Don't hate and laugh at people who are regretting voting for trump


I'll admit I was having a jolly good time laughing at them and saying serves you right, then I came across this.

Don't hate and laugh at people who are regretting voting for trump

And I wasn't laughing anymore. The realization that I had been laughing at people like this man, well I'm ashamed of it. These are peoples lives. I voted for someone (not hillary and never trump) who I think actually gives a damn about other human beings. That doesn't make me any better than trump, who mocks disabled reporters

Don't hate and laugh at people who are regretting voting for trump

We shouldn't mock the Coal Miners who are going to die because they'll lose insurance as black lung is a pre-existing condition. We shouldn't mock people like Bob up there. If we do that, WE ARE JUST AS BAD AS TRUMP.

These are people with hopes, dreams, families, fears, and a soul. The fact that I was mocking them and calling them dumbasses and saying serves you right, is shameful.

I try to remember Hanlons Razor in times of trouble

Don't hate and laugh at people who are regretting voting for trump

These people aren't bad people. These are people who were tricked into voting against the interests of the lower and middle classes. That doesn't make them evil, it doesn't mean they deserve what is happening. These people made a mistake, we've all made mistakes. The fact that theirs effected us all doesn't mean its still not a mistake. The pain they are going through deserves the sympathy we'd give anyone else. If we are going to get through this, we can't alienate and cheer at the pain of innocents. That's not what we stand for yet its what I was doing and for that I am deeply ashamed.


Its still perfectly okay to laugh at the idiot below though

Don't hate and laugh at people who are regretting voting for trump

Don't hate and laugh at people who are regretting voting for trump
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  • BellePepper
    I feel 110% okay with disliking those people. And do you know why? THEY KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. They KNEW he wanted to scrap the ACA and social programs! How many MONTHS have I been on here yelling about it?

    Did they REALLY think their boat was any different than mine? Because I sure as hell didn't. This is the real life example of taking a puppy and rubbing its nose in an accident. Is it the BEST thing? No. Will they learn from it? You bet they will.
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    • Waffles731

      actually A LOT of people were too stupid to realize that the obamacare and the ACA was the same damn thing.
      The republicans conned them and these people are realizing they fucked up instead of doubling down. Don't hate them for it, these people got conned and are now with us

    • The only people doubling down are liberals with same messed up bullshit that cost them the election

    • Waffles731

      Considering that we've seen neither hide nor hair of hillary clinton, I'd have to disagree

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Most Helpful Guy

  • 1inten
    America you are not alone. Here in the UK we have also had a Homer Simpson moment DOH!!! In both cases the result of the vote is democratic and lawful, but let us not forget Adolf Hitler was democratically elected as the chancellor of Germany in the 1930's. careful what we wish for, it may just come true!
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    • nalaa

      that's not entirely true. Hitler never got a majority vote. Well until he got 99% but for obvious reasons that doesn't count.
      But no there were three elections 1932 (or was it 4? ) In all of which his party failed to get a majority. In the first he got 30% I believe and slightly more in the second. But never a majority. No one "won" in 1932, germany to this day normally has coalition governments. But general Hindenburg got close to a majority and because the nazis won a large number of seats he decided to form a coalition. And then unfortunately he died, making hitler chancellor temporarily just that he never got back that power

    • Waffles731

      We are the only people in the western wrold who made a worse poltiical decision last year

    • 1inten

      @nalaa I shall re phrase Hitler gained power democratically.

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  • madhatters4
    we shouldn't laugh at anyone's misfortune in realizing a fault they made, whether it's in politics or otherwise. if our country really goes on a down slide the direction some believe the trump administration might take us then we are all going to suffer the consequences.

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  • BuchitaBuchys
    I agree with this. But god damn is it hard being the better person. Im not laughing though because I live in Chicago, and guess what? He wants to send the feds on us. Im poor af. Most of my family are immigrants, there are many things he's for that greatly affected me.
    Oh well, we can all be fucked over by him together.
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  • spoonman2014
    It's because people are one issue voters, granted you may not find a candidate that aligns with everything you care about. But this is what happens when only focus on one thing. So many of my fellow veterans only cared about Mathis being SECDEF, military pay raises, homeland security, more troops and equipment and now it is affecting everything else in their lives and they are stunned
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    • Waffles731

      My mom and dad are vets.
      I feel like an utter dick after my actions and then reading that tweet at the top

    • What can you do? I hear things are on track again

  • chrissykerdock
    okay i'll play the devil's if you lived in chicago where 7,000 people get killed each year why would you be opposed by the national coming to chicago? also for all this written about Trump he hasn't been president for even 1 week yet... if you really knew anything did any of you watch/read all of o'bama's moves a lot of them were outright treason against our constitution... far as women o'bama pushed more into poverty than you could ever think by reducing full time to 30 hours.
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    • Waffles731

      No, you must be thinking about Reagan, the high treason committer and creator of the taliban and al queda
      As far as the so called executive overreach Trump has done more executive overreach in one week than obama did in 8 years

    • Because Martial Law rarely protects everyone. I live in Chicago and am completely against this.

      Yes, I have been jumped by gangs, to be "jumped" means where like a group attacks you, its an unfair/outnumbered fight.
      But I'd rather be attacked by gangs than cops, because gangs can at least be persecuted by the law. Its very hard to have justice when your attacker is a cop.

    • @BuchitaBuchys if it's that bad then maybe that should be exposed... if trump is going to send in troops it won't be the cops

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  • MarkRet
    I didn't like Trump or Hillary (I voted for a 3rd party guy who had a.01% chance of winning). I don't hate or laugh at anyone who regrets voting for Trump, but all I can say is, "I didn't create this Frankenstein!"
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  • RedThread
    I think it's so wild how some people didn't see some of this shit coming down the pipe. Did they try to at least stay the slightest bit informed on the issues? There are pros and cons to all candidates but it's up to us as voters to try to minimize the cons that could really jack up our lives.
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  • Phoenix98
    Still happy I voted for him, also these people who are regretting their decision must be blind because is doing exactly what he said he was going to do. So if they never agreed with what he was going to do which they knew full well to begin with then why did they vote?
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    • Waffles731

      'So if they never agreed with what he was going to do which they knew full well to begin with then why did they vote?'
      The world can be explained by two things, people are stupid and people are crazy

    • Phoenix98

      Both true but if that's true in their case then do they really have any right to complain what they voted for knowing full well what he was going to do?

      I mean if you see a nail on the side of the road and then go over and step on it purposely knowing full well it's sharp and probably rusty do you really have any right to complain about the nail?

  • John_Doesnt
    It's like watching a kid discover Santa didn't forget about his house, it's just his dad is a deadbeat.
    These people still knew that Trump stood for other horrible things, though. They knew he was a sexist, homophobic failed business tycoon. Only now when the things they personally care about are threatened do they actually change their mind.
    They are still the same selfish people who only care about politicians when it benefits them.
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  • spuitkaas
    As someone who doesn't live in the US (but followed the presidential election) I never really understood how a man like that can get that many votes. Everybody here I know thinks Trump is an idiot. Even our media thinks so. So we're just watching here hoping Trump won't screw over NATO and I'm hoping the populistic party here won't get the most votes next elections.
    This video pretty much explains it all.
    I also never understood why people hate Hillary so much. I thought she seemed decent and qualified for the job.
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    • Waffles731

      "I also never understood why people hate Hillary so much. I thought she seemed decent and qualified for the job."
      Hillary is evil, she just wasn't as evil as Trump,
      Me, I'm a Sanders Fan

    • spuitkaas

      Can you explain why she's evil? I'm probably missing something because I don't know the whole history with Hillary. I thought her plans were pretty good.
      I also liked Bernie Sanders. He seemed like a nice and caring guy, but he was too socialistic to become president of the US. They're just not ready for it. Maybe here in the Netherlands he would've more of a fair shot.

    • Waffles731

      Hillary, well she is undeniably corrupt, she's got ties to big oil and wall street, not as much as trump but still there, she was on walmarts board of directors. She is evil

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  • helloitsmethere
    I was laughing at them, and now I feel sorry for them...
    I could not believe people are so gullible...
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  • pr3ttybr0wn
    fuck them. i dont feel sorry for them. had they done some research and not just blindly jumped on the trump train they would have seen this coming. when people tried to warn them and speak out against trump, many trump supporters were bashing us so-called liberals. well it is what it is. even though he didn't win the popular vote, they campaigned so hard for him to be prez so now they need to suck it up and deal with it. they will learn what its like to struggle and i hope they learn something from it.
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  • normalice
    If there were some way I could only laugh at the people who I told trump would be a disaster and they denied it, I would. But all those people have mysteriously unfriended me in the last week.
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  • Red_Arrow
    Not laughing at them, but not feeling sorry for them either. Trump changes his stories more than he changes his underwear. So it is obvious he is lying a huge part of the time. So they were not-so-bright to trust him. Also, they seemd pretty happy about what was going to befall others, and only regret it when they find out they, too, are getting hit. I can't feel sorry for people who don't care when others get hurt, but cry when they are also jurt by the same things.
  • MaiNameIsSunshine
    I don't make fun of them, but I agree with Chrissy Teigen when she said "excuse me, I asked for the chicken but you gave me the chicken?".
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  • Nojudge
    Trump was plain rude... Let's make fun of his hair style, brushy eye brows... Wearing same outfit such as blue suit, white, shirt and red tie... Where is the rest of his clothing? Farmer overalls in his closet? Maybe.
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  • HungLikeAHorsefly
    Trump mocks people who had no choice in the matter he is mocking them for (i. e., a disability). I am mocking people who made a clear and conscious effort to be derpy when they voted. Big difference.
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  • RainbowFanGirl
    You see how gullible people are for believing all the bullshit that comes out of his mouth.
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    • Prof_Don

      I know, right? Talk about desperate!

  • nalaa
    Frankly I don't really see why people have regrets?
    As far keeping campaign promises, donald trump is in the 90th percentile of world leaders.

    He said he would build a wall, well he's trying. He said he would ban muslims from immigrating and again, he's trying. And what people seem to be bothered with is that he said he would get rid of Obamacare and well is working on that too.
    I think he also made it abundantly clear that he is unfit in every way to be president. I don't know what people were expecting?
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    • i think he's great. he's the best president in my lifetime.

    • There is a lot of psychology here, people don't wanna be left out. If their friends or family are voting for a certain party they will vote to not feel left out or shunned for picking someone else. Then we have the shared responsibility dynamic. Because a bunch of people are voting for him, if anything bad happens they don't feel solely responsible for what happens. It is like that video on world star where the girl was being raped and everyone filmed it, there was well over 100 people there so no one felt responsible for helping her. If there was like 5 they would have at least done something.
      Then we have people trying to justify their actions, it is like being in court and you have that 13th juror who won't agree with the others. So you try everything to sway them because that 13th juror makes you look at yourself and people don't like being wrong

    • nalaa

      So what are you saying? That people got peer pressured into voting for Trump? I don't think so. Voting is anonymous for a reason. besides even in Texas about 48% voted for Hilary Clinton. That's a very large minority.
      I don't think fear of social exclusion or otherwise peer pressure is reasonable here

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  • oddwaffle
    Does it matter? Give them a hug a cry together? Gather a support group and call it Survival Under Trump Initiative (SUTI)?

    The senate dictates the rules so write to your senator and ask them to do something. Write to your governor and your mayor, each state can support its own ACA if it can. Plea with them Republican because they want to scrap the healthcare all together. Your lives depend on it so you should actually do something to save it.
  • KiaTate
    Why should I feel sorry for them? They wanted that racist asshole as president they got it. Now they can suffer with everybody else.
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  • Tabbie
    I think they deserve it to be honest. Obviously nobody should be denied healthcare because of not being able to pay. But Trump blatantly ran on a platform of racism, sexism, and islamophobia, and these people who voted for him clearly didn't care enough about the POC, women, and Muslims who they knew would suffer under his administration. If they only regret their vote when it negatively effects them but don't give a shit when it's other people getting hurt then they deserve some mocking at the very least. I'll feel sorry for them when they're actually willing to give back some solidarity.
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  • VirginiaBeachBum
    I have to disagree. This is a decision they made after ignoring hundreds of comments from him over the years which gave a very clear picture of the type of character he possesses, or more appropriately, lacks. This was not something foisted upon them without their consent. They bought it, let them live with their buyer's remorse. I'm not going to mock them, but they won't find any sympathy from me, either. I do welcome them back from the darkness once they realize their mistake. But that is something they may have to learn by a hard lesson on their own.
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  • rjroy3
    Just sayin. The disabled reporter thing has been debunked. He wasn't joking a guy for his disability. That's a gesture he uses often, even to describe himself when he's expressing someone was flustered or overwhelmed.
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  • ColinHarvey
    I don't know about anyone else but when Trump did the impression of the guy with the gimpy arm I about peed myself laughing. Never seen a politician take themselves so haphazardly, it's almost refreshing if it weren't slightly disconcerting.
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  • RhythmBlack
    No Sympathy, they blindly followed him when what was coming out of his mouth was dogshit. All I'm saying- their guns and bibles will protect them from the bears and the liberal media.
    Did I like Clinton, not really, didn't really care for her, but she was qualified for the job, not him and they dragged her in emails which turned up nothing.
    How they managed to trick themselves that a rich man cared about them was their own fault. They're reaping what they sowed.
    Do they deserve it? No.
    Do I care? No
    Do I feel sorry for them? No sympathy here.
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  • LoveHorses
    Most Republicans are living in small towns and in the county and they voted for a big time billionaire business man from New York City. Plus, most Republicans are blue collar while Trump is white collar. Both are far different from each other.

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  • Prof_Don
    It is a sad state of society when celebrity and hype can blind ppl's political decisions.

    The culture of social media has officially invaded our politics ! This is scary stuff.
  • AleDeEurope
    But... you're a Socialist though. Can we laugh at you, or should we feel sorry you support a system that ruins countries? :/
    • Waffles731

      Yeah, that New Deal Colition really ruined this country, oh wait, we put men on the moon and kicked the shit out of the nazis and japanese because of them, and stopped the great depression,
      ah well, they were socialists so they ruined the country

  • CT_CD
  • Iraqveteran666
    He's just going to fix the out of control fuck up that is Obamacare. Like why is Obamacare handing out penis pumps at the cost to the taxpayer. Obamacare needs to be cheaper.
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  • SlightlyCrazy
    Your right we have to do the humanistic thing. Too bad we couldn't have last November
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  • Maxemeister
    But there's no shame in picking apart his atrocities against the people for me lol
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  • MementoMori_
    What the propaganda media didn't want you to know is that the hand motions and voice that candidate Trump used when referring to this reporter are the same as he has used many times prior to that when referring to other people who do not have disabilities thereby establishing that his intent was not to mock this reporters disability, but rather to mock his disingenuous reporting.

    Here are some of Trump's previous uses of this method:
  • RomansToPhilemon
    Man you lunatic liberals love propaganda and falsehoods don't you. You guys can't get enough of it.
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  • Jager66
    This is just more fear mongering, to early to know this stuff.
  • WriterAndPainter
    I don't regret voting for him. Just because I voted for him doesn't mean I agree with everything he says. That would be like saying someone that voted for Hillary Clinton is automatically a pro-choice. We all have our reasons and President Trump visited my area and spoke among vet and military folks. Let's stop pointing fingers and just wait and see what happens. It is not a one-man show, he does not have all the power, and at the end of the day Congress really holds the key to what happens more than we realize. And everybody on this whole Muslim ban propaganda needs to understand and realize that if you go to their country MOST, AGAIN, MOST NOT ALL of them would probably kill you because you're American but you want to let them in without going through stricter and more vigorous investigations on the people who need to come here. I'm all for having a safe haven for people, but we need to know who the hell we're letting in our house.
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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    Why not laugh and shit? It's not my problem. Nigga, if I tell you that if you throwing knives in the air is dangerous for a year and 1 day, you fucking lose an eye, guess who isn't going to feel bad? The jackass who told your downs syndrome ass that it was fucking stupid to throw knives. Fuck'em. Like I said from the start for both sides, I'm just a bystander who is just gonna sit back and laugh as y'all monkeys realize the mistake you made and drown and your shit... I told y'all from the start and I gave y'all y'all's chance 🙄
  • JustinTheGreat
    That tweet makes me so sad :\
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    • Waffles731

      Yeah, me too, with the added bonus of feeling like a complete and utter dick as both my mother and father are vets

    • which has nothing to do with trump but o'bama's doing... face the truth people... trump can't be the scapegoat for all your shortcomings but your own stupidity for falling for o'bama

    • Waffles731

      @chrissykerdock Really?
      Cause republicans promising to cut social security and medicare is obama's doing?
      Cause the lack of social security has nothing to do with the older generations consistently voting to for people who would lower taxes and now wondering where the fuck is social security? Hint, you old coots spent from 1980-2009 trying to cut it to ribbons

  • lumberman9
    That's true there are well meaning people who voted for Trump but there are assholes too
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  • Love_Is_Eternal
    I'll just be laughing at all the liberals and feminists for the next 4 years.
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  • Stoner710
    I love voting for trump and I'll do it again
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  • Anonymous
    Tbh, I laugh at them for their voters remorse.
  • Anonymous
    Well it just goes to show that conservative and right wing ideals just don't work. They never seem to learn that.

    They believe in Competition rather than fair life for all people and species. They do not see global warming or environmental change, well it has been changing for a very long time and will continue due to human pollution and greed. If you watch any news casts that speak to right wing minded people, they all sound like they didn't get past grade two, unless they are a politician, Then they are usually business people who are arrogant and self
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  • Anonymous
    No we shouldn't mock or laught and I haven't, I've remained tight lipped. I mean when we were all voting and I saw the amount of people I knew voting against their own interests I expected a lot of regret when that finally hit home but I can't help but resent them a bit... their bad judgement call screwed everyone, not just them. If they thought about the bigger picture and not with anger or fear then this wouldn't have happened to begin with... the amount of people who willing throw themselves under the bus was astoundingly sad.
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  • Anonymous
    Just gonna sit back and watch Trump's America burn.
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  • Anonymous
    None of them were qualified for the job. Hillary has done jack shit but make the country worse. She destroyed women's lives because her husband used his position to seduce innocent young women and she claims to be an advocate of women's rights. Then she and Trump feuded on television while everyone forgot how buddy buddy they were for a long time. Trump had to borrow money from his daddy to bail him out several times.
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  • Anonymous
    They wanted "America Great Again". They got their wish...
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  • Anonymous
    Can we call someone "not bad person" when they don't care about human richts? I can't.
  • Anonymous
    I know you're liberal waffles but you don't actually believe the feminist bullsht about wage gap do you?
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    • Waffles731

      To the whole 77 cents to a dollar?
      No thats WAY too simple, some cases yeah it is, sometimes not, it really depends on the employer.
      Does that woman up there get paid 2 dollars less? Probably
      does my dads female coworkers get paid equal? Probably
      The problem with corporate corruption is that its unequal in and of itself, its why a tech giant like where my dad works isn't as bad where that lady in Indiana problably has it, because different companies are different entitites

    • Waffles731

      So like most things in life its extremely complicated