Narcissism At Its Finest

Narcissism At Its Finest

Does anyone think of anyone else anymore? I mean, we are narcissistic people.

We tend to only think of other people when we need something. Does anyone ever go out of their way to do something kind for someone, to give a sad stranger a beautiful smile?

To make sure the girl on the floor isn't crying? Do we ever think that other people have lives? No one tends to. No one tends to think "these people have entire novels and storylines and i know none of it."

Everyone around you has felt some degree of pain and happiness and anger. Everyone has gone though drama. All we see is what we choose to see.

Narcissism At Its Finest

We don't know if the loud kid doesn't get attention at home. We don't know if the smart kid is being pushed into these smart classes.

We don't know anything about anyone's lives. Yet we still judge and assume. I'm just thinking, what the fuck is the point to be mean to other people?

There's no point in putting someone down when they're human too. That's not my point though. My point is, does anyone ever think of anyone besides themselves?

I don't think so.

We want what we want. That's where it ends and begins.

Narcissism At Its Finest
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  • bcromartie
    I strongly disagree with the idea that narcissism is getting worse with interpersonal relationships. As a matter of fact it's getting better as that is what drives posts like these to even exist. Compared to fifty years ago (just fifty years...) segregation was very real but not just between racial groups but also social classes.

    Today people who are skilled who come from impoverished backgrounds have a much better chance of getting a quality post-secondary education than they did previously where they were fundamentally considered too uneducated by just being poor.

    The fact of the matter is that, "We tend to only think of other people when we need something.", is the inherent norm for humans. We only interact when we have something to gain. We are beasts of incentive; the questions you pose about doing something for nothing and declaring mankind is moving failing to achieve altruism is proof that we aren't failing and that we are moving towards that goal long-term.

    Ironically it is narcissistic to believe that everyone lacks the incentive to meet your own premise of what altruism is suggesting that fundamentally the way you see the world is the way it actually is impressing upon others your own opinion of mankind. But this too is a good thing and is part of the discussion required to achieve some form of altruism; we must, as beings, first acknowledge what we think is necessary and then delve deeper to look into what really is and is not helpful.

    If someone is in anguish but safe should you necessarily bother them? If "that girl" is crying does that mean you should rush to the rescue? After all we must also consider, though this perhaps an adult issue and nothing you would concern yourself with yet, the actual ability to aid others from their plights. If you see a man starving on the side of the road but can barely afford food yourself you are not doing anyone any favors by rendering yourself inert so that he may feed; it is only when you have reliable means and ability that you should act.

    Hence we judge. If a person is disruptive but has the faculty to stop that behavior and chooses not to but disrupts the lives of others who comes first? Should we not judge him and simply coddle him? To pretend that we can offer the attention he needs, which is parental, is faulty. You can't help people without judging their state accurately; you are no hero because you refuse to judge and in fact only hurt everyone including the person you want to help.
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  • redeyemindtricks
    Ok, yeah, I'm self-absorbed as all sweet hell.

    In fact, I'm so self-absorbed that I don't want anyone killing my vibe of general all-around confidence, competence, and awesomeness.
    ... so, the only thing I can do is try to bring everyone else around me up to MY level, and help THEM win at life just as much.

    What else can I do, really?
    #yougetwhatyougive #idoitforthefuckyeahs
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    • By doing that you're not being selfish though, you're still helping others in a positive way.

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  • FakeName123
    Assuming and judging people in your environment is a very normal human trait. It is part of the desire to understand other people - mainly for self-defense purposes aka who you can trust, etc.

    I don't see how that is wrong or narcisstic. The only problem is if one doesn't give the benefit of a doubt and sticks 100% to their initial assumptions, but stereotypes and generalisations are often there for a reason.
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  • peachblossomluck
    From someone who was raised around daily narcissism, I can attest there is too much of it. If you can't find a decent person, be one♡
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  • Because-I-Have-Too
    I try to think of others :-) and I tend to smile at random strangers :-D
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  • Eternallylucky
    I can't help anyone if my cup is half full. If it was overfilling, I will help no doubt if thst person deserves it.
  • archiz
    "We want what we want. That's where it ends and begins"
    I like that.
    pretty true
  • SlightlyCrazy
    So sad the most open and selfless of us get locked out in the cold
  • Saoirse_Nua
    So true - Well written, almost lyrical in style.
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  • Adigelunar
    good topic
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  • blondfrog
    So basically 90% of girls on GAG.
  • MissSakura
    ı love myself lol
  • CancerianMan81
    I know where you're coming from