Tips to Help You Beat Procrastination and Keep Your New Year's Resolutions - Part 3

Alright, this is the last part in my series of takes. Here are the links to parts 1 and 2 if you missed them:

Tips to Help You Beat Procrastination and Keep Your New Year's Resolutions - Part 3

12. Ivy Lee Method

This method is helpful in eliminating tasks that are not a good use of your time. Write down the 6 most important tasks for the next day and put the list in order of importance. The next day, only work on the first task listed until it is completed, only then can you move on to the next task. Whatever doesn’t get completed would get moved to the next day’s list when the process gets repeated. This may sound like procrastination but there isn’t always time to do everything you want so it helps to focus on what will bring the most results.

13. Temptation Bundling

Attach things you really like to things you dislike. Examples:

-only drink your favourite beverage while studying

-listen to your favourite podcast while jogging on the treadmill

No cheating though!!!

14. Warren Buffett’s 25/5 rule

Write down the 25 things or goals that are most important to your development. The top 5 is your must do list, the rest is your avoid at all costs list because those items have the greatest likelihood of derailing you and contributing to procrastination. It’s easy to rationalize doing these things because they are at least somewhat important but they are not the highest priority. Doing these tasks is a form of active avoidance.

15. Environmental Design

Remove all unnecessary distractions. For example, you could leave your phone in a different room. There are also some websites dedicated to helping you remove distractions and be more productive. Here are some suggestions:

16. The One Thing

You may have noticed a theme in part 3 of focus (well, except point 13). If the Ivy Lee method and/or Buffett's 25/5 rule aren't doing it for you, if you want to achieve success and mastery, then you have to find what your one thing is and dedicate yourself to it. If you could accomplish one thing in 2017, what would it be?


I hope you find success in 2017 :)


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