Chivalry is Dead Because of Women, Not Men

Chivalry is Dead Because of Women, Not Men

I have always been someone who wants a guy to be chivalrous, as most people already know on this site. I like when a guy offers to pay for the first date, opens the door for me, makes romantic gestures, etc.

Unfortunately, this isn't very common anymore. Although you get some men who like to do this for their women, it is slowly dying out. Even though most people are quick to assume it's the men who are changing, i beg to differ. I think it is due to the women.

1) Tinder

This app is a detriment to society. I used to love it- i would be on it all the time. Men use this app to get what they want. Whether it's company, sex or just someone to boost their ego. They can get instant attention through this app while not having to make any commitments.

Chivalry is Dead Because of Women, Not Men

Also, when the app originally started out, men would take women out and actually pay for their meals. Women started to take advantage of this and literally use their date for free meals. They would have the meal and never talk to the guy again. Why would a man keep paying for a woman if the gesture isn't returned?

2) Women are a lot easier these days

A lot of women don't care about men making a commitment to them before they sleep with them. If a man doesn't have to sweep a woman off her feet to get her into bed, he's not going to. This also hurts the women who do expect that. Men aren't going to work for something if they can get the same result easier with someone elsewhere.

3) Chivalry isn't just about getting women in bed, it's about kind gestures

Women are so caught up in feminism and saying they can do things themselves that men get confused. They've stopped the kind gestures to avoid being called misogynistic.

This picture pretty much sums up this point.

Chivalry is Dead Because of Women, Not Men

Chivalry is an awesome thing. It isn't about losing money or getting sex- it's about showing someone you want to be with them or that you can think about someone other than yourself. It's about showing appreciation and wanting someone to feel special. I think men lose sight of that because of a few bad experiences they've had.

Chivalry is Dead Because of Women, Not Men
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  • AleDeEurope

    If being chivalrous isn't gonna have any effect on the girl, then why be chivalrous? Many guys think this way, which makes sense. Nature says "what is not used, will disappear". If making no effort will have the same chances of getting a girl while being chivalrous, why would a guy go out of his way and make some sacrifices if it's gonna have the same effect as doing nothing?
    If women would keep valuing chivalry, and appreciating it, there would be more men who will keep doing it.

    A big problem is also that women don't appreciate it no more. A thank you or a smile is all we ask for. Not appreciating it will make you look like you don't care about it, or that you think you're entitled to it.

    I do consider myself a chivalrous guy. I was raised that way, and I believe it's not just something you do to women, but to men too. It's just an act of kindness. So not being chivalrous would be difficult, but I understand why so many men just aren't, since it doesn't pay off.

    • You have a great way of thinking. I promise you you'll find the right woman who will appreciate it one day

    • I appreciate it. It makes my day really. Many of the guys at school slam the door in my face or if I hold a door open for them they don't think anything of it either. I think it's just the fact that people are getting more apathetic.

    • @RainbowFanGirl Same here. It feels really good when a stranger smiles at you just for holding the door for them.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • ElissaDido

    The whole Male- Female relation is superposed to have compromises and give and take process.
    Women can't ask to be treated like men under the name of equality , and ask for special treatment at the same time!
    If you want a gentleman, you have to be a lady!

    Great MyTake! I completely agree with you

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    so true. especially #2
    guys will lie and pretend to commit and lead you on, hide the fact that they have a girlfriend, etc anything to get sex.

    • We let it happen tho


      maybe some girls do, i for one, have never wanted to have casual sex and i make it clear to them prior to anything happening that i am only interested in being in a commited relationship but they have no conscience.

    • Neither have I... That's what makes it frustrating for us lol we have to deal with the consequences

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  • QuestionMan

    I was having dinner with a female friend at a restaurant a few months back and I pulled out a chair for her and she looked confused as fuck. She said no one had ever done that for her before.

    • I had a guy open the car door for me once and had that reaction too lol

  • hellionthesage

    Yeah but before their was reasons to be chivalrous now their is not. She won't appreciate it will take advantage of you and expects you to do all of this, its not a kind gesture its your job, she is entitled to you doing these things for her meanwhile what is he getting out of it? Is she acting like a lady? Maybe cooking for him or doing something that is out of her way to show she is interested and that she cares like what would have happened in the past? No. Its a one way street, its like working without getting paid, whats the point? Women destroyed chivalry because they decided they where entitled to the treatment, they then decided that they did not have to reciprocate, you know the whole "I don't exist to make him happy" mentality (funny because most women seem to think that this is exactly why men exist). If its one sided its not going to happen and that's the problem women seem to think they shouldn't have to do anything in return, they don't have to respect the man, they don't have to show interest or appreciation they just think they have to show up be doted on and then that's it. That's why chivalry is dead.

  • kitty71

    I totally agree on the number 3. Indeed chivalry is dead because US women. Sorry but that is the way it is. Some women had become so independent that they say "we dont need a man for this or for another thing" we can manage ourselves. Therefore a man hearing that, they stop trying to be the gentlemen, and treat women like one of their own. So, ladies do not complain later if a a man is not being a gentlemen with you, cause US had asked for it.

    • I'm in the US lol

    • kitty71

      When I said US I meant US as women not US as the country. sorry for the confussion people

    • Ohhh Hahahah okay makes sense

  • Relentless_Hippie

    I'm glad my boyfriend was raised to be a gentleman. Ladies deserve gentlemen and gentlemen deserve ladies. Other people can have each other, but ladies and gentlemen should never settle for less. If we see more of that, then the rest of people will learn and start having some class and put love back into dating.

    • Same. That was just how my boyfriend was raised. I was raised to be repectful too.

    • @RainbowFanGirl Exactly. Let the rude people have rude people, let the trashy ones have the trashy ones, but ladies and gentlemen should always stand for what they're worthy of.

      If the bad girls and guys try to go for the good ones. The good ones should have enough sense to demand more from themselves and hopefully that would spark a much needed message in some people's heads.

  • RainbowFanGirl

    So, chivalry is basically an act of kindness? We need a lot more of that in this world. I've held doors open for people but it's like they feel entitled to it. The world is getting more and more apathetic by the day.

    • Exactly. Completely agree

    • My boyfriend was raised to treat people with respect and he is chivalrous towards me. It may be because of the fact that I'm not a bitch towards him or because he loves me.

    • Unit1

      Is he chivalrous to the others? If not, that's something to think about twice.

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  • TesticleMonster

    lmao no its not that women are easier, its that they're more difficult. i don't know what it is about women that makes them place connotation something positive and make something desirable out of something negative. this whole idea "men want a challenge". i mean sure, we want a girl who's coy and playful, but we don't want a girl who is CHALLENGING. Literally that word, when used in the context of a person, means draining, grating on the soul. A challenging person to be around is not who you want to date. A difficult person is not someone you want to date. And the word "easy"... how the fuck is easy a bad thing? i figured it out, its not the word easy that is negative, its the word women. place the word easy next to ANYTHING positive, and its a good thing. Easy money. easy ice cream. easy blowjobs. literally, the exact same thing as easy women, but without the word women in it, sounds 1000x better. taking it easy, on a beach in hawaii. now put it next to something negative. easy debt. easy chipotle induced diarrhea. easy telemarketing. fast and easy pop up ads. just insert your credit card and pay 10 easy payments of 19.95 for penis pills that don't work. its 100% snake oil! so women are the biggest culprits of misogyny, because they themselves are the ones that perpetuate the negativity associated with "easy women". and they do the opposite thinking its going to help, but the opposite is just being difficult.

    but if someones gonna be difficult all the time why bother being nice to them? thats why chivalry is dead. no one gives a shit about pleasing someone who openly and explicitly doesn't give a damn about pleasing them. you want us to chase you? fuck off. this is what it ends up looking like.

    • Easy women mean promiscuous women that sleep with anyone. If you like that sort of thing then go for it. But that easy ice cream will taste way better if you had to work for it.

      And easy day will feel a lot more mediocre than if you had to work hard and get shit done. It makes everything worth it in the end and you'll appreciate it way more.

    • so name an easy woman. and no. there is absolutely no correlation between the taste of ice cream and what you have to do to get it. in fact, if you have to move mountains just to get your hand on some fucking ice cream, i can promise you by the end of the ordeal, it will taste bitter and unfulfilling. if there is an ice cream parlor on the other side of town, cut off by road construction on all sides, a toll booth, a car crash and 3 miles of traffic, and then once you get there, they make you talk to a voice mail machine for no other reason than to make the process of getting ice cream more difficult because they irrationally think it will make it taste better, then the call drops and you have to call them back---well lets just stop there, because NO ONE IN THE WORLD will ever get that far. they'll just go to the ice cream shop thats nearby, that has better ice cream, cheaper, and actually caters to their needs and convenience. because its fucking ice cream. there's always another shop.

    • just like there's always another woman and she's the woman who's getting all the men you push away with your irrational bullshit.

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  • ginny_weasley

    I think women just need to know the difference between "I don't need your help" and "I can handle this but thanks for offering." I am still glad that my boyfriend is chivalrous. We knew each other for four hours before he asked me out. And he insisted on paying for lunch. As a feminist, it's sad the bad eggs ruined the whole bunch. Oh well. Just be nice to everyone.

    • By the way, good my take it broke everything down really well.

  • drakeondegrassi

    I love this. The best MyTake I have read.
    Although I must confess I met my husband on Tinder... after tons of terrible creepy dates, he was the last guy I probably would have gone out with but he was really sweet.

    • Wow that's crazy!! Congrats. I had a relationship start from it too. It can work if you're picky. Do you mind me asking if you guys hooked up initially? Or did you actually date?

    • Thank you! :) We didn't even sit next to each other on the couch for our first few dates (which wasn't normal for me anyways.) I just felt shy right away and we dated for months before anything even happened between us. It was definitely an unusual relationship from the start. He spent every moment and dollar he had on me (also weird, I usually pay for half of everything by choice) and just courted me in a very old fashioned way!

    • Which is awesome. I wish more guys were like that.

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  • sedrftvgyhujik

    I try to be helpful now and then such as capturing and safely releasing countless spiders and opening doors for people on crutches and conversely Iv been perfectly happy to let women help me in the past for example one helped me fix my iPhone, one helped me get off a mountain safely in a snow storm that i relay appreciated , one let me borrow her perfect notes to study from, but most often directions!
    Id call that mutual chivalry i think?

    • Yeah definitely. What about dates. Would you pay for a first date?

    • Depends?
      Where are where going and who asked who and who has cash on them or is she is very well off or struggling a bit?
      I think you'r both suppose to offer but if she keeps offering i'm not going to insist.
      I'm actually genuinely not keen on restaurants though especially for a first date so id be much more likely to suggest coffee and what you do with the bill for 2 coffees and some sandwiches isn't such a big deal unless you go somewhere ridiculous or your broke so id offer to pay and if she offered I offer again then stop after that or say we split or flip a coin or something?
      But if I invite her to coffee and she says it has to be dinner then she is now the one inviting me so she should pay also I'm now having doubts and wondering did she just want a free meal or something since she suggested something much more expensive and if I get convinced enough it's that then I will want her to pay because I get annoyed if I think i'm getting used! unless she is clearly broke and i'm doing

  • Gommers

    I didn't quit with the kind gestures to avoid being called a mysoginist, I did it purely to spite women for being too stupid to realize that everyone needs help. "Oh your tire went flat? Good thing you know how to change a tire... Oh you don't, well I guess that really sucks doesn't it? Well good luck since women know everything or can figure it out, I guess having brute strength and knowledge doesn't really pay off for you today."

    • Well good luck dying alone.

    • Awh well look at that chivalry. Always thinking of others before yourself

    • Gommers

      Hey, I'm not the one that's gonna get raped by some crazed woman on my walk home from the bar alone. I mean there are 2 or 3 from my past that might do it, but they all live in different states now so I'm pretty sure I'm not the one that should be worried.

      As I said, I do it to spite the ideology that women don't need help when clearly we all do.

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  • D_Bone_Steak

    I pretty much agree... it makes things awkward. I'll hold a door for a lady friend, but as far as pulling chairs out for my lady friend, what am I, your waiter? I don't even do that for my wife. I mean really my lady friends would make fun of me for even attempting something so mushy.

    As for paying... women pay for my dinner, no matter what. I might do the tip. ... maybe lol.

    • Are you kidding?

    • Nope.

    • That's horrible. Girls actually do it too?

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  • BubbleBoy69

    No you got tinder mix up. Tinder started out as a hookup app and was not mainstream. Basically it allowed hot girls and guys to fuck on the down low without people knowing their business. Now it's turning into a dating ap since it became mainstream.

  • FatherJack

    I am not BSing here , but several years a ago a young woman snarled at , then KICKED me , my " crime " ... holding the door open for her. Other men have told me they often get a sour look from women when they were simply being decent. Is there any need for that hostility?

  • Shorty1991

    I don't agree that chivalry is completely dead. There are still guys out there who help people when they struggle. For those who say its completely dead, that's coming from guys who have taken time to help a woman and she's went all aggy on him thinking that he has an ulterior motive. Those men, then go and class every woman the same. Just like they do when one woman gives them a hard time. They class all other women the same.

  • BuchitaBuchys

    I agree and I'm so happy that we did. I don't want anyone to be nice to me just because I'm a woman. I want them to be nice to me because it's common courtesy. If he's holding the door for me, but lets it slam on the guy behind me, I'm sorry, that guy's a douche, no matter how "nice" he is to me.

    Nay to chivalry, yey to common courtesy in my opinion

  • BlondeBlueEyes84

    Chivalry is definitely dead for almost all White guys. I mean, why bother anymore? Are there any women left, in the general population, who have any kind of morals or decency? Who are virgins? Don't think so.

    • AskMe15

      You sir are wrong. I have morals, I like a guy with chivalry, and I am also a virgin. I often times hide out at home though, I'm guessing other girls like me do the same as well. That is why it is so hard for you guys to find us. :/

    • @AskMe15 I agree

  • NajemEddine

    Chivalry is dead women killed it now live with it
    before women were more respectful and deserve to be called ladies
    why i should treat a spoiled brat cunt like a lady and be Chivalry
    either you want equality or special treatment
    the end

  • Bandit74

    I am really surprised a girl wrote this but I do agree.

    I think incentive is the biggest reason though. If girls are exchanging nudes and hooking up with men without expecting them to commit or pay for dates then why would a different guy want to be the one who has to spend weeks or months wooing them and paying for dates in anticipation of something she was willing to do by the third encounter with guys who didn't have to spend a dime on her.

    • MollyWap

      Not trying to be that girl, but a girl can like a guy so much she gives him some really soon. And she can like a guy less and choose to wait, or simply learn from her mistake with the prior guy. Not that I actually exxpect anybody to care, I get what your trying to say im js, just because I gave a cookie to some guys doesn't mean every guy i come by gets to get a cookie, if you get my drift. They might all want some, but I might only be willing to share with who Im willing to share with.

    • Bandit74

      I get that but its way more flattering to be the guy who gets the cookie right away without being expected to wait/work for it.

  • FakeName123

    Both sides are to blame for the status quo. Yes, you raise valid points, but there is a lot more to it.

    • Obviously. Lol it would take me way too long to write everything

  • HeWhoPonders

    I think a big part of this is that many women are so caught up in the whole "I'm not obligated to ((blank)) so I won't" that they're forgetting human decency.

    For example, I see many women say that they ignore a guy instead of just rejecting him because "I'm not obligated to talk to him." True, true. However the good thing for you do would be to just tell him that you're not interested. No, you're not obligated to do that, but that's what a decent person would do.

  • Bluegold007

    This topic is disappointing. Blaming each other won't get you far. I'd say why not work from within? Improve your choice in meeting people and whereabouts. I've used Internet for years and got nothing but weirdos, flakes etc.

    I'm ready to just go out and about and be bold by approaching women.

    • if you do you will succeed. I'm not saying be rude, loud or demanding, but open doors for women like you are a man who has a set and don't be afraid to actually talk to them in person like a real human being.

  • Ginger6706

    I'm the chivalrous type, but girls don't seem to really notice it or just not care. I don't know maybe it's something I'm doing or not doing haha.

    • No I'm sure you just haven't found the right girl yet. Keep doing what you're doing 😊

    • Ginger6706

      I will. Hopefully I find one soon.

  • Lightspeed-Lemon

    I'd have no problem being chivalrous if it were appreciated and not taken for granted. I worry that doing it in today's world makes you look like a chump. But if women acted like ladies again, probably men's protectiveness would take over and they would naturally start being chivalrous again.

  • JohnDoe3000

    I'm still chivalrous in that I do help the old lady cross the street or hold open a door for a woman, it's just that I also hold that door open for women I'm not attracted to. I certainly would never pay for an expensive date with a woman I don't/barely know, yet that just invites abuse and can get really expensive really quickly even when she had good intentions and there was a legitimate reason things don't work out.

  • somebodysaycheese

    I agree 100 percent with this. I dont think women understand how much power they have

    • it has nothing to do with power, women do not have power. Its just logical for men to not do anything when there is no point to it. Also whenever someone feels entitled to something the joy of doing something for that person goes away. The only way women can expect special treatment is if they acknowledge the fact that men are superior to them.

    • @alphadoggystyle so then you shouldn't do anything nice for them at all?

    • @alphadoggystyle omfg. Men are superior to women , ok guy

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  • BrittBratt2416

    I agree, men don't even want to pay for dinner when they ask you out.. it's she can pay for hers or split the bill. Like wow.. really.. that's the least you could do when you ask someone out. Your not marrying her, she ain't asking for ring or a damn house. But I totally agree chivalry is dead.. and women freaking killed it.

    • O and here's the typical answer.."she didn't have to say yes to the date"... you didn't have to ask if paying was such a big deal.. sigh.

    • I would never go on a date with a girl and let her pay! After 9 years of marriage my wife has paid for dinner maybe 5 times and we go out for a nice dinner every week. If you go out with a man he doesn't pay, take a cab home.
      I dont care if that is the way it is now and it is hard to find a real man, then look harder or stay alone until you find a man that actually has a set.
      At your age you cannot afford to have a man who cannot change a tire and change the oil in his or your car. This is not a joke, if he isn't industrious enough to get enough money to pay for your dinner, how is he going to raise a child? If his father did not teach him how to do basic things, he probably cannot wipe his ass.
      If he cannot wipe his ass and you marry a person like this you will be stuck with the grim choice of wiping his ass every day for the rest of your life or smelling it all day.
      I am dead serious, a man needs to be able to take care of business

  • DaddyRollingStone

    We don't hold doors open for women cause we want to get into their pants, we do it because we respect them.

    Men don't respect women anymore because women act like they don't respect themselves. Before everyone gets mad about that, just remember that showing someone courtesy and respecting them are two very different things.

    One may be taken for granted but the other definitely shouldn't.

    • MollyWap

      SOME men dont respect SOME women because SOME women dont respect themselves. There i fixed it. Now I'll be on my way.

    • @MollyWap merely a technicality

  • MusicLover8098

    The moment we declare chivalry dead is the moment it truly dies. So rather than mourn the ones who are not chivalrous, let us celebrate those who are. I am chivalrous, @AleDeEurope is chivalrous. There are still some of us out there 😊

  • Nuala

    I never got chivalry... If you see someone behind you, you hold the door. If you see someone struggling with something heavy, you help them carry it. That's just manners and being a half decent human being.

  • Jamesol1

    Chivalry is dead because women are wanting 'supposed equality'... when they already have it... so why should we open doors and stuff? women never do the same for me (excluding women perhaps over 35). They rarely say thanks... god often i get bad looks when i let a woman go past or open the door.

  • CHRIS11796

    As long as I'm walking on this earth and other genuine guy's who repsect everybody not just women, chivalry will never be completely dead and people forget that kid's growing up were taught to respect everyone back in the early years when i was a kid now it's being excused and thrown out the window.

  • fuqthegovt

    Chivalry has been dead so long (my entire life at least if not a few years before that) I'm surprised it's still a word in the English language. And this is 100% accurate, especially the part where if we can get laid elsewhere without having to jump through as many hoops to do so we will.

  • ObscuredBeyond

    Feminism allied itself with socialism, and is reaping what it has sown. By condemning all kind acts as cynical bed ploys, it has produced a culture of insecurity where you have to be cruel and negligent just to defend your image, and where insecurity trumps any sense of moral obligation to help the less fortunate.

  • PT1911

    I turned to tinder because I have no other way of meeting women.

    Needless to say, it's a joke.

    *sigh* oh well

    • PT1911

      Whoops, hit the button too early.

      But yeah spot. on girl, great read

    • Thanks 😊

  • Scrambledagain

    I'm a white knight and chivalrous to any underdog or person who needs it. That's my nature. No it doesn't get you laid but I believe in "be that what you want to see in the world"

  • anonman32

    So lets say i am chivalrous what will the woman be in return?

    • first of all, that's a huge problem right there. You're thinking selfishly. But anyways, if you weren't acting selfish, I would return the favor.

      For instance when a guy offers to buy movie tickets, I'll offer the snacks

      When my ex paid for the first few dates, I got him a super nice birthday gift and house warming present. It's about giving, not receiving

    • Yes. I've held doors open for men. They didn't say thank you or anything tho.

    • how is he being selfish for expecting something in return for being chivalrous? its you women who are being selfish for expecting chivalry without needing to do anything for the man in return, so say that you yourself reward chivalry but many women dont, some dont even like it because it makes them feel "unequal" or something. Men are done sacrificing for women, if you want to be treated like an equal then forget about special treatment.

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  • NatashaJ

    Can I just say to men and women stop excusing this type of bullshit is someone is not nice to someone they are interest in that just show they naturally a asshole. Its not women fault or men fault. Its your fault if you can't date properly not the other person fault. If I didn't know he wasn't going to treat me decently that doesn't make it my fault he like that. Also if you not making the other person feel like you don't care there must be a reason for it.

    • Djaaaaaay

      Opinion owner. That there is what I'm talking about. The take is true , just as your view is also very true too. Between this take and your view together... That's the real answer.

    • NatashaJ

      @Djaaaaaay But I believe its more a person thing there a lot of people who have no remorse on how they treat people. Some are naturally are asses and then later wondering why they can't get the person of their dreams. There a reason for everything.

    • Djaaaaaay

      Opinion owner. I totally agree with that !! Living where I do , is proof of just that...

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  • Anpu23

    I have been called sexist because I have:
    Opened a door for a woman
    offered my seat to a woman
    paid for something for a woman

    how many times does a guy have to be hit before he stops putting himself into that situation?

  • Bri070

    I am noticing more men are polite and doing things for me like holding the door and I do that also. These days I'm just as likely to hold the door for another man as for a woman. Maybe I've always been that way, haven't noticed. The problem is there are so many types of people and it isn't going to always be appreciated. Also doing little things like that for 'some' women will get you an insult or worse so... It's the bad apple thing.

  • worldscolide

    I was at a little Caesars in my town about a year ago. This woman and her kids were coming in. It was a really really hot day, we are talking 105 plus. I held the door for her, She stood there and gawked at me. eventually she came in. i asked her later, what was with the hesitation. She explained to me that what i did was not common.

    • I grew up in the north but have lived in the south for almost 25 years. Holding a door for a woman of any age is pretty much the norm. It is basically all men down to the age of 3. I've had so many small boys who can hardly hold the door open with their small bodies hold the door for me. I have to say I really enjoy this perk especially when I'm tired.

  • RasmusAiken

    Chivalry didn't just die. Feminazis took it to the gas chamber.

  • ShaeNielson

    So because women aren't precious little second range citizens anymore, we have killed chivalry?

    • No, it's because we don't know the difference between "I don't need your help" vs "I can do this myself, but you helping is a kind gesture"

    • anonman32

      Well actually yes.

    • bobbyxx

      That's right. Now go make me a sandwich like a good girl.

  • YourName123

    Yeah, somehow society has feminized many younger men in more ways than just this. They don't work, can't change a tire, couldn't defend themselves if their lives depended on it and generally walk around like ball less wussies.

  • TheEnd2

    When feminism first started out there was a saying in society women and children first. In today's society that saying is ever man for himself. That's what feminism has done. When women quit acting like ladies guys quit acting like gentlemen. The saying if you got it flaunt it sexually objectify yourself when you flaunt it. Girls complain and are surprised when guys view what they flaunt, only want what they flaunt and only see them for what they flaunt. Girls are there own worse enemy. They have created most of what they complain about through their actions and will only get worse as long as they continue the same behaviors.

  • Dipsy

    Good take.
    I always try to be kind to everyone, for me it just feels like a good thing to do.
    But sometimes I don't know whether I will be going out of my way too much if I do something.

  • Jager66

    Chivalry is retarded. It's now just about a bunch of women and white knights cherry picking the parts of it that most favor women.

  • TadCurious

    Whether you want to call it chivalry or just common courtesy (which is what I prefer) I agree that we've gotten coarser as a society. I'm from the South, and it was just ingrained in me to open doors for girls/women and treat them with respect. But that doesn't mean my view of women is stuck in the 1800s. I want women to be strong and independent and to achieve whatever they want to achieve in whatever field they choose. But certain biological facts will always be the same, and we don't have to throw courtesy out the window.

  • feminismisnarcissism

    it's not womens' fault. It's FEMINISM'S fault. that means feminists are to blame... and that includes male feminists, also known as "white knights", "simps", "puppydogs".

    And even then... that means I simply BEAT YOU to the line, I don't let you go first, it means I hold doors for strange men, not strange women, because the former say "thank you" and the latter act entitled... etc.

    But I still perform chivalry for that rare, rare woman that is anti-feminist. So rare it's like findiing the holy grail-for that woman, I'll lasso the moon. :)