The Song of the People's Champion

The Song of the People's Champion

The Song of the People's Champion

An Ode to the Hero of Patriots Worldwide

Decades from now, our young progeny brave

Born to do right, to protect and to save

Will sing of a Defender, noble and true

A Hero named Trump, who stood up for you.

His path was not easy, his opponent unfair;

They mocked him, his family, his beautiful hair.

Treated as first as a joke beyond measure,

So maligned was our God, our Pyx, our Treasure.

Our Champion fell not to allies disloyal,

With power and fury he entombed them in soil.

The fallen Republicans, plan as they may

Can never make Caesar say "Et tu, Brute?"

Nothing could fell the patriot sublime,

Though hordes of the cowards tried time and time

To trip him up or to make him a fool,

They attacked in a method relentless and cruel.

Dear Leader would not be so easily beaten,

Not by such lying, pusillanimous cretins.

Not by his enemy, a displeasing hag

Perpetually angry and on the rag.

This dynasty of corruption, the house of Clinton

Inbred buffoons born poverty-stricken

Who, through underhanded dealing, stumbled onto wealth

False aristocrats with blood-stained pelf.

Our Hero is fierce, and of most noble bearing

Yet kind, magnanimous, decent, and caring.

His wrath is saved for the unjust and vile;

His piercing blue eyes can see through their guile.

His victory has come, His promises true;

His words ring fair 'neath the red, white and blue.

Like the Boreads of old who drove off the harpies,

He defeated a "woman" most frumpy and snarky.

Take not for granted what Dear Leader has done;

Without him we would miss the joy and the fun

Of Twitter meltdowns, weeping and gnashing of teeth

The death knell of libertines immoral and weak.

Forget not his efforts, and his significant role

In destroying the system and removing its soul.

Such is the song of the People's Champion,

An upstanding Liberator who made his country great again.

I want to thank Donald J. Trump, his family, his workers, and his supporters for making such a historic upset possible. With all of your contributions we managed to retake our country from those bent on its destruction and to plan a better future for coming generations.

Also, fuck you, @DooMguy, for making me write this. Almost an hour of my life wasted, SMH.

The Song of the People's Champion
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  • DooMguy

    Wasted? It was worth it, you can make poetry great again. You know. . . after seeing this I kind of want some more. . .


    You've got skills, good job
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    Is this still revelant?
    • VomitV

      Why, thank you.

      Now it's just a matter of time to see whether the Turkroaches that run GaG call this "offensive" and remove it. I have a copy saved, so w/e.

    • DooMguy

      You're welcome

      No that can't happen, you can't even think about that. This take needs to be promoted. Turkroaches (&kebab) will be removed

    • VomitV

      Well, they promoted it. Praise be to based Turkroach.

      You can hold off on the removal for now.

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