Why I Am Against Modern Architecture

Its parasitic

Why I Am Against Modern Architecture

Modern architecture is parasitic upon the environment. It's completely out of place, its weird shapes are painful to look at.

It's standardized

Why I Am Against Modern Architecture

Wherever you go you see these glass buildings with no culture and no ethnic identity to it. Why travel to the other side of the world if they have the same buildings as in your home city?

Its no longer art, it's too much like a fashion statement

Why I Am Against Modern Architecture

No one can argue that this abomination is not meant to be an insult to traditional architecture. If you look closely at the column in the middle you can see the orange rust running out of the poorly engineered structure.

It causes big cities to become permanent construction sites

Why I Am Against Modern Architecture

They keep building new buildings and tearing the old ones down. Big cities are always in a state of permanent construction here or there because of all these buildings being built and rebuilt. Its a real strain on the people to live in a place like that.


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  • yep phallic looking architecture whether consciously or unconsciously is the symbol of the penis .
    and is the representation of power of male patriarchal capitalism, dominating world globalism,
    and corporate washington corruption . 20th century sex & buildings taking phallic obsessions
    to the extremes . wherever you go on the planet you are reminded YES size really does matter .
    the worshiping of the powerful erect penis . no hiding fantasies of the Wall Street Gods there .
    and although old styles of architecture are beautiful they are impractical due to costs of design,
    construction, artistic detailing and the occupation of needed and limited space . is it any wonder
    that beginning in New York American skyscrapers and the mythology of the penis came together
    in a united orgy of construction of male symbolic intimidation and dominance . i think its funny
    the important monument, of the most precious founding father of American power values ideals
    and foreign policies is in the shape of a big dick . . which is rumored to have shrunk 10 inches .



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  • I agree with you, OP. I'm not a fan of modern architecture either. I think it's boring and many structures unattractive. Bring back older styles and periods of architecture, in my opinion, like the Renaissance!

  • What's your opinion on the old TWA terminal at JFK? Or the terminal at Dulles?

  • interesting


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