device wasn't cleaned. A similar device called the "Spanish donkey" was used to torture people. The victim would sit on it as they rode a horse. Weights would be added to the victim's ankles.

13 Ridiculously Cruel Things Humans Used to Do
13 Ridiculously Cruel Things Humans Used to Do

2.) Flaying

A very painful type of torture where the person would be skinned. This cruel practice was used to punish people. Some victims would be put in direct sunlight after they had been flayed so the sunlight would cause more damage to them. The victim would die in few hours or few days of shock, infection, blood loss or hypothermia.

13 Ridiculously Cruel Things Humans Used to Do

3.) Eunuchs

Various cultures would practice the cruel custom of removing the testicles of certain males. Certain societies did this to boys before they hit puberty to keep the boys' voice from getting deep so they could be sopranos. Any victim of this wouldn't develop properly. Once the male reached adulthood, he would look androgynous and his voice would be high pitched.

Alessandro Moreschi was a man that was turned into Eunuch before puberty which prevented his voice from deepening. He became a castrato singer. It's very sad. This cruel practice of making Eunuchs has been abolished in most parts of the world. The video below is of Alessandro singing a song.

4.) Hanged, drawn and quartered

The victim would be hanged without killing them. Then the victim would have their genitals and guts removed and the victim would be dismembered and decapitated. This cruel practice was abolished in 1814.

13 Ridiculously Cruel Things Humans Used to Do

5.) The breast-ripper

The name is self explanatory, the. Claws of this device would be heated before being used to mutilate a woman's breasts. This cruel torture was outlawed in the 19th century.

13 Ridiculously Cruel Things Humans Used to Do

6.) Thumbscrew

A torture device used to crush the victim's fingers and toes, it was very cruel. These were used against slaves in the 1700s. Thomas Clarkson (a abolitionist ) carried some of these to get empathy and help his cause to help slaves. They are no longer used and they are displayed in museums.

13 Ridiculously Cruel Things Humans Used to Do

7.) Torture rack

A device that was used to stretch people's bodies until their limbs were dislocated. It's no longer used.

13 Ridiculously Cruel Things Humans Used to Do

8.) Iron Maiden

It was a human sized case that has spikes in it. A victim would be put in as the spikes stabbed the poor person. It's no longer used. There is a rock band named after this infamous device.

13 Ridiculously Cruel Things Humans Used to Do

9.) Pear of anguish

A torture device that was inserted into a orifice, for women it was inserted into her genitals, for men it was either inserted into the mouth or butt. It would tear the poor victim's skin and/or severely mutilate the victim. It all depended on how much damage the torturer wanted to cause. It's no longer used.

13 Ridiculously Cruel Things Humans Used to Do

10.) Severing and smashing body parts

Some victims of torture would have certain body parts removed or severely damaged by their torturers. This type of torture is no longer used in most countries.

13 Ridiculously Cruel Things Humans Used to Do

11.) Burning people

Whether the victim was burned at a stake, burned with boiling water etc, this cruel practice was common in the medieval ages. It has been banned in most parts of the world.

13 Ridiculously Cruel Things Humans Used to Do

12.) Flamethrowers

They were common during WWI, WWII and the Vietnam war. In WWII they were used by both Allied and Axis soldiers. These weapons would cause very painful and horrifying deaths. Flamethrowers are such a cruel invention; in the 1980s, new laws would add restrictions on the use of incendiary weapons and Flamethrowers are not used by any army anymore.

13 Ridiculously Cruel Things Humans Used to Do

13.) Experimenting on people

There were occasions when people were experimented on. The Nazis and Unit 731 are notorious for experimenting on people. The cruel practice of experimenting on people is no longer practiced.

13 Ridiculously Cruel Things Humans Used to Do

There are many more cruel things people used to do but that's enough for this myTake. There won't be any "sequels."

13 Ridiculously Cruel Things Humans Used to Do
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  • somebodysaycheese
    13. Several govts across the world from the late 1800's to the early 1940's forced gay men to transition. It was an experiment started by the English , perfected by the Nazis. they where trying to use hormones to change their sexuality which worked but they claimed never perfected, the nazis beleived the gays where testosterone dominant and today we know that to be true.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Waffles731
    "Whether the victim was burned at a steak,"
    Stake not steak,
    Your sentence implies that the victim was burned at a nice piece of filet migon
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  • madhatters4
    definitely cruel and unusual

    while torture methods now days are less physically brutal i think some may argue they are even more cruel as torture often times is psychological
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  • ObscuredBeyond
    Today, we have ISIS and Hillary. Which makes Bush waterboarding look like an ice cream sundae by comparison!

    - Beating men down, cutting their guts open, then eating their livers raw on live camera feed, only to shake hands with John McCain a week later, and watch him throw a temper tantrum when some relatives of the victim ask him what he wants done about these blatant human rights abuses.

    - Beheading children

    - Crucifying young boys, raping their young sisters, then raping the family's pet goat, then throwing them all in a cage and lighting them on fire.

    - Muslims raiding Buddhist temples in Myanmar. Any monk lacking the kung-fu to survive the onslaught becomes a roast on a spit. (And you wonder why China banned Islam, and doesn't give a hoot if that's politically incorrect?)

    - Dipping women in nitric acid for refusing sexual relations with their captors.

    - Taking a machete to coroners who offer to change their story to rule that the man shot in the head twice was anything other than a suicide. Then dumping this coroner who dared try to come clean about the real story in a dumpster. Throwing him out like garbage. While sending an army of trolls after those who insist the original victim is a victim of foul play, with tinfoil hat jokes galore.

    You wonder why I don't care if we start using chlorine triflouride on the entire Globalist criminal cartel? Of course, that will never happen. (Because liquid hellfire is not practical to store, carry, nor implement. Even the Nazis gave up on it!)
  • monthsmays
    Ok, after watching saudi arabia beheading and this i will totally throw up. people are disgusting and sick. wish i was a cat...
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    • Ghassan

      Cutting a persons head is scientifically the easiest and fastest way to die.

  • Aqualung
    Yes, it's fascinating how devious/degenerate humans were, uh, are. I'm glad you brought this to the attention of Gagers. And one of the best all time cruel punishments:

    All that sick behavior is the reason our forefathers made no "cruel and unusual punishment " as one of our rights in the USA..
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  • Theodorable
    Cool! I like this take. Do you notice what WASN'T there? Waterboarding... because it's not ridiculously cruel. However, stoning women to death still happens and that's pretty horrendous.
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  • Sephora_Addict
    Harsh and super cruel! People were fucked up back then.
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  • Kit_Kat88
    Creative ways for torture, sometimes it should be legal as punishment for a crime.
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    • ADFSDF1996

      They are too barbaric. People who punish criminals in cruel ways, makes them just as bad as the criminals.

    • Kit_Kat88

      It depends on how severe the crime was though.

    • ADFSDF1996

      Even it the person did something horrendous, morally they still need humane treatment.

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  • Saoirse_Nua
    Thankfully I have just finished my dinner a while ago - They are certainly very dark instruments you describe and what they do.
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  • anonman32
    That Spanish donkey is still used today in bdsm practices.
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  • Dipsy
    These are so dark.. imagining them makes me sick
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  • malealpha00
    It must suck being a eunuch - having a deep voice is one of the best things about puberty
  • Ghassan
    Some of these are still used to today, especially experimenting.
  • Doober
    Fuckin humans.
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  • Library
    They did these cruel things in medieEVIL times
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  • Gabriella171
    I wish I didn't read this...

    Gosh people suck
  • Adigelunar
    nice post,
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  • Unit1
    Humans are a big mistake.
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  • Jackblue
    You forgot the worst one of all scaphism.
  • Anonymous
    If elected, trump will revive all of these.
  • Anonymous
    Thanks for the nightmares. >.<
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