2 things that will actually Make America Great Again

America, the greatest country in the world?
America, the greatest country in the world?

1) Make in-state tuition for state colleges/universities free. It's getting more and more expensive to attend college. It's also getting more and more important to have a college degree to get a decent job. Some people can't afford to go to college, they have the grades, intelligence, and drive, but not the money. My dad was like this when in-state tuition for state colleges was free. He was in California, which has A LOT of really good state colleges. He started at UCLA, transferred to Cal (UC Berkley), and then went to graduate school at UCLA. He chose those colleges because his family could not afford the college costs at a private college. We are punishing children whose parents did not save for their child's college when they have to pay tuition even if the college is a state one inside the state. A reduced tuition doesn't always work.

2) Legalize and regulate all drugs. This one will confuse a lot of people, but take time to think about it for a while. We have far too many people in jail due to drug charges. Most of these people aren't really bad people, and will probably get let out with minimal time or a fine. We'd save money by having less people in jail for minor offenses related to drugs, which would mean we don't have to pay to feed and house them. If we legalize and regulate drugs we also can collect a lot of money on tariffs. Every import has a tariff. We can make drugs have a relatively stiff tariff (like 33% of real cost). It means that while drugs will flow in legally, the country will get 1/3 of all the money. Also they'll be safer. With regulation of drugs, they'll be tested for purity and safety. Drug smuggling will be almost nonexistent, because it's a lot safer to pay a stiff tariff to import your drugs and sell them here than it would be to try to get them in illegally. So we save money in prison expenses and get money in drug tariffs.

2 things that will actually Make America Great Again
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  • DizzyDesii
    I just think their should be more scholarship opportunities rather than free tuition. And i dont think tuition should be as high as it is. Anything over 10k is nuts to me. But i think what racks up the price is living on campus. I never wanted to live on campus plus i had a full tuition scholarship and just turned down my dorm. #2 is just something i’ll never support. people know the consequences of doing or selling drugs in general so i dont pity them if they go to jail. I only care of the person was falsely accused or if something was planted on them
  • MountAverage
    I agree with both points.