Giving No F's Is A Terrible Life Philosophy

Giving No F's Is A Terrible Life Philosophy

There are a lot of people who have the life philosophy that they just don't give a f--k or they give no f--k's and that's the way they live there life. I don't believe that for a second, and if I did believe that, I would consider them more on the sociopathic spectrum.

Look, I definitely agree that if you are so caught up in the minutia of life or about what every single person says or doesn't say about you, you should probably relax a little, and stop caring so much to an extent, but this idea that the only person in the world who's opinion, ideas, lifestyle, wants and needs matters, is you and if people don't "get you," they are the ones that should always f--k off, is, well, nuts.

Everything someone says to or about you isn't automatically wrong. Some of it needs to be said because it's tough love or a reality check on the stuff you're doing. A lot of times you notice when these people are checked, they get super defensive and default to a f--k you or I don't give a s--t attitude because they aren't mature enough or capable enough in themselves to recognize their own issues or problems with what they are doing or saying.

Giving No F's Is A Terrible Life Philosophy

There is also the other side of it that that these people tend to carry where if something does not personally affect their life, oh well, f--k it. Ignorance is not bliss because a lot of times what you continually ignore, and refuse to acknowledge can become your problem rather quickly. Ignore the poor, they riot and hang the king. Ignore police corruption in the city, the city burns. Ignore building code violations, your sister gets killed in the rubble of a building collapse. It is impossible to care about everything and every one and every situation, but how is it one can proclaim they give no f--ks about anyone or anything, and then when something happens to them, they are the first to ask why no one is helping them or no one cares about them or their situation especially as it relates to friends?

I think it's important to give some f--k's about the people in your life and the people of the world around you whether their situations personally affect you or not. Sometimes caring about others and their opinions or their situations helps us grow as people and connect well with others and helps us do something about problems as a community that would not otherwise be solved. I don't want to be around people that don't care about anything or anyone but themselves because those people are dangerous either in the way they think or act or both. I know I don't have all the answers in life and neither does anyone else and to think that nothing can touch you because you are the only thing that matters, is going to have you hit by the reality stick sooner rather than later.

Giving No F's Is A Terrible Life Philosophy
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  • rjroy3

    Most people who claim to give no fucks, give a fuck. They're just not honest to themselves about it and what they give a fuck about they may be unaware of at the moment. It's good to not give a fuck... about certain things that don't matter much lol. But you should give a fuck about what matters. Like you shouldn't give a fuck about how you look, but on the other hand you should give a fuck about how you are presenting yourself. Tho just being yourself oftentimes and not giving a fuck will lead you to presenting yourself well and others accept you.

    But if you're a shit bag, then it likely may not go well lol. Pros and Cons. Moderation in everything is good, including moderation.

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  • 404filenotfound

    For me and a lot of other people that I know, not giving a fuck doesn't mean that I don't care about anyone or anything, it means that I don't really care what people think about me.

    And that's not a terrible philosophy to have at all, I'm more focused on being myself than satisfying and trying to please other people.

  • Wolframium

    Sociopath here! :-) No, really.
    I don’t give a fuck…but probably differently, than you might think. Because second paragraph doesn’t seem to be about me. These things, I kind of care about. I just don’t care about dating and related stuff anymore.

  • razor97

    there are people i don't want in my life, i do give a f, but in only to defend myself. i wish i could not give a fuck at all... but i need to see how things are going with my enemies. later after i won't meet them i will forget them and pretend like nothing happened if i see them, i will change the way i look as well so i won't be recognized

  • Prof_Don

    I very much agree. The "I don't give a fuck" mentality is some try-hard, immature ass shit. May these people drown in the wading pool of life they decide to limit themselves to be in.

  • I try to care about others in terms of helping and what not. However I seriously can careless about the daily garbage of life and what others do or don't do because it affects my health.

  • FlorandFauna

    Yeah, I totally agree. I had this mindset when I was 13, then I decided to love and accept everyone around me including their opinions.

  • troychapman

    there's nothing wrong in that because if you care people attack you left right and centre so switching off is sometimes the best thing to do

  • blondfrog

    Usually people who say that are lying. Most bad people aren't bad they just had terrible experiences in life and act that way as a defense mechanism. Everyone gives a fuck they just want to play the tough guy or tough girl act.
    This is so because they are covering up some terrible past they had usually people who have been "hurt so bad" or at least hurt according to them reject others in fear that they get rejected first. They pick on others cause they place their anger towards others as of a way to try and get rid of the pain. They think beating up others will give them a sense of power and respect so that way they never have to relieve the pain that they faced in the past.

  • Ghassan2

    The ''Giving no F's'' philosophy is only good with doubters/haters. I agree with you.

  • MackFreeze

    Awesome Post!! Couldnt agree more!

  • pretty-kitty

    Totally agree!!

  • People who give no f's also have a ton of weed.

  • Messiah89

    Agreed. 💯💯💯💯💯

  • disgustingweebtrash


  • aaaad

    A good

  • Anonymous

    IDGAF about your theory but not giving a copulation about things you can't change gives less stress.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Thank you

  • Anonymous

    Very interesting

  • Anonymous

    Just a terrible idea

  • Anonymous

    getting rid of fs just lead to grade inflation and my old grads seeming worse thats if anyone will still care when im 30

  • Anonymous

    I don't give a fuck about this post and yes I am a bad person who only cares about everything that is me.

  • Anonymous

    I only try to adopt this when I'm anxious. I have social anxiety but a great way for me is to adopt a very chilled out/i don';t give a shit persona... people think I'm high sometimes... it's my way of coping in those scenarios.. that changes as i get to know people. I've gotten shit at school so i don't feel comfortable ''being myself'' until i know people aren't going to start stuff.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe you're just more of an introvert, but also I could see how you could talk yourself into this state in order to relax. A lot of people with anxieties do this. You know, be Batman or Beyonce for a minute until you find out what's going down.

    • Anonymous

      Do you know who jake bugg is? I think he is also very introverted... for one he doesn't like interviews etc and is noticeably shy around fans... his voice is very... I don't know how to describe it other than someone that is very high but chilled out.

    • Anonymous

      It defintely helps me relax. If i try and talk quickly with purpose it heightens pressure/anxiety and makes it more likely for me to stutter my words... if im half mumbling i can sort of play it off as just the way im speaking.