Sexual Harassment and "The Rock Test"

So, I recently came across this article, The Rock Test: A Hack for Men Who Don’t Want To Be Accused of Sexual Harassment and I have several thoughts about it.

Sexual Harassment and "The Rock Test"

The article is basically a woman sharing her "life hack" on how men can avoid sexually harassing women (and avoid being put in situations where they could be accused of sexual harassment). The writer starts off by pointing out who the target audience is, men in the business world who may have frequent encounters with their female colleagues.

Are you a man confused on how to treat the women you work with? Do you feel like if you can’t say or do *anything* you don’t know what to say or do at all? Well stress no more! This life hack will have you treating women like people in no time.

We are constantly hearing about this topic in the professional working world. With constant news stories coming out about powerful men sexually harassing women and men complaining that they "don't know how to act without getting accused of sexual harassment," this seems to be a major problem. So what to we do about it? Well, the writer has a solution, treat all the women you work with like you would treat Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Sound strange? Maybe it is but there is a point to it!

...this is a visualization exercise that will work wonders in your dealings with the women in your workplace. When a woman approaches you, just replace her in your mind with The Rock. Then, behave accordingly.

She even gives several examples for those who may still be confused. I'll share just one.

Situation 1: Getting Coffee

"Karen is a friend of a friend who recently moved to your city and wants to network in her chosen field, one in which you also work. She’s asked you if you’d be willing to get coffee with her, so she can “pick your brain.” There’s just one problem, Karen looks like this:

Oh shoot! She’s pretty! In the face, even. What to do?? I mean, you know it’d be inappropriate to treat the coffee meeting as a date, since her clearly stated intentions were professional. But on the other hand, she’s blonde, and so was your last girlfriend! This is so confusing! What a minefield you are in.

But navigating this sticky situation can be made easy by employing The Rock Test. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and when you open them, pretend Karen looks like this:

Wow! Karen looks pretty tough and strong and sweaty! She looks like a person who is working very hard to achieve her goals, having left behind a situation that clearly wasn’t working, headed for bigger and better things. Maybe ask her about that? But definitely don’t hit on her. It looks like she could kill you with the chair you’re sitting on."

The writer goes on to mention two other scenarios that men in the working world may encounter with their co-workers of the opposite sex and how to deal with them by imagining their co-worker as The Rock. The article is wrapped up with the following statements:

So there you go! You’ve learned the quick and easy way to interact with women without behaving inappropriately. Simply offer them the same respect, admiration, and healthy dose of fear you’d offer anyone who could completely destroy you should you deserve it.

Now for my thoughts, I personally think it is pretty sad that any man would have to envision their female co-worker as a man in order to afford her the same respect and dignity that they would give a male co-worker. However, if it works then who am I to complain? Sexual harassment and assault is a serious issue and should be open for discussion no matter how uncomfortable it may make certain people feel.

If you are *not* the type of guy who hits on his female co-workers, then obviously this is not for you. But for those of you who DO have problems with this OR if you simply want to avoid ever being accused of sexual harassment anyway, then perhaps try out the "The Rock Test" and let us know if it helps.

Share your thoughts below!

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  • The sexual harassment laws and guidelines now are ridiculous. Men really are affraid to interact with female coworkers a lot of times because of it.

    My husband got in trouble a few years ago (he was the boss) while being in the break room with 2 female coworkers and one other male. He told a dirty joke (that was funny as hell) and it offended another girl in the room that wasn't even sitting with them or part of the conversation! corporate HR called him the next day and got a reprimand in his file, so did the others he was talking to. All because someone he wasn't even talking to didn't like what he said 😒 Same girl worked under him, not directly but down the chain and he couldn't fire her even though she was a shit employee because corporate said it was a liability 🙄. I swear some girls get training on how to beat the system to collect paychecks they don't have to earn.

    Some of us girls have dirtier minds then you guys and appreciate a decent level of sexual harassment to keep work interesting 😂


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  • > There’s just one problem, Karen looks like this

    Yes, I agree this is a problem. She has the face of a turd.

    Now, to answer your question, the best way to avoid sexual harrassment in the workplace is to fire all feminists, and hire men instead. Trust me, it helps.

    • Yea, she ain't that pretty.

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    • @Nyx_85 LOL! I thought the article was a bit over the top, but seems it's not, then!

    • Might have been exaggerated a bit for effect but yeah I'm sure guys like that do exist.

  • It's sad that some men would need to envision a woman as a bodybuilding man in order to respect her. My strategy for not harassing women? Envision them as who they are- my colleague, who is there for the same reason I am- to get work done. I wouldn't dream of saying or doing anything remotely sexual. Of course once boundaries are mutually established you can operate within those boundaries. Some of my women co-workers have more crass humor than me- and I feel comfortable dishing it back to them. But a new colleague that started last week? I don't have that relationship with that person yet, so of course I'm not going to do that.

  • This sort of stuff always makes me roll my eyes. For the record I'm a respectful man I always treat women professionally in the work environment.

    First of all if you're sexually assaulted, we already have a way of dealing with that in society, go to the police and report it.

    Second of all this comment sums up what is wrong with this post:

    "Oh shoot! She’s pretty! In the face, even. What to do? I mean, you know it’d be inappropriate to treat the coffee meeting as a date, since her clearly stated intentions were professional. But on the other hand, she’s blonde, and so was your last girlfriend! This is so confusing! What a minefield you are in."

    Yes men are just dumb idiots that can't work it out, if only we could teach men not to sexually assault, or not to rape, or not to beat women! (sarcasm)

    This is so mind numbingly stupid that it strains credulity that people actually believe this. I actually happen to think that women know full well that it's not a matter of education but rather this is a shaming tactic along the lines of "look how dumb men are, they can't understand, let's educate them because they're so stupid.". In some kind of strange hope that men will think "hey we don't want to look stupid, we better stop behaving this way".

    We had this same shit with feminists in Canada putting up "teach men not to rape" posters. Of all the stupid things.

    LOOK - men know that unwanted sexual advances are by definition unwanted. But guess what, men have testosterone, it makes them physically attracted to women, that reaction is physiological, you cannot help it, pupils dilate, heart rate increases, adrenaline kicks in, you start sweating etc. Testosterone causes men to take more risks than women, that's just a biological reality, you can go read the science on that. Men are fully aware of the risks when they make a sexual advance on a female co-worker maybe it'll turn out in rejection in which case they might have to deal with HR or whatever.

    OR that risk might pay off, maybe she likes to be chased, maybe she'll welcome the advance, maybe that'll end in intimate relationship or a sexual encounter. There's no way to know before hand that's why it's called a risk.

    And I'm NOT saying that it's justified, I'm simply saying it's not a lack of education that's the problem.

    It reminds me of this Bill Burr standup bit which really sheds light on how stupid this line of reasoning is

    • The whole argument is "I'm a woman, I shouldn't be held accountable for my actions" all the way to "she was seduced by his authority, she feared for her job, she was incapable of saying no because he was in charge."

      The entire argument really says women are too stupid to think for themselves. How about the sexual revolution that said have sex with coworkers, date anyone you want, flirt with anyone, it's ok, you're a woman, women's lib.

      Basically the rule seems to be "whatever argument serves you best use it, it doesn't matter if it's dishonest"

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    • @RolandCuthbert could well be but i suspect most wouldn't litigate!

      interesting to see where the line is drawn, away from the usual more sexual areas as to if its inappropriate (by either sex).

    • @_Atreides You have to got be kidding. I would sue and I don't know a single man who would not.

      But if Janelle Monae wanted to cop a feel. . .


      This is what is disappointing to me. As men, I thought we could agree on what is simple rational thinking. Is it rational to think women wanted a disgusting pig like Harvey Weinstein all over them? I think we can agree on "no". Of course if Brad Pitt did something, most would welcome it. I am only saying the flip side is true.

      Why would you even entertain disputing that?

      It just isn't a logical thought. And we are men, we are the ones who embrace logic.

  • That's actually really terrible advice. If I started seeing Dwayne Johnson everywhere I went, I'd get really annoyed and probably start going insane.

    Would she rather I run away shouting in a fit of irrational hatred? "Get out of my head, you FIEND!!!"

    That's supposed to cure feminist illusions of being harassed? Driving men insane instead? She's a dipshit for even suggesting such a thing!

    Harassment is he grabs your ass and says you'd be even sweeter dipped in chocolate. Women who think "hi, how's it going?" is harassment have mental issues.

    If all you see when you close your eyes and look at us is Harvey Weinstein, then you are the one who needs therapy, not us!

    Let's flip this around. Ladies, when that ugly dude tries to be polite, close your eyes and picture the younger Hasselhoff trying to be polite. Is it so impossible to be polite back, as opposed to treating us like the Creature from the Black Lagoon?

    See? It goes both ways. But if we have to picture someone ugly, let it at least still be a woman. Otherwise, you're trying to plant gay images in men's heads just to be a troll.

    • Exactly. I think she's trying to label men as people who can negatively be perceived as perverts just for showing interest. And women can pass. But I could get wrong I don't know her mind games.

    • *be wrong

  • No, that's not going to work because the problem isn't with men its with women. Its not that men do not treat women with respect, in fact we know that men afford women far more respect and privilege then they give to men. What the problem is, is that women have found that all they have to do is make an accusation and men and women will come running to their aid and destroy the man who was accused, without evidence, without context, without mercy. We know statistically that about 40% of rape allegations are either provably false or retracted by the woman (generally because she cannot back her statement) yet we also know that an allegation of it is all that is required to destroy a mans life and evidence doesn't matter. This has been proven with the UV rape case where all her statements where provably false yet the boys in question where doxed, harassed and suspended without evidence (because their was none, it was a lie). The media and women's responses to this was that its okay to destroy these young men's lives because what if it had been true. It was preferable to destroy the lives of multiple young men then even risk one womans life by simply going about the accusation in the way we go about every other case, by presenting a case with empirical evidence and assuming innocent until proven guilty. The media stated that we should still side with her even though all the evidence showed everything she said was untrue (not some things, everything) and one even said that the boys deserved it so they could suffer like some rape victims have suffered completely ignoring the fact that these young men where completely innocent. Same thing happened with the Duke lacross players, again they had their lives ruined because a woman lied. Then their was the "matress girl" case where she wanted a relationship with a guy, the guy didn't so she accused him of rape to punish him for rejecting her. He was able to prove his innocence, prove through her texts to him that she had not been raped, yet it wasn't before the media doxed him, assumed his guilt and punished him accordingly. His life was ruined and he had done nothing wrong. Same thing happened to a taxi driver who was being mistreated by three female passengers. He kicked them out of his taxi they then called the cops and accused him of rape. The cops arrested him immediately and without question. He was later able to prove his innocence because he had a security camera in his taxi which showed what happened.

    • They would not press charges against those women even though they had filed a false claim. In fact with the exception of the Duke Lacross woman, none of these women where punished in any way shape or form yet those men's lives where ruined by these claims. So no, its not men that are the problem, at least not in the way you and so many others seem to think. Its that women have found a way to hurt men and realized that our society does not punish women especially not when it comes to women hurting men.(hence women rarely getting punished for crimes and when they do they get a third of the sentencing compared to men). That's the problem, have women stop abusing their significantly greater power and privilege and these occurences will decrease dramatically.

    • We need a False Accusation Registry so anyone hiring people can google a woman's name and see if she's one of those 40% to decide if she's a risk. As well as if she's on there multiple times.

      This reminds me of the woman who claimed to be raped by the lacross team. she also fasely accused an ex husband, burned all her boyfriends clothes in the bathtub and threatened to kill him AND actually killed someone.

      But she has a book out about her rape ordeal and is praised for her courage coming forward.

    • @ImagineRelease Yeah, its pretty messed up. The issue is some times their is simply not enough evidence and in the case that she is not lying we don't want to punish her. So ironically all these women who claim sexual harassment (i. e. a man hit on her she didn't like (which is the majority of the cases)) or rape end up hurting all the women who have actually been sexually harassed and raped because no one can believe them because even a slightly inaccurate response (which happens, we don't have photographic memories) immediately makes people assume she is lying because so many of these women actually do. That said yes, if we can provably show she lied and she did falsify, we should have a registry for that, on top of her being put in prison for a very long time. Its despicable what these women do.

  • Haha!!!

    That is simply hilarious.

    You have hurt a lot of feelings here at GaG.


  • Can't really empathize as 'Karen' is like 10 years past her prime...

    Karen's personal assistant on the other hand...

    Here's the rub kiddos, *someone who didn't cut and paste an article from Buzzfeed/Jezebel/Cosmo and DOES work with hot HR ladies and uber touchy feely but married receptionists*

    Treat them like strangers, offer nothing to their conversations, your personal life is lame and boring, (even if you're a male stripper after hours), and say nothing controversial at all ever. "Whadaya think of Trump eh eh?" "Oh I don't pay attention to politics at all..." Despite what the feminists tell you women dominate the office and middle management, even the VP's and CEO's aren't safe. Don't date them, keep your business trips/dates short sweet and to the point. YOU ARE THERE TO WORK! "But but but but thats an unhealthy work environment!" Too bad women brought us to this point. "But but but what if there's a genuine interest with a co-worker?" If she's that interested in you she'll quit her job or transfer to another floor or something. That is your ultimatum period end of story.

    1. Your job
    .27. Women.

  • No, just no. This kind of thought policing is utterly restrictive and absolutely nonsense. Women should be happy that we as men have not abandoned them and show interest.

    Take it as a compliment if a guy is willing to flirt with you as its his way of showing interest in you. If he isn't interested he will threat you like anyone else by default. Why do i have to picture someone differently? Can't i just threat anyone equal?

    Girls advocating for this are shooting themselves in the foot.
    Sexual liberation that you value? The right to just have fun with a guy and enjoy it? Your moment is destroying it because you have no idea about harassment and mistake harmless flirting to convey they like you with harassment making you totally unworthy of this treatment in the first place. So advocate all you want, but don't be sad when you end up single because you turned down all the men because of your ideology.

    • This is talking about the workplace not regular social life.

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    • Maybe where you are from it's the common thing for coworkers to date.

    • Or next you'll be telling me you think it's alright to flirt with a chick at her grandma's funeral because she should appreciate that you like her.

      Oh good lord.

  • The problem is that women have different standards for different men, and most men cannot see where they stand in the pecking order.

    What women are actually angry about is not sexual harassment, it's ugly guys hitting on them or really, even existing.

  • What if the roles are reversed a female co-worker flirts and teases frequently. Say you can tell she likes you. I know finding love at the office is so taboo and it not recommended, but people are people.

    How do you separate the harassment from the genuine interest? I suppose you could just ask for a friendly date after work without the sexual part and see where it goes? (I think I just answered my own question).

  • 1|0
    • I studied and worked with dozens of women, some of them working for me, some reporting to me and some who were my pupils. I wasn't accused once. Why? I just respected them.
      Of course, I was better friends with some than with others, I had problems with their work sometimes I had to reprimand some but I respected all of them, all the time. And I listened when they wanted to tell me their problems.

      One tip: Don't (try to) dip your pen in company ink!

  • Men... i think it's al stupid. Lots of people "hook up" or even find their soulmate at work. Be yourself, well, be more like Sean Connery in James Bond. Be eloquent, polite, charming, approachable, stare people in the eyes, meet them with a smile, offer them a treat, compliment their projects and if you really do touch her apologize "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that" so she can decide right then and there to say "no it's fine, It's natural" This is a way to bait the other person into a form of consent AND reveal i they're sending signals.

    Basically, if you do this right the ones not interested in you will keep things platonic and the ones that are will throw themselves at you from the tension.

    Communication is key, if involved with a coworker bring it up to talk "I feel perhaps this could be taking advantage of you, I'm a manager and some would say you're afraid to say no, you can definitely say no" Then you get this person saying how bad they want to say yes.

    BUT if you go into this without making making her own admissions that she wants a relationship you run the risk of having her turn around and claim she was manipulated. Not only do you want to get her talking but if you're doing any relationship you want to get her in a social setting with others so they can attest, if you're accused she was all over you.

    These days phones and video work wonders, if she wants to kiss you film it a few times like you want to watch it when you're away from her. If ever accused you've got that.

  • More mind games.
    Just be professional.

    Women don't mind being 'harassed' if he's good looking and rich. :)

    • 😂😂😂 Bro be going hard with the truth.

    • Hint: harassment, by definition, is UNWANTED attention. If she is attracted to him and she enjoys his flirting, then it's not harassment now is it? But if she's a professional who's just trying to do her job and is having to fight off inappropriate remarks all the time, then yes it's annoying.

    • You mean "show interest". Not "harrased". I'm sure no man wants to be "harassed" by a good looking woman either.

  • What a B. S. test. How about men keep their hands to themselves and don't act a creep or say creepy things to women. Yes, it's that simple.

  • Yeah I agree with you that it was a journalistic version of "Click Bait" - So your whole life should be measured by these couple of "Potentially Awkward" situation rather than the 355,000,000 other interactions that happen everyday - If Karen was an average middle aged single mother of 3 on her first day, do I feel less threatened, the mind boggles - The fact that I have to think about possible sexual harassment make it awkward instead of just being my normal self who after 48 years I don't think has being ever suspected of sexual harassment - To me it would be the same as going into a coffee shop and going "Oh no, the barista is white , can I ask for a black coffee?"

  • I've always been a firm believer in not mixing work with pleasure, and actually have quite a strongly held position that people should be allowed to get on with their jobs without being made to feel uncomfortable by other people, whether that be for sexual gratification or another reason.

    That said, if I were inclined otherwise, and did make a point of hitting on girls at work, would the Rock Test help? Without trying it, hard to say, but worth a shot.

  • And if The Rock asked you to reach something off a high shelf, or carry a box of papers, or open a pickle jar for him, how would you react? Laugh at a female co-worker the same way when she asks for your physical labor.

  • a few things

    -karen is not hot

    -this is naive of women because even when they are only about professionalism they still are used to the attention it won't be so easy to live without it. what i mean to say is that i don't want to have coffee with the rock not to talk business not to shoot the shit. i don't know the rock and i have no reason to think i should bother. so if karen wants to pick my professional brain she better do it right there at the office in 30 seconds or else screw karen not literally since apparently she's the rock

  • how on earth would I treat dwayne (I eat over 800 pounds of cod a year) Johnson other than stay away from him because he probably smells from eating all that fish

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  • I think you hit the nail on the head on the first sentence when you expressed your thoughts. You shouldn't have to pretend that every girl you meet is a dude just to avoid hitting on them. That's pretty messed up. Girls' bodily integrity and personal space should be respected, PERIOD. I found the article funny on the surface, sure, but it implies that men can't respect women on a very basic and human level. That they have to pretend women are men to respect them, men who could beat them up if they don't. That's kinda fucked up.
    Not to mention that this method obviously wouldn't work, because the problem with people who sexually harass women is that they just don't care. They simply wouldn't even be able to pretend that these girls could kill them with a chair. They don't see women as a threat and that's one of the main reasons why they're even harassing them in the first place - respect for women won't appear out of thin air just because they think about The Rock.
    This is along the line of asking a dude if he'd care more if the attacked woman was "his sister/his mom/some other female person he knows and has respect for". I see the intent - you want to make it more personal and try to get the guy to be more empathetic towards girls and women he doesn't know personally. But it's fucked up, because again, girls and their bodies should be respected even if you don't know them, even if you don't have a personal connection to them. A woman shouldn't have to be your mom or your sister for you to realize that sexual harassment is gross and wrong.
    A little tidbit: my brother works at a mall. He's a really great guy (when he isn't hungry). He was a bit of an ass as a teen towards my mom and I (he was a hardcore gamer and would disturb our sleep with his gaming...). But I digress. He has treated everyone nicely and is a good guy at heart. He works at a mall. Every year, this mall has a huge event were they lower their prices for a few days, and people go kinda crazy. So, the mall often hires extra help just for these few days.
    At this mall, during this event, it's very crowded. The employees run around all over the place and so do the customers. You have to shuffle past people all the time. This one girl, who was hired as an extra helper, ended up anonymously accusing my brother of sexual harassment. He had done absolutely nothing to her, and when he heard about it he couldn't even think of a single situation where he'd done anything wrong.

    • He didn't even know which girl it could have been or on what day it could have happened. He was so confused when his boss approached him. After talking for a little bit, his boss took his side (naturally, because the girl who accused him had a flimsy story and he literally had no idea when this could have happened, he was busy doing his job). Point being, there are girls who are batshit crazy and accuse men even when they don't do anything wrong. Ofc these are in the minority, but still, it can happen even if you're being 100% respectful.

  • Problem is that men aren't sexually harassing women in record numbers. The culture shift we're undergoing is what's wrong. Now even innocuous well meant platonic actions are being interpreted differently, as abuse. A woman doesn't have the power to destroy you if you deserve it. She has the power to destroy you-- period. You could be totally innocent. So while this may help a--holes who actually harass women ( if they bothered to try, and why would they, they clearly don't care) it isn't going to help with the 75% of cases where the man actually did nothing wrong. What we need is a tool to enumerate exactly what is and isn't okay or frankly for this generation to just grow up and try adulting a little for once.

  • This is a satire piece right? I mean like anyone would actually write something this silly and be serious about it. Like I could see myself getting into a trolling mood and writing this while laughing to myself "Haha people are going to get so bent out of shape". But like... really?

    How about just sticking to the basics. No touching other than formal handshakes, no compliments on anything other than job performance, no personal talk. Small talk is fine but keep it that way. Small talk. "How was your weekend?" "Oh great. I went fishing. How was yours?" "Awesome. I sacrificed a baby goat to Satan" "Great! Well work is calling. See ya later!" See? Simple.

    And girls don't get pissy if a male coworker says you look nice one day. If it's a repeated thing and he keeps asking you out despite you saying no or he puts his hands on you then ok that's pushing it and something should be said but one simple compliment isn't the end of the world. I know we want to be taken seriously but guys are still guys. And heck maybe he was just saying it to be nice because he say you looked down that day and overheard you talking to another female coworker about how you were skipping lunch because you gained 15 pounds...

  • Some women are acting so damn stupid. Nobody should be afraid of interacting with co workers in fear of having their life ruined. I don't get how a man complimenting a woman is sexual harassment as long as he doesn't fucking lick your face after or some shit. Just be professional and respect personal space and you're good.

  • "Now for my thoughts, I personally think it is pretty sad that any man would have to envision their female co-worker as a man in order to afford her the same respect and dignity that they would give a male co-worker. "


    If you're confused about how to not sexually harass a co-worker then there is something really wrong with your social skills and maybe working with others should be put on hold until you learn how to act like a civilised human being...

    • I think its really sad that women don't even see men as human any more. That's really the saddest part, they only see us as rapist and violent monsters. Maybe you women should try looking at men in the same way you look at other women, you know like a person.

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    • No, you never asked nicely, you where rude and continue to be. However I am tired of this discussion so yes lets just end this.

    • @hellionthesagereborn rude? Telling you to fuck off would have been rude... You always do this it's like you're drawn to me... Each time I come back we end up in this exact same conversation because you're like a stuck record... So yes if you could manage to fuck off and stop talking to me that would be great... But I doubt it will happen.

  • I don't think it's necessarily an issue of men not knowing how to treat women, but more so men being afraid of being falsely accused of doing something, or having his intentions terribly misconstrued.

    • You girl just won the I understand the other sex award ! Keep the good work and spread your knowledge to nearby person if you can.

    • @BlueAndred Haha, thank you. :) I humbly accept this reward and will be sure to spread my knowledge.

  • How about women not construe everything through a filter of wondering if every interaction may be harassment.

    I am pretty sure if you are actually being harassed, you will know it.

    • But then you can't stop whining and victimising yourself anymore.

    • @FakeName123 Oh, I am sure we can find something else to whine about it. Never doubt our ability to find things to bitch and complain about. ;)

  • I think it's kinda shit to think that a guy would have to pretend women are men in order to be decent to them. It's pretty sad, but I'm sure that not a ton of guys would really have to do that, I mean I'd love to think they don't anyway

    • Men don't. The problem is women look at men as evil sexist rapist etc. so everything a man does is viewed as a negative. If anything women need to start looking at men like they do women in order to try and empathize with them becaues in most cases men do not sexually harass women, and women do in fact sexually harass men (I would say in equal numbers but frankly women can get away with it. I've seen it and know men who have had it happen to them).

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    • That's what I was reffering to when I stated that women need to start looking at men like they do women, in order to have the same level of empathy for them. We can't get rid of biases but if we know they are their we can mitigate the damage they cause, unfortunately in our society people have ignored this and allowed bad people to exploit this bias to their own advantage (or vindictiveness) which ends up hurting other women as now top executives do not wish to mentor women, they do everything in their power to avoid being alone with women and are very carefully what they say because they are just terrified that these women, if they so choose, can destroy them with just an accusation. This means that women are losing out because these kinds of connections are necessary to move ahead and learn.

    • @hellionthesagereborn hey man, we have to remember we live in the age where these two narratives clash.
      A) . Women have the right to be sexy and work as strippers and sex work. BUT...
      B) Men who fund the actual money making venture women embrace as their freedom of expression are sexist and objectify women.

      As usually it's a system that says the man is wrong no matter what and the woman is always right, and STILL a victim even if she's working as a porn star.

      Look at the Hugh Heffner drama, women claiming it was wrong that he created careers for these women. We still live in the age where women are saying men must make all their decisions or else the man is wrong for letting them make their own decisions.

  • Hrmmms

  • Okay, I thought it was gonna be some cute acronym, but noo.

  • This article sounds more like an ironic joke about how stupid men in the workplace can be. And I think if guys haven't learned to respect women in the workplace by the time they are old enough to be in the workplace, then they are not gonna try to envision her as The Rock.

    • Talk about missing the point... Jesus. You literally have to guide women by the nose these days in order for them to see your pov. Respecting women has NOTHING to do with our 'grievances' on this issue its women flipping their shit over every little thing or their interpretation of something to the point where we can't even talk around you.

      The photo in the post itself, lady losing her shit because dude touched her shoulder. Apparently i'm a light stepper and women are always jumping when I enter a room or walk past them. Apparently touching this bitch on the shoulder is harassment now. Men should start writing anonymous letters to HR about women discussing their cycles, their dates last night, their tight clothing, their flirtatious hair flips, the height of their heels, their salad crunching, their shampoo etc are making them uncomfortable. Maybe then you'll understand.

    • @demonics
      That was an extremely disrespectful and misogynistic response. And I wasn't discussing men's "grievances" on this issue, because frankly I don't give a shit. I was responding to the OP and her post. Apparently you are too stupid to realize that when someone posts a response to someone else's post, they are responding to that poster only. Save your triggered bullshit for someone who gives a fuck.

    • lol I'm the triggered one? Not even women will co-sign this garbage.

      *Also, we know you don't give a shit about men, it'll come full circle in a few years for you though!

  • Sexual harassment appears on the bus, on the subway, in the office, and other public places. Female friends can wear the anti-wolf spray

  • This is so stupid and so great.

  • wow that was very interesting tbh i didn't know this was a thing for men

    • Its not. Men don't sexually harass women any more then women sexually harass men. This is just another attempt in a long list of them to degrade, humiliate, deride and ultimately dehumanize men. Its the hobby of choice in our society.

    • @hellionthesagereborn She knows it's not. Just another troll she is. A girl I do feel sorry for indeed 😢

  • That's weird

  • good take

  • I don't know but this is funny though, I could suggest to think Mr. Bean but yeah, this kind of sad.