Jewish Views on Abortion




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By the way, I don’t want anything antisemetic in the comments or anything that expresses hate towards Jews. You may have your reasons to hate them, but PLEASE...put your hate aside. Try commenting or debating this MyTake using facts or opinions that are related to abortion. Because chance are, if you use hate in your opinion, it is because, you can’t argue a point with real facts.

Jewish Views on Abortion

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While Judaism takes a far less strict approach on abortion than many pro-life Christians/Catholics , there is nonetheless broad objections to abortions without serious cause.

Does Judiasm Believe that Life Starts at the Time of Conception?

Life begins at birth
Life begins at birth

Common among pro lifers, Jewish law does not share the belief that life begins at conception, nor does it legally consider the fetus to be a full person deserving protection equal to human beings. In Jewish law, the fetus attains human status once it is “crowning” during birth. Until then, the fetus has no separate entity and is part of a woman’s body.

the Talmud (Jewish books/Torah) indicates that the ancient rabbis regarded a fetus as part of its mother throughout the pregnancy, depending fully on her for its life. This reinforces the fact that the baby, is in fact part of the mother and does not have separate life.

SO...if Judaism sees the baby as being part of the mother, is Judaism pro-choice?

Ironically, the answer is no. The baby may be part of the mother, but it is not “her body, her choice”.

Religion vs. Ethics
Religion vs. Ethics

Judaism teaches that the body is ultimately the property of God and is merely on loan to human beings. This leads to prohibitions on suicide, getting tattoos and wounding oneself. Believing that the body belongs to God reinforces the idea that individuals, wether pregnant or not, have limited rights to make choices regarding their own bodies.

What to do?
What to do?

Are there any exceptions to Judaism in which abortion is acceptable?

Yes. There are Orthodox sources that support abortion when a mother’s health is in danger, when a fetus is determined to suffer from severe abnormalities, when a mother’s mental health is in danger; or when the pregnancy is the result of a forbidden sexual union (e.g. incest and possibly rape).

However, all these exceptions must be reviewed and analyzed before permitting an abortion.

So...what side is Judaism on?

Pick a side!
Pick a side!

Because of religious beliefs, Judaism tends to lean more towards “pro life”, due to the fact that many traditional Jews believe our bodies belong to God-and it is therefore, Gods decisions-not the man, not the woman’s. Though there are many Jews who are pro choice and continue to protest on abortion rights everyday.

I hope you enjoyed this myTake. Feel free to suggest othe ones!

I want you to know, This is NOT a disrespect to whatever beliefs you have on this topic. I am just explaining a Jewish view on this and I’m in no way trying to degrade others people’s choices. I can’t imagine how hard and extremely painful being pregnant must be, nor am I well educated enough to determine wether I’m pro life or pro choice. I am so sorry if I offended anyone. It was never my intention whatsoever.

Disclaimer: This information was referenced from jewish articles and academic sources

Jewish Views on Abortion
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  • No_Archons

    I'm a non religious jew, and interestingly enough, this correlates perfectly with my views. Not that the baby isn't it's own human, but as far as the circumstances when abortion is acceptable, this makes perfect, perfect sense!

    Under no other circumstances should a fetus be aborted! Rape, incest, severe abnormalities in the fetus, and when mother's life is in danger THAT'S ALL FOLKS!

    • I most definitely agree with you! Abortion out of convenience is one thing, abortion out of safety is another!

    • I don't think have the right to an opinion on this topic UNLESS they are the father.

  • NineBreaker

    That is something I have been aware of when it comes to Judaism.
    in my opinion, this is almost identical to Islamic views on abortion. That does not surprised me though.

    Very good take! Very informative.

    • I’m so glad you liked it! It is indeed true that many Islamic and jewish views at their core are very similar, even extremely identical at times.

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    • Oh wow! Look at these results! ITS CRAZY! Buut a bit biased too because I don’t know a lot about my religion. If I studied it more, it would’ve been much more accurate!

      Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
      Orthodox Judaism
      Orthodox Quakerism
      Jehovah's Witnesses
      Bahá'í Faith
      Seventh-day Adventists
      Roman Catholicism
      Eastern Orthodox Christianity
      Church of Christ, Scientist
      Reformed Judaism
      Liberal Christian Protestantism
      Liberal Quakerism
      Mahayana Buddhism
      Unitarian Universalism
      New Age
      New Thought
      Secular Humanism
      Theravada Buddhism

    • That's interesting.
      Thanks for the MHO!

Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous

    My abortion doctor was Jewish. I still mourn for my child, I should never have allowed others to convince me abortion was the right thing to do.

    • Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry that happened to you😔it is so easy to give in when so many others say it’s right. Always stick to your gut instinct, even when you’re standing alone

    • If there's a Heaven, hopefully you'll be reunited with your child, in the future. 🌹
      🌟 🌟 Free book: "Woman to Women" @ smashwords. com/books/view/938595 🌟 🌟

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  • curiousnorway

    I'm an existential nihilistic atheist, but used to be strictly religious. I've always been a pro-life religious or not. I'm also trying to follow the morals and ethics I thinks are right even after I left my faith.

    I sees unborn babies as human beings too and that if we should respect other humans, we should also respect them. To me it doesn't matter if you're a 3 week old, a 5 years old or a 25 years old. We're all human beings with feelings, we've our dreams, our thoughts and we can feel pain. Even infants and pre-born can feel pain although they're younger than adults.

    Why I'm Pro-Life & My Answers To Pro-Choice Arguments ↗

    • neb34

      what about women who are so desprate to lose the baby that they go to unlicensed people to get abortion and cause harm to their life and cause birth deficiencies to their future children, because the doctors either did not preform the operation properly or they didn't have the right materials.

    • Oram52

      Read your MyTake, whilst interesting the counter points are also there, nothing more for me to add.

      But its simple you are entitled to your opinions and I respect your opinions, you are not entitled to impose them. You want government to step in and prevent someone making individual choice as to what they can or can not do with their own bodies. Laws are not based on morals, morals are subjective, and no one is obligated in anyway to follow someone else's morals.

      Can a 15 week old fetus survive if it was removed from mother? Maybe in the future such technology may exist, but as you stated nature. Without any medical intervention would a 15 year old fetus survive? If it can't survive then it ain't a baby, hence has no legal rights. We have to base our judgement on science not morals or emotions. Science does not justify a fetus being considered a baby yet.

  • tartaarsaus

    Do you happen to be Jewish?

    Interesting read, I was pretty aware that Judaism is generally pro-life and the arguments given.

    Small note: if you are saying that it's all referencing articles and academic sources, you might just wanna add that.

    I know this is not really an interesting comment, but can't do much about it. I'm Jewish and was aware of this

    • Yes, I am jewish ☺️ I’m glad you enjoyed the myTake! I’ll add the sources next time

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    • @tartaarsaus I looked it up and you’re right! Seems like you know more parts of Judaism than I do!😂

    • Haha I specifically studied that part of Judaism tbh my knowledge is lacking in many other parts.

      For example, I had the winner of the global Bible quiz in Israel as a private guide in Jerusalem, and his knowledge is absolutely staggering.

  • PinkMichae

    That's interesting info. I, myself do not have a labeled religion. I do believe in God but don't follow a bible to tell me right from wrong. I use my instincts and feelings to know what's right and wrong. I treat people how they treat me. I stand up against those who do wrong with a little bit of sarcasm but really try to understand that something made them mean and try to point that out. Like I said I try. I'm not perfect. With that said. Everything inside tells me abortion is very wrong. It might be ok for women who's baby will die anyway or will have deformities that will cause them to suffer if they start doing the abortion in a humane way. End its life before dismembering it causing it a horrific death.

    Beyond that once it has a beating heart and maybe even at conception I feel it has a soul. It's alive and growing with no indication it won't live once it's born. I don't believe the baby deserves a death sentance because the parents had sex knowing full well that's how a baby is made. Knowing full well birth control isn't 100% which most pregnancies are not from failed birth control and more so do to irresponsibility. What I do know for sure is the baby didn't ask to be conceived and is a victim if aborted.

    I also believe and have seen it for myself a lot of women regret doing it, live with a lot of guilt which ruins their life more than they thought having the baby would have. The guilt leads to drug addiction, alcoholism, or depression, to cope. Some don't. I have a hard time understanding those who don't feel any guilt knowing their choice with the exception of rape led to them choosing to abort their child. I guess somehow they believe they are doing the right thing by not bringing the child into a bad situation. But I think that's the moment you choose to work hard at bettering your situation and give that child a chance to live. Get off the drugs, get a job, ask family to help, and so on. And still if things are not good enough start looking for adoptive parents. Then never make that irresponsible mistake again. But as long as we are gonna have abortion laws allowing it. The ones getting more than one need to start facing some stiff penalties to stop using abortion as their birth control. And I'm talking about women and men. You have more than one get fined for it. Keep going and do some jail time. Once is a mistake. After that it's just intentional.

  • RationalMale

    This is a pretty relevant take considering the leadership of both USA political parties put Israel as a higher priority than the American people.

    • I don’t understand... What does Israel being a high priority in America have to do with Jewish views on abortion?

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    • Simple, we should value what our jewish overlords have to say since jews are more important in america than americans in america.

    • Some Jews are Americans too. Are you talking about non American Jews?

  • foodOlivia

    As a Jew I’ll correct you on the part that “the fetus is part of the mother and not its own entity” it is actually a big argument between Maimonides and tosfoif it is its own thing and when it is considered a human

    • foodOlivia


    • It’s true! Many Jewish philosophers have debated wether a fetus is still considered human. The Talmud states that if the “greater part” was already born, one may not murder it. The “greater” part in the Talmud refers to the baby’s head. Hence, when the baby is crowing, this changes the status of the fetus from a nonperson to a person (nefesh). Killing the newborn after this is called infanticide.

  • Naydyonov

    Well regardless of the religious aspect, I am against it.

    I can agree with most of it but I do not see the logic of crowning. To a nine-month old baby is no different inside the stomach than out of it. Therefore its life is no less valuable.

    • It is with the fact that when the “greater” part starts emerging, it is no longer part of the women’s body according to Judaism ☺️

  • shephardjhon

    That seems VERY similar to the Islamic view, with one exception I know "support abortion when a mother’s health is in danger". From what I know, Islamic view goes further and REQUIRES abortion if the choice is between the mother and baby.

    • Judaism requires abortion as well if it in dangers the mothers life

  • RolandCuthbert

    It is not going to stop some folks at GaG from blaming jews for being behind the pro-abortion agenda.

    • It’s actually a semi accurate blame since the guy who created abortion was jewish himself!

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    • @sarahbear1750 I think that may be a matter of opinion. There were abortions before that device, I would say the device made things simpler and easier.

      But my point is that most of these conspiracy theories involve some sinister Jewish agenda.

      All you have to do is search here and around the net for "White Genocide" to find information.

    • True! There are many people wanting blame Jews for a lot of things.

  • bill_towers

    Jews have Zero empathy towards other races and Religions. Most Producers of abortifacients (the poison used to kill the child before ripping it appart inside the womb) are jewish.
    The inventor of the very First abortifacient was jewish.

    "The original manufacturer of the RU‑486 abortion pill was the French company Groupe Roussel‑Uclaf, a subsidiary of the West German pharmaceutical giant Hoechst. Hoechst had changed its name from the original “I. G. Farben” after World War II in an attempt to shake off its loathsome reputation, which came from manufacturing the cyanide gas Zyklon‑B, used by Nazis to exterminate Jews and others in the “showers” of their death camps.

    Now I. G. Farben’s subsidiary is making an even greater profit by exterminating millions of preborn babies.

    Ironically, the Pill’s inventor, Etienne‑Emile Baulieu of France’s National Institute of Health and Medical Research, is Jewish."


    So I don't care what the Talmud, Bible or Koran says. Business is Business and if killing babies is profitable some people will earn money with it.
    All you can do is caring for your Family and neighbours and talk sense into them.

    • It is true that the inventor of the very first abortifacient was Jewish. And I agree that he himself contributed to the killings of unborn babies.

      However, I don’t think it’s fair to make a sweeping generalization and say Jews have zero empathy towards other races and religions. It is simply no true. If the very first person who invented the abortifacient wasn’t Jewish and of a different religion, you probably wouldn’t have made that statement. One person does not represent and entire race or religion. Is it fair to say all Germans are nazis? Or all muslims or terrorists? No, it’s not.

  • mistixs

    According to a Pew Research Center survey, 83% of Jewish people say that abortion should be legal in all or most cases... this is higher than any other religious group, including nonreligious people.

    However, the percent of Catholics supporting abortion legality is 48% despite the Catholic Catechism saying that all pro-choicers are automatically excommunicated, so I guess it's not really relevant to the views of the religion itself :P

    • Very true! However, I would say that this survey was taken by conservative Jews, NOT orthodox ones so they may have different views on abortion ☺️

  • MackToday


    • I appreciate your ability to restrain yourself

    • MackToday

      I could have had an Eric Cartman moment though.

  • Oram52

    Its mostly similar to other major religions. Nothing new. Even from purely theistic perspective (even Judaic one). It doesn't matter what God says or what religion dictates as specific commandment. Following that commandment must only be choice of an individual, state or culture must not dictate or infringe on individual freedom.

    Secularism must be protected. So I can respect any religious view on abortion as long as that view is not imposed on others.

  • esotericstory

    Jews are pro-choice for other ethnic groups but pro-life for their own.

    • That maybe true! It well depends on wether they’re conservative or reform Jews as well☺️

  • gamerboy1080

    Here’s my opinion I like the idea that women has control over their body but they have a living organism in them a person in them and as much as I want to say pro choice it’s your body I can not murder a baby wether it be fetus or born it’s still has the ability to be a human and as long as that chance is there I will not let them die

  • thelokisniper

    Maybe, just maybe you could learn to use contraception

    • abortion in the case of actual harm to the mother is not being discussed as illegal or unacceptable

    • Contraception is always a wise idea! However, although contraception has a high success rate, it can be ineffective at times. In addition, birth control in Judaism is highly controversial as well

    • In Judiasm your not supposed to have intercourse out of wedlock so hell yeah its controversial.

  • KaDooKan

    so Jew's do not believe in the old testament? Jeremiah 1:4-6 4The word of the LORD came to me, saying: 5“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I set you apart and appointed you a prophet to the nations.” 6“Ah, Lord GOD,” I said, “I surely do not know how to speak, for I am only a child!”

  • Nadim171

    I'm Christian and I agree. Abortion is actually murder

  • Phanta

    I have written a full My Take on the abortion issue. It is titled: If Unborn Babies Could Talk...……………….

  • Twenty2

    Cool MyTake! I love how a Jewish thinks. Would love if everyone started thinking like this.

  • neb34

    It depends on who you ask and what sect of Judaism practice.

  • BrittBratt2416

    They should just change the size to keep murder legal

  • Snakeyes7

    I am a Christian but I will freely admit that I haven’t turned to the Bible for stuff like this nor do I know anything about Judaism as a religion but I’d say that I would not be surprised if our beliefs are one-to-one in this topic.

    I do know some people who 100% agree with the new law in Alabama with being the only exception if the mother is at risk. They claim that even in case of rape or incest it is still alive and that abortions can sometimes be traumatizing.

    What are your thoughts on this?

  • Aiko_E_Lara

    I'm a Catholic and I don't strawman what God said. I don't see fetus as a human life.

    • tiajoka

      What about the verse on how god knit us in our mothers womb? He refers to a person as being themselves, even before birth

    • I believe he sees it as a human being but we have a different point of view. I don't think God is that selfish to mark people's point of view as a sin. People at that time have no idea how many sperms cells are there in a drop that all only takes 1 to get a girl pregnant. Before you say its different, thats your opinion and there for fetus and babies are different as well. God said "thou shall not kill" however he never said "thou shall not kill a fetus" because it would be ironic that we kill millions of living sperms everytime.

  • Secretgardenblood

    Good take

    • Thank you! I really hope I didn’t offend any of your beliefs! I support whatever you think the proper choice is ☺️

  • Guardian45

    Excellent MyTake! Thank you!

  • TheSpartan

    Good to see there’s some decent Jews out there.

  • They want it all there own way

  • PocketAces

    Are you Jewish?

  • Coyote880277

    that is very funny.

  • Anonymous

    We already know religions are what's ironicay called «pro-life»

    • Judaism is Pro life only when the fetus does not harm the mother☺️

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    • Rape is allowed because it is considered unholy sex. Not wanting it cause it’s not good timing is not allowed. Even though Judaism says the the fetus is part of the women’s body, God tell people not to harm or remove parts of their body. By removing the fetus without reason, she is removing a part of her body

    • Anonymous

      All right, I got the answer I wanted but already know to ne honest...