Is abortion a gender issue? Or a moral issue?


Before jumping to the replies section to bash me. Be open minded and give this myTake a read.

I will show you why abortion concerns both genders, not only women. Read my arguments thoroughly and without bias please.

a gender issue or.. a moral issue?
a gender issue or.. a moral issue?

Claim 1: A man has no right to give his opinion on what a woman does with her body.

It has nothing to do with man and woman! It is not a gender issue, and here is why.

Let's assume you are someone who owns a big expensive building. And let's assume that many people live in that building. The building is your private property.

One day, you murdered one of the residents within your building. The police knocks on your door the next day to arrest you. Do you have the right to object given it was "your own building, your own private property"?

What if murdering people within your private property was legal? Would you still do it just because it is "legal"?

Remember, enslaving black people was legal in the USA a few centuries ago, does that mean it was morally valid?

I think you got the idea behind the parable. Abortion is not a gender issue. It is not about whose "body" it is. It is simply about a prospective human being that deserves to live. It is a moral issue.

Another example...

If you are a "male" police officer. And one day, you are walking the streets and you encounter an incidence where a "woman" is attacking and harming a child. Would you not arrest her just because she is a "woman" and you are a "man"?

You would still arrest her, right! Because it has nothing to do with her gender. It has to do with the child. The victim is the reason we fight.

Good men never constitute what their ladies do with their bodies. If a woman wants to do a plastic surgery, or if she wants to cut her hair or do whatever. No man has the right to constitute what she should do. (unless he is her father and she is still in the stage of maturing, where he has the right to parent her)

But abortion is a totally different story, it is not about her body, it is about the prospective human inside of her body. Remember, this human would have never come to existence without the sperm of a "man". It is a moral issue that concerns both genders.

The media is trying to switch our focus from the moral issue! They faked the gender issue to create a gender war.

Abortion is one of the very specific cases that require flexible judgement. It is a one-of-a-kind problem that cannot be simply thrown under any category recklessly.

The media doesn't want us to think independently, they want to imprison us in the notion that "Abortion is a woman's right, a woman's business". While in the essence of it, the real focus should be on the prospective human within that woman's body.

When a woman "chooses" abortion, she simply decides the fate of another human being. Imagine what the human could have been in 20 years if he or she was not aborted!

In 20 years, that "fetus" could become an independent human, someone who feels, thinks, interacts, succeeds, fails and recovers, enjoys life. Even more! That human might be one of the big difference makers in our world! You simply killed all of this in a split second, just because the media brainwashed you into believing it is a gender and women's rights issue. It is not, it is a moral issue.

It is a moral issue because someone's else fate is controlled. Neither a woman, or a man, have the right to control the fate of any human.

Claim 2: It is not yet a human, it is a fetus, exactly as eggs and sperms.

Some people would claim that all male sperms and female eggs are simply potential humans. So is masturbation or being on period also murder? NO, this is a totally different story!

The evidence is crystal-clear. Without fertilization, the sperm and eggs will never create a human. Sperms or eggs alone are NOT potential humans since no matter how much time they survive, they will never form a human on their own.

Once fertilization occurs. It is a matter of time. A human's existence started. And by ending the process, you killed that human. You killed everything this human could have been. Just because it is "legal", just because the media convinced you it is "your right". It is not the right of any human to kill another human regardless of their gender! Remember how slavery was "legal". Remember how the "media" supported slavery. Remember how "science" was used to validate racism! And it was all wrong.

Is abortion a gender issue? Or a moral issue?
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  • FrontierMan
    Don't care, abortion is going to be illegal eventually no matter what and there's nothing anyone can do about it.
  • My opinion still didn't change but thanks.