Feminism: From Equal Pay & Opportunity To Armpit Hair & Free Bleeding


"Feminism," an idea that was created and shaped in order to support women's rights, started during 19th century and continued in three waves since then. The main purpose has been to achieve "political, economic, personal and social rights for women. Equal opportunity, equal pay, education and employment". Afterwards, the most famous elements that framed the Feminism movement is to establish two factors, "Equal opportunity" and "Equal pay".

Feminism: From Equal Pay & Opportunity To Armpit Hair & Free Bleeding

The New Era Of Feminism

After the third wave, in the most modernized feminism movement, the world observed ideologies that never seem to be part of the plan. A new sound reflected in the corners of the Western society, the birth of the movement. An unofficial sound but very effective like a thunder, transmitting it's concept into the new generation like an infection. Feminism took the stairs to enter the aisle of a new era, the era that never been confirmed but it's ideology started to be reflective like a paranoia. New footsteps that found to be way too far from the main purpose and those who had such a delightful dream to see the gender injustice would finally be over someday.The world witness one more time how the origin of an idea can be rotated, twisted and changed and start spreading in a new form by the new born concept and most likely represent itself as a fashion.

This era and new Feminism education is firmly unoriginal, unacceptable without any signs of sense. what makes me sad and at the same time strongly shocked is how easily members of the society in particular the new generation get to be adapted to the culture. I can not express my disagreement toward the subject any stronger and thankfully there are many other group of people who felt the same way which helps me and people like me to be hopeful that everything is not over and still the main feminism is on the roll even the shadow of the unwise era chasing the minds. I believe these kind of unrelated waves gets created by people who only care about their own personal agenda as we can tell most likely they stay anonymous. My fear is to see the unrelated concepts get swallowed and mixed inside the real nature of Feminism.

The Elements Of The New Era

1. The Attack on Chivalry

As the very first move, this ideology started to question "The Chivalrous Act". For ages chivalry been recognized as one of the signs of a gentlemen, every young man used to look at the grown ups and study the body language, every adult felt this responsibility to advise and educate their children about the appropriate culture in order to raise a polite chivalrous man who values the moral and practice respect while interacting with ladies. Chivalry used to be valuable in the eyes of the women as well. Many women used to hold this as a principle that when a man educated to perform the chivalry is a man who has high capacity of personality. Women used to feel respected and valued while facing chivalry.

Suddenly, in the "Third Millennium" generation, the seed of the invisible wave of Feminism started to grow. The image furiously in the speed of light appeared in front of the society's eyes. Close enough to guarantee the lack of ability to recognize it's existence. It slowly started to hunt the minds just like a virus. Although not everyone allowed themselves to be infected. But the rate of infected zone increased noticeably. The silent nightmare continued underneath till it exploded powerfully where we could easily area by area find ladies who respond to the chivalry act differently. The new experience started to be felt, movements such as "holding the doors & pulling out the chair" wouldn't be quite acceptable among group of ladies. A chapter of wonders opened up. It did not take too long till the statements arrived from each corner as an answer. Groups of females started to claim the chivalry acts are showing women as a weak gender. Thus phrases such as "We are not weak," "We don't need your help," and "We can handle ourselves" got popular among some individuals. Therefore, many men entered a confusion, wondering how they should perform their respect and the stressful question of how we can actually recognize who would like or dislike the behavior and why this is happening. How such an idea appeared on screen out of nowhere?

Of course, there are many women who appreciate the behavior, many feel content with no necessity demanded, and now some get offended. I would not say this is the most important topic in the world but as a man I'd like to see the chivalry alive as I enjoy and have been taught to perform it. The scary new born concept of Feminism and the blurry image of chivalry is quite disappointing. In my opinion it is suppose to just be a respectful manner, and such belief won't cause progress thus these waves have nothing to do with the real meaning of Feminism.

Feminism: From Equal Pay & Opportunity To Armpit Hair & Free Bleeding

2. Armpit Hair

The movement gained it's agenda. A new trend started to fill out the ears and appear on screen. Women who started hiding their razors and say goodbye to the blade corporations in order to support their rights. This group of females started to believe occurring this action would end up with gender equality. Different titles mentioned to justify the meaning behind the action. They headlined the movement as a protest to "gender equality & false beauty standards". The weight of the movement got heavier with stronger timber day by day. Models started to appear with armpit hair in order to support. Other citizens of the society started the wave on social sites such as "Facebook and Instagram" and next, the celebrity world walked in which only added more fuel to the fire. To this day, it does not seem such movements really accomplished anything accountable.

I could not find any record of a progression in such movements. Happily, many women themselves stated, "Dear women, hairy armpits does not make you a feminist". I felt so happy about the load of criticism toward this, at some point, normally if a woman wish to do this, I'd say her body, her will, but in act of Feminism? So inappropriate. Besides, even normally I do not believe this would look good on a woman. Some question "Why men do and not women, if men do it and it's okay, women can do it and be okay". I am totally against this belief. Men's gender definition hold this capacity to appear on hairs basically due to having thicker hairs than women. Women's gender expression is the light hairs, the softness and the unique feminine style belonged by a female. And such armpit movement would destroy the image (I don't believe this image is also so connected to the beauty standard) basically it is supposed to be shaved! And absolutely it is out of feminine hygiene standards.

Feminism: From Equal Pay & Opportunity To Armpit Hair & Free Bleeding
Feminism: From Equal Pay & Opportunity To Armpit Hair & Free Bleeding

3. Menstrual Cycle - Free bleeding movement

Free bleeding has a history which goes back to the 1970's and the movement performed as a reaction to "Toxic Shock Syndrome". The movement returned in favor of feminism in 2014 and the agenda continued to expand. I have earlier mentioned the "Silent Nightmare" for a reason. Furthermore, we can observe the most unexpected bizarre movement. The headline of the move is called "Free Bleeding". Women who believe they are born "Free-Women" therefore, they have the "Right" to be free. They believed this is another step to take toward "Gender Equality & Gender Injustice" and this going to have a positive impact and influence the feminism. In the early days, many could believe it is just a rumor and won't find an actual form. After a while, people appeared and spotted holding the free bleeding flag up above and performing the movement proudly in the most shocking way.

This is totally unacceptable, very gross and I knew there is no possibility that majority would support such a very unwise movement. But some proved how disappointing their maturity levels are and somehow we must rethink ourselves as a society. And the fact is there is no possible way such movements takes the gender equality to the next level. This is just an inappropriate action, bad influence, and unhygienic which performed by people who have no idea what the fight of feminism is really about. I could involve more pictures but I was thinking it could be way too graphic to some viewers.

Feminism: From Equal Pay & Opportunity To Armpit Hair & Free Bleeding

4. The Enemy - Men

Another structure following the series of this invented feminism is the hatred toward men. These women strongly hold an anger toward men and encouraging women to do so. These women constantly practicing the hatred and believe relation with men at any kind is not suit and it must be banned. There are several radical behaviors that have been invented throughout time. Such as "No marriage," "No sexual relation with men," and "No involvement with men".

This is way too unacceptable. I support the women's right and I am aware of every injustice performed against women, as the path is not still complete, but holding such behavior is inappropriate. Not all men should be generalized because of the behaviors of some in the past and present, and it is obvious that this is not even what feminism is about, it has never been and it never will be.

Feminism: From Equal Pay & Opportunity To Armpit Hair & Free Bleeding

This is how unrelated sources try to redirect the feminism, while in the meantime, there are still a load of rights to earn for women across the world including very more terrifying incidents that still hunting women. We live in a world where different group of people seem to value armpit hair more than "Female Genital Mutilation."

Feminism: From Equal Pay & Opportunity To Armpit Hair & Free Bleeding

Feminism: From Equal Pay & Opportunity To Armpit Hair & Free Bleeding

Hopefully we don't see a day where the main definition of feminism is completely vanished and replaced with the nonsense elements above and similar examples. And there are absolutely more priorities and obvious rights especially in the healthcare category to focus on instead of such mind-game activities with no actual meaning behind it nor an actual result.

Hopefully such disappointing ideologies fade away in favor of focusing on what really matters and those who are misinformed or distracted can find their way back to the real issues.

Feminism: From Equal Pay & Opportunity To Armpit Hair & Free Bleeding
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  • Nuala
    I'm sorry I just couldn't read this... too long, too much talk of footsteps... but I totally agree that modern feminism is awful (and even gross...).
    • I admire the honesty! i just had to go deep on this! great to be informed by your opinion. highly appreciated.

  • Rainie_
    Im a feminist still but I hate the whole free bleeding and that shit, its not even sanitary, its just MESSY AF, and the whole manspreading issue just makes me wanna bang my head into a wall in shame.

    Im more into the fight against FGM as I personally know people who have had FGM done to them, and it happens in the UK, not just outside the west. People do it secretly. Also need to keep feminism alive because some people from the east want to bring their cultures laws into their new countries (there are areas in London I can't walk in safely if I don't cover up). Rights can be taken away from you in a heartbeat if you don't fight to keep it.
    • Interesting and nice input. I am agree with you on all the perspectives.
      Great points you have made: 1. Shame toward this new unwise feminism 2. Importance of the fight against FGM 3. The value of fighting till you get the result you wish for. I admire your thoughts and appreciate your time to comment on the subject. :)

  • Anonymous
    lol cry me a river. get used to it dude, the patriarchy is crumbling by the day!