4 Reasons Why Americans Should Just Deal With The New President


1. History Repeats Itself

When I was a child, George W. Bush ascended the presidency. I probably didn't pay much attention to the news at the time, but I eventually learned about the election of George W. Bush to the Oval Office versus his opponent, Al Gore, in my history textbook. When he came to the presidency, some people demanded a re-vote, probably because they didn't want to see Bush as president and suspected there was some kind of cheating going on.

Why Americans Should Just Deal With The New President

In this most recent election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, people are now protesting against Donald Trump's win with picket signs that say "Not my president". Apparently, people are getting stupider too. Having a sign that says "re-vote" actually makes sense. "Not my president" does not, because regardless of what you think of him, he is the new President of the United States.

4 Reasons Why Americans Should Just Deal With The New President

2. It's Only Four Years

Donald Trump will just be president for 4 years. That is the limit for one term. If he gets re-elected, then 8 years. But it is possible that a president may not be re-elected. That has definitely happened before in history; it may even happen again. Until then, Americans from all sides should support whatever president they have. Even Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton want a peaceful union between Democrats and Republicans. Please, Democrats! Just chill! You already have 8 years with a Democratic president. It's about time that a Republican should ascend the presidency. What makes you think the Democratic party should get all the political power?

4 Reasons Why Americans Should Just Deal With The New President

3. People Should Be More Self-Reliant

According to the press and mass media, Donald Trump is likely going to repeal Obamacare. I admit that while I was in college, I enjoyed Obamacare, because I could get under my parents' health insurance plan. Though, I was never gravely sick and had no serious, emergency issues.

I believe that everyone should make an effort to be healthy physically. Obviously, healthy people don't have any chronic medical issues and may just need health insurance for emergencies/accidents. While good physical health is kind of difficult to attain for people who live in food deserts and earn below the poverty line, I believe this is where the nation's churches and state and city authorities should step in and help create more urban gardens to help poor people get the fruits and vegetables they need, because the federal government is kind of unreliable. That said, people should remember that with a weaker federal government, the individual states may become stronger and make their own laws regarding healthcare and social service programs.

4 Reasons Why Americans Should Just Deal With The New President

4. People Focus Way Too Much On The Petty Things

I believe people are focusing way too much on the petty things, like sexual minority rights and abortion rights. In the grand scheme of things, those are actually minor issues. I doubt that Donald Trump will persecute sexual minorities directly. At best, he's probably going to have a nonchalant attitude and let the States decide about what to do with sexual minorities. The nonchalance may just apply to abortion rights too, where he allows the States to decide how to regulate abortions. The sexual-political topic that is of most concern at the federal level is probably the defunding of Planned Parenthood. For a long time, Republicans want to defund Planned Parenthood. If that happens, many Planned Parenthood clinics have to close down, because they cannot withstand the pressure anymore. However, Donald Trump has the power to veto such a legislation.

If he ever does pass such a legislation against Planned Parenthood, then some churches may step in and provide free gifts to women who are considering an abortion in order to deter them from getting an abortion. Maybe local community churches are trying to provide an alternative to abortion, which is helping the mother raise the child.

4 Reasons Why Americans Should Just Deal With The New President

4 Reasons Why Americans Should Just Deal With The New President
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  • madhatters4
    the re-count in the bush election was due to issues on california ballots. it actually led to a change in the way florida did it's ballotting

    i don't think you can decide what is a minor issue. it may not apply to you but for millions of americans it does. i also don't think you or any of us can truly predict what the future may be. we can only deal with our present and a very uncertain future. which leads to my next point...
    if people don't like what our government is doing or has stated it will do; it is their right and should be encouraged to voice their opinions. it is a key principle on which our country is founded, it's how we overcame tyranny, got civil rights legislation passed, women got the right to vote, and ended wars
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  • mermaidrocketship
    People need to realize checks and balances are a thing. Trump can't go in and do whatever he wants, regardless of what he says. Everyone needs to calm down.
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    • Yes and no.

      With Executive Orders, a president CAN do pretty much anything. Bush the Second started the Dept of Homeland Security (oh how I HATE that name. It reminds me of the Gestapo or Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti, the KGB, "Committee for State Security"). Klintoon delegated the president's power to authorize the use of nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons to the SecDef (IIRC), as well as a shit-ton of other things. You want some reading that will both bore you and anger you, read the executive orders by various presidents sometime.

      Allegedly, EO's can be challenged in federal court. In reality, I doubt that they'd be able to be overturned, unless they are an EXTREME example of the president bypassing CONgress or they involve highly illegal things that can't simply be swept under the rug.

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    it's good to give power back to states instead of trying to be the king like obama did
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    • OK, I can't stand Count Chocula or anything he or any other democommie stand for, but I have to be fair about this. Bush the Second was no better. Klintoon was probably actually worse as far as Executive Orders go. And Bush the First was a shitbag too.

  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    Part of the problem is that the president, because he's/she's elected, is a reflection of the people that voted for him/her. With trump, due to the things he's said about virtually every group of human beings, a lot see it as a referendum of the prejudice and racism and sexism and bigotry that has existed in this country for literally hundreds of years. And his nomination is a validation of that. Not specifically that the people who voted for him are racist, sexist, etc, but that people are also glossing over that stuff and allowing it to persist in this country

    With that said, the election's over and people need to get the fuck over it. He's the president whether you like it or not. Republicans win some years. Democrats win others. That's how the country works. I do agree on the self reliance, though, although, at some point, macro does affect the micro, so the self reliance point has to be taken with a grain of salt... especially in certain areas that still exist in the country, like failing school systems, inner cities, economic inequality opportunities, etc... but I'm opening up a can of worms at that point

    Also, why is this in the sexual behavior section? 🤔
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    • Anonymous

      I tried to assign this to Society & Culture, but the moronic algorithm sorts this into Sexual Behavior instead. This, and a bunch of Takes that have the word "sex" in it. I think that's the keyword or trigger.

    • I hate that shit. It's so annoying

    • media.giphy.com/media/3ViDyv13D9HQQ/giphy.gif
      Oh look. More butthurt downvoters... god forbid they aren't man enough to actually explain how I'm possibly wrong 🤔

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  • nalaa
    1) NotMyPresident refers to the fact that he didn't actually most votes. Most people did NOT vote for Trump. And no technically he is not elected until December. But anyway I think rethinking a system in which the candidate that gets the most votes can lose the election is a valid concern/complaint. In fact Donald Trump himself thinks so

    4) Yes it's only for years, but by that logic ww1 was ONLY 4 years. I think if it had been Romney or literally any other of the republican candidates people might have been disappointed but not this passionate about this. Trump for obvious reasons is a very controversial character

    3) Yes but you're missing the point. The point was that people who are seriously can't be dropped or left with the costs by their insurance. Ya maybe someone who has had a heart attack shouldn't have had bacon everyday, but are they supposed to now? Should we just let them die? Or people who become chronically ill from being exposed to dangerous chemicals? Or people who get cancer through no fault of their own? Jon Stewart a while back made a lot of noise about first responders in 9/11 being left with massive medical bills they can't afford
    And if there is no solution on a federal level states might take it into their own hand. Or not. But ya Mitt Romney himself introduced a system not unlike Obamacare in MA

    4) Well what is and what is not a petty thing is very subjective. Personally I don't think abortion is a petty or trivial subject.
    In fact here in Ireland there's about to be referendum to change the constitution in order to make abortion legal.

    That being said, I agree. He's gonna be the next president and it's gonna be ok. I think people who want to revote are going through bargaining in the 5 stages of grief, they'll get to acceptance eventually, give it time
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    • Regardless of what Trump himself has said on the matter, the electoral college is the only thing that prevents NY, CA, Philly, and Chicago from choosing the president every time.

      Trump should maybe review the differences between democracy and a republic. The US is *supposed to be* a democratic constitutional republic.

    • nalaa

      @Barrabus_the_Free maybe it DOES make sense. I'm just saying that questioning the system is also something that makes sense, because she claimed it notMyPresident was a nonsensical hashtag or headline.
      And well if NY, CA and Chicago have the most people maybe the should choose the president? It's an odd system to me. I don't see the advantage. It seems to me electoral votes are always roughly proportional to population anyway. The only thing is, if you're in an are that normally votes for the other party, you're essentially throwing your vote away. Whereas with popular vote, every vote counts

    • Just because those places have a high population does not mean they should dictate to the rest of the country. I used to have buddies that lived in Illinois, and they couldn't stand that Chicago basically dictated to the rest of the state. If you just look at results, Illinois is almost as liberal as NYC, but step out of Shitcago and you're (generally) in the US. Same for CA. Get away from a couple of major cities and things different. The people are much different in the SFV than they are in Los Angeles. It's probably the same in PA and NY, I've never lived in either of those places, unlike CA.

      Someone in Shitcongo or Na Yak has very different experiences and concerns than someone in Sheridan, WY. And they shouldn't get to be the only ones who pick this country's 'leaders'. If that person is doing things that affect Sheridan, then Sheridan should get an equal say. Not "NYC has 9 million people so they say this, and that's how it is".

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  • Nothanks700
    You need to actually read your history. Although im sure people demanded a re-vote, that wasn't the problem. Gore won the popular vote significantly but lost the electoral vote. In addition, there were some serious voting issues in Florida, and the election was ultimately determined by the Supreme Court. Still, I'd be far more apt to see 8 more years of bush vs 4 of Donald Trump.

    2nd, in 4 years this president can do significant damage. Especially since I'm sure Trump will freely use executive action to do whatever whimsy he happens to feel that day. Which might be something like deport all Muslims one day, and then tweet that he "loves all Muslims" and immediately redact his executive action, bringing all Muslims back. If here is one thing Donald Trump is not, it's consistent.

    And that is what scares me most about this man. Stability in a president is probably more important than their policies. Because a presidents very words can shift markets. If markets are increasingly unstable, our economy will follow suit. You will regret saying that it's ok Donald Trump has become our president.
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    • gotc147


      Buckle up cupcake, you're about to go on a ride!

    • So you are afraid he would abuse executive orders like Obama did?

    • @Thisperson98 lol. That's probably one of the funniest and most unfounded accusations regarding Obama. Obama has written somewhere around 230 executive orders compared to Bushs 285 or so and Regans 380. But, I'm not really concerned that Bush wrote that many orders, as I'm not about Obama. What I'd be concerned about is the irrationality of these orders at innorputune times. Trump is a man whose definitions of reality change with the minute. He is 100% unpredictable. I can't say I actually disagree with his policies, because I actually still don't know where he stands on almost any issue. Say he writes an exucitive order for the immediate deportation of all undocumented workers. No Republican president would ever do that aside from Trump. That's because the rest were intelligent enough to know how much it would devastate our economy. But trump has literally no understanding of that.

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  • JudgmentDay
    1. Pretty much, because I was there when it happened and I felt the same way people had felt when Bush became president, and then it became 8 long years, sigh... but oh well whatever happened had happened. It's all over now and I'm over it because I realize I did what I only could do at the time and I voted against Bush twice. BUT, he still won.

    2. Correction. It's only another 4 years at the minimum. He may get re-elected, he may not. Still have to wait until December for them to finalize things and in January for him to get inaugurated.

    And then assuming nothing worse or chaotic can happen in those 4 to 8 years he's in office. Worse case scenarios such as a total financial economic collapse like Argentina or Venezuela, and then everyone can kiss their rights goodbye because we're going to live under Martial Law. That is if the worst were to happen, don't think it can't because it is still possible, we're over 20 Trillion dollars in debts which is an inconceivable amount of money. If Trump were to impose Martial Law should something like an Economic Collapse were to occur, then he'll be in charge for as long as he could or as long as he deems necessary.

    3. For those who are most reliant wouldn't have to worry too much if the shit were to hit the fan, let's put it that way. Since they won't have to solely rely on the government or anyone else to take care of them. But just do the best you can to take care of yourself.

    4. If the shit were to hit the fan, you can kiss all those things goodbye, regardless. Again, it's around 20 Trillion dollars in debt and still growing, that is an enormous amount of debts, and until I see it being reduced in Hundreds of Thousands or even Millions, an economic collapse is inevitable; it just can and it will happen.
  • McCurious
    You start out mentioning the election of George W. Bush. That was a disputed election in which he - just like last week's election - received fewer votes than the other guy. And what did he do? He committed a massive war crime invading Iraq and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents.

    I strongly suspect the new president will cook up some far worse catastrophe. Isn't that worth getting angry over?
  • John_Doesnt
    Did you bother to read in your textbook what Bush did in 4 years? He bankrupted us and started 2 wars. 4 years is a long time to destroy the country.
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  • D1rk13
    I don't live in the states but have to admit, It's entertaining watching US citizens acting out as if the world is ending. XD

    Divide et impera ;)
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    • The stuff that is going on in the US is entertaining to you is a a load of crap. How about we find stuff that is crap about South Africa and laugh about it

    • D1rk13

      @MysteriousDarkness Haha SA is old news dude.

    • Probably because South Africa is aplace people want to forget about. You are forlorn.

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  • Righttobeararms83
    5. Most importantly you dont live in a dictatorship. You voted in the election and your candidate lost or you didn't bother to vote and the candidate that you wanted didn't win.
  • WhaChaChaKing
    Trump is not the same as Bush and neither are his supporters.
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  • Idonotgivearatsass
    You can't define healthy, what's healthy for one person isn't for another... nor can you make someone want to be healthy. What if someone is allergic to healthy foods, then what? You're obviously against abortion based upon your Planned Parenthood response, well, I think a woman has a complete right do what ever she wants with her body, including aborting a fetus. If she doesn't want it, she doesn't have to keep it. Self-reliant, um, so you think everyone should grown their own fruits and vegetables, as if we don't grow enough to feed everyone already... how about instead we don't throw out the stuff that doesn't sell and let those people that can't pay full price buy it at reduced prices... you're solving the same problem without increasing the waste. Come back in 25 years when you've lived a little, let me know if your opinions are still the same.
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  • Rissyanne
    They need to just get over it. He won live with it
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  • jjesica346
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  • Saoirse_Nua
    Interesting - Could be true, could be false
  • Adigelunar
    thats perfect
  • MissSakura
    good takee
  • Anonymous
    Well I survived George Bush so I will wait out Trump. As bad as it was though I'd rather have George Bush in office than Trump. I also don't understand the hate for Obama, cause all those folks probably stayed silent when Bush ruined the country but that's just my opinion. I think Obama did okay as president. Then there's this
  • Anonymous
    Abortion is a bigger issue than you think. No one in this country is doing a thing to actually help with homeless, hungry and abused kids but damn they sure can cry that a fetus has more rights than someone who is actually alive. There is an over population issue as well that has led to global warming/climate change (thats right thanks to humankind we have screwed ourselves and generations to come but republicans dont want to admit there's such a thing as climate change.) The way I see it if Trump does anything to put us back in time (women have no rights, gays have no rights and anyone of another race has no rights) I will be leaving and have no problem saying that. America has that right to "fight" back by saying "not my president" because Hilary actually won but because of the stupid electoral votes Trump won.
    Also stupider is not a real word, I have never seen it in a dictionary.
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  • Anonymous
    The Party of NO allowed a BUSH Dynasty but shun a CLINTON Dynasty. That is fundamentally right to them. But then again, Faux News is nesting in their head.
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  • Anonymous
    Definitely, things are getting way too out of hand with the elections lately, part of the problem is the negative campaigns coupled with the fear mongering media.
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