Don't Let Politics Ruin Relationships


Don't Let Politics Ruin Relationships

Can't we all just get along? Thanksgiving is coming fresh on the heels 👠 of a very nasty election. Some of us are happy, some sad, some confused.

No no matter which category you fall into I highly advocate compartmentalization during this holiday season. Why write off that favorite uncle of 30 years over something like an election?

Why rub it in faces if your guy won only to burn bridges that could have lasted a lifetime?

Things are shifty right now but your personal life doesn't have to be. If your guy won then great and let's look forward. If your candidate didn't win and it seems like the Sky is falling then there is no better time to chin up and be an example for your kids or loved ones. It is still your job to be that same great person irregardless.

Christmas time is here, let's make merry!

Don't Let Politics Ruin Relationships
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  • Anonymous
    I lost many a friendship over this election. With them getting in my face "Lets Make America Great Again" to other sniveling remarks. as it stand now. Roe v. Wade is officially overturned, so is Obamacare and a YUGE wall is being built. Women, and people who are perceived as "illegal" live in fear too. The majority of people who voted for this man are uneducated Caucasians.

    Lets see why nothing was done, a black man in a white house. Plain and simple. And its because of the backlog that this is happening. Also, did anyone kiss there guns good night after Trump won and say "you are staying with me, that bitch isn't taking you away from me"
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    • sjoes006

      I understand but have done my best to not take the vote out on indiivdual voters. I don't think I would say Roe v Wade is now overturned but many other civil liberties are in peril.

      It was apparent to me 2 hours into voting things weren't going our way and I honestly had a physician tell me to take a break and leave the room for at least 45 minutes because my heart was under such bad stress.

      I won't quit friends but I am changing firms. For business reasons I can't continue an I going relationship with my boss who has made her political alliance clear from the get go even as I hide mine.

    • Anonymous

      we now live in fear with whats going on in the world, and come January 21st. Its a dawn of a bad beginning

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  • Bards
    Easier said than done when you're a minority.
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    • sjoes006

      That's quite true but we simply can't change to outcome and being miserable only hurts you. Volunteer, find a new cause and make changes that are very real in your own way. It's the only way some of us can remain sane.

      I'm volunteering for homeless organizations, and once a week at a retirement community with the same older person as well as giving time wrapping presents for low income children and sponsoring 2 kids this year.

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  • coolbreeze
    Good points. I was listening to the radio and people were crying like it was the end of the world of something it's like just enjoy life and be happy. I can only imagine how families are fighting over the election and it's like it's over. Continue life and carry on. Thanksgiving should be fun in a lot of households. Every family has people they don't like in it.
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    • sjoes006

      I was one of those people 😭. A neighbor in a different house heard me and came over to ask my boyfriend what was going on because it sounded line i was being beaten. I still wake up happy only to remember who is president.

      But we have to move forward and accept the reality. It happened. Let's support good ideas and perhaps not others.

      They go low, we go high. I'll be the change I want to see as opposed to expecting Hills to do it. In this way I'm better off.

    • coolbreeze

      Yes that is true and you make great points. Lol tell you noisy neighbor to mind his business. Lol just joking about that. Yes we have to move forward and go on with life. I wake up and is happy to be alive and just go on with life. Yes we have to accept reality.

  • rjroy3
    This message really should be geared towards the butthurt people. Trump voters got insulted for months and now Trump won. They should really just eat that humble pie and let things be. I know if I talked tons of shit, only to lose that I'd be asking for a backlash afterwards. Most people can move on. But if you're vomiting butthurt on everyone, then it is your fault for the state of said relationship.
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  • abc3643
    Family is overrated. You share genes. After that, they're assholes - just like everybody else.
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  • EnteringValhalla
    tell that to the black mom who threw her child out of the house because he voted for trump at school. that bitch should not have kids
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  • Adigelunar
    great onee
  • CancerianMan81
    thing is people don't want to get along