How did we end up here? You did not like hope and change, but you wanted to Make America Great Again

"If you see someone ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them"

He made the following:

- Lock Her Up (Hillary Clinton)

- Repeal and Replace Obamacare (NOT REBRANDED TRUMP CARE)


We had a government shutdown over his wall, which he is now getting by taking money out of other means..

But..... Fact-checking Trump's speech declaring a national emergency to pay for border wall

- Violence in El Paso was "100 percent better" after a wall went up
Speaking about crime and violence, Trump said "it was not only better, it was 100 percent better" when a border barrier was constructed in El Paso, Texas.

Crime data published by the FBI shows otherwise, as NBC News reported in a fact check earlier this month. Violent crime has been dropping in El Paso since its modern-day peak in 1993 and was at historical lows before a fence was authorized by Congress in 2006. Violent crime actually ticked up during the border fence's construction and after its completion in 2009, law enforcement data shows.

The U.S. is being invaded

The president repeatedly used the word "invasion" to describe the situation at the southern border, pointing particularly to drugs, crime and human trafficking.

But there's little evidence the southern border is experiencing a new state of emergency. Violence isn’t spilling over the border, and terrorists aren’t being caught in droves trying to cross it. Illegal drugs largely come through legal ports of entry, not unguarded parts of the border, according to border authorities. Illegal border crossings have been dropping for years, and while border apprehensions have risen in recent months, they are still markedly lower than they were 20 years ago, Customs and Border Protection data shows.

So the poorly uneducated when here..

How did we end up here? You did not like hope and change, but you wanted to Make America Great Again Trump Jr’s meme about his dad’s border wall doesn’t get how Congress works

a little FYI...

Obamacare was passed after Congress voted on it, the result of an election that Democrats won decisively. In an election in 2016 that Republicans won decisively, they still didn’t pass wall funding.

How did we end up here? You did not like hope and change, but you wanted to Make America Great Again

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  • america wasn't great according to trump. he not only wanted to make it based around billionaires again (low taxes for the wealthy) which hurts the American economy, but also, he wanted to make russia great again, at the expense of america



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  • More propaganda and lies. We know for a fact that crime decreased after the wall in el paso, just as we know crime dropped with the wall in San diego, those are not debatable, those are absolute facts. Any claims otherwise go against the DOJ statistical data of the region. As for how we ended up here, well as you said we wanted hope and change, then Obama came in and made race relations worse, started countless wars (the only president in history to be at war for all 8 years of his presidency. He is also the only nobel peace prize winner to have another nobel prize winner killed and has the most civilian kills of any nobel prize winner in history), told us their would be no economic growth that 2% growth is all we could or should hope for, increased taxes, forced us to take a product that he was selling and punished us with fines if we didn't, attacked the press, went after whistleblowers more aggressively then any president in history (you know like Snowden who revealed the NSA and US government was breaking the law and illegally spying on the American people which Obama promptly tried to silence and went after, forcing him to flee the country where he currently remains in exile), suppressed information using tax payers money to counter the release of documents due to the freedom of information act, etc. etc. Then the left, people like you, said how every one who didn't think exactly like you, behave exactly like you, who didn't feel exactly like you do where all worthless and evil and racist and sexist and bigoted and islamaphobic and sexist and homophobic and all of them where just too stupid to listen to your clearly superior world view because if they weren't so evil and worthlessly stupid they would do everything you told them to do and the world would be perfect. So those people then decided elitist who don't care about them and are more then happy to watch this country burn to the ground then to allow for freedom of thought, the people who would be absolutely willing to sacrifice the entire world on the alter of "progressivism" then ever admit that they could possibly be mistaken should NOT be in charge. Then we got Trump. You would think that after all that you would be forced to eat humble pie and do some introspection but instead you've doubled down and are trying to start a civil war, trying to undermine the entire political system and democracy itself (remember, it was your people who spied on Trump when he was running for president (illegal), it was your people who tried to use the deep state to overthrow him (the illegal FISA warrant, the leaks to the press to justify a baseless investigation (which has been proven baseless) etc.), it was your people who called for the over throw of the electoral college (a system in place meant to protect the people from mob rule), it was your people who called for his impeachment LITERARLLY before he even set foot in the oval office (in fact I believe it was within a day or two of it being announced that he had won). So that's why, that's why we have him, that's why you lost, and that's why you will lose again. After that you will more then likely get another conservative president before America even thinks about putting another one of your hateful and bigoted authoritarian candidates back in that oval office, and by that point the current generation of teenagers will be able to vote and they are more right leaning then the past two generations before them so unless that conservative candidate screws up royally, we are going to see a red shift in our government (and quite honestly, thank god because you people are the most hateful zealots I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with (and I'm not even a republican)).

  • Frankly, superficial differences and alleged ideological differences notwithstanding, there was not much to choose between "Hope and Change" and "Make America Great Again." They were essentially the same language with a different accent.

    To start, the ideological differences between Mr. Obama and Mr. Trump are less wide than their partisans would have the public believe. Mr. Obama opposed entitlement reform. Mr. Trump opposed entitlement reform. Mr. Obama favored reform of prescription drug pricing. So does Mr. Trump. Mr. Obama favored infrastructure spending. See also Mr. Trump.

    Indeed, even on Obamacare, that was more the imperative of the Congressional Republicans. Mr. Trump made almost no effort to push it though Congress and - other than the universally reviled "mandate" - Obamacare remains.

    Indeed, Obamacare's popularity with the public surged only when the GOP repealed the mandate. In that, Mr. Obama owes Mr. Trump at least a small "thank you."

    The fact that neither got much of what they asked for is a function of the American constitutional system. Presidents propose and Congress disposes. In that connection, a study by CQ found that, of the post-FDR Presidents, Mr. Obama was fourth from the bottom in his capacity to get legislation through Congress. (Carter and Ford were second last and last, respectively.)

    The jury is still out on Trump as his tenure is not complete. However, were Mr. Trump's current rate to be extrapolated out, he would rank just below Mr. Obama. Bottom line, for a variety of reasons, Congress has not been of a mind to dispose even when - as with Mr. Obama - the President's party holds a huge majority.

    In terms of social peace, neither President is especially impressive. Mr. Trump is legendary for pouring salt in the social wounds. However, as no less than liberal MSNBC commentator - and former Tip O'Neil staffer - Chris Matthews has pointed out, Mr. Obama also lacked the capacity for bringing people together.

    Indeed, if you are looking for the primary reason "Hope and Change" became "MAGA," here you will find it. Mr. Obama literally dismissed a core part of the New Deal coalition - blue collar and lower middle class workers - as clinging to guns and religion. (This demographic also fared very poorly economically on his watch.)

    Suffice to say, people do not like being dismissed that way. When Mrs. Clinton then compounded the sin by calling them "deplorables," she effectively alienated what had been a core part of the Democrat's coalition going back to the 1930s, and sent them into the waiting arms of Mr. Trump.

    In that connection, remarkably, Mr. Obama, his racial heritage notwithstanding, had little to say that was original or consoling on race relations, and they deteriorated on his watch. Indeed, "Hands up, don't shoot" and the violence surrounding it took place on Mr. Obama's watch. What has been seen under Mr. Trump is merely a continuation of what began under his predecessor.

    To the extent, then, that any President is responsible for, or can influence, race relations, neither President mattered much. Mr. Obama's sin arguably being only marginally worse insofar as he had remarkably little to say to smooth the ruffled feathers, his heritage notwithstanding. He was not a bridge between the races, but merely perpetuated what had been.

    In terms of the economy, Mr. Trump has had the better. The recovery from the 2008 recession under Mr. Obama was well below historical norms for all 8 years. Indeed, the Administration began to argue that such slow growth, due to various demographic and other factors, that growth was destined to be slower - about 2% - forever more.

    In Mr. Trump's first year, growth was 3.1%, Moreover, unemployment among African-Americans, Hispanics and women is at the lowest levels since records on those groups began to be kept. Wage growth has also improved, though still below historic averages.

    Add it all up, the nation is about where it was. Little has changed.

  • The wall is not that expensive, I don't think it will work as he says but who cares its always a plus, and after it's built its built and all the fighting for it stops

  • Well Obama did had enough of time he was a president since 2008 so it's a long time twice he was elected as president and nobody disturbed him to do his job. At least not as much as Liberals and media disturbe Trump.

    I am not supporting Trump... just saying the facts.

    Just because Obama used words. Hope and Change it doesn;t mean he was bringing Positive things. He used this words because he knew people will be voting for him manipulating by words people minds.

    I don't think any president can make any difference... They are all after one Is Power.

  • great take thanks for sharing today


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