The Real Reason Democrats Despise President Trump... It's Not What You Think


Democrats don't like truth. It defeats them. Take for example the presidential election just concluded. As long as the public didn't know the truth, the Democrats figured they had a good chance. As long as Hillary Clinton was able to prevent the lie about the secret, insecure, unauthorized manner in which she was trading classified information and exposing it to being exploited by enemies of the United States, the Democrats figured they still had a chance. As long as the election rigging activities of the Democratic National Committee weren't exposed the Democrats figured they still had a chance. As long as the truth was never revealed about Hillary Clinton's role in the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi, Libya, the Democrats figured they still had a chance.

Mind you they don't dispute the truth once it is revealed, thereby further confirming its veracity. They simply express their indignant anger about the fact that these truths were revealed and given the light of day. As if the fact that they were revealed is the problem and not the fact that they committed these acts in the first place.

So did Hillary Clinton apologize for her role in the deaths in Benghazi and the lies she told about it to the faces of the families of the dead? Did she apologize for exposing some of this country's most important secrets to our enemies and covering it up? Did the Democrats apologize for perpetrating a massive fraud on the American people and secretly rigging one of the most important elections in the history of the nation? Did both Hillary Clinton and the Democrats apologize for dragging the country through years of agonizing pain and tooth pulling trying to get the information that they both claimed didn't exist but we now know it did? Do they show even the least bit of remorse for anything other than being caught in those lies that did so much damage to this country?

No. Instead they attempt to divert attention away from the truth. They blame sexism. They blame racism. They blame President Trump. They blame the Republicans. They blame the Russians. As if any of them had a thing to do with their despicable actions or the lies they perpetrated on America to cover them up.

The truth defeats Democrats. That's why they despise the truth, and anything or anyone who reveals the truth.

As I was watching President Trump's press conference today, this thought that I have had for some time became solidified. It couldn't have been any more crystal clear that he and his family are making an enormous sacrifice for the good of the country and giving up a fortune in profits and personal expenses donated to the American people to do so.

Agree or disagree about his strategy, it couldn't have been any more clear what his motivation is as president ... truth, and the good of the country. It's the real reason Democrats despise President Trump. President Trump is their worst nightmare come true. They are terrified of him because it looks like he is honest and truthful. They don't even understand honest and truthful. It doesn't compute for them because their entire ideology is based on perpetuating falsehoods and lies. They fear honesty. They fear President Trump not because they think he is dishonest and deceiving like they are, but because they fear he is honest-- because they fear he speaks the truth, and is therefore not one of them.

The Real Reason Democrats Despise President Trump ... It's Not What You Think

The Real Reason Democrats Despise President Trump... It's Not What You Think
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  • rjroy3
    I agree and disagree. Disagree they dislike him because he represents Truth. The real reason is that he is unapologetically himself and embraced absolutely everything. He would embrace it, blow it up to the point of absurdity, then laugh it off. So their usual game of labeling people racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe bounced off of him and people loved it.

    He didn't apologize for being rich, if people called him racist he responded with "what the hell are you talking about! They love me!", they tried to label him homophobic but that one didn't work. He even raised the LGBT flag at a few of his speeches. Had a "Gays4Trump" group supporting him. The only thing they could really try to push for was Islamophobia, which he rebutted with saying "we have a terrorism problem and we have to deal with it". So right or wrong he did prey upon a fear in people, but it was a legitimate fear. He very clearly used tactics in this past election in his favor and honestly, it's about time someone on the right did that. How many times do you let people play you dirty?

    There's other reasons he resonated with people, but that was a big one. Last major major one was the real situation Obama put the country in. He disregarded the problems of a large portion of the population. I was living in Texas out in oilfield country for a solid year and talking to the people out there I knew how they felt as compared to those in California and those on the East Coast. Illegal immigrants stealing jobs is a very, very real thing. I personally worked with several illegal immigrants. So are illegal immigrant gangs. And Obama tried on more than one occasion to give those people amnesty and give them free healthcare. Meh... people did NOT like that lol. I called this election over a year ago. Placed bets day 1, when Trump announced his campaign. I should have bet more. Only won $500. -_-
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    • You haven't persuaded me that my conclusion about the left not liking Trump because they fear he is honest and truthful isn't valid, but you did write a great comment. The best one so far. Thank you for it.

    • I'll add that I think the days of ist and phobe politics are over. That's a loser for the Democrats and they are flapping in the wind with no strategy without it. People are sick and tired of it. I mean how long can the Democrats milk that baloney? They have to be as tired of saying it as the rest of us are of hearing it. It's so tired and worn out after 60 years. There is no place on the planet where women and minorities have a better life than in the United States of America. That's why they are lined up my the millions, from places all over the planet trying to get into America legally and illegally. That's why they are willing to give up everything they have, and even risk their lives just to make it to our shores. They are not coming here because they think Americans are racists, sexists and homophobes. They want to come here because there is no place on the planet where they can live a freer life with more liberty, human rights, opportunity, equality and prosperity.

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  • Rissyanne
    This was very good. Dont pay any attention to these liberals on here. They live in their on little bubble.
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  • goaded
    This is wrong in so many ways, it's hard to count.
    "trading classified information"? No.

    "election rigging activities of the [DNC]"? Bad, but internal to DNC and I'm sure the RNC emails would have made interesting reading.

    "Hillary Clinton's role in the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi"? None. Nothing more has been revealed than in those interminable inquiries that found nothing.

    "So did Hillary Clinton apologize for" these things she didn't do and for hiding information that didn't exist? No, and apart for apologising for the DNC screwing Bernie, I don't know why she should.

    Sexism, racism, Trump's lies, Republicans refusing to make public that the Russians had been hacking (as even Trump now admits) and Russians ALL had some effect on the election.

    "[... Trump] and his family are making an enormous sacrifice for the good of the country and giving up a fortune in profits and personal expenses donated to the American people to do so."
    Can I interest you in a bridge I've got for sale, slightly used?

    For a bit of further reading...
    "Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others."
  • chigurl33
    Trump might be really sucking stupid but he sure is smart... if that makes any sense.

    Basically Hillary played the wrong game and lost. The game trump won is the same one Obama won which is why I just laugh at the protests.

    Republicans set the bait and liberals sank their teeth in like it was a juicy steak. A lot of people that didn't identify as liberal have moved more right in recent years and as soon as the liberals stop biting the bait and go on a vacation, the republicans will keep spanking them like little children.
    • I think the main problem is that the Democrat's "identity politics" is old and worn out. You are a white American, and African American, a gay American, an Hispanic American, a rich American, a middle class American... people are just sick of it. They want a country where everyone is JUST AN American and are fed up with dividing everyone up and then trying to get them to fight with each other -- which is the only game the Democrat's have. They've been pawning that game for 60 years now. It's worn out. The people are leaving them behind. They don't have any other game in them. They haven't even recognized that game is over yet. The Democrats are in serious trouble.

    • jacquesvol

      In Trumpistan, if you aren't a rich WASP you just don't exist until it's the moment to elect another clown who pretends to make you "great again". Then you'll get a ton of promises.
      This is how Trumputin makes America "great again": by outsourcing American jobs to other countries: And he does it:,q_80,w_800.png

    • chigurl33

      @jacquesvol I'm just saying that trump is baiting them and until they stop sinking their teeth in, they will keep on getting spanked. Just look around the internet and are what the term liberal has been turned to... what an utter joke.

      And the saddest part? They did that to themselves.

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  • Hal2002
    I am no supporter of Trump, and think white man speaks with forked tongue. But Hillary Clinton would have been a lot worse for the country, she is old time politics at it's worst.

    Trump can only do so much damage, if congress does not go along with his ideas. He can not really do anything to hurt the country, although he can do a lot to damage the country's image and international standing.

  • John_Doesnt
    Nope, but keep guessing. The internet is run by Trump supporters, but that doesn't bother me because he still lost the popular vote.
    • You lefties seem to be fixated on how Clinton won the game that wasn't played. I guess that's all you have left. Unfortunately for you she lost the game that *was* played... *** BIGLY ***.

    • Wow, I never said anything about Clinton and you're obviously fixated on how Trump won. You don't seem to care about his current policies.
      He's already elected corrupt people for his office and done something illegal by hiring his son in law.

    • Kirah

      The internet isn't run by Trump supporters.

      "You may have checkmated my king, but I had more pieces on the board!" doesn't really mean anything either. Clinton messed it up *very* thoroughly.

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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    Just remember that this dude is allowed to vote... let this sink in
  • JenSCDC
    _Democrats_ don't like truth? What color is the sky on your world?
    • jacquesvol

      Trump was elected through a steady stream of fake news, ILLEGAL help from Russia , an FBI director hiding the Russia scandal and releasing unfounded insinuations shortly before voting day.
      Trump got nearly 3,000,000 LESS popular votes than H. R. Clinton.

    • jacquesvol

      Republicans must live under a red sky. Or under a rock.

    • JenSCDC

      @jacquesvol It's only red because of a Chinese conspiracy.

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  • 1truekhaleesi
    I don't care about his policies. I don't like him because he's a shitty person. So glad we had this discussion.
    • i agree he's not the best but its better than the other sidistic and evil people like the people he mentions

    • @troychapman that's true. Many politicians are quite sadistic.

    • unfortunitly the only one who wasn't was barrack obama he was geniuinly a good guy im sure he did some things wrong maybe not to everyones expectations of good but thats the only way to contend with evil they lie deceive attack anything for them to win so he probably had to pay by their rules just for a bit

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  • CyberToothTiger
    The Democrats are the ones who help elect Donald Trump, we need to wait and see what he can do for the people.
  • spoonman2014
    Both parties are messed up, it is like boxing. Republicans might hit you in the back of the head and try to make it look like it was an accident. Democrats will nail you in the balls and act like they won.
    Another thing is both parties get blown up for different things. Bill Clinton cheats on Hillary no one cares, Herman Cain cheats on his wife he has to leave the republican race. Hillary deletes e-mails everyone cares, Colin powell (my favorite btw) deletes E-mails no one cares.
    And no matter what you say, America has elected a creepy dad into office. No man should talk about his daughters body and looks like that
  • Thatguy269
    Bullshit take.
  • kickme
    great post
  • Anonymous
    What's the big deal about the Russians releasing her emails if what was in them was true and if everyone already knew because they were on an unsecured private servery because she thought the flight would never be able to get them if she needed to delete them.
  • Anonymous
    What a lot of lies!
    Prove what you write.
  • Anonymous
    more republican propaganda, from yep, another republican gager
    • jacquesvol

      "Don't pay any attention to these liberals on here. They live in their on little bubble." (Written by someone who blocks dissenting opinions) ROFL.

  • Anonymous
    We need a dislike button on myTakes. This is one of the reasons.
  • Anonymous
    Ah more republican bullshit.
    Trump has already flip flopped on every campaign promise he made.
    There's a guy you can trust.
  • Anonymous
    Not gonna lie, after I saw the first few sentences in the opening paragraph I was able to determine it wasn't worth reading the rest. "Hillary was a terrible Secretary of State used an unsecure server to send messages and blah blah blah". Funny how you didn't mention that Trump's first round draft pick for Secretary of State was David Petraeus who pled guilty to leaking sensitive documents via an unsecure server. After he was criticized for his hypocrisy he chose someone else. However, during his campaign he claimed that he would hire a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton. Shortly after the polls closed he says "Yeah about that... I'm not gonna do it." So this bullshit you're trying to bring up in his favor is almost as transparent as his speech pattern. If you need more examples of his hypocrisy I'd love to point out that he said she was unqualified because she gave a speech to Goldman Sachs. His Secretary of the Treasury is is a banker from Goldman Sachs! He's participating in nepotism by appointing his son-in-law as his senior advisor (to be fair, they have a lot in common. They both want to bang Ivanka) But aside from that he's firing everyone under the previous administration whether there is a replacement for them or not. This includes the supervisors of our nuclear weapons arsenal. So spray your ignorant garbage about how "Democrats hate Trump because he tells the truth" while he lies about his intentions and dismisses his own promises. But ask yourself this: Would someone who is really fit to be President hide from interviews because someone might say something mean? Do people on the far right really feel safer with a guy that changes his mind every 140 characters? If you're that stupid, you deserve him
  • Anonymous

    That's not why.
  • Anonymous
    you didn't really make a point
    • Oh I made a very clear point. Apparently you still just didn't get it.

    • Rissyanne

      @MementoMori_ Liberals aren't that bright... lol

    • Maybe if I write it over in single syllable words so liberals can understand it...

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