Prom Night Ideas


Prom night is one you've dreamed about for ages, and with any luck, will be able to talk about for the rest of your life. When looking for prom ideas, remember it's not just about the dance. Prom is the dress, the flowers, the hair, and all of the glamour you can't find any other time of the year. Everyone wants to see and be seen at the prom, but there’s so much you can do before you even get there.

Dressed to the nines? Take that show on the road. Every head will turn regardless of where you go, so pick places that will make for the best photo ops. Yes, the flowers are in bloom, and your local park has that really cute arch over the pond. BUT the best and most memorable prom pictures are in the least expected places. Take your entourage out on the town. Look for warehouse walls, peeling paint, and sleek exposed metal beams to contrast the frock and frills with grudge industrial. Head to the subway, to the tops of skyscrapers, or the local art gallery to show off amongst the commoners.

"There's so much more to prom than the dance!"

For the guys? Check out your local car dealership and get permission to pose with some muscle cars. And if you have to get a picture snapped in the traditional setting at the park, think original poses. You’ll want a few beauty shots, but you can only take so many of those before they become stale and repetitious. Got a large group? Take a video and sync it to your prom’s theme song.

Post Dance Ideas
  • Mud wrestling or water balloon fight
  • Bonfire
  • Live music gathering
  • BBQ at the lake

And if posing and being seen is not your thing (or maintaining those perfect curls limits how crazy you can be) there are plenty of low key options. Opt for a massage when you’re getting that pedicure, or start off with a deep tissue massage before the dress goes on. Why not host an old fashioned tea party? Break out big hats and lacy gloves to compliment your dress.

"Plan your prom night well in advance, never leave your night after the prom open and empty!"
Unique Photo Opps
  • Dilapidated buildings & exposed brick
  • Classic Fountain
  • Subway
  • Top of a skyscraper or office building
  • Art gallery
  • Vintage car dealership

The night’s not over after the prom ends, either. Prom night activities should be planned well in advance- never leave your night after the prom open and empty! If you absolutely know you’ll never wear it again, host a pool party and let loose. Or a food fight, a mud wrestling match, or a water balloon fight. You get the idea. For those of us not into getting messy, organize a bonfire, and invite the best musicians in your class. Rent out a lake house and grill out by the water.

Regardless of what you wear, prom night should be about letting people know who you really are.

Prom Night Ideas
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