3 Reasons Why MGTOW is a Magnificent Ideology

3 Reasons Why MGTOW is a Magnificent Ideology

Many of you know what MGTOW is, am I correct? The MGTOW ideology has too many misconceptions ranging from guys "unable to get laid" to guys "being fat and ugly". I am none of those things as I mentioned above. I was fairly popular as a high-schooler and I've had friends in college which gave me my fair share of hookups. At the end of my second semester at college, my best friend (who I went to high school with and also made me a member to one of his frat groups) told me about this "MGTOW" thing and girls are secretly misandrists!

At first I didn't believe him but then, as I got through the first few weeks of my second semester, I was literally shocked by the number of college girls being total bitches! Acting aloof, brushing people off, "rape-culture'?.... I had to think "who does these girls think they are?" I've noticed I had suddenly woken up from the misbelief and had thank my best friend for that. Without him, I would've been a piece of gynocentric meat girls would've "chewed" and spat out! I had to leave my frat boys and they've accepted my decision of leaving. I didn't spoke to anyone since I went my own way; only my best-friend from high school who I still talk to him on a occasion.

Here are the 3 points I'm going to prove to you guys (beta or non-beta, young or old) can benefit these reasons by going their own way.

1. Personal freedom!

MGTOW is a male-liberated ideology. Basically, I can do whatever I want and whenever I want without the harm of another individual(s). Since I went my own way, I am not ashamed of my own personal choices and girls have stopped shaming me for my own personal decisions. I was (am still) kind of like a "king" on my own world!

3 Reasons Why MGTOW is a Magnificent Ideology

2. Equality!

Guys who've accepted the MGTOW belief expect girls to act gender-neutral or they can face a life-time of loneliness once they've hit their late 20s. For example, if a girl is in her late 20s (26-29) and she wants to trap a guy into marrying her before her marriage clock runs out, she has to go out and pursue, whether she has friends or not.

It sucks for girls who are outside of college and couldn't find a guy in time for marriage. We are taught a guy's fertility peak is when he's finished high school and slowly goes down afterward, but studies show a guy's fertility value peaks at age 36 and slowly goes down while a girl's fertility value peaks at age 23 and slowly goes down.

3 Reasons Why MGTOW is a Magnificent Ideology

3. Just being a guy!

What makes girls different than guys is guys have a lot of free time, more money in his pocket/bank account and is able to handle down debt! A guy can be as independent as he likes but a girl can't (girls hate to be responsible but a guy doesn't give a shit!)

3 Reasons Why MGTOW is a Magnificent Ideology

3 Reasons Why MGTOW is a Magnificent Ideology
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  • NearlyNapping
    Maybe it's because I'm an old fart who doesn't get out much any more, but in real life I've never even heard of MGTOW. I've only seen it on the internet.

    Anyway, as near as I can tell it's a bunch of pussies making excuses and taking the easy way out. Instead of dealing with life like a man, which includes dealing with women, they join their little club where they don't have to face the real world. Now they have an excuse to throw around to justify not dealing with reality. Reality? MGTOW take that!

    The thing is, all these things that MGTOW is supposedly about were always true.

    Freedom? Men have always had freedom.

    Equality? What the hell does that mean anyway? Just deal with women properly and stop about that nonsense. You just might find that things work themselves out and doesn't need to be a confrontation between men and women.

    Just being a guy? Haven't guys been guys since the beginning of the human race? Or was there a time when guys were something else? A tree perhaps? Or maybe a fire hydrant?

    MGTOW isn't anything, but these people think it is something.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • bbch25
    ... Girls hate to be responsible?
    ... Girls can't be independent?
    Girls can't be self-sufficient? (as per your "correction" in @Fathoms77 comment)... I guess all those single mums are truly failing because they manage to run everything in the house AND raise their kids (obviously there are those that fail, but you generalised, so that means so can I).

    Please, explain further, why I, apparently, hate being responsible? Independent? Cannot be self-sufficient. Because right now, at home, i do the cooking, cleaning, gardening, maintenance, organising, I work 8-6, 5 days a week being responsible for other people not just myself... But you're right, I rely solely on my boyfriend. Who only does those things you mention in your comment to Fathoms at home (like the construction/electrical) around the house because he WANTS to, he finds it enjoyable. Not because I force him to, or because I can't do it.

    And there are MANY women like me out there, most of them that I know.
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    • bbch25

      @redeyemindtricks @somebodysaycheese @RedRobin Are all pretty responsible, independent and self-sufficient, I believe.

    • Anonymous

      Single moms are truly failing, why do you think the majority are FEMINISTS? They have been feminists for so long that they realize they don't need a fucking partner to support her and her kid. You can't be self-sufficient. Why? Can you put on a lightbulb? Do you know how to use the tools in a standard toolbox (drill, wrench, measuring tape, etc)? I don't blame you, women are finally realizing they don't need a partner to do the shit for them because all thanks to mgtow.

    • bbch25

      I can change a light bulb. I know how to use tools.

      So now you're making no sense, you say that I can't do any of that and then you say apparently I realised I can do it and don't need a partner because of your movement... Not perhaps because of the fact I just know i'm not pathetically useless?

      You make zero sense and are just insulting an entire gender for no reason. Just like feminazi's who insult men are pathetic.

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  • PatriarchalOppressor
    I'm of the MGTOW mindset for one reason and one reason alone: Marriage is the primary place in which men's lives are destroyed (divorce rape). Hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of men, each and every year, in the US alone, wake up too late to save themselves from this most important truth for men. The mainstream media and gynocentrists are DESPERATE to keep men on the male disposability plantation because it allows for forced wealth and power transfer from men to women and the state. Tis why we have the male-only draft and an all-male front line combat fighting force. Movies, books, music, schools, universities and mainstream news are all gynocentric, anti-male propaganda outlets for the progressive vagenda.

    Affirmative Consent is simply the latest in a long and ever growing line of female-only, female-first, anti-male policies, quotas and laws designed to continue men's subjugation to women and to further forced wealth and power transfer from men to women.

    The tragedy is that, no matter how much time I spend trying desperately to save other men from the Matrix, truth be told, the majority of men will continue to sacrifice themselves on the alter of gynocentrism. The anti-male propaganda gynocracy machine is all powerful and most men are far happier with the illusions and enchantments that with the hard, cold reality - until of course - their own life is destroyed. But by then - it's too late - because their only thoughts at that point are how to best survive poverty and despair.
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  • Fathoms77
    I'm sort of hoping some girls come in here and set this guy straight on a few things... especially the part about females incapable of being independent. ;)
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    • Library

      People don't like to read and people who think like him should be ignored haha.

    • Anonymous

      They are independent but are they self-sufficient?

    • Anonymous

      What I meant was "self-sufficient". 😒

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  • Bandit74
    I like it because if the number of men who have no interest in relationships is noticably greater than the number of women who are interested in relationships then that would give the guys who are still interested in dating more bargaining power.

    That and I kinda like the idea of gender relations getting worse. Just seems like it would be entertaining to observe 😅
  • Octavius
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  • bcromartie
    This is fucking stupid.
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  • Adigelunar
    good topicc
    • Anonymous

      Yeah, no offence. Guys need freedom just as girls.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
    I'm a masculinist, I support mra/mgtow/pua
  • Anonymous
    Whoever wrote this needs to improve his writing skills. The other mytake's about MGTOW are way better than this one.