Despite Being Divisive, Donald Trump May Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize



I must preface this myTake by stating my simple truth: I do not like Trump and believe he's a deep-state distraction so the American people believe something will change, while they work to ensure our freedoms are further diminished and the status quo is continued.

That said, let's proceed, shall we?

Crazy Meets Crazier

Despite Being Divisive, Donald Trump May Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize

So Trump is a nutjob. Kim Jong Un is a nutjob. I believe Kim Jong Un realized early on that Trump's unpredictability means Trump could do anything at any time, which likely worried Kim Jong Un, because he met a US President crazier than him (Un).

This situation reminds me of Saddam Hussein - for all his craziness and the horrible things he did, he was actually the best thing for that entire region because he kept the peace between two rival religious sects: Shiites and the Sunnis.

In this case, Trump has been good for North & South Korean relations because he's crazy enough to bring Kim Jong Un to a mental crossroads of "I think he's crazier than I am." Sometimes, crazy nutjobs can be the only guiding light for crazy nutjobs.

Despite Being Divisive, Donald Trump May Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize

Only Time will Tell

Only time will tell if Kim Jong Un is actually serious about negotiating in a serious manner, because the N Korean leader does this every few years, then backtracks into defense mode with shows of strength and military prowess.

If within the next year, we don't see Kim Jong Un repeating this cycle, then I'd have to say that for all the hatred I have for Donald J Trump, he would then deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for being crazy enough to scare even the craziest dictators of the world.

Despite Being Divisive, Donald Trump May Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize


I am of the opinion that the US has wronged North Korea for the last 50 years and it's about time we treat them like any other nation. We killed 20-30% of their population during the Korean War, destroyed nearly every city & town in their country and we've had them under severe sanctions ever since.

I believe the reason their leader is the way he is (and how all of them have been) is a direct result of the sanctions we've placed on them - and our allies - which forces them to take drastic measures to ensure they maintain some semblance of life.

I don't necessarily like how Trump has done it, but it seems to be working this way as well, so it's better than nothing.

So tell me: what do you think? Does Trump deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for bringing the North Korean Dictator to the table? Leave your comment(s) below.

Despite Being Divisive, Donald Trump May Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize
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  • Anonymous
    Haha this is a joke right. Trump left a G7 summit to meet with Kim Jong Un. A summit in which he initially endorsed the statements agreed upon by the other countries only to go back on his word when he got half way around the world. The same summit in which he arrived late, left early and didn't even hear out all the points that the other countries discussed. The same summit in which he and his staff publicly insulted the host Prime Minister afterwards. The same summit with countries which are suppose to be America's allies, the same countries he hit with tariffs out of the blue for no reason besides greed stating it is due to "national security".

    I don't see that as a man that cares about peace. Honestly I see him slowly becoming worse than other well known dictators. If he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize then Kim Jong Un deserves one too, probably before Trump does. You honestly believe that the man who is single handedly is alienating the rest of the world due to greed deserves a Nobel Peace Prize just because he had a meeting with one of the worse dictators in the world. Really? Really? Because to me, a non American, it looks more like him trying to switch sides and would rather work with dictators such as Kim Jong Un or Putin then his nations own allies. He literally is taking steps backwards and making thing worse for the United States and he's dragging the rest of the world with him.
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    • BigPunny

      You don't seem to understand why a Nobel Peace Prize is awarded. Since that's the case, let me educate you:

      "shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses"

      I agree with you that Trump isn't a peaceful person and has done all types of nefarious things in an effort to further divide some nations, including this one.

      But that doesn't have much to do with the NPP.

      You're welcome.

    • Anonymous

      I know why they award the Nobel Peace Prize, I'm not stupid so please don't treat me as such. I think you missed my point. Every thing that you stated, "fraternity between nations", "abolition or reduction of standing armies", or "holding and promotion of peace congresses"; Trump hasn't done one of those thing yet. All he did was go to a 5 star resort and had a photoshoot with a dictator. Even if he does pull it off, which I don't think he will and it's just Kim Jong Un playing him for a chump, what is the good of obtaining peace with a hostile nation if he burns bridges with all his nations allies at the same time. He's literally starting more shit with multiple other nations while trying to calm a situation that he himself had a hand in escalating with one nation. Sure if you look at the situation between the US and North Korea he's making progress. But in the larger picture of the entire world a lot of people would consider he's doing way more harm then good.

  • ThePetSquirrel
    Trump is no more divisive than any recent president. He's just easier to pick on because he's far more vocal, politically incorrect, and willing to tweet mundane shit.
    The President can't please every American citizen, therefore they have to pander to a specific group. For Trump, it's those who are tired of political correctness. He seems more "divisive" than his predecessors because he's a narcissist, and also because liberals are a bunch of crybabies.
    I personally think it's dumb to call a president divisive unless he does something extreme. As of now, Trump hasn't done anything like that. He does a lot of stupid shit, absolutely, but nothing to endanger our rights. He hasn't started a war, he hasn't abolished gay marriage, he hasn't passed laws making one race or gender superior to another.
    As for the Nobel Prize, I honestly don't care about it. I simply disagree with your statement. Apologies for the rant.
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    • BigPunny

      If you don't see division in this country, it's because you're a part of the very people Trump isn't
      actively harming.

    • As I said, there's always division in the U. S. This is no different.
      Who exactly is he harming? Give me a list.

    • Trump is easier to pick on because he constantly says things that are factually incorrect and/or racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. What you're calling "political correctness" in Trump's case is just regular correctness. As in, the things he does and says are not factually, logically, historically or scientifically correct.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous
    No, he doesn't. Not with that massive ass wall he's building and declaring Canada as enemies. Trump sucks.

    People who deserve the peace prize bring peace for the greater good to everyone and not for a publicity stunt. They don't go on verbal rampages and assaults, calling people names, and say it 's okay to sexually harass women. People who really want peace don't cut medical funding to the old, the mentally ill, and the sickly. And they certainly don't put that money they cut towards making their army bigger and better.

    Fuck Trump. And his mom. Twice.
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    • Rissyanne

      And once again people like you will get him elected again.

    • Anonymous

      @Rissyanne Really? I thought only dumb asses voted for him.

    • Rissyanne

      i’m talking about you running your mouth. Rhetoric like this helped get him elected. I know you can’t help yourself though. Liberals are their own worst enemy lol

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  • Nobody was even worried about a war with North Korea until Trump started making all these threats and increasing tensions in the region. So it's good that the chance of a war is decreased, but it is a problem Trump created to begin with.
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    • BigPunny

      You do make a great point, though North Koreans likely feel very different.


      um, nobody as in americans? s. korea and japan have been worried about it for a long time

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  • nightdrot
    Mr. Trump - and I say this as a Republican who is not a fan of the President - deserves all the credit in the world for his opening to North Korea. However, negotiations are a means to an end, not an end in themselves, and at the appropriate place and circumstances, they are a President's job.

    To award the President the Nobel Prize for opening negotiations is not materially different than when President Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize just for showing up. It is a debasing of the currency of the award and no one deserves a garland just for doing their duty.

    Should the President deliver a meaningful outcome, that would be another matter. However, here the risk among Mr. Trump's most ardent but least analytical supporters is to lower the bar. The Interests of the United States in the Far East are not simply to "denuclearize" the Korean peninsula. Indeed, that is, in many ways, almost secondary.

    Rather, it is to extricate the United States from the strategic dilemma it faces. Namely, that it is committed to the defense of a strategically insignificant (to the U. S.) but indefensible peninsula. Moreover, that such an American commitment de facto gives China a relatively free hand to pursue its ambitions elsewhere in the Far East - especially in the strategically vital South and East China Seas.

    A denuclearized North Korea will not significantly change that fundamental strategic problem for the United States. Indeed, while not to be dismissed, it should be noted that Pyongyang's nuclear arsenal is as much North Korea's insurance policy against a Chinese double cross as it is a hedge against the U. S. In that sense, denuclearization aids China almost as much, if not more, than it does the U. S.

    If President Trump cuts that strategic Gordian Knot, he will not just deserve the Nobel Prize, but will be bucking for sainthood - as implausible as that sounds. Unfortunately, some problems have no solution. Rather, they are just difficulties that we must manage as best we can.

    The U. S. position in the Korean peninsula is likely one of those unsolvable problems. If President Trump gets a verifiable denuclearized North Korea - and that would be a fairly massive undertaking in its own right - he should not be begrudged the credit and a Nobel Prize.

    However, let's not pretend that it would be a bigger accomplishment - in the broader strategic context - than it really is. Fundamentally, the
    U. S. will only be modestly better off for it.
    yeah a few countries wronged n. korea including japan and the us and it should've been handled a long time ago instead of just leaving them like that. it's very sad actually.
  • madhatters4
    if these events lead to peace in that region i would certainly say he deserves consideration. but when crime increases in other areas that fall under your watch, when you are interring children in modern day shanty towns without access to their parents, when the rise of hate crimes across the board rises 20% under your leadership one has to wonder if even (if it happens) bringing long lasting peace and harmony to the korean peninsula is really enough to over shadow the lack of peace in other areas

    in a vacuum if peace were reached i would say whoever was the orchestrator of it deserves the peace prize but considered in all things he's involved in i just don't know
  • musical_kittycat
    So except for your last part -- the Koreans do get props for that, and that's not what I disagree with -- I'm sorry, but I had to laugh. First of all, Trump is not just divisive. He's controversial, infuriating, cruel, psycho, and THEN divisive. Second of all, no, Trump does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. Just no. He's still crazy; the outcome of the craziness is still crazy. There is no way around it. I'm sorry.
    • People who separate families just because of false accusations and people who mock disabled reporters do not get Peace Prizes. No.

    • BigPunny

      Well, at least you understood my point and the conundrum with this situation.

      That said, despite his being Hitleresque in his dictatorship, Trump's demeanor - at least in my opinion - is the main reason we're seeing North & South Korea finally burying the hatchet.

      Sadly, North & South Korea were thrust into this dichotomy because of Soviet-US relations and the fact that the US's ego wouldn't allow any room for negotiation.

      I feel for the people of both Koreas and hope that we can finally see some positive things head towards North Korea because after what we did to them during the Korean War, they certainly deserve something positive.

      At any rate, I don't believe Trump's psychotic demeanor pushing N&S Korea into an alliance makes other things he has done (and is currently doing) okay - but a fact is a fact and the fact here is simple: Trump's psychosis changed the dynamic of the Korean peninsula. The US will end up getting the shaft from those 2, but we deserve it.

  • MovingOnAgain
    I share a very similar point of view to you, but with the difference that I believe he still doesn't deserve it. Could Trump be what America needs to deal with North Korea. Maybe so. And honestly, it was a great step in that Un and Trump were able to meet. That's wonderful and to that, I'll give tip my hat to Trump.

    However, because of Trump, we've also lost respect from Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Japan, and so on. And although we aren't walking into a nuclear war with them, we may be walking into a trade war with a few in the coming future, specifically Canada for now. And that, still, brings hostility between nations. Because of this, I don't believe he's deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize, cuz he took one BIG step forward with North Korea, but 10 steps back with every other nation lol.

    But it's a breath of fresh air to see someone who dislikes Trump saying that he still may deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. It shows that you don't let political bias influence you as much as I believe the average person is manipulated. Good on you and a very interesting read! :)
  • cherryphi82
    I don't think he does --- even if as you say his crazy leads to something good, he's still crazy. The Peace Prize is for decidedly sane folks, in my opinion, but... you make a great point overall. Absolutely enjoyed reading your take. It made me laugh and sometimes with stuff like that you need some comic relief.
  • Rissyanne
    He should get it. At least he’s doing something. Obama got it for being black.
  • Guanfei
    The truth is that you needed someone like Trump, someone to shake up your asses and show what your country have become. The "Land of the Free", home of the "American Dream" is the birthplace of most of the bullshit spreading around the world today.
    From PC culture to modern feminism or gun culture, or even gang culture, tolerated racism or discrimination from "minority" because of a stupid guilt based on nothing.
    Americans are still bragging about being the greatest country in the world, the most free, where everyone has an opportunity of doing anything. Nothing of this is true. Not anymore, if it ever was.
    Look at the state of your country, and tell me it's still the greatest country in the world.
    Truth is, Trump isn't the worst that could happen to the US. First because Clinton was far worse in my opinion, that women is insane. But also because the worst that could happen is already happening. And it's all over your country. And it started way before Trump.
    If that guy can shake you up and put some sense in American brains, then I'm all for him.

    I'd add that his predecessor did almost nothing of what he promised. He got a nobel prize while waging war around the middle east, and kept Guantanamo open, while promising to close it. Your economy wasn't all shiny either.
    But he's still praised, because he looked cool and stuff.

    So no, Trump is far from being the worst.
  • ThatPersonOverThere
    Honestly they might as well give it to him.

    Once they gave it to Obama in the *hopes* that he would end wars, the award lost meaning.

    Who the hell gives an award in the hopes that one day the recipient will earn it?

    Just proves that awards are political affairs which have little to do with merit.
  • JustMyTake
    He can have the Noble peace prize. He probably wouldn't notice the difference, he so frequently misspells stuff. He would be the very first winner of the Noble peace prize, which would render it useless and meaningless. As long as it's shiny and he can put it on his wall that should satisfy him. Also the fact that only he has it.
  • JZ909
    I think it's a little premature at this point. If North Korea ceases IRBM, ICBM and nuclear tests for the next year, and no major incidents happen to increase tensions in Korea, than president Trump will deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Of course our last president got one (to his own surprise) before he did anything, so even if they were to give Trump one tomorrow, it would be a move in the right direction in comparison.
  • Dargil
    He doesn't quite yet. If the Korean War officially ends and the Korean Peninsula is de-denuclearized, he will. Hey, what the heck. They gave Arafat one for murdering Jews and Obama one for pigment. Seems like a low hurdle.
    Trump haters will always hate him. If he cured cancer, they would attack him for putting thousands of medical researchers out of work.
  • Kabluie
    He'll get the Nobel someday. Obama got one for practically doing nothing.

    The fruits of the Korean situation will grow over time, the fact is a year ago the haters said he was going to bring us to war with Kim. Now the Rocket Man has his direct line at the White House. Peace takes time!
  • Bananaman177
    Remember when Obama won it for absolutely no reason, and he was killing kids with drone strikes basically every single day?

    Henry Kissinger even has one, doesn't he? That guy might be the single human being who has killed the most people, more than Hitler, Stalin, Mao, you name it, ever in human History. And he has a Nobel peace prize. Maybe he has two!
  • Pamina
    Considering what kind of figures have received it before, it has no meaning anymore anyway.
  • unicornsnrainbows
    No fucking way

    truthdig. com/articles/trumps-military-drops-a-bomb-every-12-minutes-and-no-one-is-talking-about-it/

    theintercept. com/2017/01/30/obama-killed-a-16-year-old-american-in-yemen-trump-just-killed-his-8-year-old-sister/

    theintercept. com/2017/03/22/aid-officials-beg-congress-to-help-yemen-while-trump-sends-more-bombs/

  • airylnovatech
    Look, Trump isn't exactly a bad person. He's definitely not a great person however. He's also not a good president.
  • D_Bone_Steak
    Give it to him. Otherwise you're just going to make it even more obvious that giving it to Obama was some bullshit.
  • lucidmemoirs
    Why not? Henry Kissinger got it after carpet bombing half of Southeast Asia. Trump hasn't done anything remotely close to that. He's actually trying to solve this thing with Korea diplomatically. The globalists hate it but fuck them.
    • Sorry to break it to you but Trump IS a globalist. He is a distraction and everyone bought into it.

  • Guyana90
    Nobel prize doesn’t mean anything. Obama got one. It’s meaningless and don’t have any value. So who cares?
  • MidnightCowboy
    Yes the same guy who grab women by their pussy and cheated on his wife. Or posting sexy pictures with his daughter

    That's a good person for the Nobel Peace Prize (sarcasm)
  • markscott
    Trump hasn't accomplished much yet, It's way too soon to discuss a Nobel Peace Prize. All that's happened so far, is Kim Jong Un has gotten what he wants, for almost nothing. Kim and the global, big man, recognition that he so craved, to help him legitimatize his dictatorship. Another thing Kim wanted, was to disrupt or stop the joint military exercises between South Korea and the U. S. Those are to major wins for Kim, without giving up hardly anything. Kim still has his nuclear weapons, still has his dictatorship, and is stronger than ever, because of the international recognition Trump has given him. At some point, Trump may move the negotiations to where they will decrease or end nuclear weapons help by Kim. In the mean time, we can only hope, that North Korea, will for some reason, end it's nuclear program, AND, will allow inspections to show that the nuclear weapons are no longer there. As is: Kim 3.0 Trump 0.5
  • mrkdvsn
    Trump deserves prizes for a LOT of things. Among them, for simply being a NON-Secret-Society great president. The best since Reagan
  • iOoko
    he didn't get anythign from north korea. only a vague promise to strive for denuclearization, and gave up a lot in the process. "we don't make great deals anymore!". yeah, apparently not
  • JellyDonutguy96
    yes he does, no other president has managed to achieve this, I think he rightfully deserves the noble peace prize for this outstanding foreign policy achievement
  • jacquesvol
    A Nobel prize for cruelty against children?

    That would be a Trumpian Innovation.
  • Jonny317
    The notion that Trump deserves a Peace prize after breaking up families at the border and spreading cancer of hate into our country is preposterous.
  • genericname85
    If there's a novel price for active environment fuckup, then yes.
  • Philyouup
    only in bizarreo world. Shit should not be awarded for being shit.
  • CuriousMufuxka
    That prize has lost all nobility. Didn't that start with dynamite?
  • MarketData
    Who cares? Look at previous winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. It's utterly meaningless.
  • Hope he Gets the NOBLE Peace Prize too, dude. xx
  • Anon-ymous1
    You're kidding right?
  • Prodigal_Son9
    If not Trump, Dennis Rodman is a shoe-in for it.
  • villageidiot
    america deserves him
  • ovoxo_
    I agree time to give big bossman his prize!
  • Anonymous
    The women will usually say no but I bet he will run a second term to the surprise of many and maybe a peace prize
  • Anonymous
    Trump could end the Korean War, eradicate world poverty, and solve all of the Middle East conflicts and there would still be no way he'd get the Nobel Peace Prize- those who decide on the recipient of the prize hate him and would never recognize someone like him.
  • Anonymous
    The guy went over and did what no other president has ever done. Yes, give him the prize and the rest who don't agree, give them a bottle.
  • Anonymous
    i will quit the world and go live in a hut in the woods for the rest of my life if he wins this award
  • Anonymous
    Their meeting was nothing but a photo op with nothing of consequence accomplished.
  • Anonymous
    A proven lier, who says there are ‘good people’ amongst white supremacists, who is the first president to threaten the use of nukes since the cubin missile crisis (and you know- exterminate millions of civilians), who is willing to separate children from their parents- winning the nobel prize would make it worthless.
  • Anonymous
    No, for two reasons. One, Trump hasn't actually gotten any formal agreement out of this. It was a photo shot. A photo shoot that Kim needed to look amazing to his people. "Here we are, equals with the most powerful nation in the West".

    North Korea has made the same empty promises they made to Trump, every second year (or thereabouts) for about the last 40 years.

    They have done nothing to further peace.
  • Anonymous
    I think the leader of China deserves it more. If he didn't stop supplying North Korea with the materials to make nuclear weapkns North Korea would still be pulling the same shit they were.
  • Anonymous
    Bullshit he doesn't deserve it
  • Anonymous
    Trump loves his country, and that bothers a lot of cream-puffs.
    • That must be why he dodged the draft and fucked over so many of his fellow Americans. Yeah, real patriot there.

    • Anonymous

      He had legal college deferments. I think even if he did serve, people like you would still hate him.

    • That's true - he did get four legitimate college deferments. And then after college he got drafted and in September 1968, he got a medical deferment for "bone spurs". That's despite the fact that he actively played a number of sports (baseball, tennis, squash) and previous recent medical exams somehow didn't catch it.

      So, our otherwise healthy young Mr. Trump - active in sports and with a clean medical record - conveniently got a minor medical issue after being drafted.

      The folks you're calling "cream puffs" see him for who he is - a rich boy who paid a doctor to get him out of having to serve his country when he was called.

      Yeah, he loves his country alright.

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