The Four Stages of Youth


In order to keep this short and make it acceptable for this site I skipped the 1-4 stage, 5-9 year old stage and the 10-14 year old stage, Since most users on are fit from the 16-34 age bracket.

The Stage of Discovery (15-19 years old)

The Four Stages of Youth

In this stage we're teenagers trying to understand who we are and trying to figure how the world around us works. We all remember when we were angsty teens who would fight with our parents about curfew and going to that party where your crush would be. And now we look back at it all and laugh. In the discovery stage, you're stressed all the time about meaningless things. Trying to fit in, and figure out who you are. You're sometimes even afraid to be different. Hands down, this is the worst stage of youth.

The Stage of Experimentation (20-24 years old)

The Four Stages of Youth

The Four Stages of Youth

In this stage we're finally free from the confines and rules of our parents and allowed to do as we want. We can all drive and start drinking and experimenting with other things at this age. We're going out partying and in university. Binge drinking, crazy parties, and having sex with multiple people and have dated plenty. Then after the weekend is over take our test we forgot to study for. We think we know everything at this stage, but ultimately we're still lost in the world and need guidance. The opposite sex still confuses us and we're nowhere near ready to be parents or married. In fact, many of us are still living with our parents or depending on them to help pay the apartment bills. And we all know we're still living with that roommate who forgets to pay their half of the rent.

The Peak Stage (25-29 years old)

The Four Stages of Youth

People at this stage at their peak. For the first time. WE'RE DONE WITH SCHOOL, but we still have loads of student loan debt and trying to find a decent paying job. We're done with our crazy college days and entering the real world. This is usually the happiest stage of youth. At this age people are still interested in fan fic , the latest fashion trends and pop culture. We're young enough to go to a night club and fit in but old enough to know our limits when we've had enough to drink and be able to drive and own our own car without our parents signing it for us but still young enough to be on our parents health insurance plan. We have jobs or we're travelling and at this stage we've usually closer to figuring out the opposite sex and are usually getting married around 28 ,buying a house or renting an apartment we can pay for ourselves. We're having our first kid at 29.

We're making our way through the real world and are more financially stable than our younger counterparts, but still no where near financially stable as we want to be. We're figuring things out. Like marriage and kids. But don't let it sound that great, we still haven't finished paying off those student loans. And are still confused about a great deal of things. How to get the job we want, how to afford to buy a house in the first place, saving money, figuring out finances, but for once in our life we finally get along with our parents and are smart enough to ask them for advice. Plus at this stage we've weeded out the shitty people in our life and have a great circle of friends to lean on when we need to vent, and for once they're actually giving us good advice.

The Golden Stage (30-34 years old)

The Four Stages of Youth

We've finally reached the last and final stage of youth. We're happily married and stable. We turn out to be great friends with our parents. We're healthy with our first or second child on the way. We're more financially stable and closer to paying off the student loan debt. We're young professionals and successfully making our way through the world. We think we've got things figured out, at least most of us. We have bills to pay, mortgages, kids. We're still figuring out how to make our marriages keep working or how to keep our wife or husband happy. We're still navigating through life, but for once we have someone stable who will navigate it with us. We've become more responsible and are fully independent. We're not young enough to go turn up at night clubs, but not even old enough to run for President and still need more experience, but don't worry. We're getting there.

The Four Stages of Youth
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  • G-Daz
    A summary that someone dictates the lifestyle some follow but for some, it isn't quite this way. I think one thing that is missing is acknowledging that some people are introverts and extroverts which play a major role in how each stage is developed along with politics, religion and philosophy.

    All these things contribute along with independence and experience. For example, although no one would believe me that I am an introvert (because most people associate introversion with shyness when the 2 are not related, it's simply a brain chemistry). I was never interested in going crazy social parties that are pointless from my perspective and going no where. I viewed things with a goal and objective. There are a lot of intracies that influence every one of these stages
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  • Anonymous
    That's right!
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  • Phoenix98
    I honestly skipped all the way to the peak stage except I payed for my own college and don't have student loan debt.
  • capturemyheartnow
    A very good attempt to make people understand what real life is. Each stage of life teaches us different things."Life--It goes on". says Robert Frost We start as a child and then go on to be parents and grand parents. We commit mistakes and we forgive and forget all of them. And as we grow , we grow with wisdom. Everyone has to struggle and everyone has to succeed , that is what is called life. My motto in life is Have Faith , Keep Going , Take chances , Solve problems , Smile and be Happy. ------The most important thing in life is "Plan for your retirement"
  • John_Doesnt
    You blocked me from my other account for no reason. I hope the real Dr. Krieger finds you.
  • Arsi9
    The Stage of Experimentation (20-24 years old), I am at this stage and I love it :*
  • Nuala
    I don't fit into my category...