Notable Massacres in the United States of America, From Colorado to Illinois.

You may not have heard, but last week, another massacre happened in the United States of America. Regardless if the rate of massacre in the USA have increased or not, it's still troubling that we go through this what seems like every month for the past 20 years, or so.

Here is a list of notable massacres since the infamous Columbine High School shooting in 1998.(Remember, a massacre is a large killing, or harming of people, regardless if it was done via gun, or not).

1999: Columbine High School Shooting(April 20th)

Number of Deaths: 15

Perpetrators: Eric Harris, and Dylan Klebold

Back in 1999, two high school students certainly didn't want to celebrate 4/20 the fun way.

Eric Harris, and Dylan Klebold decided to walk in their high school at Columbine High School in Columbine, Colorado. They staged the entire charade beforehand, opened fire, and killed 15 people(including themselves). This mass shooting was unique because it involved two people, and it lasted a full ten minutes. This one is probably the most famous massacre of all time, and Michael Moore made a documentary on this shooting titled Bowling For Columbine.

To this day, Columbine High School is...a high school with students graduating from it every year.

2000: The Wakefield Shooting(December 26th)

Number of Deaths: 7

Perpetrator: Michael McDermott

Little Michael didn't like his job, so why not just go to work, and blow off seven of your co-workers? This happened in Wakefield, Massachusetts, at the Edgewater Technology Center. I survive Y2K a year earlier, and this is how you celebrate going into the new millennium? Jease, Louise.

Right now, McDermott is serving seven consecutive life sentences in prison.

2001: The Nevada County Shooting(January 10th)

Number of Deaths: 3

Perpetrator: Scott Harlan Thorpe

I know, I know, I didn't take the easy route, and mention the 9/11 terrorist attacks. That would be like mentioning Game 7 in the 1960 MLB World Series as the "greatest game ever played"-it's just too boring, you know?

My main goal here is to show that Americans ourselves are killing each other, and are sorta terrorists among each other(as absurd as that sounds).

It looks like Mr. Thorpe had an interesting way to ring in the new year. Contrary to what you might think, Nevada County is actually located in the Golden State(California).

The famous Wilcox Law in California was named after Laura Wilcox, a victim in this massacre. Unfortunately, Scott Thorpe was able to avoid prison time due to "reason of insanity." He is now in Napa State Hospital(for the mentally ill) in California.

2002: The Beltway Sniper Attacks(October 2-October 24th)

Number of Deaths: 17

Perpetrators: John Allen Muhammad, and Lee Boyd Malvo

Halloween season in 2002 set us up for a scare that not even the McKamey Manor could match up with.

This time, the mass shooters were clever. They decided to hide out, and sniper people on a highway stretch that went through Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, District of Columbia. The crazy thing is, this went on for three straight weeks before they were finally caught. THREE WEEKS. How is it possible to be so...persistent? The two men did a good job to hide out for as long as they did, but they couldn't make it to Halloween Night for their grand finale! Bummer.

Muhammad faced the death penalty via lethal injection in 2009, and Malvo is serving six life sentences in a Maryland prison.

2003: The Ennis Shooting(June 14th)

Number of Deaths: 1

Perpetrator: George Harold Davis

As you would expect in Ennis, Montana, there was a massacre which happened that day.

George Davis opened fire at a redneck bar, and then drove away in a high speed chase from the cops. He injured six, but only killed one(step it up, Georgie), and Davis was sentenced to eleven life terms, the longest prison sentence in Montana state history.

2004: The Meteor Shooting(November 21st)

Number of Deaths: 6

Perpetrator: Chai Vang

You might think a meteor crashed in Meteor, Wisconsin, right?

Not quite. Mr. Vang here had another way to terrorize the local community. On a Thanksgiving hunting trip, you might think he was looking for wildlife, but instead, he took it out on humans by wounding eight(killing six) people. I wonder if he was a Vegan extremist?

Right now, he's serving six consecutive life sentences, plus an additional seventy years in prison.

2005: The Red Lake Shootings(March 21st)

Number of Deaths: 10

Perpetrator: Jeffrey Weise

"The Red Lake Shootings" almost sounds like a horror movie title, doesn't it? Perhaps I need to contact James Wan, and tell him about the idea myself.

Anyhoo, Red Lake County in Minnesota is considered the worst place to live in the United State of America, according to some intense government studies. They take into consideration the weather, landscape, quality of life, crime rate, employment opportunities, cost of living, etc. Jeffrey Weise decided to do it on a Native American reservation, before killing himself. Maybe he just couldn't take living in the WOAT(Worst Of All Time) in the USA?

2006: The Goleta Postal Facility Shootings(January 30th)

Number of Deaths: 8

Perpetrator: Jennifer San Marco

It's time to spice it up a bit, folks: A female mass shooter! Step it up, ladies!

A former postal employee couldn't just let the past stay in the past. She walks in, and blows off eight people before committing suicide.

2007: The Virginia Tech Shootings(April 16th)

Number of Deaths: 33

Perpetrator: Seung-Hui Cho

Fine, I went mainstream, and picked a massacre everyone knows about. You happy?

At Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University during the Spring Semester(such a beautiful day too), Mr. Cho committed the deadliest school shooting in the history of the United States of America(and probably the world). And as you might expect, after his Grand Theft Auto style shooting on campus, he took the easy way out, and his game was over via suicide.

2008: The Atlantis Plastics Shootings(June 25th)

Number of Deaths: 6

Perpetrator: Wesley Neal Higdon

Why do so many mass shooters go by three names? Is the first, and last name not good enough on its own? This dates all the way back to John Wilkes Booth, and even Lee Harvey Oswald(maybe not mass shooters, but were brave enough to off presidents).

This massacre proved that Atlantis does exist-it just exists in Henderson, Kentucky. This man randomly walked into the Atlantis Plastics factory center, and killed five people before killing himself.


2009: The Saipan Shootings(November 30th)

Number of Deaths: 5

Perpetrator: Li Zhongren

Here we go...there was even a massacre on the Northern Mariana Islands(which functions as its own country, but is still owned by the United States of Massacres).

The guy lost his mind in the tropical paradise, and killed five people, including himself. The sad part is, it even involved kids.

2010: The Hartford Distributors Shootings(August 3rd)

Number of Deaths: 9

Perpetrator: Omar Thornton

New decade, new region, right? It's time for the New England states to take a spin.

In Hartford, Connecticut, Omar killed eight people at his former workplace(the Hartford Distributors factory center), before killing himself.

That script is becoming way too repetitive by the way.

2011: The Tuscon Shooting(January 8th)

Number of Deaths: 6

Perpetrator: Jared Lee Loughner

I did another mainstream-er, but 2011 was actually a tame year for some reason.

In Tuscon, Arizona, while Gabrielle Giffords was in a meeting, Mr. Loughner shot, and killed six people, including a federal judge, and a nine year old girl. Right now, Jared Loughner is serving a life sentence in an Arizona prison.

Apparently, he just had some beef with her from a political standpoint. And I thought the whole Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump election was ugly.

2012: The Theater Shootings, and the Sandy Hook Shootings(July 20th; December 14th)

Number of Deaths: 12; 28(a combined total of 40 deaths)

Perpetrators: James Holmes; Adam Lanza

If 2011 was a "tame" year for massacres, 2012 was the cream of the crop for such, so I decided to do a double-feature this time!

With the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooter, James Holmes was a disgruntled 24 year old virgin who couldn't even get laid on pathetic). To resolve this issue, he decided to open fire on some hot chicks in a movie theater. Chances are, he was a Reddit user on the sub titled The Red Pill. As of today, Holmes is serving multiple life sentences in a Colorado prison.

Now, on to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings by Adam Lanza in Newtown, Connecticut. In my opinion, this is the saddest massacre I've known about. It destroys me to even mention this. The fact some sick bastard went into an elementary school, and killed a bunch of little kids is the most evil thing I can think of. The motherfucker actually killed himself afterwards too.

2013: The Boston Marathon Bombings(April 15th)

Number of Deaths: 3

Perpetrators: Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, and Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Wow, a bombing, and not a shooting? And they weren't citizens, so we can't blame this one on Tax Day. We can't even blame this on the Boston, Massachusetts sports vortex(Patriots/Red Sox/Bruins/Celtics).

They were Islamic Terrorists. One of them is serving a life sentence in Massachusetts, and the other killed himself shortly after.

2014: The Manifesto of Elliot Rodger(May 25th)

Number of Deaths: 7

Perpetrator: Elliot Rodger

Leave it up to the United States of America to actually find another unique way to proceed with a massacre.

Elliot Rodger actually made videos documenting his "loneliness", and how he was sick of "spoiled women in his generation refusing him sex." He titled the video series "My Manifesto." After he committed the shootings, he killed himself(of course). This happened in Isla Vista, California, where he said he would target the "spoiled Sorority sluts."

I must say, this sets up for a very interesting Hollywood movie, especially since it already takes place in California.

2015: The Planned Parenthood Shootings(November 28th)

Number of Deaths: 3

Perpetrator: Robert Lewis Dear Jr.

Dear Dear,

Regardless of your views on abortion, this certainly doesn't make your political case any stronger.

On Black Friday, Robert Dear decided to make it a true "black" Friday in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He went into a Planned Parenthood center, and killed a few people(injuring others), because Planned Parenthoods often perform abortions. I mean, even the most anti-abortion people I've came across have never taken it this far.

To this day, Robert says he doesn't regret his decision, as he is considered "too incompetent" to stand trial.

2016: The Ohio State University Massacre(November 28)

Number of Deaths: Zero, but eleven were injured.

Perpetrator: Abdul Razak Ali Artan

I had to pay a homage to my home state of Ohio, since the Kent State University Shootings in 1970 are long gone. Also, it's time to introduce another unique way to commit a massacre.

At The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, the ultimate way to commit a massacre occured. Abdul Artan drove his car through a crowd of OSU students, and remarkably, none of them were killed.

2017: The Las Vegas Massacre(October 1st)

Number of Deaths: 59

Perpetrator: Stephen Paddock

Who didn't see this coming? Obviously, a 64 year old Bernie Sanders supporter in Nevada would commit the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the United States of America.

It happened at a Country Music Concert in Las Vegas, Nevada(duh), and the guy opened fire from a local hotel room. The police killed him on the spot when they found him.

I mean, what do you expect in a place we deem as "Sin City"?

2018: The Valentine's Day Massacre(February 14th)

Number of Deaths: 17

Perpetrator: Nikolas Cruz

The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre sounds like a title you would find in one of those Grade-B anthology horror films on Netflix.

At Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Nikolas Cruz opened fire at his former high school, and killed 17 people, including students, teachers, and coaches.

As of today, he serves a life sentence for his actions.

2019: The Other Aurora Shooting(February 15th)

Number of Deaths: 6

Perpetrator: Gary Montez Martin

We've already seen Aurora, Colorado go through a massacre, so why not Aurora, Illinois?

Gary Martin opened fire at the Henry Pratt Company, in his former workplace, and killed himself. Yawn.

And maybe that's a problem. These stories are so common here in the USA, it's becoming repetitive, and boring. Maybe we should find a solution to deal with these issues.

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Most Helpful Guys

  • Columbine lasted a full 10 mins? You crazy? More like 50 mins!

    They spent 7 mins killing in the library alone, let alone other parts of the school and outside it when they opened fire. Not to mention the cafeteria cctv footage showing Eric & Dylan trying to detonate their propane bombs at 2 different points of the massacre. They started the slaughter around 11.19am and committed suicide after midday.

    On a side note, I hope they’ll have more documentaries on Columbine come the 20th anniversary this April

  • "Jeffrey Weise decided to do it on a Native American reservation, before killing himself. "

    That's because he lived there, and was in fact Native American.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Think it's funny ish that most if not all of these are white dudes, not Mexicans

    • Well, most of them are white because whites are the most populous race in the United States of America. Odds are, a crime will be committed by a white person. Makes sense, right?

      It is interesting how a vast majority of mass shooters are males though.

    • Yeah it's just like... how are Mexicans causing all the issues (supposedly) when almost if not all the mass shooters are white American guys? Lol man I am tired

    • I understand what you are saying, but I was just making the point that probability wise, white people being the most populous race should commit more crimes than any other race. It's the RATE of crime that matters.

      With that being said, massacres are just one problem in society. There are many other crimes with a higher prevalence of other races.

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  • You forgot 2001 some asshole Pakistanis crashed planes into the World Trade Center killing thousands. I guess it doesn't support your anti gun agenda. You left out the Golden State Rapist who killed more people than any of these mass shootings because he was part of a protected union.

    • 1. This is copy, and pasted literally right next to the year of 2001 in my MyTake: "I know, I know, I didn't take the easy route, and mention the 9/11 terrorist attacks. That would be like mentioning Game 7 in the 1960 MLB World Series as the "greatest game ever played"-it's just too boring, you know? My main goal here is to show that Americans ourselves are killing each other, and are sorta terrorists among each other (as absurd as that sounds)."

      Did you miss that?

      2. If I was posting this as an anti-gun agenda, then why would I mention the Boston Marathon Bombings, or The Ohio State University car-attack? Wouldn't every single example be a mass shooting? And before you say "well almost all of your examples are mass shootings", well, that's because an overwhelming majority of massacres in this country are committed via shootings.

      3. I've never even heard of the Golden State Rapist.

  • I don't consider anything under 10 people a massacre.

  • Damn, some of these I didn’t even know about. Lately I’ve realized that there seems to be much more killing and wars in my lifetime than in the lifetimes of other generations.

  • Seems like America's a dangerous place to work. You need to make it less stressful, then no-one gets whacked on the way to the photocopier.


  • It’s an awful world we live in. I didn’t know about most of these shootings, and this isn’t even counting some major ones.

  • Don’t forget all the murders that happen in Chicago every weekend

  • Is it really a massacre if nobody died?
    In reference to the Ohio car mauling through people.

    • I can see what you're saying here, but it did injure several people.

      I guess the definition of a massacre varies.

  • It's subjective

  • Hey, you forgot Waco and Ruby Ridge.

    • I didn't mention every single massacre.

      The Waco, and Ruby Ridge massacres don't seem familiar to me.

    • Well that's because they were massacres perpetrated by the government against citizens, as opposed to every single one that you mentioned which was rogue individuals.

      That's the point I'm making, and I would have mentioned the Ludlow massacre too, but it did happen an awfully long time ago, so maybe people don't think it's a valid reference.

      Point is, it's great to think that people can't be trusted and only the government should have access to guns, but the government is made up of people too. And sometimes they use their power to kill, rape, and destroy.

      That's why we decided that the People had to have some recourse, some means to defend themselves.

  • Because the NRA lobbys congress.

  • Omg why are they so attractive ❤️😍🤤

    • Murderers are my type of men

  • Rip to all the unfortunate victims of a country poorly run.

  • USA should pay more attention to it's citizens mental health and education.

  • It’s a lone wolf right, not a terrorist. Nice


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