Trump's Selections are Lining Up: Know Your Cabinet, Meet Betsy DeVos


Trumps Selections are Lining Up:  Know Your Cabinet, Meet Betsy DeVos

Being an advocate for Education myself, and someone who worked in Public Education for Fifteen Years, I have been very interested in this selection. Who is Betsy DeVos? Elisabeth "Betsy" DeVos is an American politician, billionaire, businesswoman, philanthropist, and education activist from the U.S. state of Michigan. DeVos, 58, is wife of Amway heir Dick DeVos, who lost a 2006 bid for governor. Her father-in-law, Richard DeVos co-founded Ada-based company Amway and was most recently listed by Forbes as having a net worth of $4.7 billion, making him the fourth richest billionaire in Michigan.

What are the common-core standards?
Pure and simple, they are descriptions of the skills students should have at each grade level in English/language arts and math by the time they finish high school. They're not a detailed, day-to-day curriculum; they're a broad outline of learning expectations from which teachers or district leaders craft a curriculum. I am not sure how many of you know about Common Core Standards, or how many of you had to work your way through some of them, but I myself, have been a strong advocate AGAINST them! Here are some reasons:

The Main Arguments for Common Core are Vague and Dubious
Common Core is based on a Materialistic, Egalitarian Philosophy
Uniform “Standards” Themselves Will Not Improve Education in America
Common Core Eliminates Local and Parental Control over Education
Common Core Virtually Determines What Will be Taught in the Classroom
Common Core English Harms Literature
Common Core Math Will Not Prepare Students for Careers in So-Called STEM Fields
Common Core Imposes a Cult of Testing
Common Core is Increasingly Unpopular

Common Core Collects Massive Amounts of Data on Children

Trump's Selections are Lining Up: Know Your Cabinet, Meet Betsy DeVos

Common Core will not and has not improved American K-12 education. It is a socialist/progressive experiment that will impose an inflexible, one-size-fits-all, egalitarian education scheme on America’s children. It drastically harms the way both Math and English is taught, and violates the sacred right of parents to have a say in their children’s education.

Every patriotic American should reject Common Core, and voice his concern to his elected officials urging them to repeal it. Betsy DeVos is NOT a supporter of the Standards. Hours before the expected DeVos announcement, Frank Cannon, president of anti-Common Core group, American Principles Project, said in a statement that Trump rightly slammed his primary opponent, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush for his support of Common Core and DeVos would be a very "Jeb-like pick.'' On her website, the activist and major Republican donor said that while organizations she's supported have been for Common Core, that has not been her position. Along the way, the Calvin College graduate said, it got turned into a "federalized boondoggle."

It shouldn’t be surprising that there is significant debate as to whether the standards will really impact student achievement. Some critics believe that the need is for quality teaching, not common standards, to improve students’ school achievement. There are also concerns about the standards themselves. Stanford University math professor James Milgram, once a member of the committee to validate the Common Core, says that the math part of the Common Core standards is actually insufficient, leaving American students two years behind their peers in most high-achieving countries by the end of the seventh grade. “I think the original intent was to raise outcomes, but I think the leaders got tied up in the issue of buy-in,” Milgram is quoted to have said. “I think they made choices that would make it easier for states whose expectations in mathematics were not all that high to buy into Core standards.”

The Common Core State Standards costs schools a lot of money to update the technology needed for the Common Core Standards Assessments. Most of the assessments are online. This created many issues for districts who had to purchase enough computers for all students to be assessed in a timely manner.

The Common Core State Standards has led to an increased value on standardized test performance. High stakes testing is already a trending issue, and now that states are able to compare their performances against another accurately, the stakes have only become higher.

Please Betsy, bring Education back to where it belongs. You can support vouchers, and charter schools all you want, but please please please get rid of Common Core!!!!

Trump's Selections are Lining Up: Know Your Cabinet, Meet Betsy DeVos

Trump's Selections are Lining Up: Know Your Cabinet, Meet Betsy DeVos
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  • JohnDoe3000
    "Common Core will not and has not improved American K-12 education. It is a socialist/progressive experiment that will impose an inflexible, one-size-fits-all, egalitarian education scheme on America’s children. It drastically harms the way both Math and English is taught, and violates the sacred right of parents to have a say in their children’s education."

    Don't all the countries that do really well on education have some kind of equivalent to common core? The math argument seems weird to me: students who want to go into STEM fields can expect they need to take advanced classes, that's also something that's considered normal in other countries. Complaining about "parent's rights" or "egalitarian/socialist schemes" always seems to come from wacky cults and fringe groups who want to teach their kids creationism and that climate change is a hoax, or from parents who are overprotective of the "sensitive artistic soul" that is their 8 year old.

    Children are not their parents' properties or objects through which parents get to boast their values to the neighbors. Kids are their own entities and future taxpayers or welfare receivers with their own rights and obligations.
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  • Rissyanne
    This was great. It's a very exciting time.
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  • Fathoms77
    Thus far, Trump's cabinet looks exceedingly promising. I like de Vos and I love Carson and a few of his other picks make a ton of sense. I just hope they have enough of an impact and can help point the admittedly inexperienced president (in terms of politics) in the right direction. In other words, I hope they all work together well enough for the good of the country.
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    • I really believe they will. Trump is lining them up. I was confused on why Carson accepted for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, but I am excited for this, he is a brilliant man. Just never had enough charisma to be President. Jeff Sessions is a good pick in my opinion, as well as Nikki Haley. He is rounding them up, and I believe, trying his best to do the best picks possible, regardless of personal feelings. I truly think he is going to try to heal the Nation!

    • Now the Trump people want to have internment camps for Muslims, just like the ones we had for Japanese Americans.

      Is there anyone you don't hate?

    • Fathoms77

      @martyfellow So far, I haven't seen you mention a single political fact. I mean, when's the last time you read a real newspaper article?

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  • TadCurious
    Thank you for this great myTake! I agree with you about Common Core. I think education policy should be as devolved to the state and local level as possible. And ever since NCLB, I've been very concerned about this cult of standardized testing. I hate the idea that teachers are being forced to "teach to the test."
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    • You are welcome. I love discussing important ideologies such as Education. I get a lot of flack for my Trump decision, but at least I am comfortable knowing he will put together a high quality cabinet. This was just one of many wise choices.

  • oddwaffle
    I grew up in a socialist state using common core math. When I got to one of the top university in North America, the 1st thing my curriculum advisor told me "Take calculus, statistics, algebra, physics and chemistry. It is far easier to score A+ in those classes because if you are here then you are obviously good at those. Don't fight it out with the natives in classes with a lot of texts."

    Common core might or might not be the 'best' way to teach but it is an effective way to do it. It is far cheaper than other ways to get similar results. In a weird way, it is a lot like the army. You get a bunch of kids and you have to turn them into something remotely usable. The rough education beats the stuff into you and you don't really have a clue what you are learning but a lot of the stuff will stick.

    Most of my 'math' study involved doing thousands of math problems over and over until I can crank out solutions without even reading the whole problem - in my sleep. I might not have a clue what derivative means but I can solve math problems like a machine. As a matter of fact, I still didn't get it until after my 1st year in university.

  • ginny_weasley
    Is she the crazy quack that wants to get rid of public schools because they don't teach the Creationism theory? In my sarcastic voice, "great time to be an atheist." I've heard she is severely under qualified and doesn't even have a degree in education. At the very least she should have a degree in education. The people who run education should be educated in it.
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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    Standard education is a joke as a borometer, but let's get it straight that we need some form of standardized testing. With that said it's a terrible choice to appoint her and that's really the problem. People hiring business people to make decisions on industries that have nothing to do with it. If you really want to improve education in this country, hire a team of the top educators in the country to grade standards of teaching. You don't have engineers telling doctors how to perform surgery. You don't have have accountants telling a police man what's the best course of action to deal with high leverage situations. Get the best teachers who are proven to make laws of how to improve education. Teachers who know how to get kids interested in math, foreign language, physics, English, early education... Not these stupid philanthropists and business people who think they know shit cause they dole out a dick load of money to education and pretend to care to get tax writeoffs and have vetted interests with these politians cause they gave them favors by hiring them for such a job. This should be in every cabinet position

    Then we need to actually invest in communities instead of just hiring bodies. Give them reseources by the fed (not the state) to provide resources and actually make teaching a valuable job instead of paying them next to nothing
    • I certainly respect your opinions. Your last paragraph especially. I praise Betsy DeVos because she actually has the ability to put parents back into the drivers seat regarding their children's education. I am hoping that our Nations most vulnerable children do not get overlooked as I know she is a big proponent of charter schools and schools of choice. We shall see, I believe that our Public School System has been made weak more so because of all of the testing. Common Core has been a joke, it needs to be abolished. Yes you are correct when you say teachers need to be paid at a higher rate, and be respected more. I see in today's time, more and more teachers looking and acting like the children they teach. Their profession has lost respect. I hope we can bring class back to the classroom!

    • We don't need parents in the drivers seats cause parents, generally, don't know shit and think their kids are the greatest things since sliced bread. They can kill a dude over Jordan's and think it's the dude's fault. We don't need choice schools. That's part of the problem. It causes natural segregation. What ends up happening is that the smarter kids with the means end up leaving and the dumber and/or poorer kids are stuck. So then you have kids who are bright in the worse off schools stuck and not given the same opportunities as the schools where the richer and/or brighter kids. The good schools get better and the bad schools get worse

      I use a lot of sports references, but it reminds me of Dominique foxworth. He worked with a bunch of NFL owners saying that they weren't smarter than anyone else. Then saying that he grew up in the projects, New a friend who was a math genius. But he had the talents to be an accountant, but didn't the same opportunities so he was a drug hustler


    • As for testing being the problem. It's not the problem. It's not helping, but it's not the problem. The problem is how teachers are being taught to teach. Like, everyone I met in college hated physics. I liked it before and good at math, but that's besides the point. My physics teacher would do shit like have shooting competitions or had a week where he was on roller blades. My English teacher would act out the books with us. In 8th grade, my history teacher did shit like make us keep journals with drawings of what we learned and did an assembly line project. My world history high school was a comedian and would make jokes. What did they all have in common? They made it fun and subsequently, all were some of the top teachers in the state. I graduated from a top 10 public HS in New Jersey. Teachers don't make it relatable and you find kids trying to memorize things instead of learn. Shit, most the morons on this site can't figure out what I mean when I make a they're/their/there joke

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  • martyfellow
    Betsy de Vos is another wealthy woman with no qualifications, telling all of us how to organize education. She is best known as an advocate for vouchers, giving taxpayer money for people to send children to private or religious schools.

    This is largely because of the reactionary political, pro-imperialist agenda at those private and religious schools.

    And it's stealing taxpayer money to give to profit-making PRIVATE schools.

    This Trump tramp is typical of ruling class women.
    • I like her because of her stance on Common Core Standards. Have you ever had children come to you that don't understand Common Core ways? have you ever taught Common Core? She is more pro -school of choice. She believes that children should not be bogged down to a school because of zip code. Good or Bad- She has a long and distinguished history championing the right of all parents to choose schools that best ensure their children’s success. Her allegiance is to families, particularly those struggling at the bottom of the economic ladder, not to an outdated public education model that has failed them from one generation to the next." She also drives teacher's unions nuts, and that is a good thing! She created the AFC ( American Federation of Children in 2010) she drives the Unions crazy, While most people think that she will try to decentralize public education, I don't believe so. But I do think that she will make some needed changes to the system, that is broken.

    • Can we at least agree that the American Public Schools and it's children used to lead the world, and now NOT SO MUCH. All we can do is hope for change!

    • Fathoms77

      Dude, say what you want. The current state of American education is so goddamn embarrassing that SOMETHING has to be done. We are honestly graduating barely literate, barely functional people, maybe because they spend less time on actual lessons than ever before.

      Whatever may or may not work in the future, and whether de Vos will do good things or not, I don't know. What I DO know is that the political party that has dominated for most of the past decade is supposedly that group that loves and promotes education, and during their reign, we've only fallen farther and farther. This is what we know to be fact; the rest is merely conjecture.

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  • neoagent1
    Common core math is fucking retarded. Ever since I first heard of how kids do common core math I was like WTF. If that isn't evidence of how people want to dumb down America, that is it. Not everyone's brain is wired to do math phenomenally. I was, luckily.
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  • Dred1614returns
    Trump's cabinet is looking good. I especially like Jeff Sessions as AG. I've always been a fan of his.
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    • Oh at last someone on my side I totally agree

    • I can't believe the vile nature of some answers here. I guess when they have no logic, they have to resort to rudeness.

    • Rissyanne

      That's what libs do.. they name call and just plain out rude

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  • jacquesvol
    DeVos' brother, Erik Prince, founded Blackwater USA, a private security firm which had operations in Iraq. Blackwater USA has changed its name to Xe Services because of a scandal. Xe Services changed its name to Academi.
  • castratedwhiteguy
    Common Core is a United Nations concocted stinker! Welcome to the new world odor. If Betsy DeVos can help get us out of this mess than she's a good apointment.
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  • Rawrzz
    I'd rather avoid reality.
  • bruce3
    good share
  • Adigelunar
    great takee
  • Maxemeister
    Lol it's like he wants us to fear the next 4 years
  • Anonymous
    Republican answer to failing public schools? Take money OUT of them. Yep, logic right there.
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  • Anonymous
    common core shows critical thinking.
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