Cruelty on the self

Cruelty on the self

Many concepts were distorted so that more people can relate, which impaired those wonderful qualities of character that are really special for most people to reach. You don't sculpture a golden edge to a curved shape! You will make it much cheaper.

Loyalty for example is one of those qualities as I have explained in my previous post. The problem with this, is that it makes people believe they are doing the right things, as they believe they are still acting by such honorable qualities. We lie to ourselves all the time to feel good, to escape from the feeling of guilt. We all do that just in different degrees, and the more we lie to ourselves the worse we be. So if you wanna start being good you should start being true to yourself and accept the guilt, which would be your first step to change. The second step would be cruelty on the self to actually do the right thing.

Principles and character qualities are tested at the difficult times, when holding on to them requires cruelty on the self. And as cruel it is on your ego at first to stand by a principle in a difficult time, as revealing it is later for your true being.

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Cruelty on the self
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