Why Chivalry is a Sign of Respect and Love to Women

Why I believe that chivalry is a sign of respect and love to the woman

So many people have answered: "Because men are equal to women" or "I don’t have to invite the girl if she wants to be equal, she should pay” “You ask, you pay, if you want equality” “Why should I give her chocolates, she can get it herself”. Inviting a girl dinner or giving her chocolates or whatever doesn't make her equal. Equality is not based how financially stable you are, what if someone is poor and can’t pay for dinner? Does it make her or him inferior? Absolutely not! Another example; I’ve invited my mom to dinner a few times, even though I knew she could paid for us, but I did it because I want to show her I appreciate her, I think she deserves the treat, furthermore it’s a sign of generosity. It doesn't make her inferior than me. And she may have been the one who asks, but I’m willing to pay for her, my treat no matter who asks. Many men who engage in what they perceive to be “gentlemanly behavior,” it is simply a means to an end. Either they believe that women are a weaker sex more in need of help performing basic tasks, or they assume that enough “nice” gestures piled up one after the other will inevitably result in sex. And neither of these perceptions are healthy; neither of them are accurate or positive. It’s the woman’s right to choose if she wants to give herself or not, no matter what the man do, how he is, what he does, etc. Her body, her choice.

Equality is not based on the roles we have, men and women were made equal, but their bodies were made different so their behaviors are different as well. Because I have a vagina it doesn't make me inferior, because I want to be chased by a guy it doesn't make me inferior. They think that because we demand equality, we can't demand chivalry, or any romantic actions (like pulling chairs for us, lending us their jacket etc.). If a girl wishes a guy who likes to pamper her girl with chocolates, open doors for her, pay for her dinner, does it mean she wants to live in a time when women couldn't make their own choices in life, or have a voice in determining the political state of the world? And that's the key. We don't live in that world anymore. I do understand what they’re saying “Women can only choose one avenue or the other”, but I also understand this : If the guy I'm dating wants to open the car door, lend me his jacket, or fix something broken at my house, I'm sure as hell going to let him. Why? Because that's what real freedom and equality is. Real freedom means I no longer have anything to prove, so I'm free to allow myself to be taken care of once in a while, especially by men who are only doing it to be thoughtful. But let’s not act like it takes all the time and effort in the world to be a halfway-decent guy. Seriously, it can be really simple. And we women could do the same sometimes, everyone likes to know he or she is appreciated. It’s not rocket science. The guy puts in time and effort so she knows he’s interested and appreciates her. And the girls take hours to try to look her best so he knows she’s interested and appreciates him. And if she isn’t into it, oh well. You'll at least know you tried. But, don’t go through life thinking that cutting out effort in the beginning will lead to happiness in the end. If you put garbage in, you'll get garbage out.

Men tend to be the ones who usually try to conquer the girl, and women tend to be careful when it comes to having sex with someone since ages ago, why? Because we need to know that the guy is a good person, as physically they’re stronger than us, sexual or physical abuse can happen, furthermore you can get pregnant, and since we're more emotional, we get more attached. We want to be sure that the guy is able to be kind, respectful, and thoughtful. Because this kind of chivalry doing everything possible to make a woman feel safe and acknowledged is not based on what it means to be a woman. It is acknowledging that she encounters, likely on a daily basis, many men who disrespect her humanity. She is catcalled, she is pushed, she is touched against her will, and she is talked down to and made to feel profoundly uncomfortable. She can’t tell who is following her, she doesn’t know what a man’s intentions might be, and she doesn’t want to be in certain places alone at night. And when a man makes extra effort to make sure she knows that he means no harm, that he treats her with respect and wants equally to make sure that she is okay, he is saying that he knows what we most likely feel so often. And while, in a perfect world, we would be treating both women and men with the exact same levels of deference and effort, the truth is that one group simply doesn’t need it like the other one does. The world isn’t as disrespectful to them, isn’t as damaging to their ability to walk through things freely — even at night. This kind of chivalry, the chivalry that comes from acknowledging how cruel some men can be to women, should be praised and acknowledged. It should be the kind of thing that we expect from men.

Why Chivalry is a Sign of Respect and Love to Women

Why Chivalry is a Sign of Respect and Love to Women

Why Chivalry is a Sign of Respect and Love to Women
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  • AleDeEurope
    A chivalrous man is chivalrous to everyone, not just women. If he doesn't act chivalrous with men, and just does it with women, then he's faking it to get her.
    Saying paying for a woman makes you a gentleman is just an excuse to get free meals. You're basically saying that what makes a man a gentleman is money. Cause using the same example as you, what if he's poor and can't afford paying for your meal, does that automatically impede him from being a gentleman.

    Being a gentleman is just about the way you act, the way you treat people around you. It's your morals, your behavior. It has nothing to do with paying for food.
    That's why there's less gentlemen out there today, because women don't care if the guy calls her "my bitch" or slaps her ass in public, she just cares if he pays for dinner. Call her a bitch, treat her without respect, as long as you pay for dinner, you'll still be a gentleman.
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    • Opening a door or offering a seat does not require money?

    • Botchie

      "If he doesn't act chivalrous with men, and just does it with women, then he's faking it to get her." Only to an extent. I ain't pulling out a chair or opening a car door for another dude unless he's handicapped or he doesn't have to wait on me to do it.
      But I do agree with you on your points.

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  • RJGraveyTrain
    My issue isn't the concept of chivalry, it's that a lot of women associate it with: give me free stuff that I haven't earned.

    There is nothing wrong with wanting a gentleman, but being gentlemanly doesn't have to mean paying for things. Being a polite, well mannered and thoughtful individual should be what matters, not if he'll pay for the meal. But, if he wants to, that's sweet, but I think a woman should be a gentlelady and get the meal the next time. It should go both ways, regardless of gender.
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    • Gentlelady, that made me smile :D Actually, we should start saying things like "be a lady" or "a lady opens doors/pays/whatever... " more often and teach our daughters that way of life as well, instead of only our sons. Then instead of abolishing chivalry, both genders can be chivalrous.

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  • HorrorFan
    What a pile of shit. Just another girl that tries to justify having her cake and eating it too.

    An exaggerated account of how harassed women supposedly get on a daily basis somehow means that it's the job of the men that the women actually care about to overcompensate by showering them with gifts and perks? The fuck?

    If you are a child and kids at school are being mean to you, you avoid those kids. Or you grow thicker skin and not let them bother you. You don't go home and demand that your parents take you for pizza and ice cream.

    Men do little favors for women in hopes that it leads to sex? Holy shit! You mean like girls endlessly flirting until they can successfully string a guy along until he takes her places and buys her things and it actually never ends up leading to sex?

    It's almost as if both genders eventually find out that manipulation can get you things!

    Women need to make sure men are good people? HAHA. Yeah... clearly no women ever get pregnant from total douchebags or anything. Clearly women never have tunnel vision when it comes to what they actually find attractive, completely ignoring the multiple red flags indicating that the guy dumping his load in them might not want to be with her forever.

    Stop acting like a victim that deserves the universe and grow the fuck up. You can demand legal equality, but you sure as fuck cannot DEMAND chivalry.

  • pnl86
    "because he wants to show her that she is valuable to him and worthy of respect."

    What does she do to show him that he is valuable to her and worthy of respect?

    I treat every woman I value and respect the same way I treat every man that I value and respect. If a good male friend of mine asked me to please hold his bag, I would laugh and leave it at that. I wouldn't even tell him, "No," because the "No" is implied. I'm not going to pull out the chair for my best friend.

    Now, as far as paying for dates. This is a touchy and sensitive subject for everyone, especially millennial guys. When you have money (not like Forbes 500 money, but a comfortable amount of money, this is not really an issue). But, when you're in your teens or early 20s, or the way the world is going (even in your late 20s or early 30s) ... the reality is that jobs aren't there. Technology is replacing human labor. Even if you wanted a job as someone you makes Trump ties or "Make America Great Again" hats, those jobs are over in China. All jokes aside, work is hard to come by, yet people still have kids and so the cost of things like homes, rent, food, etc. keeps increasing (as people's real purchasing power keeps decreasing).

    When out with good friends, I have the following rule: (a) if I know that I make substantially more money, then I pay - no questions asked, (b) if we're of an equal stature, and I feel like being generous and treating them, then I'll pay, (c) if they feel like doing something nice to me and showing their appreciation or building friendship credit with me, I'll let them pay.

    I've never had a friend go on for more than (1) dinner/lunch meeting and not reciprocate picking up a bill just as high as the last one I picked up.

    So, why the different standard with women and dating? This is coming from a married man, so, I'm not vested in this discussion, and I don't give a shit either way. As a matter of trying to discovery the truth into this question, though, why do women keep pushing for some "special treatment" in their favor, and then try to create justifications/rationalizations or shame/guilt-trips to motivate men to comply (and then get mad at men when men laugh, give women the finger, and basically continue to say, "No, thank you.")?
    • boholotus

      Im not saying women should invite men , we should. But if you want to conquer a girl , why can't you be nice and invite her dinner? Later she will invite you. Why wouldn't you want to give her flowers to make her melt? Help her with the bags? Later she will buy you tickets to see the game you like. Again, im not saying , men should do everything , im saying the could show the girl that they are safe with them with a little extra effort , It is not that hard , It is way too easy , how much does some flowers cost you how much does It cost you to lend her your jacket? If you want to call it special treatment ok, but you do It because you love her and not in the same wy you love your friend , and you want to show love and make her feel safe with you. It is subjective anyway.

    • boholotus

      Plus chivalry habits are also part of romance which makes a woman melt.

    • pnl86

      "if you want to conquer a girl"

      I don't know what kind of kinky rape fetish "some" girls have, but I've done just fine without ever feeling the desire, urge or need to "conquer" a girl. I've never looked to "conquer" a girl. Quite the opposite, in fact. I've looked for a girl "to submit." That's an active process on her part, not mine.

      All I do is show up, look good, have my reputation, my network, my status, my occupation, the promise/vision/fantasy of what a life of "being with me" would be like. Never really had to do anything more than that. From there on, if I don't see that a girl "submits to me," like a dog, rolling over on her belly begging to be pet, I'm simply not interested.

      I'm not interested in "conquering" a girl. I'm not looking to "earn" a woman's affection, love or sex. I'm looking for a woman who will show me that she values me as a man first. Once she shows me that, then I'll shower her in any which way she values having a man's affection expressed to her.

  • Phoenix98
    Once again you are talking about a gentleman.

    And once again Chivalry was not created for women and it has very, very little to do with women out of the entire code there is maybe a line/sentence set aside for women the rest of it has nothing to do with them. If a man acts Chivalrous it's to both men and women because it was created as a whole as a set of rules about how to act in medieval society both on the battlefield and in a duel and off the battlefield and also had to do with war and religion.

    The true code of chivalry as said by Sir Ronald of Emperor Charlemagne.

    To fear God and maintain His Church
    To serve the liege lord in valour and faith
    To protect the weak and defenceless
    To give succour to widows and orphans
    To refrain from the wanton giving of offence
    To live by honour and for glory
    To despise pecuniary reward
    To fight for the welfare of all
    To obey those placed in authority
    To guard the honour of fellow knights
    To eschew unfairness, meanness and deceit
    To keep faith
    At all times to speak the truth
    To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun
    To respect the honour of women
    Never to refuse a challenge from an equal
    Never to turn the back upon a foe
    • I think we can refer to the term in the colloquial sense there bud. Awful no longer means to inspire wonder, and guy no longer means an ugly person; I don't think most people think of chivalrous to mean a set of rules established in the middle ages, even if that was the original definition.

    • Phoenix98

      @Nothanks700 Well they should as that is what it is.

      And neither the code nor the term ever changed, in Victorian times people read about the code of chivalry and established the gentleman from that so like I keep saying what they are talking about is not chivalry but being a gentleman.

      To say any other way is ignoring history.

    • Lol, you are a ridiculous person

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  • IceCubedude
    Chivalry's only purpose is to show women that men value them so your entire take is rather uselss it brings nothing new to the table, with that being said being gentleman used to work in the past but is ueless these days.

    Men who are gentlemen are most of the time used by women who take them for granted and dont give them the time of day, dont get me wrong if a man is good looking and has qualities that women value being a gentleman can work in his favor but rarely that works, look at the world we live in todays, do you know who are the men getting all the women? shy and wild alike... the men who do not let women use them, and by that i mean they aren't willing to give second chances, won't pay for you until you're in a relationship and he knows he wants you, will help a woman in need but not accept to be the go to person if women need help, once in a while if his help is needed and he can do it its fine but not often or he risks being used.

    All in all men want to be nice to women, want to spoil and treat women nice, but women, even the nicest ones, aren't willing to give anything in return or make it really hard and actually respond much better to being treated like disposable, i had to learn the hard way like most men out there, i have no reason to be a gentleman with every girl i meet even though i might do it.
    • "I had to learn the hard way like most men out there" But you're not even a man yet.
      And FYI, gentlemen are always more attractive than the average guy.

    • @SarahsSummer you're not even a man yet? Who decides whos a man or not, pretty sure its not your ugly ass.
      the fact that you found an need to commet with something like this on my opinion just shows one thing, you know iam right and you're boiling on the inside, you know that what iam saying is true and women like you dont deserve gentlemen, you are mad, jealous and have nothing to aruge with because iam right.

    • boholotus

      Men can use women too dont forget , how can we know your intentions are good? Maybe you asked me out bc you just wanted sex how can i know? Maybe you could rape me? you're physically stronger than me aren't you? I weight 100 pounds, my height is 5'2, i couldnt defend myself. How are you gonna show me that you are a decent guy, that you respect women? How? I can show you i respect you too , with the way i treat you , but you're safer , after all, you are stronger than me, i couldnt rape you or hit you. i can show im interested , i can buy you gifts , buy you tickets to see the game you like , stay hours trying to look good for you so you see that im interested and i care. And im telling you , since i was raped , It was hard for me to trust guys , i needed someone who could show me that he appreciates me, respects me , won't take advantage of me , lets be honest , "the most dangerous thing in the world for a woman is men , and for a man is a heart attack."

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  • btbc92
    Thank You! Something that I have been trying to say all along! A lot of guys, especially here on GaG doesn't get the picture. Many sadly do not care! I can understand the reasoning on how other women treated them. But to do it out of spite or because 'it's fun' is sickening. " It is acknowledging that she encounters, likely on a daily basis, many men who disrespect her humanity. " This is what I have experienced nearly all my life, and it was tied to especially of me being Christian and my views.

    "She is catcalled, she is pushed, she is touched against her will, and she is talked down to and made to feel profoundly uncomfortable. She can’t tell who is following her, she doesn’t know what a man’s intentions might be, and she doesn’t want to be in certain places alone at night. " Man, do people don't know. I have experienced ALL of this! From the catcalling to being pushed and talked down to because of bullying, touched against my will at 3rd grade by a kid my age, and even at 21 by some old Chinese dude groping my chest! I was so petrified and stunned I couldn't move nor believed what happened to me. All while some young guy around my age at the time, who lived right next store to him saw this in the middle of the street, smirked and walked back into his apartment! Like, it was funny to him! And even if I was able to call the cops the guy disappeared into his apartment, and he was up there in age and spoke mandarin. They wouldn't have believed me because of his old age.

    Thank you once again for this myTake. It is SO refreshing to see this, it actually makes me want to cry. Especially being called bitter and man-hating, all while reminding me of all of the crazy experiences I have dealt with in my life that has brought me to where I stand today as a young woman living in a very imperfect world. :(
    • Kkaos

      Have no idea what you're trying to imply. The negative experiences you've had have nothing to do with whether a man should open the door for you or pay for you. Anyone with manners, man or women, will open the door for someone. Anyone with any manners, man or women, will offer to pay for at least their half or pay in full if they're generous.

    • btbc92


      The point has to do with the majority of guys are not being taught to respect women. Porn gives men unrealistic expectations of what a woman cliams she wants or needs to be treated. And if they didn't have their fathers around to teach them, this kind of behavior impacts the whole gender. All men and wommenshould treat wach other with respect. Womem learn from men as men is supposed to lead a woman not the other way around.

    • btbc92

      Men and women should treat each other with respect.*

  • TMarissaWL
    Umm because nowadays the moment a guy treats a girl right, she brushes him off in search of a "more congruent fit".

    So naturally what do men do? They learn from their mistakes and stop treating women this way. And it's giving them results... I mean women are putting out easier than they ever have

    I mean am I the only chick that realizes this?
    • Major_Vybz

      This is so true..

    • Wisdom.

    • this girl here is either a man pua in disguise or the smartest 20 year old chick in gag. exactly. chivalry got them nothing but sleeping with their hand at nights and creepy/beta-shamed. they discovered "the game", and saw actual results with women. It's great for us women to study "game" because we discover ways we are attracted to men, that we werent aware of.

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    So in other words, you want for men to pamper you like a princess but you still do not want to be bothered to follow any of your own gender's traditional obligations? This is precisely why there is a Red Pill movement. You cannot have equality and still expect to receive special treatment. The latter is the very antithesis of equality. What you are speaking of is FAIRNESS which is vastly different from equality. But in order to have fairness, we need to acknowledge that men and women are not the same and therefore are not bound by the same obligations - hence traditional gender roles - which is the very antithesis of equality.
    • Botchie

      "You cannot have equality and still expect to receive special treatment. The latter is the very antithesis of equality."
      This sentence says it all. You can either have equality or have special treatment. You can't have both EXPECTED.
      Very well said!

    • this girl is irrational. she is an oxymoron with legs.

    • boholotus

      You didn't read everything i said

  • Mrwoo99
    You can't demand us to be chivalrous and expect us equality rights... it's one or the other cupcake. That's like feminism saying men are the ones who go to war because us women are traditional when it suits.

    Equal rights means you will get treat the same way as a MAN.
  • FatherJack
    Having been snarled at , then kicked for the " crime " of holding open a door , many years back for a young woman , nearly killed any chivalry in me totally dead , I do this for anyone , ironically it is other men that say thanks nearly every time , many women do not even acknowledge me & just haughtily strut past. However , to be fair , women have been severely indoctrinated in today's man bashing culture to view men as beneath them , I believe this to be a strong factor.
    • cth96190

      The last time that a woman (if you can call a Feminist a woman) spat abuse at me because I held a door open, she was only just entering the doorway. I let go of the door, which had an automatic closing device on the top. The door met her face about the time that she was 3/4 through the door.
      She was so busy bugging her eyes at me in the way that leftards do and telling me what a disgusting member of the patriarchy I was that she did not notice that the door was closing.
      I do not offer assistance to women any more, or extend the traditional Western courtesies. I have been abused by a Feminist once too often.
      Flat tyre on the side of the freeway during torrential rain? Girls can do anything.
      Car broken down on a lonely road during the night? A woman needs a man in the way that a fish needs a bicycle and masculinity is toxic. Too bad if the next car along is another Ted Bundy.

  • Elarra
    I'm a little confused as to why so many people are taking issue with this take. How is chivalry not a sign of respect? I'm confused. Someone explain please. I didn't really find anything in here something anyone should be offended by.
    • boholotus

      It's a sign of respect, but guys here say that they should get that from girls too. Now guys want to be treated like girls. And some other guys believe that it makes us inferior if we want to be treated like lady.

  • alphadoggystyle
    nope, this mytake is wrong on all accounts. Women and men where not made equal at all. Men are factually superior based on biology, and nothing you say will ever change that fact. You even mentioned that you are physically weaker, and that is only one of many reasons why women are inferior to men. Sure being inferior and less capable does not mean we should treat women without respect. But if you and women in general want to be treated with equal respect and even special privileges such as chivalry, then you must admit to yourself that you are not the equal of men. The world is not less hard on men than it is on women, men are just more capable of dealing with it so women are looked at as the bigger victims, you try to spin it as male privilege but the reality is simply that men are superior.

    And no, many women won't even date men who dont earn more money than her, is very tall or of high status, so women dont look at all men as equal, so why should we lie to ourselves and consider women our equals when the fact is that men are vastly superior?
    • meowyumyum

      Men are different but that doesn't mean that we are not equal. If men were vastly superior as you say then they would be birthing children and they would have many of the other qualities that do make a woman different. Not that we really are all that different in other areas that are other than physical anyway.

    • @meowyumyum giving birth to children is not some ability that gives you enough value to change the fact that men are superior. Both men and women are needed for reproduction so it almost cancels out evenly in that department, and women get a slightly higher value for that due to them having limited eggs while guys have unlimited sperm, however this small extra value does not compensate for the fact that women become a economic burden for society during pregnancy and many also chose to be stay at home mothers for a long time living on welfare while the man is producing the wealth and is able to do so at all times even when fatherhood is approaching. many women even chose to not have babies so it becomes a moot point. And in those cases women can't really do anything that a man cannot do better.

    • i could list all the advantages of the genders and prove to you how the ones men have easily surpass and outweighs the ones women have, such as mens superior mental and physical strenght and durability. But instead i will just show you this study which clearly proves men are the only gender who contributes financially to a society over a lifetime, while women as a group actually causes the state to lose money over their lifetimes, due to all the welfare that is needed to maintain this fake "equality" of the genders.

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  • candyaurora
    Oh I simply adore and admire those gentemen types.. easiest way to earn my respect and feelings 😊. That being said I must also state that women are also to blame for the extinction of gentlemen and in my opinion lack of religious and moral values has led to this unfortunate state of affairs!
  • lualesca
    TL;DR version: Women deserve special treatment because vagina.

    This take has a lot of ill-informed meandering waffle.

    Hope that Marc Rudov can educate you about equality, the best treatment that there can be between a man and a woman, is treat each other as peers.

  • Chief16
    I've always maintained if a girl wanted a gentleman, she should be a lady herself first.
    So let's get something straight, chivalry ain't just for women. This facade that one must be chivalrous to women has since long been debunked.
    You can't expect to maintain status quo while changing everything else, people don't wanna be nice to each other anymore because they're so transparent. You expect they guy to pick up the tab, hold the door, pull your chair etc etc, but what exactly are you doing? Why do you think you deserve this special treatment? What have you done to deserve it?
    • Agreed but what exactly is a "lady" according to you.

    • Chief16

      @candyaurora something as antiquated as some women's definition of a gentleman.

    • Thats really unfortunate!

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  • cheeseNwine
    To the feminine traditional type of women because it's functional with them

    It's not for the feminists or women who are entitled and overbearing towards men. This wasn't designed for these types of women

    Women again wanting everything without the work
  • SovereignessofVamps
    I think it's just traditional. It's a compliment, but I think people just hate having to fit into roles. Like imposed roles. I think it can be cool and it sounds like you like tradition a lot! But I like telling guys exactly what I want, so I don't have to worry about him being mean lol
    • And guys can make some terrible sexual comments, but they say the same to each and worse usually.

  • The_flying_Frenchman
    Everyone should treat each other with respect and empathy. It doesn't matter the gender. if I see a woman carrying something heavy, I offer to help and I'd do the same for a guy. Same with holding the door for the next person behind you. Chivalry isn't something we need in order to ensure women are respected, how about we all just be a decent to each other by default?
  • ADFSDF1996
    In order to be chivalrous, you have to be kind to both sexes, not just one. Men and women need to respect each other and assist each other, not have one sex do all the work. Us men aren't oxen, we are humans just like women.
  • SarahsSummer
    I agree 100% many of the boys on this site were apparently not taught these things by their father... or mother. Maybe they didn't have a father. its sad
    • jessica5d

      What is sad is that you find it sad that more and more younger men and women aren't taught sexist stereotypes anymore.

    • @jessica5d sexist stereotypes? WTF are you even talkking about?

    • dontknow12

      Or maybe men are afraid to act chivalrous because women take advantage of it.

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  • ThisDudeHere
    "because we demand equality, we can't demand chivalry"

    You indeed can't.
  • Jager66
    A woman wanting chivalry is just as nasty as a Feminist. It's a PC way of expressing their belief that they are an entitled princess who expects to live life on a pedestal. It's just as gross/creepy as any man who feels entitled to a woman's sexuality.

  • angryshortguy
    Bullshit, girls like confident jerks who treat them like shit. Start treating the girl like equal and you are friendzoned.
  • Lorenz965
    Im the kind of guy who would hold the door for my gal, move her chair and never show anger towards her... but im also the kind of guy that would be really pissed if we dont split the restaurant bill or if she expected me to give her expensive gifts... i would be proud of my daugther ( ill never have children) if she dated a guy like me because i would mean i raised a progresive and humble woman.
    • Is splitting the restaurant bill on a date acceptable in Chile in your generation? I always thought of Latin America as very traditional.

    • Lorenz965

      @notreallythere Chile its pretty similar to the US economically and socially... and just like in the US there are all sorts of people.

  • Dim_121
    Here is a big difference between being a gentleman and just doing everything for a woman. Few people seem to understand that these days.
    Chivalry is dieing because poeple have no respect for other poeple.
  • ScottSummers
  • FýrdracaDócincel
    I would agree with you, only women are now starting to say that, since guys are expected to be chivalrous, it makes them superior to men. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  • AmenN
    i agree except for going out for food. It was a custom for a man to pay when they went out a long time ago because she was considered property, he would have to do the same for his slaves.
  • DiogoRibeiro
    I completely believe in that. Also, that's how my father educated me, to be courteous and polite towards everyone, not only women. 👏👏👏
  • bjstevenson89
    Two problems. The first is when men act like gentleman, for the most part women walk all over us which forces us to change our behavior, and before you try and say,"that's just the women you're dating" I would say I don't know how much experience you have taking women on dates but I bet I have more. Second in a time when there has never been more equality between the sexes in human history there is no rational argument that can be made for treating a woman with any special consideration. The pay gap has been proven false by major studies conducted on the issue, and women's liberation movement insured that the ladies are treated the same as us men. I consider being a gentleman, to be a statement of admiting inferiority to a woman, and as such cannot be justified.
    • Your parents really did a number on you is all I can think. What happened to appreciating women for the mere fact that we aren't men?

    • @SarahsSummer because all men are told is how equal women are, and now that women are receiving that exact treatment we hear that no they don't want to be equal they want to be treated better. Well I completely agree with the feminist ideals. You should all be treated as equals and no better. Also if by "Your parents did a number on you" you mean they gave me the ability to come up with well thought out rational counter arguments then yes, they did.

    • @SarahsSummer and what do you do to appreciate men for the fact that we aren't women? especially considering men are superior to women and contribute more to society.

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  • DanReynolds
    I agree women should be treated to free meals and treated like a princess just for the sole reason of them being born female.
    Men dont deserve equal respect or treatment because they're horrible sex crazed rapists.
  • Blueeyes81
    The problem I have with this take is that you shifted the gender roles of women but expect the man to still adhere to his classic gender role. It's rather naive to demand a change and then expect men to accept that change and then adhere with their standard gender role. Now imagine if we reverse this. Men expect woman to stay home and cook, clean and raise the children while we abolish our gender role of chivalry. Pretty ridiculous, huh? Of course men adapted and changed right along with women. It's ridiculous to expect them to stay the same while women change.
  • Scrambledagain
    Woman "be chivalrous"
    Man "buckle up motherfucker this is gonna be a Mach 3 trip to friendshipzone land"
  • chigurl33
    Chivalry is dead because vaginas killed it. When your mum tells you that any guy that is being extra nice to you probably wants something... you tend to look at nearly every guy with critical eyes.

    I don't expect chivalry... makes me uncomfortable as hell but I'm not anyone's bitch either. I don't care how much money you have , if you don't have basic respect for me, I'll shove your head so far up your ass, you'll be flossing with your intestines.

    If you're a gentleman... there's probably someone out there who would truly appreciate it, it's just not seventy percent of the female population.

  • Sjeggy
    So many bitter men haha
    Guys seem to think that they need a "reward" for not being a dick and for making the woman you go for feel a bit more special.
    As long as in the end we both had a lovely time I do not give a flying fuck about a "reward". I just do it because it's right, i treat a girl with care not because she is fragile, but because I can and will.
    No it's not like women automatically deserve this treatment because they are women. I just show respect

    And if they aren't my date I just don't pay them a lot of attention. Though I hold the door for anyone, and I am polite to everyone

    • Botchie

      Amen man. I'm not sure why the other dude downvoted you. It's called human decency. And it seems that a lot of people lack it nowadays.

    • Sjeggy

      @Botchie naaah appearently "decency" needs to be rewarded with sex riiight?

    • Botchie

      @Sjeggy I guess so. We must be doing this "Be a decent guy" thing all wrong.

  • Robin48
    This works both ways. Women need to learn to have respect for men and boys. Women need to stop the junk they do with minor males (18 year and below).
  • Nothanks700
    I do understand to a point. The problem is when you actually think about it. Why are men holding doors and chairs, while women are not? I mean it really, just seems odd. I wouldn't have an issue with it if both genders took part in this, but they don't. Personally, I'm looking for a partner, not someone to dote on. I'm looking for a strong and independent women, who doesn't need me, and I don't need her, but we never the less enjoy each others support and company. If your guy is chivalrous, and all these things, I don't see a problem. But when you demand these things, it seems superficial and immature.
    • meowyumyum

      If I am in front of someone coming in I always open the door for them.

  • MyExperience
    I enjoy chivalry. It makes me feel good about myself to do something nice, kind, for others, for women. If along my path even one woman finds that devestatingly handsome of me, bonus. To the boys who don't because they feel taken advantage of, that's on the women who take advantage. Not on any gentlemanly behavior. dont let others reality impede on yours. If you're not a polite, caring human being to begin with, that's on you but to withhold common courtesy because of someone else's reality, shows a serous lack of moral fiber and self dignity. If every other man (well boy) casts off chivalry to a bygone era, I'll single handedly keep it alive.
  • pavlove
    lol. And if men had their way they'd make every woman their personal slut but reality is men who are not gentlemen and women who are not sluts lose
  • spannerotoole
    On the topic of Chivalry, being respectful to women is only part of the chivalry code, a lot of it was etiquette for duelling.
  • pooper89
    Great Take. Agree 100%.

    So many whiny bitches on this site.. ignore the backlash
  • JensonStatement
    Once again you see like 50 men on this myTake and 10 women.
    This shows how chivalry now is taken by today people.
  • singlebee
    Huhhh when a guy tries to be chivalrous he is seen weak, beta, nice guy to whom the girl is not attracted to... sexually or mentally, instead she wants a macho bad boy who will abuse her and treat her bad... And they still keep on going back to him and even like it and then cry later when they get dumped or when they had enough and then also blame whole men for her own choice of partner...

    So after seeing this why would a good guy be chivalrous to a women? Fuck bring chivalrous...
    I rather be a bad boy than being a chivalrous guy who is seen only as a friend...
  • GoodLuckCharlie
    I show chivalry to women who don't think they're better than all men.
  • Dred1614returns
    I view it as common courtesy that I extend to everyone, not exclusively women.
  • mostwomenshouldstfu
    Too many logical fails by males in this thread. If you emasculated f**gots want to be approached by women, you need to create a safe environment for them to do so. So either the catcalling and groping stops or you better be prepare to be approached and handled by ugly b****es that you don't want., and you can't complain about it either Fair is fair you stupid mother f***ers.

    Good luck trying to stop traditional, masculine men from picking up on women. Your little p***sy ways just makes their job easier and harder for women, which you queers seem to think is easier for you, really, it means less of the sex you want.
    • Furthermore, ladies, if you want to indulge these lazy p***ies who call themselves guys, I propose you don't have to doll yourselves up if you are going to do the work. It's not like these manginas are going to complain, all they want is equality sex, they're the women now, they need to know what equality is like. Furthermore, they need to spend more time dolling themselves up. So they shouldn't b*** if you put on 20-30 lbs or skip a shower or two. That's what they deserve.

    • It's okay, hun. Just take your pills and it's gonna be okay.

    • @notreallythere Aww, are you one of the precious snowflakes whose balls haven't dropped and can't handle rejection or approaching women? Poor baby.

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  • vnmcisback
    Just lol at treating hoes right in this generation, fuck chivalry, bitches deserve genocide
    • Wtf.

    • vnmcisback

      @Puppylove94, don't u agree?

    • Obviously not. I'm the pink downvote🙋🏼

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  • cth96190
    Chivalry is dead. Feminists killed it.
  • WhaChaChaKing
    Eh. You should just be nice to everyone.
  • lumberman9
    Great take nice!
  • NajemEddine
    this is blasphemy and madness