Obsession of white skin in India


Nowadays, many people get hatred from their own community. Something, which is not mentioned a lot when discussing racism.

For example: a dark skinned woman will get more hatred from her own people.

Even today, in Asian countries, there is a obsession with white skin.

There are lots of TV ads of skin whitening products.

It is funny how one one hand western countries are selling tanning products and Asian countries are selling skin whitening products.

It's like both East and West are fighting against nature.

East is becoming west and west is becoming east.

Obsession of white skin in India

Even on the weddings, brides look paper white because of social expectations.

All my relatives who had dark skin looked paper white on their weddings because of social expectations. It made them look like dolls whereas in my eyes, they look perfect without makeup. They think the purpose of makeup is to look white.

Obsession of white skin in India

Skin whitening treatments are done by Bollywood actresses also.

Kajol and Deepika who is also a Hollywood actress now
Kajol and Deepika who is also a Hollywood actress now
Indian Miss World of 1999
Indian Miss World of 1999
Indian Miss World
Indian Miss World

I love all these actresses. Before anyone calls me racist, I would like to remind them that these actresses were always trolled by their own people, who should have been proud of them. Priyanka is trolled the most by Indians since she became a Hollywood actress. The Indians are constantly making fun of her skin colour, dresses, met gala looks, her American accent, even her wedding dress and her "white" partner. They made so many memes on her gala dress.

When she attended the Koffee with Karan show, the comments were talking about her skin colour because in Asian countries, a woman is nothing more than a object. Whereas, if you read the comments under her American interviews, the focus is more on her personality.

Memes made her own fellow Indians
Memes made her own fellow Indians
Memes made by Indians
Memes made by Indians

This is how patriarchal societies in Asian countries treat successful women who represent their country. My motherland Pakistan is no better. They also trolled Mahira Khan when she worked in Bollywood and attended the Cannes festival.

Obsession of white skin in India
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  • White-American89
    It is silly. You got white women trying to darken their skin and getting surgery so they can get bigger asses. Brown skinned women trying to lighten their skin. Asians getting surgery so they can have western eyes, black women trying to lighten their skin, dying their hair and getting their noses fixed so they can look more white. It's crazy.
    Funny thing is I have an ex who is kind of olive colored skin with real dark black hair and brown eyes who gets a tan and actually looks like an Indian woman, she's Irish.
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  • the_mad_tinkerer
    Well, thats super depressing to hear. What can I say, materialist culture brings out the worst in humans.
    You know what's beautiful? A waterfall in a lonely grotto. Weird how attractive women find me when I bring them there... weird indeed.
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    • Shezadi

      LOL!!! You are giving some tips to men, that they should take women to waterfalls.

Most Helpful Girls

  • kayaleyla285
    That's so sad and unfair to one's self.
    We had no say in deciding our skin tones. Its what God gave us. His creation is beautiful. Black or white.
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  • Amy_Theo
    We want what we don't have: that's kind of human mentality. And pretty much all I'm going to say about this.
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  • shimmeryns
    There's a term for it, colourism.

    It "is a form of prejudice or discrimination usually from members of the same race in which people are treated differently based on the social implications from cultural meanings attached to skin color."
  • Animesh911
    I was just having an argument with an American teenage girl on this issue about an hour ago. She was not at all willing to accept this reality, even when I told her that I am an Indian, born and raised here.
  • Luijo
    I think that if a famous person get plastic surgery anyone says a single thing or just say that they look better, so why can't normal people just buy that kind of stuff... i mean the product is out there if they feel better buying and applying it just let them be, if they like their skin they will not buy it and that's it
    • Shezadi

      I wish I had chosen your opinion.

  • Guffrus
    Just wanted to point out to you as you dont seem to know that white people tan their skin because it is a social signal of having the money and status which was historically required to holiday in a warm climate like the mediterranean.

    It is likely that the same motivation is common to all of these things and the reasoning could easily be a nonsensical circular argument too.

    e. g. premise: the west has money therefore white is wealthy so dark skin bleaches to be seen as wealthy, now bleached means wealthy and thus is not even about race anymore it is simply a social signal of wealth or status which is now self perpetuating until such time as someone with wealth and fame does something else to separate themselves from them crowd and a new fashion trend is born.
  • CaviarLilly
    Her dress was ugly and her shoes didn't match. Stop making it about race and skin color.

    Any culture that promotes bleaching is dumb af. All these women looked a million times better the way they were born. Now they look like clones of each other and boring as hell.

    I am sooooo glad I'm not Indian. I fucking LOVE my skin color. No way in the hell would I ever transform into a boring ass pale white lady. These Indian women are out of their damn minds.
    Even SRK used lightening products or bleaching its sad.
    Hrithik too, he dyes his hair brown to look less Indian. his hair is usually a very dark brown or black.
    Obsession of white skin in IndiaObsession of white skin in India
  • motownplayer2000
    Yeah, I think it's a lot of self hate as well. People dont view themselves in a way that they feel, makes them feel comfortable in there skin. And people with fairer skin sell that its better to be that so well. Darker skin people buy into the foolishness. Be happy with what you look like, and who you are... that's more attractive than anything
  • R_ūshī
    I find it sad that people can't accept their natural appearance and that those things are encouraged by the people in the country.
  • morrowlow
    so women from east and west who live in totally different types of societies are doing the exact same thing. Caucasian women and Indian women live under totally different circumstances yet they do the same thing so how can we blame people for what these women do? it's seems like it doesn't matter where they live. they'll feel insecure wherever they are
  • UnknownGagsUser
    I love Indian skin tone.. I think you all look good naturally.. some are just pretty that you don't need heavy makeup.
    • Teahappy

      Same. I think South Asians are beautiful!

  • Necessity
    It doesn't affect women only, my boyfriend is Indian and he feels self consious about his darker skin tone
  • Nadim171
    Well sorry but lighter skin looks better, it's reality
  • Anna__M
    Colorism runs in all circles it seems 😞. I’ve heard about this fair and lovely stuff being used in places like India and Africa. It’s so sad. I honestly don’t get why white or bright skin is coveted everywhere by poc. But white girls want to be darker. Like it doesn’t even make sense. I think it might be that European beauty standards have had a huge effect on most cultures. Somehow they got people to believe the closer you are white the prettier. And not only did white people instill this into the heads of many but people within these racial communities still perpetuate this. People need to get over this toxic way of thinking and people need to stop pushing it on others and raising kids to grow up thinking the same way. Because a lot of the time colorism is taught from an early age. So I believe this will never get better until people stop practicing and teaching these ideologies like it’s their religion.
  • jammy81
    Yes I agree, I m too dark skin and have see many girls don't like to talk to me. They keep very much distance as if I m a rapist.. it actually hurts, but hey.. chill out.. I will have someone, who might like me. Waiting for her
  • Teahappy
    Yeahhh, the same thing goes for Black America. Over there, it's called colorism. That if you are light skinned black, you are treated better. However, if you are dark skinned black, you are treated like trash. I've seen it. Some black sororities like the AKA used to deny pledges if they were too dark.

    Some blacks treat you differently whether you are light skinned or dark.

    It's silly if you think about it, but it's a real thing.

    Dark skinned blacks feel bad that they buy lightening cream and apply it all over their body to lighten their dark skin. Call it self hate.

    It's sad though that society can't just see you as a person.
  • I think brownish olive skin tones are the best, but I guess Bollywood is madly influenced by Hollywood and their expectation. LOL
  • esotericstory
    Ancient aryans look it up. Also there seems to be behavioral differences in animals depending on the darkness of the skin.
  • Exorcist_Rampage
    Not sure why people love white skin so much but they do.
    • Teahappy

      Because white people get treated so much better than darker complexion people.

  • davidj555
    Disgusting how people are treated in other counties
    Black and white is beautiful
  • Hamsteroids
    Whitewashing is everywhere unfortunately
  • Monster_Recluse
    If I were not white I would want to be.
  • OfDeath
    Still does nothing to mask the smell
  • name_is_eric
    White is right.
  • DovahKittyLady
    All skin colors are beautiful.
  • korey182
    no i didn't know that wow
  • PrinceOfAljazeera
    wow damn.
  • UncleBumbleF_K