"Things Not To Say To A Non-Binary Person"

I'm not too sure on which topic I should post this, but I'm choosing society I guess.

Hey guys, not being hateful

I know I've shared an opinion on another post similar to this topic, but in this one, I'm specifically looking for opinions about this video that I watched (well, mostly).

Obviously, from the not so warm intro to this post, I don't or just can't accept this whole non binary thing. I do however understand why some would think and feel this way (being non binary/ born outside of the "normal" gender spectrum and wanting to be accepted as a non binary person). I fully support and would respectfully agree to use any pronoun a person would want me to use, not because I'm a hypocrite but because I do my best to understand.

Although this video doesn't really help at all, and like any other people who had tried to argue with me about this matter, it never ever makes any sense. I think this video is pretty embarrassing to be completely honest. There was their chance to really put this matter out in public and the chance to make people actually understand them. It was really great publicity but i personally think they totally blew it.

SO. I wanna know what you guys think! But first, these are the two things I find the most confusing and even annoyingly just dumb.


Wait wait.. So if they're establishing themselves as "gay" then does that mean they're actually agreeing on either one of the two genders or does gay in their dictionary mean "only hot for other non binary people" then?

"THEN LEARN" well by all means teach us. All we hear is complaining about "not being accepted" or "other people are just disrespectful".


Okay I'm done.


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  • WTF the BBC has really hit a low, i thought it was already bad enough. My first thoughts were I was expecting buzzfeed journalism.

    The left is very confused, on one hand they say gender doesn't exist. There is no such thing as male or female behaviour because male and female brains are exactly the same and influenced by their environment. On the other hand... they argue there is such a thing as a male/female brain because someone can be born the wrong gender.

    Both conflicting reports kinda prove the irrationality of the new age lefty

    • well male and female are sexes and have to do with biology. Man and woman are genders and have to do with personal identity. Gender is also something we made up to orient our society and it doesn't actually matter at all.

    • @ForeverYours39 no, this is just something extremist liberals are obsessed with having. If gender were a social construct, no one would be transgendered because everyone would conform to the gender roles expected of them due to biological sex. The most authoritative example of this lies with David Reimer - who, due to a botched circumcision, was surgically altered to a female form and raised as ‘Brenda’ alongside his identical twin brother Brian. If gender were malleable, he would have spent a long and happy life as a woman.

      If gender were a social construct, gender norms would not remain utterly consistent across a spectrum which encompasses every culture and society on the planet. Why Can’t a Man Be More Like a Woman? is one of several worldwide meta-studies which finds innate gender traits in egalitarian nations such as Norway and Sweden to be virtually identical to those in truly patriarchal societies such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia. If gender were a social construct, these norms

    • would differ substantially.

      If gender were a social construct, human behavior could not be artificially manipulated through the use of medicines. Store shelves abound with all manner of hormonal treatments, more often for psychological reasons than for physiological. Anti-depressants are a prime example, as are several variants of sleep aids and most every PMS remedy on the market. (The latter often include physical remedy, though are still primarily psychological.) Human beings most certainly wouldn’t become uninhibited from the consumption of alcohol if behavior was controlled by society.

      There are 3 genders, male, female and retarded

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  • I don't mind calling you whatever you want me to... but there's only two genders. Hate to break it to the LGBTQ community, but you're either male or female. Live with it. I have to be honest and I know I'll get hate for this but the more I hear about non-binary stuff and gender fluidity and what have you, the more I'm convinced these people are mentally ill. Gay, lesbians, and bi-sexuals, no, but everyone else... something is just not right.


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  • It is NOT my responsibility to learn what to call YOU. If you were born a guy, I am going to call you sir. If you tell me otherwise, POLITELY, I will then call you whatever the fuck you want me to. If you are a douche about it, I will tell you to get fucked and walk away. All this "gender neutral" shit is out of hand

  • Dude, non binary does not exist. there aren't 71 genders, nor are there 37, nor are there 3, there are just 2. Anything beyond that is a mental disorder or a birth defect. So if you look female i will say female pronouns, if you look male i will use male pronouns, if you don't like it, well you don't have to be in this country do you? Gotta love first amendment.

  • This non-binary stuff is bullshit and these people are mentally ill.

    • I want to like this comment so bad but afraid to seem like a bigot, I do think you are mostly right. I thin it's nonsense but I don't want to seem too harsh especially if they really have mental issues, I can't be harsh to people like that.

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    • @Machiavelli

      So do I, but I can see how they brainwash people into believing that it's normal, and now they're brainwashing children too and allowing them to transition in some cases at such an early agr when studies show that most children who have such feelings outgrow them. I don't want that shit pushed on my kids.

    • You're right, you can only protect and guide those close to you. I agree their normalization of this fad is dangerous especially to kids.

  • Come close. Closer. Just a little bit more. I'm going to whisper something in your ear my love...


  • lol, people actually take this stuff seriously. if you have a slit between your legs, you're a female. if you have a penis, you're a male. idc about any made up non sense


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  • I'm getting sick of this binary crap

    Go live in an impoverished nation and see if you still complain about this kind of nonsense. These sorts of things are literally the product of a spoiled generation

  • I don't really see any issue with the video. Like it's not exactly the most comprehensive explanation of non-binary identities, but it's pretty much on par with a lot of the random clickbaitish videos news outlets put out all the time, and it does at least offer a decent overview of what non binary people are like and what they care about.

    On the identifying as gay thing- "gay" is kind of used as an umbrella term for LGBT+ identities in general, so there's that. But also I don't think they were actually 100% serious about calling themselves gay- seemed more that they were saying that they tend to be classified as "gay" by other people.

    On educating oneself- They literally just said it's fine if you make mistakes as long as you try to educate yourself. Like what more do you want honestly? Some people legitimately are disrespectful or unaccepting, and as long as you're not one you're good.

    "How the fuck are we supposed to know what to call you"- ask maybe?

  • Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    This is not a poem
    But the gender isn't a binary
    And they need to stop

  • If you have a dick your pronoun is he
    if you have a pussy your pronoun is she.

    There's no such thing as 'preferred pronouns'.

    • Who made you the supreme overlord of language usage? Like you can go ahead and be an asshole, but don't expect everyone else to follow suit.

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    • I point to how one thing or another is unscientific*

    • @rjroy3 The brain scans don't side with "biology"? Again "there are brain scans that show that transgender people do in fact have brains that more closely resemble those of cisgender people of the gender they identify as than those of the gender they were assigned at birth". Aka transgender people who identify as male tend to have brains similar to those of male cisgender people. Read more carefully.

      As for my experts, I'm referring to the majority of Psychological associations, including the one that publishes the manual that defines mental illness for the psychiatric community in general.

      And do you have an actual reason to believe that sex is the primary determining factor for gender other than just that you find it convenient? Because so far you haven't given one.

  • You can't say anything to them because they're not real. 😂 😂 😂

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