Why Asians do better than Blacks

Why Asians do better than Blacks

Why do Asians do better than Blacks in society economically? Is it because they are born rich computer geniuses? Is it because Blacks are lazy.

None if this is true.

1. Black people in America have lived in Depression level economic conditions since slavery. Much of that time, 50% were unemployed. These families were unable to pass down generational wealth. Whether it was slavery, or Jim Crow from 1865 to 1968. It destroyed families.

2. The only solution for many was an underground economy of crime or drugs. Between 1970 to present, there was the rise of the jailing of Black men. This destroyed the family nucleus.

3. Because so many Black men were jailed, most families have been raised in single parent households, in poor communities with bad school. These mothers face job discrimination, are denied promotion, and have no income to leave bad neighborhoods. Plus there's red lining etc. It has destroyed opportunity for children.

4. Asians have been whitened and assimilated into white culture. Due to racism, lighter skin defenses are assimilated faster than dark. Europeans before Asians, then Latino, etc.

Asians have worked hard but have typically been raised by 2 parents, never faced the same suffering in Jim Crow or jailing. Assimilation has given them positive stereotypes like being smart, etc. Stereotypes for young Black children in media and movies are negative.

Why Asians do better than Blacks
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  • Anonymous
    Asian communities in America were never destroyed by white mobs like black communities and were left alone to prosper . In the early 20th century, Blacks had many prominent communities in Tulsa OK, Durham NC, and communities in Florida , Illinois, California Georgia during the reconstruction and Jim Crow eras Complete with business districts insurance companies and well to do blacks and these areas became very prosperous which caused the whites to become jealous and resentful. The success of these once prosperous and prominent black communities was what led to their ultimate demise , so next time you have someone say that blacks need to pull their bootstraps up , don't value education show these articles. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenwood,_Tulsa
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    • MrNameless

      Oh they definitely wore when they first came here in the 1800s and came to work on the rail roads.. Also Japanese Americans in the 40s faced a lot of discrimination.

    • Anonymous

      @MrNameless Don't ever try to compare the Japanese and Chinese immigrants to what African slaves and their descendants went through with chattel slavery, reconstruction , Jim Crow and redlining what they went through in America is a walk in the park compared to what my ancestors and my fellow black people in the slavery, reconstruction and Jim Crow eras and even the present day went through.

    • That's incorrect. Also "chattel slavery" is slavery, that's a redundant term, do you think that when Africans enslaved other Africans it wasn't chattel slavery? When north Africans invaded the coast of Europe and took whites as slaves that it wasn't chattel slavery? When the ottomans invaded Europe and enslaved whites it wasn't chattel slavery? When Aztecs and native americans took slaves it wasn't chattel slavery? OF course it was. The irony of your statement is actually that Europeans actually where the only ones who DIDN'T have chattel slavery, they had indentured servitude for most groups. After that transitioned to slavery they still had laws that regulated how one treated slaves unlike literally every single other group in the world. So that is incorrect on an epic scale. Further more as my previous statements allude to, your going to claim that every single other group in the world (like whites and Asians (and their various ethnic groups like irish Italian and greek all of which experienced descrimination ("Irish/Italians/asians need not apply" was a common sight for early twentieth century)) where able to overcome that descrimination but blacks where not? Doesn't that strike you as a little racist? Why where blacks not able to bounce back from descrimination that happened before? I mean even jim crow laws didn't exist every where in the US, and even if they did they ended in the 60s. Blacks got the right to vote before Asians did, Asians where descriminated against during and after WWII. So what are you trying to say? Are you seriously going to argue that blacks are just so weak that they can't do what literally every single other group in the entire world has done? That's a stupid argument.

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  • zagor
    You forgot the peer pressure in the Asian communities to excel in school. Whereas some black students are mocked by the peers when they work hard at academics.
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    • zagor

      Plus, for those in poor communities, there is the stress of crime and violence.

      I worked with a black kid who had not considered going to college until he visited his cousin at U and was surprised to see there weren't a lot of gang members hanging around. From his experience, he associated school with fear and intimidation.

    • Babygirl_S

      African immigrants in my country aren't shamed by their peers though. May be lack of education is mocked in the USA.

    • Babygirl_S

      *is shamed

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Babygirl_S
    Due to racism against dark-skinned people. That is the simplest answer.
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    • mfundi

      Point of collection please we are not lazy

    • Babygirl_S

      I like to keep it concise sometimes.

    • mfundi

      Bad gorvners

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  • BattleKitten77
    Simple they dont call criminal shit their culture. They dont blame all their problems so their race. Boo fucking hoo. Everyone body hates me nobody likes me so i will just go eat mud.
    Lastly they bust their ass for their kids to be educated not act like assholes and break the law. Being educated in the black community is shamed.
    • jayden888

      Is being educated in the black community shamed, really? Where are you getting that from?

    • Babygirl_S

      They don't shame it. They even go to different countries for education (even India) and have to deal with racists.

    • @jayden888 In the US it is. I've heard many blacks mention how if you speak proper English or try to get good grades you get accused of "acting white"(which apparently is a bad thing. Of course it would be racist if you accused a white person of acting black but for some reason the inverse is acceptable).

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  • Kavya190
    When I lived in the US, I had African classmates who were very intelligent. A Nigerian classmate of mine would always get top grades. However, African Americans lacked the same drive. There’s a big cultural differences between Black Americans and African immigrants from Africa.
    • I think the lack of drive is both cultural and parenting. Asians both in parenting and culture emphasize hard work and achievement. But you need 2 parents to bring that home. Blacks often dont have that.

    • flowers70

      @apope people from africa are highly intelligent and scholars. You're just being a racist and nitpicking on a particular group due to your ignorance

    • @flowers70 first, I am Black and native American. Im not racist. Second, you can bring up other exceptions all you want but numbers dont like. Almost 1 out of every 3 black men in America wind up in jail. Mother's are raising children, fathers are in jail. Not all. But statistically thats real

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  • It is like a very uninformed thread. Let me help you out.

    I guess you identify as being "Black" or African-American. I don't know. Just guessing.

    So, let start with Points 1.2.3. African-Americans have historical challenges to economic success, stability. We all know the deal, racism, discrimination, etc., etc. But you can't avoid the obvious factors of African-American culture. As you can see, I am not a racist. But there are elements of African-American Culture that just do not cherish education and intelligence. To be honest, that is an issue facing American society as a whole, as we seem as a nation to only place a real value on ignorance. But the fact is, that if African-Americans want more economic success, we will have to figure out how to educate "Black" people better and create more economic opportunities for ourselves. No one is going to do this for us. As for your obsession with looking at "Black" people as a race, you neglect to understand that African and Caribbean people immigrate to the U. S. also. And if you look at their ability to get an education and find economic success, you will see it roughly corresponds to what most immigrant groups experience. Immigrants are simply better educated and enjoy more economic success than the average American, "Black" or "White".

    4. This is just flat out ignorant and false. Asians immigrants are not assimilated into "Whiteness", hence the name Asian or Asian-American. Asian immigrants like all immigrants create communities in the U. S. where they can find help, economic assistance, and stability so they can start their own businesses and enjoy economic success. Just because racism grades us in magnitudes of "Whiteness" does not mean the lighter skinned experience no racism or even less racism

    Your obsession with race and lack of ability to understand culture leads to very uninformed and nonsensical conclusions. "Blacks" not having fathers? Tell that to Nigerian immigrants.

    "Today, 29 percent of Nigerian-Americans over the age of 25 hold a graduate degree, compared to 11 percent of the overall U. S. population, according to the Migrations Policy Institute. Among Nigerian-American professionals, 45 percent work in education services, the 2016 American Community Survey found, and many are professors at top universities. Nigerians are entering the medical field in the U. S. at an increased rate, leaving their home country to work in American hospitals, where they can earn more and work in better facilities. A growing number of Nigerian-Americans are becoming entrepreneurs and CEOs, building tech companies in the U. S. to help people back home."

  • englisc
    Average Asian IQ: 105
    Average African-American IQ: 85
    Average African IQ: 70

    Average IQ scores by country:
    Why Asians do better than Blacks

    IQ is 80% genetic, and if you look at average IQ scores you can see patterns. Patterns which you're not supposed to see. The things you're saying about the conditions in America don't make sense when comparing them to Africa. I'm not saying that slavery was a good thing of course because it was terrible, but African Americans are smarter than Africans living in Africa, 15-20 points higher.

    Then look at IQ scores between men and women:

    Why Asians do better than Blacks

    There are more women around the average, more men at the extreme ends. This is also true for positions in society. More men at the top in leadership positions, and more men at the bottom with 90% of the homeless being men.

    People prefer to avoid talking about this.

  • mattdzz
    First, off, your postulations are bullshit.
    Having said that, I'll explain why.
    1. Asians, including those in the first China towns, were in poverty, as much so as blacks (and were further prevented from intermarriage, nor were they accepted into white society), but they were far more industrious and entrepreneurial; so, did far better.
    2. The only solution my ass.
    3. The war on crime/ drugs doesn't explain why 20% of black kids were born out of wedlock prior to it, and 73% are today. That's a lack of responsibility. Same thing with the incredibly high rates of herpes in the black community. You have not been able to discriminate against single moms in hiring since the depression, and most subsidized housing is meant for single moms.
    4. Asians have been whitened because they do so damn well in school, show success in business, and are intelligent, civilized people who are not violent. We've accepted them because they've shown they belong in civil society, including Western society. They had to overcome cultural and language barriers, and still did so within a generation.
    Once again, Asian people are responsible, graduate from high school, college, THEN have kids while married, and are almost guaranteed a place in the middle class for doing that bare minimum. Further, they haven't developed a gang culture, their own sloppy vernacular, nor a persona of being aggressive and violent. And what's worst is that black kids fully embrace the worst stereotypes, then are surprised when they're treated like the thugs they look/ act like.
    • JDavid25

      You sound mad and ignorant.. "Black" people didn't just become like that out of nowhere.. Also like he said.. There were prosperous "Black" communities.. And you can thank suburban "White" kids for makin gangster rap popular.. Apparently "Black" men rappin about killin other "Black" men was appealing to them..

    • Wait? Are you pushing the blame of negative black cultures onto whites? "Blame white kids for making gangsta rap popular." At some point the black community has to own it's failings. Instead of coming up with excuse after excuse to why they keep fucking up. Sort out your own group or another group will, and it won't be pretty.

    • JDavid25

      @the_face_of_god But... That's what happened.. Back in the mid 80s early 90s they was a lot of intellectual rappers, but corporations saw what was sellin, and since "White" Suburban kids made up a lot of they consumers, they went with what the majority liked, and what sold.. Should makes since.. I'm pretty sure we own up to our problems all the time if you actually look.. But a lot of what we are today was because of the system, and right now we are tryna "sort out our problems".. Thank you..

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  • hellionthesagereborn
    Well that's entirely incorrect. The first black millionaire was a woman, she became rich in the early 1900s i. e. fourty years after the end of slavery. We had the first black US marshal, Bass Reed who had been an escaped slave, the first black governor was in I want to say 1880s as where the first black US congressman. In fact we know for a fact that what your stating is incorrect because blacks actually where fairing far better economically and socially before the sixties with a higher probability of graduating highschool, graduating college, of having their own business and with higher rates of being employed. In fact these rates dropped after the sixties when single mother homes became increasingly more common.

    your argument is not only incredibly racist towards whites its also racist towards Asians and blacks. We know what the problem is and we have known for decades and that is fatherlessness. 80% of inmates are from single mother homes, we know that fatherlessness increases the probability of academic failure, poverty, increased rates of criminality, increased rates of substance abuse, and increased rates of promiscuity (which perpetuates the problem) all of which we see in the black community and most of it starting in the 60s after the introduction of welfare and more specifically it being actively targeted towards the black community (welfare programs that specifically called for the woman to be a single mother before being able to be accessed).

    So you saying that because 150 years ago something bad happened to some one that modern day blacks NEVER knew, nor knew the children of nor the grand children of, and that's why they are in this current situation is incredibly racist. What, do they not have free will? Do they need the white man to come in and do everything for them? Obviously when you tell an entire group that they are perpetually helpless and nothing they do matters, they are going to stop trying to fix the problem. What you have said is entirely inaccurate (FYI slavery existed in all places of the world, every race was enslaved and every race enslaved yet every other group managed to move on from it and to do so very quickly, within only a generation or so).

    As for Asians, Asians where descriminated against in some parts of the country as well (just as the Irish where, Italians where, Hispanics where, blacks where, native americans where etc. etc.(the idea of a multicultural society had never really occurred before so it was definitely a learning curve and not every one was able to keep up sadly)), yet they managed. As for them being "accepted into white culture" that is inaccurate. Yes its true that they assimilated in some ways, and that's a very good thing (why would we demand that an entire nation of people assimiliate to the smallest percentage of people? That doesn't make any sense and shows a complete disrespect for that culture and society), however being in a two parent household was a trait of their culture too. So was working really hard to get into college. You'll also notice that their is actually less intermingling in many Asian communities with whites, they tend to stick together more (I personally think their should be more assimilation) etc. So again, everything you said is entirely wrong and is nothing more then trying to make an excuse for why one group is failing (primarily due to their own choices (and partially as a consequence of their parents choices i. e. fatherlessness was not the fault of the one without a father but they then go on and perpetuate the problem).
    • Blacks are just as capable as any other group and suggesting otherwise is rather racist and disgusting, along with being inaccurate. If you look at media blacks dominate the music industry right now, we also have plenty of rich black academics (Thomas Sowell who managed to become successful in the sixties and seventies and is a professor at cornell. Also Larry Elder who was a lawyer, etc. etc.), why where they not held back? My great grandfather came into the US with nothing and had to work on the railroad, his son worked in construction. Where is my inherited wealth? Oh yeah, I don't have any. In fact the majority of people don't have inherited wealth, they worked for it like every one else. I mean are you counting the poor coal miners when you talk about "inherited wealth"? Oh no, you forgot about them huh? Most of them where of Germanic and welsh decent. WE have far more poor whites then any other group in the US, just look at Appalachia. How is it that you would dismiss them? Because its not convient for the argument your trying to make. Stop making excuses and start providing solutions. You want to fix the problems in the black community? Here is the solution, stop having children out of wedlock, stop dropping out of school stay employed. That's it, that is all we need to do and we basically solve all the black community problems right their. Don't enable bad behavior.

    • Gavyn

      Dude, you hit the nail on the head! Nice work.

    • @Gavyn Thank you.

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  • Curmudgeon
    Except that you have #2 and #3 exactly backwards. The destruction of their family nucleus, and thus fatherless children more prone to crime and promiscuity, began *before* 1970. And so, in spite of discrimination being much less than it was and practices like "red-lining" being banned by 1964, and even "Affirmative Action" introduced, they have fallen behind.
    • jainsharma

      निकलते है जब कभी
      सच्चा दिल लेकर
      दुनिया के बाजार में ।
      खरीद दार जमाने में
      एक नही मिलता
      मगर खिलवाड़ करने के लिए
      लोग खड़े है कतार में ।।
      तो क्या समझे हम 🤔🤔
      प्यार रहा नही दुनिया में , ,
      या दम नहीं रहा, अब प्यार में ।।
      🚩 डॉ राधे शर्मा आचार्य

    • Curmudgeon

      I did my Hindi to English translation, and:

      Whenever you leave
      True hearted
      In the world market.
      At the time of purchase
      Don't get one
      But to mess with
      People are standing in queue.
      So what should we understand?
      Love is no more in the world,
      Or can't stand, now in love.
      Dr. Radhey Sharma Acharya

    • Thats just not true. Before 1970 most black families were strong 2 parent households who wore shirts and ties. They went to church.

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  • Liam_Hayden
    I suggest that you watch Walter Williams: Suffer No Fools. He talks about his life and how government intervention has destroyed the Black Family.

    Also, your #4 is not entirely accurate. The Chinese suffered great prejudice in the United States. And of course Japanese-Americans were put in concentrati... internment camps during WWII.
  • NerdInDenial
    Asian men are emasculated and Asian women are fetishized. There were many laws against Asian immigration as well. So, it's not as if Asians have not faced adversity. Also, the worst stereotype for Asians, especially Asian men, is the reputation of having a small penis. So, do blacks honestly have it worse than Asians?
    • Babygirl_S

      Since their women have it better than black women so the damage is halved.

  • demonics
    1. Prior to Jim Crow blacks were fast approaching parity with whites regarding economic productivity.
    2. Citation needed.
    3. Black women dominated secretarial, filing, and clerical work starting in the 60's. If anything the individuals most likely to put a black man away were black women. The face of the company, the person who's recommendation determines whether you get hired or not, more often than not... was a black woman. Jailed for what? Were jobs illegal for black men to get?
    4. Lighter skin tones being seen as superior predates modern civilization. Prior to the discovery of caucasoids, Asian cultures valued pale skin, as tan skinned individuals didn't have the luxury of biding their time indoors, taking in the arts and literature. Blacks have the highest rates of in group preferences, followed by Asians, the hispanics, THEN whites. In fact a significant majority of whites in recent years have developed an out group preference


    Thanks for playing sweetie!
  • canadiancoloursky
    Asians also have more culture available to them as well, and more known about their history from their homelands... African cultural norms have been destroyed, because of slave trade and racism... Also the changing of family unit structure because of systemic racism
  • WalterRadio
    Let's start with the fact that the average Asian IQ is substantially higher than the average black IQ.

    Then let's look at the fact that Asians are far less likely to have babies out of wedlock, far more likely to finish high school, and far less likely to commit a crime.

    For any particular black and Asian who have the same IQ, the same family values, same propensity for law abiding, and the same education, they are likely to have a very similar standard of living.
  • jainsharma
    निकलते है जब कभी
    सच्चा दिल लेकर
    दुनिया के बाजार में ।
    खरीद दार जमाने में
    एक नही मिलता
    मगर खिलवाड़ करने के लिए
    लोग खड़े है कतार में ।।
    तो क्या समझे हम 🤔🤔
    प्यार रहा नही दुनिया में , ,
    या दम नहीं रहा, अब प्यार में ।।
    🚩 डॉ राधे शर्मा आचार्य
  • flowers70
    Mmm like the above user said black americans and Africans have an entirely different work ethic just like most foreigners compared to any American. White American kids are spoiled and rich with a silver spoon. Mean while foreign caucasian kids are scholars in school because the opportunities in their homeland is much scarce. Instead of making it a black vs Asian issue you need to address foreigners vs American citizens. Sounds like you're picking on a specific racial group and profiling. Very ignorant I may say.
    • lokooo

      Have you ever been visited to malls

    • flowers70

      Africans are highly intelligent @apope

    • flowers70

      @Pink2000 white people start so much unnecessary drama. How can we get this removed

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  • Guanfei
    That's just simple: most Asian communities have a work and merit culture. They aim for the higher status, the best job, and they know the best way to achieve it is working hard. It's not just a mentality, it's really a culture. Also, when they fail, they don't just blame other people, cry for any reason and wait for others to give them stuff. They just work harder. And finally, they're integrated, not because we integrated them, but because they did it themselves.

    Black communities, and not just in the US, have both a victimization and a gang culture. They're doing worse because they think that they'll just have to cry about a made up racism and people will give them shit for free without any effort. They also over represented in crime stats everywhere, And for many of them, succeeding in a "white country" is just kneeling before white people, and they're rather do bad than letting their community think they're "whitening" their minds.
    The stereotypes you're talking about are negative, yes. But they're true.
    And that's the thing, black people are responsible for their own situation, but refuse to admit it and they prefer to blame evil white people and ask for free stuff.

    Truth is, your take is wrong, because again you're trying to make up excuses to blame other people for black people failures. You're actually perpetuating the exact same thing that bring down black people in the US. Instead of push them to work, get what they want by their own will, what you do is saying "yeah people are mean and racists and that's why we can't succeed and will never succeed".
    The stereotypes about Asians are positive, but true. They're hard working people. And this is why they do better than not only black people, but any community too. And if, instead of shitting on them and crying, you'd follow their example, you'd have much more success.
    But judging by you whiny take, that's not gonna happen soon.
  • Dongtai
    Can we start putting the word “people” in front of words like blacks and other unofficial names for ethnicities? There’s something dehumanizing about it.

    Whites. Blacks. Say black people. White people.
  • foriWish
    Jim Crow laws, Black Codes, and Redlining still exist amongst other things
  • LiMBoH
    A large percentage of blacks grow up in rough environments to say the least, so most of them feel trapped into that lifestyle while a lucky few make it and become successful financially.

    Many Asians are raised to be excellent students and workers plain and simple, they're essentially bred for excellence😅
  • Kaazsz
    It’s called capitalism. And every time a group of people install enough elements of capitalism they flourish. It wasn’t long ago the Asian countries were poor and suffering too.

    The African countries suffer from a hatred of the idea of a free market. They believe in socialism because that’s what they were taught is right. And they will continue to suffer until they reverse that mentality, just like every country that has implemented some form of private property and at least somewhat free market.

    But for some reason nobody wants to admit it. We all hate capitalism because we are ignorant and stupid. And when capitalism raises us out of poverty we vote to get rid of it because we are idiots. The race of the people doesn't matter. It’s the ideas implemented that matter.
  • Dog20
    In addition to that, black woman are more likely to date down, or date guys who are felonies, unemployed for a few years, or he is homeless and looking for her as a handout. This is why black woman are typically put at the bottom of the barrel because we don't go for men with degrees or who can provide a better life. Why? I don't know.
  • Kenwoodman
    There are many single mother families. Mostly because father fucked around and made kids. It is what too easy to blame your lack of success to disadvantsged bsckground etc. Go, work hard and be succesful. If you feel that you are nit succesful because of white peoplr around, feel free to emigratebto Africa. No one owns anything to you because you are black
  • lickem1961
    I really think that you need to judge people on an individual basis because there are differences between every body come on
    • Statistics dont lie. You simply can't do that because legally snd structurally society doesn't judge individually.

  • Hypnos0929
    Lot of racists in this thread and people avoiding the past. If a black person mentions the past they're lazy and pretending to be victims no matter what they say but if a white person mentions the past it's all peachy because the romanticize the past and we're willing to knock that out of their minds.
    Prime example is the game MK11. For some reason there was a huge backlash when people found out Jax's ending was him stopping slavery, many said it was because he killed white people.
  • sageevalentinee
    I live in the UK, where conditions are different. I have a very positive opinion of my black peers who are smart. I know a Nigerian girl who is so clever. I don't want to generalise, but, people with Asian mums, like mine, or even russian mums, struggle a bit. Every girl needs an economics/medicine degree, play grade 8 piano/violin, cook like a masterchef, be slim and sufficiently beautiful. Marry a rich good looking husband, have cute babies and buy a big house and a yacht. Only then will my mother be somewhat proud of me.

    Even then she might say when you were 13 I remember you fcked this up blahabalhaab. It's a blessing a curse to have such a mother. I appreciate all her good guidance, I'd be lost without it. But will also be slightly easier on my kids. I will have high expectations, but I won't be picky to the point where they want to jump off a cliff. (She is picky to the point of what kind of underwear I wear and how long my nails are) urggghh still adore her though! <3
  • abc3643
    In what way?

    In the NBA, I think the answer is obvious as to who is doing better. Ask Jeremy Lin who's on his way to play ball in China this coming NBA season.
  • hahahmm
    Don’t agree with your 4th point. There are black people who moved straight from poverty in other countries & into the U. S. who became multi millionaires after only 5-10 years.

    As to your other points, maybe. I grew up in a part of the county where a lot of black people are successful. These black people don’t encourage/celebrate/glorify the kinds of activities that hold people back.

    But ultimately if a person wants a better life they have to stop listening to the people telling them that they’re helpless victims & focus more on doing things for themselves.
  • SufiStorm
    Key figure china billion people Asia billion people society born of struggle is a smart society vs privileged
  • TadCurious
    It's largely a stark cultural difference, especially regarding the importance placed on education and discipline.
  • VikingBlood86
    It's more about culture than anything. Asians were put into internment camps in America back in WW2. Most Asians weren't allowed to be citizens or vote more recently than blacks. So they saw their "fair share" of discrimination.

    The harsh jail punishments for black drug offenses were pushed by black leaders at the time to dissuade blacks from using drugs.

    The percentage of single parent black families is way too high to be accounted for simply by jail. The single mother household skyrocketed (for all races) once the government started telling mothers "you can get more money if the father isn't in the home" and it hit the black community the hardest.

    At this point, it's a culture issue, not a race issue.
  • a-little-bit-of-this
    When you see the word "Asian", you think of Chinese, Korean, Japanese. Look, Asians are not only Chinese, Japanese, Korean you guys 🤦‍♀️. Indian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Laotian, Taiwanese, etc are Asians too
  • Most black people are just idiots, that's why most all black countries look like hell holes.
    • JDavid25

      I knew you was racist.. Glad thou finally came out wit it.. 😂😂.. I wonder how pleased God is with that..

    • @JDavid25: My bad. I forgot speaking facts equals to racism.

    • JDavid25

      No racism is considered racism.. I don't see any facts here.. But, I'm not surprised with it comin from you.. You are pretty ethnocentric..

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  • AircraftCarrier
    Also, the Asian proved their strength during ww2 because before that, whites thought Asians were inferior and the they were like oh shit when Japan came in
  • Clinton321
    I thing, I no for sure we are all one... weather black or white.. It just determine the way we are brought up.. we are all created by one person... One love to all😘
  • ronaldo75
    Asian communities have the following

    -2 Parent homes.
    -Frugal, thrifty spending
    -Family-owned small businesses
    -Kids that have homework finished before dinner and are in bed before 9pm
    -Parents that help with homework and check grades
    -Little drug use
    -Family loans for businesses and college
    -Zero teen pregnancy or teens more concerned with fucking than with school grades
    -Property ownership
    -Very little victim complex against whites
    -Strong habit of saving money for years
  • ImagineSketchy
    Was this a requested myTake or something you've just been thinking about? Asking for research purposes.
  • White-American89
    Generally Asian have a greater emphasis on their children's education and push them to do better in life than they did making major foresight and sacrafices.
    The Jews are pretty much the same as are middle easterner Muslims ( the ones that get green cards proving our immigration policy is correct compared to Europe's). Another immigrant group to watch is Nigerians who do very well when they come to America.
  • Michael_Hunt
    Then why does this pattern show up in every other country too? Given that you're not quantifying any of this, it seems a bit coincidental that virtually every Asian country is wealthier than virtually every Black country, from Africa to Haiti.
  • SueAnon84
    In California, Asians USED to be more popular. Now I think it's the other way around since there are a lot more Mexicans here due to anchor babies and illegals being allowed to stay here! They used to probably be equal but now it's more Whites, then Mexicans, THEN the Asians and Middle Easterners (including Persia), THEN Blacks! I wish it was back to the way it was in the 80s and 90s when Asians were the "it"! But I don't know! For some stupid reason (which makes me VERY angry!) Mexicans became more popular! I think like I said, it's our neighbor and due to births - a lot of them through the years AND the Mexicans hiring other Mexicans thing!
  • MrNameless
    Asian culture is very different from African American culture. Asian culture tends to be very family oriented and puts a big emphasis on education and succeeding from school.

    I say African American, because a lot of African immigrants come from educated backgrounds and really prioritize education when they imigrate to the states or other countries. They don't take it for granted.

    Honestly it all comes down to how educated your parents are and how they raise you, as well as the environment you grew up in. If your parents are educated and push you for college, especially something like STEM, and they take you to decent schools/neighboods, you're likely to be more well off in the future.
  • saeyamazaki
    Well, I mean... We're hella depressed so that kind of sucks.
  • Nadim171
    I'm not trying to be racist but I'm just being honest. Asians have the highest IQ, and blacks usually have lower one. It's sientific :/
  • BeHappy1985
    Everyone does better than blacks. Africa is a prime example.
  • Kevinnnn
    Higher IQ, better technology, more ressources.

  • 83727jshs
    What about south Asians,? they have very dark skin compared to East Asians.
    • Babygirl_S

      Many south Asians are also lighter than east Asians without using the stuff they use.

    • nonideal

      what's wrong with being dark? Are you still living in the 50's or something?

    • Babygirl_S

      May be you should ask the racists like battlekitten who call anything darker than a pasty skin muddy. Why are you triggered?

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  • Smegskull
    Asians don't have the same baggage and discourage tribalism.
  • Nzojkah
    I agree 100% with you
  • muliebrity
    Disciplined and Dutiful.

  • MarciOwens
    You reap what you sow,
  • MotoMoto
    Education is key.
  • Creepazoid
    Not just blacks we do better than whites too.
    • Nzojkah

      Do you now, well Asians, you kille the Earth, lie to you own people selling dolphins as chicken meat, selling chemicals to kill other farmers land, how do you do better, you country is torrenting and that why you all have to expand to other places like ants and when you get there, no respect you try to copy and profit, what make. U better, oh please your race is as submissive and stupid that the only reason why you guys can move forward.
      But never ever say Better

    • Creepazoid

      @Nzojkah nope statistics dont lie. We are smarter and richer. And yes in Asian countries do all those things but i live in america so im not guilty of that. Lol

    • Nzojkah

      Smarter and richer, okay
      Smarter to a degree you actually kille yourself for success, that’s ok fine by me murdering your child so he has a medal, keep it up we all do that
      But richer, no how can you be rich when you have nothing and the Abundance you have is because you illuminate other people things, the white the steal people things and try and double it, but Aston you dismiss it completely and replace it with plastic,
      In what
      My foe, I beg of please!

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