QOTW 4 Answered: Mental Illnesses

QOTW 4 Answered: Mental Illnesses

So sorry for the late post, I meant to do this Sunday/Monday but I got really busy cause of finals and such. Lots of stress and not much of sleep haha. So, here’re the top 8 answers from each guys and girls on mental illness.

Note: Some answers are shortened due to length. I am only doing 8 because not as many people answered as I’d have liked.


1. @Dipsy age 18: “We can learn to have control…there is an inbalance in your brain….it happens (usually) because of the way you react to things….if you can’t always change the situation you can change yourself and the way you react to it which helps improve you.”

2. @Waffles731 age21; ‘No we don’t, I was born broken.”

3. @Words_And_wisom age 25: “To an extent, mostly because of our environment. We don’t get to choose to live in poverty, or the parents who raise us. It isn’t easy to but it is possible.”

4. @PT1911 age 24: “I think sometimes people don’t even have a mental illness, theyre just bad people.”

5. @FallingInReverse age 17: “There are some people with stronger minds than others I guess.”

6. @PevertedJester age 37: “We have more control than we give ourselves credit for.”

He had more to his answer but I don’t feel it contributed to the question well.

7. @Guy_No1 age 46: “I have suffered from depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts since I was 4. Do you seriously think this is a choice I made? I would give anything to not have suffered with this my entire life.”

8. @capturemyheartnow age 47: “To some extent we can learn to exercise control as a help to a cure.”


1. Anon, under 18: “We choose to have our feelings, such as if someone steals our wallet we choose to get mad. But when it comes to mental illness we do not choose our behavior. It is very harmful and extremely hard to control. Nobody ever truly wants to be mentally ill. “

I agree with her to an extent. Sometimes we don’t choose our feelings, our reactions and feelings towards a situation just shows what type of person we are. Which can be influenced by our environment, such as having drunk parent’s vs nurturing parents. Nobody ever truly wants to have a mental illness, no, but those who lie about it are just using it as an excuse for their behavior that they CAN control Such as stealing a candy bar or crying over something trivial.

2. @Mustachekitteh age 25: “To some degree you can have control over your actions but you have to learn how to overcome that intensity. But it isn’t even 100% foolproof then.”

3. @alice55 age20: “Someone with a mental illness can control it a bit (hiding sadness/not showing the mood swings or anger) but very few.”

4. @lost_alice age16: “I don’t think we have control over it and I don’t think it makes us weaker than others.”

5. @Littlett25 age16: “Some people fake it for attention although most don’t. Some may have control over themselves but some may not.”

6. Anon under 18: “You can control it to an extent with meds, therapy and support but it’s very hard or even impossible to use will power to control it. It’s easy to get lost in anxiety and start having a severe panic attack before even realizing what’s going on. If you can control it with mental power alone you’re probably faking it or don’t have it that bad at all.”

7. @LokiW age 19: “Mental health major here…mental illness is not something the patient can control but to get it treated or not is totally their option/choice. There is a mental illness for those who fake an illness (physical or mental) for attention.

8. @bente2 age 16: “To an extent, someone with OCD may be able to ‘shut it off’ but it would drive them mad and etc. That’s where therapy originated, changing the behavioral pattern.”

QOTW 4 Answered: Mental Illnesses

Thank you all for answering and I hope you enjoyed reading. I'll be asking the next #QOTW tomorrow (oops) and it'll may be about relationships!

QOTW 4 Answered: Mental Illnesses
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  • CyberToothTiger
    Thank you for sharing very well said
    I wish everyone happiness with great mental
    health. I know i been mentally ill since age 21
    it's not been a easy road to deal with here i am
    age 48 life has so many ups and downs.
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  • capturemyheartnow
    You can control the situation. But control has to come from within and outside.(1) From within your mind (2) From outside by way of help from Doctors , Family , Society , etc.
  • dissolute_dog
    Whoah cool gifs, Jade! :D
  • FallingInReverse
    Omg I was mentioned 😱
  • DrPrankenstein
    They're all fatu