Why I now regret voting for Trump!

I voted for Donald Trump, I voted for Donald Trump because I thought he'd create a better America for everyone but after reading 800 or so pages on Queer Feminist theory I realise how much I've been duped. You gotta understand I come from a small steel town in Pennsylvania if I had known the foundational texts on intersectional theory I would never have chanted "lock her up lock her up!"

We were told Hillary Clinton was the enemy but it's clear now the true enemy is a patriarchal capitalist soceity that maintains its ascendance by making powerful and ambitious women appear threatening only to protect my status in a system purposely designed to benefit CISET white males like myself. Jesus.

Wheñ Donald Trump said that he would make America great again, it's obvious to me now that he was only trying to play off my own complicity and comfort in an unequal social structure that disproportionately strips women and minorities particularly trans and genderqueer people of color of their autonomy and seeks to subjugate and inveterate to an intentionally antagonistic androcratic order. I get that now after I attended a gender-fluid non-binary poetry slam at the Swarthmore. A couple of other guys from work attended it too and now it's all we talk about on the line.

I liked Trump because he tells it like it is but do you know who teally tells it like it is? Judith Butler "Gender is not to culture as sex is to nature; gender is also the discursive/cultural means by which 'sexed nature' or 'A natural sex' is produced and established as prediscursive, prior to culture, a politically neutral surface on which culture acts"

Why I now regret voting for Trump!

If I had just known thst back in November 2016 I would have never voted for Trump. God...how could I have been so stupid?

Why I now regret voting for Trump!
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  • MoneyBeets

    Drumpf is such an idiot. LITERAL orange man bad! Feminism is the greatest thing ever and every man should chop off their penis to become a woman and worship Hillary Clinton because it’s a time we have female President.

    • I am a black feminist telling other blacks that they can only vote Democrat. Otherwise you just a brainwashed slave.

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    • Wow so many betas upvoting pro-faggot stances.

    • Moneybeets are you a mentally insane American

  • AllThatSweetJazz

    Pretty clean execution tbh. It was only the “on the line” comment that really confirmed the doubt. But otherwise, quite good. 8/10 troll, subtle, not obnoxious, nicely done. 👌🏻

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  • Rissyanne

    Sorry but I don’t believe for a second you voted for Trump. He’s going to win again so you might as well suck it up.

    • Please reread, until you get it.

    • Rissyanne

      There’s nothing to get. You are just another liberal

    • This guy was making fun of liberals. It was all tongue-in-cheek. He doesn't actually believe one word of what he wrote.

  • Ellie-V

    I don’t particularly care for trump myself but this read was a crock of shit

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  • OlderAndWiser

    I voted for Trump because I have testicles and they poison my brain. If only I could bring myself to be castrated, THEN I would be a man!

  • MlleCake

    Is this a joke?

  • J3nny

    I Couldn’t take you seriously after you said you read a book on Queer Feminist theory and that bs actually changed your opinion. Trump has been doing pretty well. I’m glad we didn’t get Hilary. I don’t know what kind of deep shit we’d be in then. Also nobody gives a shit about trans people and he hasn’t done anything bad to me. And I’m a women in the minority.

  • goodlongman

    Why would you even go to this?

    Queer theory is a field of critical theory that emerged in the early 1990s out of the fields of queer studies and women's studies. Queer theory includes both queer readings of texts and the theorization of 'queerness' itself. Heavily influenced by the work of Lauren Berlant, Leo Bersani, Judith Butler, Lee Edelman, Jack Halberstam, and Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, queer theory builds both upon feminist challenges to the idea that gender is part of the essential self and upon gay/lesbian studies' close examination of the socially constructed nature of sexual acts and identities.
    Whereas gay/lesbian studies focused its inquiries into natural and unnatural behavior with respect to homosexual behavior, queer theory expands its focus to encompass any kind of sexual activity or identity that falls into normative and deviant categories.
    Italian feminist and film theorist Teresa de Lauretis coined the term queer theory for a conference she organized at the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1990 and a special issue of Differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies she edited based on that conference.
    Through the context of heterosexuality being the origin and foundation of society's heteronormative stability, the concept of queerness focuses on, "mismatches between sex, gender and desire" Queerness has been associated most prominently with bisexual, lesbian and gay subjects, but its analytic framework also includes such topics as cross-dressing, intersex bodies and identities, gender ambiguity and gender-confirmation surgery. Queer theory holds that individual sexuality is a fluid, fragmented, and dynamic collectivity of possible sexualities and it may vary at different points during one’s life.[3] Its attempted debunking of stable (and correlated) sexes, genders, and sexualities develops out of the specifically lesbian and gay reworking of the post-structuralist figuring of identity as a constellation of multiple and unstable positions.
    Queer theory also examines the discourses of homosexuality developed in the last century in order to place the "queer" into historical context, deconstructing contemporary arguments both for and against this latest terminology.

  • AlphaGhost

    Yes and I would try to elaborate it for yea,
    1) He has devastated US economy worldwide with countries banning US products for a little gains like minor boost to the economy for the time being but he have killed any hopes for long time stability.
    2) He has actually exposed US as hostile state always looking for ways to hurt other countries and specifically their allies. I mean his Pro-Jewish stance has killed any hopes of achieving anything in Middle-East with countries collecting huge sums of gold to stabilize their economy before dumping Dollar.
    YES they are going to dump Dollar and trade in Gold now...
    3) After all that drama NK still has atomic weapons with Blastic missiles to Hit US mainland and Taliban control 70% area in Afghanistan with US begging them for peace but they want to kill every last American there. If you think that we can Nuke them then my Friend China, Russia and Pakistan will be on the receiving end of radiation and they will strike-Back without mercy.
    4) Us has lost a lot of Allies and created new enemies like China-Russia-Iran-Pak bloc in Asia and Turkey, Qatar, Saudia and even some Eu members are now hostile towards us like recent War with Iran is absolutely crazy.
    5) US main export is weapon and tech and unfortunately the biggest buyer for our shit Middle-East has turned extremely hostile towards due to Trump Jewish stance on Palestine and Muslim ban thing and US economy is going to collapse like nothing.
    We can't win anything without their Oil either like Jets, Tanks or missiles... so we are in deep trouble right now and what we gain from all this,
    very very minute boost in US economy but the damage is irreversible with countries like Germany buying Russian gas and Turkey defying US like nothing.

    • Kinda glad sm1 in states follows international news with hindsight into causality.

  • purplepoppy

    I'm not an American so my opinion on trump supporters is based on what I've seen on news, particularly around his rallys. My impression is most of them are poorly educated hillbillies and red necks who've found their traditional jobs have vanished. They don't have the skills or education level to retrain and don't want to move from their hometowns even though there's no work there anymore. I emphasize with their plight and think trump is just selling them false hope.

    • That's the point, the media is almost entirely left leaning so they edit footage (and have been caught doing so a couple of times) to make it seem like he is racist (despite never doing anything racist (like how they edited a large group of blacks who where at the rally out of the videos to make it seem more credible when they accuse him of racism) or bad. Currently Trump has improved our economy substantially (under Obama our GDP was at about 2%, under trump its averaging about 3.5 to 4%(Obama was the lowest GDP growth of any president in history most average around 3%), as well as having the highest work force participation rate in recent history.). The media is over 90% democrat (the owners of CNN for instance paid thousands to Hillary Clintons campaign and multiple studies show extreme left leaning in reporting and in voting when it comes to journalists) and over 90% of media coverage is negative towards Trump and conservatives. Yet Trump is not at war with any one (Obama was at war with multiple nations at a time and was the only president in US history to be at war from the moment he took office to the moment he left and was by extension arguably the most pro war president we have ever had) which should be lauded but its ignored, he has made head way with North Korea (more then any other president), he has lowered every one's taxes (something which is constantly being twisted and claimed that its the richest who got the tax break (but that is only because the rich pay the most so naturally their 1% tax break compared to the lower class 10% tax break is going to save them more money, the media constantly tries to obfuscate this)). In fact studies have shown that conservatives are actually more literate on economics, politics, history and are more knowledgeable about our constitution comparative to democrats. But as I said, the media which is almost entirely left leaning is presenting the world in a way they want you to see it not in how it is.

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    • Rissyanne

      And thugs and hood rats voted for Hillary hoping to keep their section 8 and ebt cards.

    • @Twalli And no crime was found at all. So again, its not obstruction because no crime was commited, one, two the investigation itself was illegal, and two he didn't do anything to my knowledge that could be construed as obsctruction otherwise they would have said he obstructed (which they didn't) because that is part of their literal job.

  • Jjpayne

    I just want some more candidates both Trump and hilary caused a lot of division. I want a president that most Americans are comfortable with. Not someone you either love or hate but a general in the middle so we are united. To me there was no good choice that year :(

  • MackToday

    Hold on comrade we're sending help, try and find an emergency safe space in your home, maybe under the bed or lock yourself in the closet. Your feelings matter so much to us!

  • Miristheiss

    Wow. What idiotic drivel.

    I just posted this response in the thread titled "whose fault is feminism" but after you are spouting "patriarchy"..."capitalism" is evil crap, I figured it applied to your ungrateful, whiny uninformed college propagandized butt.


    I'm not sure, or even what does fault mean.

    Historically, in the American colonies and in the USA, I'm not sure what "oppression" there was vs. myths commonly thrown about.

    Women couldn't vote at one point but to some extent voting rights have always changed. In the beginning not all men could vote either. LAND OWNERS got to vote. Land owners were considered ones that actually had a stake in the countries affairs vs. someone who was just passing through... kind of along the lines of... if it is your OWN HOME who will cherish it, take care of it, fix it up, invest in it... vs. if it is paid for by the government and it really isn't your home... it is someone else's money, you don't really care, you won't take care of it, you let it go and party in it and don't care if it is a dump... it isn't yours.

    Voting laws have always been evolving... women weren't targeted.

    Have women ever NOT been allowed to work? Women have always gone to school here in the USA... was it mainly women didn't need to work (even though some did) or was it mainly a child birth issue and an economic issue?

    Women had babies, that takes them out of the work force to have and raise babies. Remember birth control pills and the sexual revolution didn't come about until the late 60's early 70's. Many women wanted to have families and to be mom's... if they are doing that they can't be gone 40 hours a week. Women not wanting kids is been coming on more the last few decades. Many women that put of families for careers end up not being happy once they get into their 30's.

    Economically, a man used to be able to take care of a family by being the only one who worked. Doubling the workforce by women entering it and the high levels of poor immigrants that come in willing to work under the table to horrible wages kind of pushed the basic, middle class salaries down. Because of that, many times it takes two salaries to support a family now.

    The USA wasn't fully "tamed" and free of overt struggle until the last 100-150 years. Before that... life was SURVIVAL... not oppression of women. People worked all day long to be able to eat. There wasn't vast industrial farms that led us to easy grocery store visits to get food, there wasn't indoor plumbing, refrigerators, computers, HVAC units, electricity... people had to work hard to make it and the women were pregnant... them leaving the house to go to the "city" to work was an idiotic thought.

    Some women have always worked... I'm not aware of it being against the law to work but just not as many did it and they were teachers and dress makers and things like that.

    Society has changed and we've become more free. We have more free time to feel bored and unsatisfied, women biologically had babies and daycare centers in which other people raised your children didn't really exist. If you didn't want kids you didn't have sex. BC pills and condoms weren't everyday items.

    A lot of the "oppression" preached at women now... I'm not sure it really ever existed in the USA like they are led to believe.
    Men were gentlemen more in the past and were to honor women... now that has basically gone away. A woman is just another human. Men owe women nothing different than they'd owe any man they pass on the street.

    I'm not sure what the main issues women of the 60's mainly railed against. Today's feminism is just idiotic. These entitled, idiot 20 year olds in colleges in the west... having the gall to act "oppressed" instead of overtly blessed and entitled to live in a western country and all of the rights, privileges, freedoms, educational, technology, food supply, energy supply abundances we have.

  • PrudentGuy

    I'm not US citizen. But I read your Presidental race and what Trump did recently, particularly to the economy.

    I regret to say, I hate to see red on the US trading boards, which lead to a worldwide downturn.

    I regretted you guys supported Trump. So far nothing good comes out of US that benefits the world, in particular the worldwide economy.

    • The US Trading Boards is simply a money game. That last loss on the NYSE has now been recovered- 1,000 points in a week.

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    • Maybe you'd like to remind China about that? ;- )

    • @Massageman LOL! I'm not siding US or China. I'm just answering the question. And my point is I regretted you guys voted him as President. That's all.

  • PrincessGrail

    Much as I don’t like your screen name (and I’m pretty sure I disagree with you on LGBTQ issues), the last two paragraphs are kinda funny.

  • JDavid25

    Wow this was a compellin read.. It was really nice to follow yo journey into why Trump ain't the President for you. I applaud yo bravery for comin out of the closest with this issue. Welcome to the Liberal side... Where we give free bagels, are vegans, and have plenty of trans-women for yo likin.. ;)...

  • You know in this day and age satire is not going to go over well. Things are so crazy that satire is indistinguishable from the insanity of our reality. Though I appreciate the sentiment.

  • cth96190

    I enjoyed the way that you took the piss out of the insanity of the left, especially the Marxist hate cult known as Feminism.
    Leftards will probably not be able to preceive the humour, because they have been conditioned psychologically to be NPCs who are devoid of a sense of humour.

  • GraveDoll

    *sips coffee*

    You set your standards too high. See I stay neutral. Best to stay impartial when it come to politics. No one really wins.

    but hey there always coffee... and death. This is me being positive

  • TadCurious

    LMAO! You've seen the error of your ways! I'm gonna have to read me some of that queer feminist intersectional gender theory so I can get with the program!

  • John_Doesnt

    So you're a snowflake troll? Well now who is strapped to the wall, enslaved by the chickens huh? you are strapped to the wall now!!!
    Why I now regret voting for Trump!

  • weasley8

    I can’t tell if you’re joking. I know some people who genuinely did have this experience. But you could also be parodying.

  • Surely

    I saw a reporter walking around a group of Anti-Trumper's and when ask to name just one thing that he did or is doing that is so bad for the USA. They couldn't name one and ran away from the camera.
    I think that if Hillary stays out of jail after a more in depth investigation of Russian interference, she should consider herself lucky.

  • Horror_lover

    If that's how you really feel. I don't really care for politics. But I have heard people saying how they regret voting for him. But for other reasons.

  • EpicDweeb

    I smell something burning... it might be your pants... it might be that there pile of bat guano. I'm feeling uncertain.

  • Thatsamazing

    Uh... because he's insane and stupid? And very obviously so? And uses the office of the Presidency like it's his personal weapon to just use to insult literally anyone around him or worldwide who he doesn't like? Like a sixth-grader would? That's reason enough for me to vote for whoever runs against him, no matter who it is.

  • humanearth

    I voted for him. Because he was rude, cude and brass. Also he never held a political office.

    I still like him.

  • normalice

    A good story, but you use too many syllables for anyone to believe you were ever an actual trump supporter.

  • Screenwriter

    Quite amusing and seriously unbelievable. Glad to know it was fake! Amusing though.

  • Aguysopinion4799

    I feel sorry for you,
    Over in England in my area and in my house, I managed to explain in a passive reason to my friends and family why Trump is not a good politician.

    I am not a fan of politics but Trump went too far.

    But here is the reason he is not a good politician-
    Trump is a businessman, he is used to being behind a desk and having people do the work, come to him and ask him what he wants changed.

    In his current role, he is being asked
    -What he plans on changing
    -How he will change it
    -When the changes will happen
    -How much it will cost
    -Who it will benefit
    -What problems it may cause

    I genuinely won't be surprised if he gets assassinated though, I mean JFK was assassinated and he wasn't as bad as Trump so I mean what gives?

    • Right. He is a forthright businessman, used to making clear instructions and getting clear results. The people are used to politicians who want to maintain the status quo (while actually accomplishing next to nothing) just so they can re-elected, and do so with vague notions and a lot of obscurity.

  • Ephemera1

    I still like Trump. His radical ideas and way with words will help open a few eyes.

  • Sevenpointfive

    Why I now regret voting for Trump!

  • -Asca-

    Your depiction of why people dislike Trump is fairly unfitting, but I am also very saddened that you do not understand that Donald Trump indeed does not create a better America for everyone.

  • AndyT175

    Hahaha I can vividly remember laughing out loud when I heard you'd all voted in a reality TV star as president 😂 what a joke

  • bolverk

    Ok, as I am not an American my take on Trump is moot, but think about this, TRUMP IS NOT A POLITICIAN. That alone is why the political establishment and MSM are having problems getting to grips with him.
    As for the Intersectional/Identitarian BS 99% is pure unadulterated drivel the last 1% might have some merit but the Professors/Lecturers teaching it don’t believe in it, and if you were going down the Intersectional/Identitarian rabbit hole you would not have asked the questions,
    What is your favourite military surplus rifle?
    How important is Sandwich making to a girl's marriage prospects?
    The Girls I masturbated to in my youth 2
    Ariel Winter. Voluptuous hottie or basic fat chick?

    So feel free to unfollow me at your discretion..

  • AviciIsLove

    Well, it is amazing that you understand the intricate and complex paradoxes of Trump's system. Be cautious next time

  • Sha84

    because he is destroying what little creditablity usa had world wide quickly

  • estheticsexpert

    That tilda in `Wheñ` was a nice touch.

  • pizzalovershouse

    ok some like him some don't but I can only say he says 1 thing then next day changes his mind very confusing an mean to peoples feelings

  • Massageman

    You mean you could actually keep your eyes open to READ 800 pages of that stuff?

  • ManOnFire

    I don't support Trump either but I feel like there is supposed to be comedy in this?

  • Waffles731

    Did you seriously just write down the dialogue of an Onion video and share it as a mytake.

  • Hans222

    As a European I look at it differently.
    First of all, before being voted to president, Trump had done some things that came very close to clear proof of being a woman hater. Not the sort of credible person you'd vote to president :-(
    Secondly, many of his opinions on immigration are so extreme they come closer to racism than to buidling out a strict policy.
    Moreover, the way he communicates on Twitter is childish to say the least.
    Now, he's slowly destroying his countries' and the world economy by creating trade wars. I respect that the USA feels incorrect competition, but a trade war is never the solution. It harms all parties.

  • Dav1ss

    Unlucky I guess personally I'm not that into politics

  • mrArcher

    Okay phew. You're joking. I thought it was serious and I was gonna see cancer. Thank God.

  • janna_jcb

    Funny how this is trolling but some of the arguments are actually valid

  • hansukota

    Well, you realised it so good. I'm not a very political person as I have central ideology.

  • He will be dead soon with a heart attack he is a big mouth monster

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad

    Yes i come from a City not far from Clairton Steel Mill
    located in Southwestern Pennsylvania i am about 20 miles south
    my Father loss his job cause it was terminated Sept 29, 1982
    yes many people from Pennsylvania supported Donald Trump
    many have cause simply they couldn't have Bernie Sanders
    the same was said in Wisconsin they people didn't have Bernie
    Sanders so they voted for Donald Trump. It made no difference
    to me i voted for Hillary Clinton. Yes many supported Donald Trump
    cause they wanted a better America. I don't think the Country hasn't
    been good since Bill Clinton was President. Yes he was impeached
    but he did do some great things for America at least he did try also
    i supported Mitt Romney and John McCain for US President i am
    Moderate Democrat but have switched to Republican in the past
    but most of my Family have been Democrat. Thanks for sharing this
    MyTake with us very well appreciated :) Best Wishes :)

  • OralMayhem

    This has got to be a joke...

    TRUMP 2020
    "Make Liberals Cry Again!"

  • Britantic

    Lol 800 or so pages on Queer Feminist theory

  • ShadowofRegret

    I am not really involved in politics personally.

  • As an European I don't meddle in US affairs.

  • I chuckled.