12 Things People Like to Argue About and my Opinions on Them


One thing that is common about humans is that we sure love to start arguments with people for many reasons. Most of these arguments can take place anywhere(Internet, sports bars etc).

12 Things People Like to Argue About and my Opinions on Them

1.) Alt righters vs SJWs

I've already written a take on these two groups and I don't support either one an they both sure love to duke it out a lot on the Internet. The alt righters show bigotry by bashing interracial marriage while the SJWs show bigotry and favoritism by only caring about certain groups.

12 Things People Like to Argue About and my Opinions on Them

2.) Sports fans

This one is kind of funny, this is why I'm probably never going to go to a sports bar whenever there is a major game, one team loses and on separate occasions, brawls break out. Good thing I'm not a major sports fan. I only watch some MMA. Keep in mind, I'm not saying every sports fan behaves in a immature way, I'm aware that there are disciplined sports fans.

12 Things People Like to Argue About and my Opinions on Them

3.) Politics

When people discuss politics, they occasionally act close to the uncivilized sports fans. Whether it be people who are democrats or people who are republicans, they often go at it on the Internet by calling each other all sorts of names. I'm not like these people, I have friends who support democrats and friends who support republicans.

12 Things People Like to Argue About and my Opinions on Them

4.) Left wing/liberals vs right wing/conservatives

The terms people use to describe them is "wingnut" for the right and "moon bat" for the left wing. These two groups constantly fight everywhere, I don't use labels to describe myself; but on the political spectrum I'm right in between, occasionally I do agree with certain conservative views When people talk negatively about the left and the right, they are usually referring to the hardcore people on both sides.

12 Things People Like to Argue About and my Opinions on Them

5.) Little person vs larger person

It's 2017 and people are still debating this subject. When two sides constantly clash, I either don't side with either one or I might side with the group that is right. In this case I side with the people that know that little people can subdue larger people because I know they are right. The other side are those people that for some reason still believe that the larger person will always be victorious. The fact is that a smaller person can subdue a larger person in a fight especially if both the smaller person and larger person are of equal skill, there is plenty of proof that supports this.

It's been proven on multiple occasions, mostly in traditional MMA. Which means that on certain occasions the smaller fighter will win and on other other occasions the larger fighter will win. I've said this before but I'll say it again; I'm not saying that the smaller person will always win, I'm saying that the larger person won't always win. This has nothing to do with "short compensation", "little man syndrome" or "Napoleon complex", this has to do with facts.

I've already written some takes on this subject(little person vs large person) , I even got in a debate with some guy who still believes that the larger guy will always win, he ranted on one of my takes. I tried to keep the debate civilized but he kept throwing insults and no evidence to support his claims. I gave him evidence that completely debunked his claims, the evidence I showed him proves that smaller people can subdue larger people. That's when he decided to block me because he knew he couldn't debate anymore.

A lot of the best military leaders and soldiers were short, that fact tends to bother people who like to shame short guys.

12 Things People Like to Argue About and my Opinions on Them

6.) Console wars

This one is so cringeworthy and pointless, seriously it's very unusual that people like to argue over which video game console is better. Xbox vs PlayStation, Microsoft vs Sony. I personally don't have a preference, I think both consoles are amazing. Then you have the Personal computer people that refer to console owners as "console peasants" that's when both the Xbox and PlayStation people join forces against the personal computer people, it's hilarious.

12 Things People Like to Argue About and my Opinions on Them

7.) Religious people vs atheists

I'm not attacking religion or atheism. This has been going on for a while and u think it mostly has to do with mistrust, lack of respect and attempts at superiority. However most of this issue is between the between the extreme individuals of Christianity, Islam and atheism. Extreme Atheists believe they are superior since they use "logic" and arrogance while extremely religious people use what they call "faith" and teachings. I'm a Catholic myself but I assure you that I'm not a hardcore Catholic, I'm just normal and I respect other people's beliefs or lack of beliefs. This is why I have so many friends of different religions and atheists.

12 Things People Like to Argue About and my Opinions on Them

8.) Anthropologists vs racists

This is a new issue, the ethnocentrics I'm referring to are usually white supremacists. They come up with these ridiculous claims that every culture in the world was founded by a "Nordic race". They basically attempt to steal cultures. They are petty claims and obviously they just want to feel like they are superior to everyone else. These pathetic claims of "European origin of non white cultures" have already been debunked by anthropologists.

Everyone knows how stupid racists of any race are but to stoop down to this level of ignorance is just absurd. These same bigots claim that anthropologists are "trying to destroy white culture". These racists have attempted to steal Chinese, Mongolian and Japanese culture by claiming white people founded those cultures but their claims have already been debunked by the anthropologists who have confirmed that Chinese, Japanese and Mongolian cultures were founded by East Asian people.

It's not just a group of racists from one race that have attempted to steal other people's cultures, it's also other racists from other races that have attempted to steal other people's cultures.

12 Things People Like to Argue About and my Opinions on Them

9.) Weebos vs Hema cultists

This one is a total disaster, these two groups shouldn't even be arguing with each other cause their focus is on two different things. Hema cultists are obsessed with European warfare while Weebos are hardcore anime fans. It makes no sense as to why they argue a lot. Not surprising, race gets brought into this debate. Keep in mind I'm not bashing HEMA or the Weebos, I'm only pointing out the errors in their arguments against each other.

HEMA(Historical European Martial Arts) is a neat new system that is attempting to resurrect Old European fighting styles. Unfortunately, it tends to attract a bunch of white supremacists which hurts HEMA's cause. Which is why some HEMA people like to think European weaponry is the "best". These are what I call HEMA cultists. It's such a shame that neo nazis like to ruin European culture.

Hema cultists simply like trash talking the Katana while Weebos believe the katana is some kind of super sword. Both sides need to just stop arguing with each other, Hema cultists, why don't you go debate with true experts in warfare. Weebos just stick to your anime.

it's hilarious how HEMA cultists claim to compare European martial arts and weapons with Asian Martial arts and weapons. In reality, they are only comparing multiple European weapons(Zweihander, Ulfberht, Cutlass) with one Japanese weapon known as the Katana. Why don't these Hema cultists compare European weapons with other Asian weapons. The results would show that some Asian weapons are better than European weapons and some European weapons are better than Asian weapons, it would be even.

12 Things People Like to Argue About and my Opinions on Them

10.) MGTOW vs White knights

I don't sympathize with either one of these groups. MGTOWs and white knights are always fighting over women. MGTOWs don't want anything to do with women while White knights think they are doing good by disregarding their own sex and treating women like queens. I'll be honest with you, I'm not fond of white knights. Even though I don't live a MGTOW lifestyle, the men that live a MGTOW lifestyle at least care about their own sex.

12 Things People Like to Argue About and my Opinions on Them

11.) "Tough" guys vs feminine men

These two kinds of guys just love to duke it out. "Tough" guys believe that in order to be manly, men need to be ugly, not cry and act tough. They always tell other guys to "man up". Feminine men tend to dress in feminine ways, they have feminine mannerisms and they like to Shame masculine looking men by calling them "macho" men. I don't agree with how either of these guys think. I think men should be able to embrace their masculinity and have their own personality without being shamed. Whether a man wants to wear skinny jeans, formal clothing, be skinny or muscular; he doesn't need pther people telling him to "man up" or "macho". Just let him be who he wants.

12 Things People Like to Argue About and my Opinions on Them

12.) MRAs vs Feminists

These arguments between these two groups are very common. They take place on the Internet and in public. Most of you already know that I'm not fond of feminism. I'm not saying MRAs are perfect either, there is room for improvement in the MRA community. The best alternative for MRAs and feminists is Egalitarianism.

12 Things People Like to Argue About and my Opinions on Them

12 Things People Like to Argue About and my Opinions on Them
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  • Idonthaveausername
    Arguments won't get either side anywhere. If your conversation has turned into a debate, both sides have to acknowledge the other's in order for the disagreement to continue or be beneficial. Once your debate turns into an argument, both sides have lost. I don't care who you are or what you represent or whose side you are on or even if I agree with you, if you have resorted to arguing because you aren't respectful enough to accept that someone else can have a different point of view than you or mentally capable of accepting that nothing bad will happen to you if someone disagrees with you, then I don't want to waste my time even bothering with you. Seriously, some people need to learn how to agree to disagree. I agree with all of your points here even though I don't know what some of them are just for the fact that argument is annoying at its base
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Most Helpful Guy

  • OlderAndWiser
    I;ll chime in on 10.) MGTOW vs White knights. Occasionally, I get called a white knight by some bitter MGTOW. I call them MFTOCEM - Men Fixin' Their Own Coffee Every Morning. It is obvious to me that the MGTOW crowd consists of guys who have had bad experiences and have overgeneralized and out down all women. I will always react to that. Gross generalizations are rarely appropriate and are just another form of prejudice.

    It is true that I tend to treat my girlfriend like she is a queen, but that's because I want her to treat me like her king, and I do believe in practicing The Golden Rule in relationships. I think White Knights are guys who are grovelling to try to "earn" attention from a female and I have never grovelled for any woman.
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    • BeeNee

      Couldn't agree with this one more. It's about finding that balance in a relationship. Even as a woman, if I'm treating my boyfriend as king, which is a choice, it's because I feel as though I am worthy enough to receive the same care back. If it's not coming back to me, that's someone who expects me to grovel and considers me beneath them because I'm not viewed equally as worthy of being their queen and treated as such. It's the fine art of reciprocity that many in this world have yet to master.

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  • BlueCoyote
    Just a side note but something I can't keep to myself: I've mentioned this on a different MyTake before but this illustration of left-right (politics) is terrible. There's SO much wrong with it. Such as:
    1. Communism is not an "extreme" form of socialism
    2. Anarchism is not an extreme form of communism
    3. Anarchism is not something specifically left. There are also right versions of anarchism.
    4. Fascism is not an extreme form of Nazism. Nazism is a type of fascism but its main focus lies on race rather than the state.
    5. Anarchism doesn't equal slavery (why would it?). And fascism is slavery but not because it's right-wing. It's slavery because it's also extremely authoritarian. That's a different axis. Some left-wing ideologies can also be authoritarian.
    • I was just going to add that, especially #5

    • ADFSDF1996

      Correction, while the far right doesn't always lead to fascism and the far left doesn't always lead to anarchy, people of the both far sides tend to identify as such. Look at all those neo nazis, a lot of them identify as fascists. Look at all those extreme left wingers, a lot of them tend to cause mayhem on the streets.

  • ebbyeb
    Loved this MyTake so much!! Number six is definitely one of the most annoying, and I think it's hilarious how you summed it up in the fashion that you did. Very well said! I enjoyed reading this!
  • SovereignessofVamps
    About the smaller vs larger... I think an MMA fight, isn't the same as a person in rage. So I feel like the bigger person is worse, especially since most avg people can't fight.
    • ADFSDF1996

      An angry person in a fight is careless. There is one MMA fight were the 6'0" Masakatsu Funaki won the fight against the 6'11" Semmy Schilt.

    • Yeah, so in a real life fight or abusive situation.

    • ADFSDF1996

      In a real fight between a small person and a large person were both people are of equal skill, it comes down to whoever can lock on a good submission or whoever can land a good strike first. In a abusive situation (bullying etc) the smaller person has to use their speed to outmaneuver their bully. However the best option is to learn self defense.

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  • chigurl33
    Alt right's thoughts on interracial relationships? I need to check that one out. Never come across it yet but maybe that's because I usually follow Milo who is ridiculousness. Apart from that nice take especially the mgtow versus white knights part. Both sides are ridiculous especially the white knights though the mgtows are annoying too but you can respect them for taking their lives into their own hands.

    But they're still annoying af.
  • Notorisch_Arschloch
    You forgot the single most important issue plaguing our society, nay the world at large today.

    Classic Harlequin, Arkham, New 52, or Margot spanky shorts Harley Quinn?

    Big oversight there bud. This is important shit.
  • Paris13
    Beautifully Done, hun, and Thank you for the Kind Invite.
    And Welcome to Gag Town, tis This in a Handy Hand Basket Here, dear. xx
    • Paris13

      Thank you for the Like, dear. xx

  • Blitzkrieger
    You forgot about these types who claim the roman empire was ruled by blacks. Aka black supremacists.
    • ADFSDF1996

      Yes, I referred to that at the end of number six on this list.

  • deraz24
    That seems to be the norm on here lol. I only argue ab things on here and real life if someone is blatantly wrong, tries to debate or is coming for me on something
    I don't understand why people waste their time arguing about them. They all sound annoying when they argue.
  • mjz00
    mmmm share my thoughts is the request I've been sent, as i scrolled down all i see is utter nonsense and im glad im a soul whos not defined by any of it quite frankly... i dont live in this world as above... i accept people do and thats totally their deal... and detriment... not for me and glad of it... by taking a stance and using energy to fight for that in response of another doing exactly the same from the other side, what the hell is the point, is this really the best a human soul is achieving at this point in time? we are far from what we could be but all the time we continue to pursue and be manipulated to prevent a more spiritual connected growth in the world things will not change, just withdraw and reflect for a moment, listen, take a walk in the woods, re connect with the living energy in the world not the fake industrial money driven slave driving cloak that shrouds, its our only hope... xx
  • es20490446e
    Because none of those matter enough to waste my life on them, I simply ignore them.
  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    I like this take, but there's a couple that are repeats, it feels like
  • TheSpartan
    This take should be called "I don't have any real opinions on anything".
    • ADFSDF1996

      As a matter of fact I do have real opinions. The irony is that you don't have a real opinion on this take.

  • Soniant
    Excellent My Take by the way😇😇
  • John_Doesnt
    I like to argue with penguin rapists.
    Pretty spot-on.