Why I think modern feminism is stupid

Why I think modern feminism is stupid

So you know how there’s this big feminist thing going on and I think it’s absolutely stupid. Okay you can NOT tell me that I hate women by saying this. I am a woman and I love it so f you.

I don’t want stupid people ruining society. Of course we all need to be treated with respect and shit but women already are for the most part. This whole big plan for “equality” is gonna backfire when all of the men hate us.

Yeah maybe women don’t get paid as much but that is generally because they work in lower paying jobs because they want to! Not because men are forcing them too. And the ones that get paid less in the same jobs that’s because it’s more risky for the companies. If that woman gets pregnant she will have to take maternity leave eventually and than the company has to find someone to fill in. That costs them money. And chances are women will have kids at some point and generally it’s the woman that takes off to take care of the kid not because of oppression but because of nature!

And the ones that are saying men don’t treat us right and they are entitled to us and they hate women are just being stupid. We are the ones being entitled bitches so all of you butts out there trying to get men to be like dogs can all shut up.

Yeah of course there are a few men who are like how you describe but most aren’t. Most men like women and do respect us but you feminists are making them feel like we don’t appreciate it. Because you always want more more more of what you can’t have.

Our society and pretty much the entire world is built on male dominance. If you want women to be the dominant gender, are you ready to have chaos while we try to create a completely new way of life? Just so you don’t have to deal with a few petty problems? Having perfect equality without changing the baseline of our world would mean that you would be drafted to fight in wars. I certainly don’t want that.

Besides for all you girls saying men don’t respect us, they probably respect us less now after all of this shit. And complaining that women have too high of standards, have you seen what men have to go through? Because of us. I mean obviously everyone wants a decent partner, but you cannot criticize the men for doing something we do to them too.

What feminism should be about is getting women the ability to do what they want in this society right now. Not trying to push the men out of the way because that have been in the lead for so long. We should be trying to stop oppression not oppressing the men. That’s a little counterproductive. End.

Okay sorry for run on sentences I tend to do that when I get emotional.

Why I think modern feminism is stupid
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  • Jager66
    "Besides for all you girls saying men don’t respect us, they probably respect us less now after all of this shit."

    This cannot be understated. Pump and Dump pick up culture and MGTOW are direct results of Feminism.

    Imagine how little care for, or respect for the average woman millions and millions of men now have! Men used to believe even using foul language in front of a lady was totally inappropriate and if you got one pregnant you became 100% responsible for her well being, possibly for the rest of her life.

    Now openly hating them or learning how to manipulate them well enough that they can be used as cum dumpsters has become considered cool, normal or funny by huge portions of the population.

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  • anametouse
    This is fair. Mutual respect for both genders goes a long way, even it it means calling one of them out
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  • MzAsh
    Women should have what they want and do as they please. The problem is they keep trying to get a permission slip from men. You want power? You want control over your own life? You TAKE it. Don’t ask for it. Don’t beg for it. Don’t cry about it. TAKE IT.

    It’s simple.

    Besides, the internet is a gold mine for women. I know millionaire bloggers and Instagram business women. Choose a niche. Gain a following, sell a product or service, and profit. I’m doing it myself. Men don’t have it as easy as we women do in that market.
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  • MackToday
    If you want to understand about feminism you need to know what it really is. Start with that clenched fist salute in the picture. That goes way back beyond what we know as feminism. That's a communist salute and it was used in the early Soviet days probably even before. It represents the workers rising up against the oppressive wealthy bourgeois business owners. Does the poster look familiar? There's your "feminist" clenched fist salute. Women are being manipulated they think their fighting for women's empowerment but the're being lied to and fed Marxism and class struggle instead. A system based on envy and hatred of life and the way the world works. When ancient people created the character of Cain in the bible, they were teaching about the most basic motivation for murder, envy and rage at life it's self. This is where the hatred for " patriarchy" comes from. There is no patriarchy, society is arraigned the way it is because men and women evolved that way. A weak minded person can not accept the ups and downs of life, he , or in this case she, picks up the hammer and sickle meant for innocent work and wields them as weapons just as Cain wielded a common stone. Notice how a lot of feminists are fat , deformed , homosexual or struggling in some other way? It's easy to get people like that to think they've been unfairly marginalized when in reality they only suffer because of random chance, the genetic roll of the dice. Why I think modern feminism is stupid
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    • Anonymous

      Or maybe I just had to put a picture or I couldn’t post it? I just picked the first one I saw

    • MackToday

      The point is that that icon is used by "feminists" and it is used a lot. It's what they are, Marxist revolutionaries.

  • Glue-Sniffer
    One of these days I will make a fake male account as well and let a stray cat walk on my keyboard and post it as a mytake on this website...
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    • Anonymous

      You really think I’m a guy? Jeez this is exactly what I mean.

    • An underaged anonymous figure on the internet posting garbage? Lol
      Yes I do!

    • Anonymous

      Just because I’m not an adult doesn’t mean I can’t have opinions. And it’s not garbage just because it’s not something you agree with.

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  • Aphrodite801
    I like how you chose to go Anon, cause you knew what you were gonna say was gonna be “stupid”
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    • Anonymous

      No it’s because my account is private and I don’t want people coming at me for this. I was just trying to get my point out there.

    • No it’s because of what I said

    • Anonymous

      Actually I don’t really care of what you said. When I was writing this, the thought of it being stupid never occurred to me. I did know, however, that a lot of girls would come at me, so I made it anonymous in order to keep you from harassing me on my account.

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  • SwordShield
    Is it truly a crime to sit comfortably or state facts? Shall I be blamed for my ancestor's crimes? Shall I be damned and have my problems ignored because I am a white male? Shall I not be supported at all? Perhaps I am the insane one...
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  • WickedWill
    As long as I get to see some broads lifting heavy shit at work instead of calling a guy, I'm for them getting paid more then men and getting better parking spaces or whatever else they are fighting for these days.
  • A-man-22
    I agree. Both men and women need to be developed on for a fair society.

    Developing one too much without the other causes inequality.

    E. g. what modern feminism is doing.
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  • ElwisRansom
    That was actually an interesting text. I guess I agree with all the major points of your thesis.
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  • Zeedion
    I completely agree with you, glad someone thinks the same as I do
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  • TavionRiley
    Hey can't blame me for what some sexiest dip shit did. Get to know me for who I am before assuming I'm sexiest. I look at everyone as a human not make or female
  • Alex_Baker
    It's a big problem. I recently lost 2 female friends due to this and my life is so much more chilled. I work with women I love women I love my mom but my mom raised me to be a man and my dad would want me to marry someone feminine. Basically my values are in what works for most of us. Feminism is all good until women become abusive towards men by trying to dominate and manipulate nature. The feminist women I've met are usually narcissistic. Just nasty people really. Leave men alone and dont make it their fault for your lack of boundaries.
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  • Maryvas
  • Anonymous
    Hey look, an honest woman. I love it when that happens... on those rare occasions, that is.
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  • Anonymous
    Dude, you're mixing feminism with feminazism again and again... don't you have anything better to do instead of making fake female accounts? 😂
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    • Wow! Yeah man, a WOMAN seeing through your bullshit and not wanting to exploit men for shit? Tough story.

    • Anonymous

      @SwordShield Cool, so it's your fake profile, good to know ;)

    • Anonymous

      @SwordShield Well, it's funny to see how delusional you are because you think that I believe you 😂
      I know you have them, not just one, but at least 7-9 of them ;)
      Of course people are most likely not gonna believe you, cause they know that you lie whenever you open your mouth... and most of them here on the GaG already had many of such pointless discussions with your alternative profiles, so it's kinda obvious that you are delusional, cause you don't see how transparent your manipulations are.
      LOL, emojis are not here to "work", they are just a decoration 😎

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