Turning 25: A Big Milestone

Turning 25: A Big Milestone

Your early twenties are a time for discovery, a time to live and make mistakes without judgement. I am turning 25 soon and it was giving me anxiety. I felt like all that was over. It was time to officially start being an adult. There is all this pressure to have life figured out at this age. All of a sudden everything is more urgent. There are expectations you have to meet by certain timelines. I am definitely nowhere close to where I thought I would be by now. Definitely not career or relationship wise. Every time I open social media I am bombarded with reminders of friends who are settled down with children. I also don't feel any different. Where was the maturity I was supposed to be feeling? I still find myself getting excited over the silliest things. I still procrastinate when it comes to responsibilities. I still waste time binge watching Netflix and spend Sundays lazing around eating pizza. You can always find me in my pajamas when I don’t have to be dressed. I still enjoy going out etc. Mind you it is on the weekend because who has the energy during the week after work. (Hey I guess I am growing up). My parents still help with things like taxes and while I am getting better at it I am still terrible at controlling my financial situation. Frankly there was just no way I was turning 25. I definitely spent my fair share of time Googling things like “where I am supposed to be at 25”. I was going through a midlife crisis but after some evaluation I have realized something’s

1) While 25 is an age you should start working on bettering parts of your life your still young. You don’t have to have life figured out at this age or any really. Life is never perfect. Part of growing up is enjoying the process. You don’t automatically wake up knowing things. You live and you learn and there is always room for growth.

2) You don’t have to have your career figured out by the time your 30. In fact there are a lot of successful people who have achieved success or had their start at a later age. Your career is your own. Never compare you path to others.

3) It is never too late to go back to school or learn something new. It can be a rewarding experience. My aunt who is a single mother of five kids between the ages of 5 and 16 went back to school at 33 to get her ged. She finished college has a career now and is furthering her education at university.

4) Cultural experiences don’t have an expiration date.

5) It is okay to be single. Love will happen when it is meant to. In the mean time work on bettering yourself

6) You never feel the age you actually are. Different life experiences lead us to different paths that make us feel a lot older or younger than we really are.

Life is short. Live with no regrets. If your happy isn’t that really all that matters


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