Making America GREAT AGAIN vs Making America HATE AGAIN - I share MyTake - YOU Decide

Yeah.. it goes like this....
Yeah.. it goes like this....

Hmm. "They won't REPORT IT PROPERLY" Who the FAKE NEWS? Trump Supporter Charged With Threatening to Kill Rep. Ilhan Omar: “I’ll Put a Bullet in Her

A 55-year-old man from upstate New York has been charged with threatening to kill Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar. Patrick Carlineo, of Addison, N.Y., allegedly made the threat during a call to the Democrat’s office in Washington, D.C. on March 21. “Do you work for the Muslim Brotherhood? Why are you working for her, she’s a fucking terrorist. I’ll put a bullet in her fucking skull,” Carlineo allegedly said, according to the court filing.


Hmm. Now what person, who has ½ a brain would say something like this or think like this? Ohh.. I know...

Supporter says "We have a problem in this country, and its called Muslims"

Making America GREAT AGAIN vs Making America HATE AGAIN - I share MyTake - YOU Decide

We got multiple-layered issues here with this scholar...

When authorities went to Carlineo’s home he seemed to know why the FBI wanted to speak to him. “He stated that he was a patriot, that he loves the President, and that he hates radical Muslims in our government,”

Carlineo initially told authorities he had told Omar’s staffer that “if our forefathers were still alive, they’d put a bullet in her head,” denying he called her a terrorist and threatened to kill her

Issue 1:

But after he was warned that it was a crime to lie to an FBI agent, he acknowledged he may have said something to that effect..


Issue 2:

When he was asked whether there were any weapons in his house, Carlineo said he had a shotgun and a .22 caliber gun. He first tried to claim the firearms belonged to his girlfriend but later admitted they were his.


You go after Women, Muslims, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans (and state they aren't Americans when they clearly are) and anyone else who doesn't fit your narrative, and your supporters - And yes you say you do love the uneducated - follow per verbatim...

Making America GREAT AGAIN vs Making America HATE AGAIN - I share MyTake - YOU Decide

But hey.. what do I know..


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  • Hatred and bigotry were selling points for the low IQ trash that praise him.

    • That has nothing to do with my people support trump, I don’t like socialism I don’t want to live in a socialist country, If Clinton was elected we be in a socialist country paying 70-80% of our income no thanks keep socialism at a minimum please.

      Also show we a Democratic who’s running for President who is likely to go in to the final race who is not pushing this extreme socialist agenda if Andrew yang get in there I vote for him he’s not a socialist but I doubt he’s going To be the democratic nomination so we’ll have trump for another 4 years

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  • I agree with this take, and it supports my main thought. I'm going to sound like a broken record:
    Donald Trump is an uninhibited malignant narcissist who is devoid of any sense of shame, decency, or empathy.

    Trump is America's shot in the foot. At least the dictators of Sudan and Libya took over but force in a military coup. Trump though? He was ELECTED. America, "You reap what you sow." We shall reap the harvest of his tenure because we put him in office.

    Look, every single choice for president was awful... every single one. However, Donald Trump is the absolute worst. He is the worst sign or symptom of a disease plaguing our country.

    If you are a Trump supporter, I implore you to reconsider your support for him. Your grievances are valid, but Dobald Trump is not the solution. He is more like a nuclear option where a methodical approach is needed.

    And for the "Not my president" crowd: You indirectly helped him assume power. For better or worse, he IS your president. This is true in part because you don't understand Trump as a phenomenon. You have no true understanding of what makes someone a tyrant or despot. Neither do his supporters, but that's something most of us have in common.

    Bottom line, Donald Trump isn't your run of the mill racist/bigot/misogynist. He's far worse. We need to vote him out before he does more irreparable damage.

    • Hopefully Andrew Yang will sway the first crowd away. He is the only Democrat talking about men's issues and jobs and the real threat to said jobs, Automation.

  • It is the conventional wisdom that President Trump - of whom I should add that I am a Republican who is no fan - has somehow sparked a rise in "white supremacy." However, in truth, there is no metric by which to determine the truth of the assertion, while by historical standards the premise would be absurd on its face.

    The notion that white supremacy is on the rise begs the question of compared to what? The existence of African-American slavery in the pre-Civil War era. For that matter, in the Jim Crow era. Compared to the rise of the National Socialists in Germany in the early to mid-20th century. Compared the resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s. Compared to the anti-Semitic progroms in Russia and the pervasive racism under the USSR. Compared to the global slave trade.

    The list goes on. The first thing that grown-ups recognize is that man in an imperfect being and that he is prone to regard "the other" as an enemy and inferior being. It is, science believes, rooted in evolution. Dislike of those different from oneself was a survival instinct based on the chance that beings not like yourself were apt to be dangerous predators.

    What is remarkable is not that this was ever the case, but how far mankind has managed to overcome that instinct. In the context of the United States, the late columnist Joseph Sobran - writing in the 1980s - said that he would get up and leave the room rather than listen to the kinds of things that were routinely said about African-Americans at his grandfather's table when he was growing up.

    Not so long ago it was just accepted that African-Americans should use separate restrooms and segregated schools. "Separate but equal" in the Supreme Court's infamous formulation. That today is as alien as Neptune to most Americans and would provoke horror and outrage were it seen.

    So a bit of perspective would be helpful. These things will tend to fluctuate over time. Human progress is neither assured nor is it a straight line progression. However, to then extrapolate from that the rise of a doctrine of racial supremacy - set against the lurid historical record - is lacking in historical perspective at the very least.

    Beyond that, in the contemporary American context, there is the assertion that racism is on the rise based on the increase of "hate crimes." The evidence for that increase is somewhat ambiguous. It is not clear whether it really is increasing or if it is simply a matter of increased and better data gathering.

    However, assume the worst. Hate crimes represent about 3% of all crimes. Hardly an epidemic.

    Finally, there is the trope that Mr. Trump's rhetoric is the source of this rise in "white supremacy." This is, at best, speculative.

    Typically, Mr. Trump's statement after the Charlottesville episode is cited as Exhibit A. Yet, a cursory reading will show that after his line about "good people on both sides" that has earned so much wailing and gnashing of teeth, his very next line was that this did not include the racists whom he condemned.

    As to the recent episode in New Zealand. It is worth noting what the alleged perpetrator said that China had his preferred form of government, his racism was inspired by - of all things - environmental concerns, and that while he saw Trump as a useful symbol, that as a leader he said of the President, "God no."

    In an age when partisans are inclined to allow their wishes to be the father of their thoughts, actually reading what the President said can be disconcerting. To be sure, the President uses words the way a pyromaniac uses matches. Carelessly.

    Mr. Trump would be wise to recall that it is not what you want to say, but what you want people to hear. However, to go from there to the assumption that the President bears some elemental responsibility for racism is to go farther than the evidence will bear.

    Bottom line. To the extent that we can discern a rise in white supremacy, there are more complex reasons for it than Trump's loquaciousness.

    • That hate in America is on the rise, since Trump's election, is at least partially substantiated by the decided increase in hate and racist crimes in the last two years. That is no accident. These people see our president spew his racism and hate, and feel a new acceptance of hate and racism.

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    • @goaded By the way, apologies on the data. I do recall reading it in a paper document. Not online. As my girlfriend - here eyes rolling - will surely attest, I am a 19th century man in a 21st century world.

      If I get some time I will try digging through my files and see if I can track it down. Anyhow, as I say, my apologies, you are dealing with a relic to whom some well intentioned people mistakenly gave a computer.

    • No problem, I do like to see sources, though.

      Regarding Trump's monetising the presidency, I don't think it's a matter of whether he is succeeding or not (he often doesn't), but that he's so very clearly trying.

  • Understand that Trump is not what you think he is he is an actor so is Hillary and the rest of them it is a stage the president is selected and not elected the biggest lie they ever told us is that we have a say in anything.

    • Hillary attended one of Trump's many weddings. They're pals. But on the stage, they're the Itchy & Scratchy show. "Crooked Hillary" "Lock her up, lock her up." Yeah, how's all of that going? Hillary is far too high on the food chain to mess with. But it makes for great cable news.

    • @BoSvenson We can put this stuff out there and only someone truly awake is going to understand the media has made it so if anything questions anything they are called conspiracy theorists and idiots say put on your tin foil hat and all of that nonsense and that is how they keep the masses brainwashed

    • I was talking to a guy on GAG who didn't like Trump. He asked me why I liked him. I said I don't like him. I think he's a conceded, arrogant, and a narcissist of a prick. But who gives a fuck about that? I don't want him to be my pal, I just want him to manage the country. I LOVE the fact that he's trying his best to bring industry back to America. All the great things that Americans invented, are no longer being manufactured here. To me that's very sad. We invented the TV, and yet there isn't a single American made TV, anymore. So much of our automotive industry has left the country.
      So my liberal GAG friend I was talking to, told me that Americans don't want those high paying manufacturing jobs. What the fuck? My uncle lives in Michigan, and he made a great living in the car manufacturing biz. So if we don't want those jobs, what do we want? McDonald's jobs?
      So what would possess my liberal GAG friend to make such an outlandish statement?

      Yes, we've all been brainwashed very well. I don't want a good job if Trump made it happen.
      If instead of Trump, it was Bernie, bringing the manufacturing back, he would be hailed a hero to the left, and they'd chant folk songs about him.

  • All this focus on bigotry as the primary source of hate. There is a more primal source of hate, it's called jealousy. Like when someone has accomplished something you haven't or someone has more money than you or more influence. It's when you want to blow their head off and take their things. This is real hate the murderous hate of the left.

  • It's so hilarious and tragic and be outside of the USA and see how these people act... In everything. Electing idiots to rule you, seeing shootout upon shootout, and never even considering changing gun laws. I don't know if to laugh or feel bad for you.

  • Great take. The only good thing Trump has done since taking office is reject the TPP.

    Vote to end regime change wars, vote Tulsi 2020.

    • Andrew Yang 2020. AI WILL try to take your jobs. I assure you, because I am working on it.

  • Trump is a wannabe dictator, Falsely yelling treason, Crying "Enemy Of the people" Fake news, and having an obvious bad spin an all people brown. He is a danger to america and Enchanted Followers are willingly blind to this poser hungry narcissist..

  • Most muslim beliefs, traditions, loyalties etc. are anti-west and against our freedoms, against freedom for women, against loving our values and culture and I really see no advantage for U. S. citizen importing them willingly into our culture.

    I'm no fan of muslim immigration to western countries. At least not religious ones and since we apparently aren't allowed to screen their religious beliefs as part of the process than its better to play it safe and to have very, very low immigration from muslim countries.

    Most are more interested in following islam than to fall in love with the USA culture. I'd rather stay Judea-Christian centered or just go full on atheist, secular than to willingly import islam into western countries.

  • I will never support Trump. But I'm not American so I can't vote.

    • How can you say that? You don't even know Trump

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    • He is though my dad worked for him and you gotta understand the president does not have power like you think he is listening to other people when he says and does things they are pulling his stirngs

    • @ItalianGuy2020 well I simple don't agree with most of his opinions and from his actions he doesn't seam so nice

  • It is a weird time in history. I have met many people who voted for Trump but can't stand the guy or a lot of his policies.

  • 4d

    Divisive rhetoric is nothing new in politics. Here are a few celebrities who have made threats against Donald Trump.

    *Robert De Niro said he would like to punch Trump in the face.
    *Kathy Griffith took a photo of herself holding up a fake severed head of Donald Trump.
    *Johnny Depp said Trump needs help and asked, "When was the last time a President was assassinated?"
    *Anthony Bourdain suggested he would like to serve President Trump hemlock (A poison.)
    *Micky Rourke said he would like 30 seconds in a room with little bitch Donald Trump.
    *Larry Wilmore said he would like to kill Donald Trump with a pillow.
    *Rosie O'Donnell tweeted out a link to a game called "Push Trump Off A Cliff Again."
    *Maddonna said she thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.

    I guess if their politics are politics are aligned with your own it's ok, right?

  • thanks. agreed.

  • Trump makes conservatives look terrible

  • Make America hate


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