"What's the Big Idea?" ... A Message to the Bigots of the World!

Just wanna make this clear first. I am not talking about every single person in the world, so do not come for me in the comments talking about "generalizing". IF it applies to you, then I am obviously talking to you and about you.

There are some heterosexual and deeply religious individuals who are making a big deal about gay tolerance or...LGBTQP (Q: questioning, P: pansexual) tolerance in the media and in politics. These people believe that gay tolerance is being force fed to them. They equate tolerance with acceptance, which i guess is something they don't particularly care for.

My Experience

I was raised into Christianity. As I got older, and started to really think for myself i realized that I am not straight or heterosexual and that i no longer agree with all of the Christian views. It was hard fro me to transition from the person my family wanted me to be to the person i am.

During my journey to self-discovery and self-love, I had a reawakening to the world around me and so many things are different now. One truth that i have learned is that times have definitely changed. Not for the better, not for the worst. And my generation has a completely different outlook compared to the previous generations. There has always been a Millennial vs Boomer struggle. It's nothing new. But why do we continue this cycle? Our parents fight with us on worldviews just as they fought with their own parents about the same or similar topics. Why don't we just agree to disagree?

Specifically about gay tolerance.

The problem

To those who apply...I believe you are all hypocritical bigots who refuse to see anything outside of your own bubble. Why are you acting like being anything outside of heterosexual is worst thing since Hitler? Whether being gay or not is "natural", it is natural to sin. Because according to the bible, we are born sinners. And no sin is greater than the other.

The bible was made up by men. GUYS, who just so happen to be more homophobic than women in general. All men. All human. Who have human flaws, human mindsets, and human biases. It hadn't occurred to you that maybe some homophobic man wrote in the 'abomination' part of the texts? According to the bible, there were plenty of hateful and spiteful people who were in power, and it had not ONCE came across your mind that one of them might have had some kind of influence about the wording of the bible?

If you're gonna hold up one thing from the bible, you need to treat every single word you see the exact same way. Don't go cherry picking the parts you most agree with, because I bet most of you eat shellfish and wear freaking mixed cloth...which are also "sins".

You see plenty of sin in the media. You see it every single show, but you only harp about the gay acceptance parts? Any channel you switch over to, you WILL find SOMETHING ungodly whether that be drugs, adultery, lying, or bad ass kids being disrespectful to their parents. Yet none of you are protesting about those things. So what is the big deal seeing to guys kiss?

Suicide is supposed to be the unforgivable sin because you can't repent afterwards...yet you see plenty of it real and fake everywhere...and being gay is the sin you want to focus on?

Most religious people i know have premarital sex. They watch porn. They don't cover their eyes to the sex scenes of their favorite shows. And I bet you all do the same as well. But all of a sudden, you might see a show focusing on the LGBT community, and you wanna cause a riot.

You go on, and on, and on about same sex marriage, yet you're quick to want to file a divorce. And divorce is supposed to be a sin, but there aren't any big protest about that.

If you're gonna fight one thing, fight it all. Live the nun lifestyle that you shove down everyone else's throats. People tolerate YOU, so be courteous and tolerate the world around you because as long as you hold up your own beliefs, none of that secular stuff is going to affect you or your livelihood.

And if you are going to continue to be a hypocrite, just do it in silence and let the rest of the world live in peace. You can bitch about it to God once you're in heaven and the rest of us are in hell.


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  • I do not hate any of you but
    I do not want to hear anyone's excuse anymore
    GOD is above the dome
    so not a single one of you has an excuse including me


    JESUS CHRIST IS GOD he above the dome he makes the rules NO ONE ELSE

    plus I accept reality for what it is now

  • The problem when discussing this topic is that many people discuss it by using binary thinking, which is the “you are either with us or you are against us.” mindset without realizing there are other alternatives. There are people who don’t specifically support LGBTQ but don’t have anything against LGBTQ and still respect them as fellow human beings. These people can have all sorts of reasons for not supporting LGBTQ that don’t involve prejudice. They may believe that LGBTQ already have enough rights and or they may have other matters to attend to along with other reasons. It’s only homophobia if a person despises lgbtq people and tries to infringe on their human rights.

    Not supporting something doesn’t necessarily mean you are against it. For example, I can support brand A by frequently purchasing it’s products but never purchase products from brand B due to personal preference. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I have anything against brand B, nor does it mean that I’m trying to ruin their image since I still respect their right to sell products.

    Another problem when discussing this topic is people making hasty generalizations. While I commend you on being clear that you aren’t generalizing all heterosexuals and religious people by saying “some”, you have to realize that homophobia isn’t exclusive to them. There are also some atheists who are homophobic along with some people within other groups. In regards to Christianity, there are several Christian communities that welcome gay Christians http://www.gaychristians.org

    I’m straight and I have nothing against LGBTQ people but that doesn’t mean I have to attend pride parades. Everyone should feel free to live how they want to live as long as they aren’t hurting others.


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  • This is exactly what a lot of people need to hear. Or read, whatever. Thankfully, being a bisexual myself, I've never really had to face protest personally; I read about it online and in newspapers. This should and will completely contradict their arguments, so thank you so much for this.

  • The way I see this MyTake... you made your point, and one of the last things you said was “…and if you’re going to continue to be a hypocrite, just do it in silence and let the rest of the world live in peace.”

    And the point of the MyTake was to? Try to get people to tolerate those who are gay?


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  • I'm not against homosexuality, but I do think it is an uncomfortable topic to discuss for most people. People often reject what is new or uncomfortable because they don't understand it. I agree that a lot of things humans naturally tend to do are sins, according to the Bible. So why should homosexuality be a problem if we accept so many worse sins? This is why I have a problem with older generations.

  • The issue here is that unfortunately there are people with tribalistic mentalities. This problem can be found and the extreme left can be found in extremist Christianity as well as found in many other groups as well. With tribalistic mentalities come an ideological Boogeyman. All this boils down to is the fact that identity politics is in fact malevolence and evil in nature. Identity politics comes from the political control over deciding who gets to identify as what and who gets to be what politicians and what popular culture wants them to be. if we allowed to Define who we are based on our identity of what we are on the outside then we become the monsters we fear the most. If people think that they should be defined by religion then they will often have the extremist views from said religion. If people think they should be defined solely because of their sexuality either gay or straight or whatever then they will hate other people who are not within their sexuality especially if it is tied with their flawed perception. the same thing happens to any other identity based on gender skin color or whatever. If you based your character on gender than you will hate people who are not your gender or those that disagree with you, if you are solely identify because of your skin color then you will simply hate other people who are not your skin color as well as attack anyone that disagrees with you. the problem here is that everyone is living in the Matrix simply because they lost sense of individuality and self-awareness. if we choose to identify by our outside features, place of birth, ideological belief, or sexual orientation, then we will become the narcissistic dictators We Fear the most. But if we identify by the person who we are and by the contents of our character that's when we'll become a better person.

  • Thank you very much for this really good and interesting Take dear Ellie, love it <3
    I couldn't agree more on everything you have stated.
    Personally, I have nothing at all against LGBTQ+ community, they are humans, the have the right to love and respect, be loved and respected too.
    It did not happen to me to get to know in real life many people who are not straight like me, but I have known a person at my usual bar/pub and after more than a year by coincidence someone tells me he is homosexual. I was surprised, in a good way, because he is really one of the most decent guys I know and always look forward to cross at the bar for a drink and share ideas and thoughts on may topics around a drink. Sometimes, I feel a bit wrong not being BI myself and enjoy both worlds. I would have had more chances finding real love.
    Anyways, not the subject here, but I also happened to meet few trans-gendered girls, male to female, and couldn't know unless they told me. At first it got me questioning about my own sexual orientation. They are just more feminine and girls sometimes. I really am not ashamed sharing this, on the contrary, I am glad I had the chance to meet them.
    LGBTQ+ people can have strong intense pure love feelings (excluding sexual instincts) and I am really jealous of that.
    Frankly, religions were written many years ago describing the old cultures and communities, but the world evolved, humans evolved, how we are using technology is a sin, science is a sin, TV, media, movies, music, cars, motorcycles, manufacturers (anything), everything is a sin.
    I was once walking in the street where there are plenty of small pubs/bars in Lebanon when I passed by a girl shouting and making a scene. What was happening? The girl was making an offensive talk to two other girls holding hands on a table at a pub having a drink just as any other couple. I excused myself first, told her she was being abusive and she has no right, etc... Then she started shouting at me. I asked her one thing
    "Why are you Lebanese people so discriminate and racist?"
    She said NO she is not.
    I just gently replied "you are discriminate, look around you, there are people taking drugs on the street and this is your problem? you are discriminate because you cannot tolerate seeing two people share real pure love feelings. Would you marry a black guy?"
    She said NO
    "so you are racist and discriminate"
    She said NO she is not racist.
    In my own opinion, she is in her own bubble. Leave her there.

  • Wow, okay. That was a lot. So...
    I'm not sure if you're talking to me or not. I am against gay marriage, and I am a Christian and a heterosexual I'm pretty sure, so maybe. But I don't think it's the black plague.
    After all I know I've done sins a ton, and I know that's bad, and I hate it. But I don't see how gay is so much worse than any of the others. I am far from perfect and I'm gonna not try and correct anyone else very much until I get myself kind of straightened out, you know. I think that's somewhere in Mark maybe about planks. Not sure though.
    Anyways, if I can be nice to rapists and murderers, then surely I can be nice to a couple gay guys and some druggies, or some hookers or some shoplifters, or anyone in general. Hopefully. So I think you are not talking to me, probably.
    About the Bible, I'm pretty sure god told them what to write, so no it wasn't influenced by man I think.

    Also does it really say in the Bible that I can't eat shellfish? Where is that, I've never heard it?

    • Quick Questions:
      1. How would you feel if in Saudi Arabia or the UAE, white marriage was illegal? what about non-religious marriage?
      2. Why don't you support Gay/LGBT (+) marriage laws? are you against them, are you uncaring about whether it's allowed or disallowed?
      3. Do you have any proof for God, or a god's existence? or any proof he told, forced, or influenced the writing of the bible or any other religious texts?
      4. I am Bisexual... if I tried to marry a man (in a country where it is legal) would you attempt to stop me?
      Here are the parts where man/some people are informed not to eat shellfish.
      Leviticus 11:9/10-12
      “ But anything in the seas or the rivers that has not fins and scales, of the swarming creatures in the waters and of the living creatures that are in the waters, is detestable to you. You shall regard them as detestable."
      Also, about cloth & crops:
      You shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed, nor shall you wear a garment of cloth made of two kinds of material.

    • @CharlieJohansson 1&2: I read yesterday about marriage in Genesis, and I dont think it matters much what is legal in the country. I think based on that that god made marriage and its only real if it's done "in his sight" you know, like by the power vested in him or like the preist does?
      So even if it's legal, they can be legally married, I don't care if they claim marriage. But I don't think that god joined them together so, Im not sure. Also if it was illegal, I could just do it by the Bible and just be legally unmarried, but then actually married. If that makes sense.

      3: It says in the Bible that he told them what to write, I think. I'll have to ask my brother where it's at though I haven't really gotten to that part.
      I don't want to get into a big debate with you about whether god exists or not. I think there is a lot of evidence, including the Bible being in existence, but if you want to discuss that please pm me because I know it will turn into a big argument. It always does.

    • @CharlieJohansson 4: I don't think I would have any opportunity to try and stop you. And if I did, I'm not sure what I would do. Maybe remind you it's against what the Bible says, and ask you to not, but that's your choice. If I can't change your mind it's not on me to force you to keep from doing any sin. I don't see why it would be different for gay.

      Oh huh. I'll have to ask my brother about those, I think some commandments were changed in the second half, but I don't know if these were ones of them. I hope so, I like catfish. And clothes would be a lot harder to get..

  • You ask why they act as being anything outsude heterosexual as the worst thing since Hitler
    Fair question... one I cannot answer for you
    But I would like to ask one in return
    Why is it that some people act as if the religious conservative types opinion about non heterosexuals is the worst persecution since the jews in Hitler's Germany?
    I personally don't care what consenting adults do with each other none of my business
    I do think the world has problems that are far more severe than if bakers have a right to be bad businesspeople and not to sell wedding cakes to people they don't like... and yet issues like this we spend far more time debating than the growing trend towards oligarchy and unsustainable wealth distributions how the great moderation has proven faulty but still is at the core economic theory and we aren't even discussing how the western world is increasingly losing its production capacity a value increasing tier and increasingly becoming reliant on service and design only one of which creates value
    But yes let them eat cake

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  • This was super interesting. Most homophobes often do sin, a famous one is Bill O'Reilly who railed against gay marriage but was for killed at least 200,000 civilians in Iraq. I'm not sure about this, but if there is a good I think he's more upset about that than the bumming...

  • This is totally irrelevant, but my dad recently said something like this that made me laugh.
    “The best argument I’ve ever heard for gay sex is that it’s outlawed in the book of Leviticus, which also bans pork and shellfish, and well, those things are pretty damn delicious, so...”

  • I completely agree with this mytake. I myself have a best friend who has come out to be lesbian. I have accepted it but my parents? Not so much. They really got mad when the girl admitted to having feelings for me
    Anyways I am a person who loves all people and hate it when others are rude to anyone

  • If people want to take the Bible seriously then they should read the Old Testament and reexamine their life. I believe there's a passage about killing your child if they talk back? And one about crushing a guys balls? And I believe about stoning adulterers? These same people that give you shit are not obeying that BS so why are they so bent on a passage in that same book about being gay? I totally understand why you're pissed!

    • Wait that's in the Bible? I've never heard that before.. where is it at do you know?

    • The Old Testament, specifically the book of Leviticus which you are referencing, has little relevance to Christian beliefs today. You have to remember the bible is also a history. At that time these were the laws of the Jewish people. Now consider that was about 2,700 years ago.


    • @Servus09 I can't find the ones besides about adultry, do you know what chapter the other ones are in?

  • I'm okay with everything to be honest just don't like it when it's pushed down my throat (and referencing everything

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