Second hand smoke is RAPE!

Rape: (noun) the wanton destruction or spoiling of a place; (verb) spoil or destroy. Oxford dictionary of English, second definition.

Second hand smoke is RAPE!

Long term effects of THC exposure: “the drug may impair thinking, memory, and learning functions and affect how the brain builds connections between the areas necessary for these functions.“ source:

Marijuana smoke contains carcinogens. Source:

Marijuana deposits 4 times as much tar into the lungs as tobacco. Both deposit tar into the lungs. Source:

Tobacco smoke contains carcinogens. Source:

Tank based vapes and e-cigs produce formaldehyde. Source:

Second hand smoke is RAPE!

Just like sexual rape, a party may not consent to being exposed to tar, formaldehyde, other carcinogens or THC and still have their lack of consent violated and have their lungs become exposed to these chemicals and elements.

Two parents raping their daughter.
Two parents raping their daughter.

Quite literally soiling the body with toxic chemicals and elements, meeting the dictionary definition of rape. As such, smoking should be punishable as rape is punishable just as long as people who do not consent are exposed to second hand smoke.

Second hand smoke is RAPE!

I’d be curious to review rape laws on a state by state basis in the US to find out if, technically, such arguments could be raised in court.

Note, I am not opposed to consensual smoking. Nor am I saying I would never consent, especially if only for a casual social night out once in a blue moon. However, I am absolutely saying that if at any point consent is revoked the smoking must stop.

That is all. ✌🏻

Second hand smoke is RAPE!
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  • Imcmullan

    Omg last night when I left work I saw a mom smoking right next to her young daughter. It broke my heart n made me angry at the same time
    I think it should be against the law to smoke in the presence of minors

    • Robertcw

      I can’t even express how much I agree with you.

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  • MannySimms

    Quite an issue you've chosen! Perhaps attacking it on a larger scale would be better for your planet and all who reside there.

    • Robertcw

      Maybe. You can not deny the unpleasantness of cigarette smoke. I think that’s an irrefutable fact. And the fact is, industrialization doesn’t cause immediate discomfort in a present moment. Cigarettes do.

  • MissDawn7961

    Hi ! I do not consider it rape unless you think of smoking as raping anyone of having pure air to breath and raping your child from being able to breath God's pure clean air instead of something that comes from your nose ! Smoking is a bad and dangerous habit for anyone ! God did not make your sensitive lungs to have you clog them up with smoke ! Thanks for reading this

  • John_Doesnt

    I'm guessing people need to know what the word rape actually means.

    • Robertcw

      I won’t budge an inch on this. I have been forced to live with smokers my entire life who did not honor my explicit lack of consent to exposure of smoke. I have no tolerance for smokers. None at all.

    • Vocabulary choice is very important in the English language. We're not speaking French where we can throw around any random word that sounds good.
      You could also use the word "lung molester" in this case. But it would be an inappropriate word choice.

    • Robertcw

      I provided a definition which satisfies these conditions. That’s the first thing I wrote in the take.

      Moreover, colloquial definitions are more important in spoken language than dictionary definitions anyway. And when the two line up, it’s perfect.

  • Nice mytake

  • PrettyRegular

    That's ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    "Show grandma how you smoke" *holds lit cigarette up to 3yo's lips*

    That old bitch didn't like me at all. I was a complete asshole that day and proud of it

  • Anonymous

    Nice, diluting the term "rape" even further. Is there anything that is not considered "rape" these days? I agree second hand smoke is very bad, but let's not make the term "rape" and even bigger joke than feminists have already made it.