The Superwoman Fallacy or Why Women Nowadays Are More Oppressed Than Ever

Let’s take apart this fallacy of the modern superwoman, shall we.

First, may I familiarize you with a book called The Triple Bind by Stephen Hinshaw. This book single-handedly deconstructs what is expected of the modern female, little girls and grown women alike, in order to be seen as worthy and successful human beings.

There are in essence three demands that we have to fulfill:

The first demand asks females to be good at all of the traditional girl stuff. In other words, females are expected to “look pretty, be nice, get a (preferable male) partner (heteronormativity anyone) while excelling at skills like empathy, cooperation, and relationship building. The former skills imply the ability to perceive other’s needs and fulfill them, i.e. what in social justice circles is called emotional labor.

The second demand asks that females be good at most traditional guy stuff. At least in the developed world, women’s lives have improved to a degree where we can choose to be and do almost anything we want. We are no longer confined to only one role, one place, and one purpose, like motherhood and homemaking. But where once it was only necessary for women to fulfill the demands of the first triple bind problem – being good at traditional girl stuff – being good at traditional guys stuff is no longer just a liberating option but has gradually become an expectation.

This masculine expectation includes foremost a fierce sense of competition in three areas: the professional, the academic and the athletic arena.

This alone wouldn’t be problematic. Having high ambitions and the drive to achieve them are fulfilling and worthy qualities. Men have been practicing them for years, and it is obvious that women are just as good at them when given the chance.

It gets quite a bit more difficult when women are expected to fulfill both demand one and demand two at the same time.

The third demand, however, is where stuff gets truly insidious. This demand requires that on top of fulfilling both traditionally female and traditionally male roles, women are to do so under a narrow, unrealistic set of standards, which says you have to be sexy, thin/fit, pretty, clean shaven, have a great boyfriend/partner and kids, and be wildly successful at one’s career.

Hinshaw argues that in the beginning of the feminist movement in the sixties, there was an actual counterculturethe presence of genuine alternatives to traditional femininity – that a girl could opt for. There are, of course, women today who opt out of any traditionally female roles and choose the traditionally masculine pursuit of career, academics and/or athletics only.

What Hinshaw argues, however, is that there are fewer and fewer women who feel truly free to compartmentalize to this extent without somehow being expected to make up for it otherwise.

The main reason for this, Hinshaw contends, is that now virtually all possibilities have been co-opted, consumerized, and forced into this increasingly narrow, unrealistic set of roles, which has also been dubbed Superwoman Syndrome.

In other words, women have to be everything to everyone, including fathers to sons, uncles to nieces, Nobel prize winners, corporate CEOs, porn star quality lovers, and blue ribbon moms, all while looking like drop-dead gorgeous, infinitely healthy and slow-to-age works of art.

It’s not hard to understand why demand one and demand two create role conflict. Being competitive necessitates a certain level of ruthlessness and disregard for the needs of others. But according to demand number one, women are supposed to cultivate empathy and relationship building. It is impossible to simultaneously prioritize anticipation and disregard of the needs of others.

However, besides being contradictory, the messages of the Triple Bind are also immoderate. With the addition of the third component, girls are being given the message that anything less than the absolute best counts as failure. Thus, the Triple Bind does not allow for genuine alternatives, which according to libertarian theory is the hallmark of free will.

Instead it dis-empowers women by restricting their capacity (the conflicting demands of traditional female and male roles) and their opportunity (the binding expectation to do it all while presenting a certain physical and behavioral ideal of sexiness and beauty) to exercise true choice.

The hallmark of true happiness according to Aristotle is a life that promotes human flourishing. According to this theory, a flourishing life is successful for our natural kind. Although somewhat ambiguous, virtue theorists suggest that this must involve joys and pleasures especially in the context of loving relationships and the exercising of our distinctive rational capacities.

In short - virtuous acts and virtuous characters [which] contribute to a good, healthy (…) life for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our species” (Waller, 2008, p. 106).

One thing is clear: The Triple Bind’s combination of contradiction and immoderation does not promote human flourishing. The irony is that its messages are disseminated under the guise of liberation, self-actualization, and infinite possibility. This adds deception in to the mix, another death blow to human flourishing, since without honesty, we would be unable to cooperate or to acquire knowledge and pass it on to the next generation to build on.

The question we need to ask is who and under what circumstances would profit from promoting the messages of The Triple Bind? And is it ever truly possible for anyone to follow the demands of this bind and thrive?

The Superwoman Fallacy or Why Women Nowadays Are More Oppressed Than Ever

The Superwoman Fallacy or Why Women Nowadays Are More Oppressed Than Ever


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm not saying this a bad take or anything, in fact, it's quite well written, but what you're talking about doesn't sound like oppression to me. It just sounds like equality. Men have been held to most of those exact same ridiculously high standards for a long time now. What you're seeing is the downside to equality. As men, it's practically hammered into our skulls from the time that we're children that we have to grow up to be like Superman in every facet of life, otherwise, we're failures or deadbeats. So if this stuff can really be considered oppression, then I'd say men are just as oppressed as women.

    • Hmm interesting perspective, only thing is that fathers didn't have as much pressure to be at home with the children (until recently). Western culture is calling for women to be more like men (thanks to feminists) and men to be more like women (thanks to feminists). In the end, nothings working anymore and people aren't as happy/fulfilled as they used to be.

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    • @notaken Just to add, don't call my dad useless everyone has their good and bad points. I don't think my father is like yours. Did it every occur to you that at the time he didn't realise what you 'needed' from him most was his time? Not him as a provider. Is there nothing you can appreciate him for? I don't really know your situation. But in my family our upbringing would have worked quite well had we been bought up in an African country. There is much more of a community over there compared to the UK. Grandparents could have looked after us or family friends. There you'd never be alone. In the UK it's easy to be by yourself, and keep to yourself. I don't think they thought about it so much, they were focused on being providers for us and working hard for us so we could have a do what we wanted.

    • @ManaX My dad never had loving parent and so he never know how to love something. ... Let's not get started with my mom because it's an other story which is bad. Lucky for me I met a couple a smart and important figure (They are the one that raised me). My sister ran away from home at 17 with her boyfriend life saver.

      Man face oppression before modern time and now woman decide to live the same oppression and think man do not live that everyday. He were shaped into resiting that oppression or else the family fail.

      A woman (My wonder woman) told me once if the lawn look better on the neighbors it's because they use bullshit as fertiliser.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Wow.

    • And YOU wrote this? GAG is so unworthy of such a good take. You need to shop that to HuffPo.

      Excellent piece of writing. But you left out the expectations of our chastity, wholesomeness and purity WHILE also being skilled sex tigers.

    • Shoooot... yes, I did! Thank you dear @MlleCake :) That's high praise coming from you! I will get to editing it shortly...

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What Guys Said 68

  • I may not disagree with many of your points, but I disagree with the conclusion. I'd contest that women were far more oppressed when their husbands were allowed to beat and rape them with impunity and they couldn't divorce oppressive and abusive spouses.

  • This would describe an ideal independent woman. However, these types of women are less than ideal when it comes to finding a partner, since their S/O would feel like they are NOT NEEDED. A lot of the time, guys prefer someone who needs them, because it helps them feel like they are contributing to the relationship. These types of women are also very intimidating. This is why women who set their standards too high are less likely to find a decent partner. There is no such thing as a perfect man or perfect woman.

  • No offense, but this seems more self-pity than real issue.

    Just a few facts:

    Women are graduating from high school and college at much higher rates than men. More men die by murder and suicide. More men are in prison than women. The lifespan of men is declining for the first time in American history, women are living longer. Men's incomes are stagnating, women's are increasing. (Accounting for differences in tenure and experience, breaks for pregnancy, etc. the wage gap between men and women is all but gone.)

    By the data, women in the United States are thriving and men are in trouble. Yet, contra the data, we persist with an outdated assumption that women are oppressed, are being held to unrealistic standards are and in need of recognition just by virtue of the fact that they are women.

    We play the fiddle while Rome burns. We have seen the effects of the afflictions impacting men - including more single mothers, increased rates of delinquency, rising drop out rates among boys, among much else.

    All in all, we would be better off confronting the facts and dealing with them rather than making of fetish of who has a vagina and wallowing in self-pity. Bottom line, if women are really oppressed - oh and for the record, I love my girlfriend and do everything I can to make her happy - the data don't show it.

  • Modern civilization and culture has ruined the harmony between men and women. In other times where we had to divide labor and cooperate just to survive, we operated for more equally, like during the Old West.

    • I somewhat agree. I do think women should have the opportunity to have a career/a pursuit other than motherhood, wifehood, and homemaking. But I do think that there are factors in our current state that make relationships more complicated and for some, nearly impossible.

    • Nobody should be denied any opportunity, but every choice we make as pluses and minuses. Despite what people think, it is nearly impossible to "have it all".

    • Excellent response, that is very true. I believe some people are closer to achieving it, but it's not nearly as easy as it is marketed to the masses. Most people definitely won't have it all in their lifetime.

  • Yea... but... is this really oppression in any way? I mean this is what WOMEN ASKED FOR.

    "women are to do so under a narrow, unrealistic set of standards, which says you have to be sexy, thin/fit, pretty, clean shaven, have a great boyfriend/partner and kids, and be wildly successful at one’s career."

    And? Reverse the genders and this has always been expected of men. Ironically this is equality at it's finest.

  • who told you to be all that? who on earth is telling you you need this and that? where are the chains bound to your neck going up to?

    and why do you think all that matters because humans more often than not won't give a damn about each other and live a peaceful life.

    so pls stop this Tumblr bullshit

  • I want a helpmeet. Someone with complimentary skills and a joie de vivre. That's it. Kids/no kids, job/no job, looks/no looks; none of the rest of that matters. Everything else is up for grabs.
    Most guys are like me. They want a partner, not Superwoman. She doesn't have to be all and do all; that's something women put on themselves. I call it "Toxic Femininity" (thank you, feminists, for the label).

  • Exquisitely written, and obviously thoughtfully composed.
    Did you consider, however, that there are a lot of men that don't align with the societal norm that you posit with this post, and review of this book?
    Also, many women freely admit that they follow the 'social norms' of dressing, hair, manicures, and their 'assumed role'.
    I have not read this book, as from your review, it seems a grossly biased, book, and I have no intention of reading it.
    You say nothing of the men that respect, and treat their female partners as equal, in every way, and when she doesn't cook, failing one of the things you mention, it is not an issue, because he does. Many men stay home, and care for the children, while she works.
    I stipulate, and agree, that even some of the most 'modern' western nations, and companies, have some work, yet, to truly have equality between the genders. Condemnation, and blame is not going to help.
    "Freedom is not given-it is taken" Subhas Chandra
    I respect, and treat all the women in my life as at least equals, but others may not. If you are assuming that we live in a male-dominated world, then you must TAKE your EQUALITY, and force them to honor it! Many will not freely give it to you, and that is a sad thing.

  • Ok, I became confused while reading your post. As far as I can tell it almost sounds like you're saying women are oppressed because they are now being given too many options to do what ever they want. But instead you seem to make it sound as though women are required to be everything.

    I think (just my opinion) that you're either trying to look at this from too many perspectives, or putting to much emphasis on the book you read. Books are certainly good for inspiration, but never to be put on any sort of pedestal.

    Just live your life to the best of your ability, don't put so much emphasis on any one book or media outlet. Spend time in your local society. After all spending too much time on mass media, can certainly make you think that the world is falling apart for either on the right or the left.

    But while things may be getting shaken up a lot in the world. A lot of people still live each day completely ignorant of any of that and still treat each other with respect (for the most part, certainly better than even ten years ago). Even as much as the city I live in is right leaning (I'm left), men and women still respect each other in terms of equality.

    So again, in my opinion it's not a good idea to put to much emphasis into any single book. Books are for inspiration, sometimes to piss a person off. They are there to provoke emotional reactions and to make us think. But to see society through the filter of a single book, that's sort of looking for disaster.

    • I agree. The writer of this post is being too hard on herself and is claiming that it's because if society's oppression. No one is forcing her to be perfect except her and of course with more options available for women, it is normal that women would take part in them and whenever you take part in something you have to give your best effort in it.

  • Superwoman Fallacy? Lol, more like Straw woman fallacy. You're running out of things you want to blame men for. Sigh, pathetic women will always be pathetic. They like to fantasize they live in Saudi Arabia or something. Feminists spoil the good name of hard working women everywhere else.

  • Any unrealistic stands you choose to burden yourself with is your own problem, not "oppression".

    But I don't agree with a single one of your assertions or your conclusions. Women aren't expected to Superwoman. If anything, the expectations of women have been dumbed down into mere nothingness. You deserve to get paid like a man because vagina. Not because you work as hard as him, do as well as him, work as many hours as him, and dedicate your life to the job like him. Nope, you deserve it because vagina. You're allowed to be a fat, unattractive slob because reasons. Who needs to be healthy and fit? If men like skinny, athletic women then you need to be the exact opposite. If men like it, IT'S BAD! You don't need no man. Who needs a husband when you have government subsidies and gender based scholarships? Kids are bad. They ruin your life. Don't have them. Abort is necessary. If men want it, IT'S BAD! Avoid at all costs!

    No, society coddles women until they're autistic children with no agency or responsibility. It doesn't expect anything of them other than to vote Democrat.

  • lol.. This is just Feminists digging holes and filling them back in. You'd have to be pretty far gone to have your mind and/or emotions wrapped up in this crap.

    What's the solution to this?
    1. Say fuck off to Feminism
    2. Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
    3. Fixed.

  • But isn't this dilemma because women wanted it? They want to be heavenly nurturers, business executives and maintain an attractive form that they can reject men with (or accept, upon their whim).

    Yes women were oppressed, bht I think now the pendulum has swung a bit too far to compensate.

  • i honestly couldn't care less about most of that stuff, i just want a woman, who is mature, loyal, honest, kind and monogamous.
    Looks wise, if she even has a flat chest and a flat ass, she would still be the most and only hottest woman for me.
    Its just a big label that FemiNAZI's are using to label men with, Mostly men dont expect that much from a woman, but instead women expect mostly those things from men.

    • I just want to point out that this take isn’t about how you feel about women. It’s about how women feel about themselves.

  • Don't drink the Kool-aid. Women are far less oppressed in the U. S. than ever before. And the same goes for minorities. Equality has never been better for all and yet there is a huge push for conflict and chaos. It's disgusting.

  • I'm 17 so just take what I say with a grain of salt maybe...

    I know lots of girls in my school who aspire to be like this Super Woman basically and are super harsh judges of themselves (especially their looks - they say things like "I'm so ugly" when they are often one of the best looking girls at school), but none of the guys I've talked to at school about this kind of thing actually expect a girl to be all of these things. In fact, most guys I have talked to think girls have unrealistic expectations of themselves and are just setting themselves up for disappointment.

  • The point of 'complaint' that is unclear to me: Women had asked for their additional rights; now it appears as if you grudge that you need to be competent in those rights. Not, that I am unwilling to grant you any right that I have (and vice versa), but to play the game with two different sets of standards counteracts the idea of equality.

  • It's sad when people let other people dictate what they do and say. Individuality has gone out the window. And the ones that do maintain individuality are outted by society for not conforming to today's trends.

  • This triple bind exist nowadays. But the point is: Who is guilty for it?
    In my opinion the feminism is enslaving the persons he claimed to free. This happened so far to every humanist ideology like
    - the workers in socialism and
    - the merchandisers in the capitalism
    - the germans in fascism.

    The solution is the christian society along to the bible without the catholic and without the calvinist variation.

  • The majority of women don't care about any of that because they live their own lives and make their own decisions.

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What Girls Said 23

  • It is not necessary for women to succumb to these shackles of society. We need not meet 'demands' for the sake of compliance. People should be able to lead lives according to ways they deem fit.

    If a woman ever deems that all three demands are necessary, then she is being unnecessarily compliant; the oppression seems to come from within.

    This composition mentioned being fit as one of the elements of the "unrealistic set of standards". Being fit as a necessity is subject to individual interpretation; however, I contend that being fit should be highly considered by all people for it is a determiner of prospects of living longer by leading a physically and mentally healthy well-being.

    In the headline, this composition purports that, "Women nowadays are more oppressed than ever."

    However, it asserts in a later statement that, "At least in the developed world, women’s lives have improved to a degree where we can choose to be and do almost anything we want."

    If this seems to be the case, then women nowadays are more liberated than ever.

    The headline would make sense if it were to acknowledge the plights of citizens (men and women) of regressive societies, in general, that oppress civil liberties of people, namely governments in the Middle East.

    • I admit I wrote that headline to grab more viewers' interests ;)

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    • @CubsterShura @CubsterShura Nobody has invited you here to be the mouthpiece of propriety. If you don't like the take, that's fine, but if you are here to police me on morality... shut the fuck up and stay the fuck out. Can't stand the competition, can we.

    • You wrote this in public and it's open for everyone to read and give their opinion. When you write a myTake you have to take criticism. You did something that is not right and I have the right to question you for it. Cause really, I write myTakes as well so if you start improving and get more readers than me it would my own loss in the competition, lol and I still wanted to help you out. And this is the language you use with me? I am a user in here just as much as you are and I have the right to comment as much as anyone else has. You know what you shouldn't be doing? Taking it personally and lashing out. Can't stand the truth, can you?

  • This is super good take! It really helps put into words how I feel about a lot of things.

    There’s the myth that you can be everything if you just work hard enough and balance things right. But if you somehow... don’t manage to live up to these standards the guilt is so crushing. Not just from yourself but from the other sources in your life

    We have people asking “why are women so depressed and sick?” Which is the. Followed by something along the lines of “feminism and birth control is Making them all man hating whores.”

    But that’s not it at all! It’s the endless expectations and terrifying consequences of deviating from any of the roles despite there being no way to be all three at once!

    And then to add insult to injury it’s our “own fault” we’re upset. It has nothing to do with the fact that heavier women are less likely to be hired or promoted. Nothing to do with the majority of households needing two incomes just to put food on the table. Nope it’s jusf all us and feminist birth control

    • And despite all that, male suicide is higher.

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    • " It has nothing to do with the fact that heavier women are less likely to be hired or promoted."

      But if that's true in some fields of work, isn't the best solution to simply do a male "f**k all y'all" and then go and start up your own thing. Your own company start-up, your own social circle etc. This has been the male response always when faced with a crappy system. We take an antisocial stance, opt out, make up something new according to our own rules.

      "Nothing to do with the majority of households needing two incomes just to put food on the table."

      It depends on what expectation you have on the household. Does it have to be a house with a large yard and picket fence? Is it necessary to have more than one child? Does it matter all that much with 1 hour commute?
      These questions are tough on everyone, but smart people identifies what's fundamental while scaling away the superfluous, since none of us are getting it all anyway.

    • @CharlieUnicorn many women do try to do that but banks and investors are less likely to give women money than they are men. And I’m sure you can see how that translates for women of color. And you know. Women are paid less in the first place.

      In Portland Oregon it costs 72,000 a year to raise one kid and provide for one parent. How many jobs do you know of that pay over 72,000 a year? it is very expensive to live in this country at even a basic level.

  • Believe me when I say that everything you mentioned here doesn't really matter especially because men are expected to be able to do household chores as well. Taking this content seriously would be like making a mountain out of a molehill. There is some social pressure, but it's definitely not oppression.

    My sister is an amazing woman, doing a highly professional job and also doing all housework and taking care of my niece, and she is still doing A+ in all of them.

    But I do have to say, she does admit it is very stressful and whenever there's a holiday she's always willing to go for vacation or some kind of a picnic to enjoy her spare time. She's also not materialistic at all, she literally had to battle to marry my brother in law, initially my parents disapproved of him because of his low income, but that's another story.

    The fact is, not every woman is like my sister and I don't expect every woman to be like her either. She is extraordinarily hard-working and dedicated. If a woman does feel like she has way too much load on her, it is okay if she lessens the load.

    Whatever you choose to do in life, make sure that you let what you love be what you do. Cause I'm damn sure a woman working on her dream career is really happy to work on her career and family at the same time.

    • Your whole story confirms what I wrote.

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    • Oppression is often silent. It is not always violent or direct force.

    • And this is still nowhere near oppression.

  • Just my 2 cents, the second and third demands are self imposed by feminists on women themselves. Men don't really care as much about the success of their partner or her profession compared to women. It's more uncommon for a man to leave their partner because she lost her job compared to a woman leaving her man because he lost his.

    Oh and some who are juggling all three are sacrificing somewhere usually, whether it's emotional stress, physical stress, relationship stress, no one is asking a woman to do all that except for women/feminists themselves.

    • I disagree. Feminist aren't saying you have to be good at all of those. Otherwise we wouldn't have the body acceptance/body confidence movement or so many childfree-by-choice women who are sick of being told they need kids to be of value in society. Feminism advocates specifically that we should be able to be enough in and of ourselves. It is traditional society that makes fewer and fewer women feel they are truly free to compartmentalize to this extent without somehow being expected to make up for it otherwise.

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    • "Wherever people are in life is mostly due to the choices they've made overtime. If someone really wants something they'll go out and get it. Think bigger."

      I agree with all of that. Where did I state anything to the contrary?

    • When you insinuated that women are oppressed by having to meet a standard no one is telling them to uphold. When you suggested women are being victimised when really their life is just a result of the choices they've made. Rather I believe women can choose the standards they are held to, it is the choices they have made. Who cares if people judge you.

  • anyone who says women as an entire group today are more oppressed than ever literally have no understanding of what life was like a in that not so distant past that our mothers and grandmothers lived through.

    It’s a complete fallacy that totally disrespects the women that came before us and gave us the benefits we have today.

    I personally don’t believe it’s worth discussing the rest because if we don’t see eye to eye on that then there’s not much left to talk about.

  • The author of this book had too much time on their hands and wrote bunch of nonsense. Sure, society has demands, even on men. Then don’t do it, follow your own path. Oh gosh! *rolls eyes*

  • I think it’s bullshit it’s ridiculous to claim victimhood for choosing to pay attention to stupid stereotypes. There is horrible stuff happening to women in other countries like female circumcision , a rape epidemic in India , and women not being allowed to even drive in shit hole countries.

    Choosing to buy in to societal bullshit is a choice. There are women who are content not wearing makeup or striving to be sexy. There are also women who are happy to keep traditional roles in the western world by being housewives and no one really judges them for it. The matter of fact is that everything is a choice and you have to stick to it. You don’t get to go and cry that you are oppressed worse than ladies who are forced to wear Burkas.

    • Hey, I'm not complaining. I just wrote what I thought was interesting. I'm also a stay-at-home mom and judged for it daily, especially by women who work.

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    • @cherryphil82 "And you know this because you are Muslimah?" this question?

    • @OpenWine I think I got the point across though. Hijabs are ok with most Muslims and not burkas. I also think both of us are over this argument too

  • I am successful at both but then all the guys are scared of me lol... And that's the problem, if I'm good at everything what good is a relationship anyways, I want a relationship where we benefit each other not where I carry a useless boy around just so I can say I'm taken and Mark that off the success chart. There just is never any "right way" you just have to put what you can into life and be happy with the little wins.

    • Hey! Apologies in advance if advice wasn't asked for I think it's possible to overcome that.

      If you think about not only what you'd like your potential partner to have, but also what he doesn't need to have/be, this could maybe be communicated?
      Because I think what makes men uneasy in this scenario is that they assume (which they shouldn't but still...) that they have to be great at everything all at once to "measure up".

      So I think it can be overcome by putting cards on the table "I'm hoping to find a man who is X, Y, but he really doesn't need to be/do V, Z".

    • @CharlieUnicorn I don't think it will help, I'm not willing to sacrifice what I want, and if someone was strong enough to have me as their woman they wouldn't need a peptalk first.

      I won't support him but I also don't expect anything fiscal from him.
      I expect him to defend me physically I don't need emotional support.
      He has to have a high sex drive but I don't care if he's good looking.
      ... But really it's not that bloody complicated, I want a man to defend the perimeter while I build a family all they would have to do is not try to fuck me over for an extended period of time but that isn't doable because if they think they can get a little more they will always try to take it. No one fights for anything but themselves anymore so I'm forced to do the same.

    • Certainly not sacrifice as in, have another type of relationship as one actually want.

      I was talking more about initial stages. First meetings, datings and well, first sex too. Personally, I don't believe those things need to be stellar, when the end goal is the long relationship anyway, but to each their own.
      I think if you feel like you're dating outside the norm somehow, or there's a communication barrier, best you can do is to be very proactive in dating (the approacher), search wide and also be very honest and blunt (like you were here). Good method to quickly weed out the majority who you wouldn't work out with anyway.
      The prize one pays in that scenario is that dating becomes a tad less intuitive, sexy and romantic I guess, but what can you do?
      On the other hand, it can be fun to screw all dating rules sideways to Sunday, and those who can't handle it, well you're too hot to handle for them. :)

  • It's not oppression. Both men and women are sometimes expected in movies to be like the social constructs we have built. And some of these stereotypes can be true in the real world, while others don't make any sense. It's important that we accept that the two genders are biologically different and what their biologically quality is.

    But ALWAYS remember that men get put into these stereotypes very often. Not only women.

  • I've seen many people talk about how women are so oppressed in todays society, but this I have to admit it one of the stupidest, like yes I agree there are some places in where women are oppressed, but so are men in some places, if you account for all the places in which women and men are oppressed, it almost cancels itself out, with women having just about a 0.5% lead in it, so all I'm saying is cut it out and try to fight for something worthwhile, not for something that is not such a big deal as it was 50 years ago

    Also I don't understand how Supergirl (And yes its Supergirl not Superwoman unless you're talking about the Youtuber) has anything to do with it.

  • As long as we are still talking about what women can or should do, we are far from being equal.

  • I swear this mytake is one of the most interesting one I've read so far

  • i dont do any of that shit so fuck it n fuck that lolz

  • Great mytake

  • This is really interesting.

    • You're only 14, don't be indoctrinated by this stuff hun.

  • Thanks for the take.

  • Thank you for the take

  • I love men in tights.
    Bring back super man!!

  • Interesting

  • Women are the combination of workmen

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